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Cinzas By Jennifer Armintrout Cinzas Ser vampiro uma quest o de vida ou de morte Jennifer Armintrout apresenta nos um novo livro Cinzas e tal como acontece em A Inicia o e A Possess o o universo que ela criou bem diferente de tudo aquilo

  • Title: Cinzas
  • Author: Jennifer Armintrout
  • ISBN: 9789895577491
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cinzas By Jennifer Armintrout Ser vampiro uma quest o de vida ou de morte Jennifer Armintrout apresenta nos um novo livro Cinzas e tal como acontece em A Inicia o e A Possess o o universo que ela criou bem diferente de tudo aquilo a que estamos habituados Aqui, os vampiros n o podem apanhar Sol e a gua benta e as estacas matam nos As personagens s o na sua totalidade muito misteriosas com vidSer vampiro uma quest o de vida ou de morte Jennifer Armintrout apresenta nos um novo livro Cinzas e tal como acontece em A Inicia o e A Possess o o universo que ela criou bem diferente de tudo aquilo a que estamos habituados Aqui, os vampiros n o podem apanhar Sol e a gua benta e as estacas matam nos As personagens s o na sua totalidade muito misteriosas com vidas anteriores cheias de sofrimento Quando um vampiro decide iniciar um humano, necess ria uma troca de sangue e isso cria um la o de sangue entre eles O iniciado com o sangue do seu progenitor nas veias sente se for ado a velar e a proteger o seu progenitor Normalmente, s o criaturas belas e com poderes superiores aos dos humanos O Devorador de Almas que uma das personagens mais misteriosas e poderosas deste romance, decide que Nathan, seu iniciado, fique possu do pelo Mal e Cyrus, tamb m seu iniciado, depois de ser morto por Carrie, ressuscite e se torne humano, sofrendo na pele todas as ang stias a que o ser humano est sujeito Agora o perigo iminente surge no momento em que o Or culo libertado, correndo o risco de transformar o mundo num antro de vampiros e transformar o Devorador de Almas num deus maligno.
    Cinzas By Jennifer Armintrout

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    One thought on “Cinzas

    1. Literary Ames Against GR Censorship on said:

      So here s the story so far Book 1 Cyrus attacks Carrie and turns her into a vampire Carrie seeks out Nathan also a vampire and find they re attracted to each other Carrie goes to Cyrus who forces her to become his lover Carrie returns to Nathan, they become lovers Carrie kills Cyrus Nathan is still in love with his long dead wife despite being with CarrieBook 2 Cyrus is brought back, he s now human and regains his humanity Carrie indirectly kills Cyrus s lover Max sleeps with Bella and falls in [...]

    2. Cristina•●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥●• on said:

      Endless Life Eternal Struggle Just another day in the afterlife

    3. Shelley on said:

      Ashes to Ashes is the third installment of the Blood Ties series, and can I just say, Carrie is the most irritating and useless female heroine I have had the displeasure of reading about Serious For someone who is supposed to be smart enough to be a doctor, she has a remarkable lack of shear common sense I am extremely tired of her crying over everything I mean, put your big girl pants on Carrie, and get with the program already In the Turning, Carrie, a former doctor, was attacked by Cyrus Simo [...]

    4. Red Lace Reviews on said:

      Carrie s life turns dangerous when the Oracle, a very old vampire with physic powers, escapes from the Voluntary Vampire Execution Movement and joins the Soul Eater Carrie and her friends must now work even harder to stop their evil plans But when things get complicated and a prophecy comes to pass, things look grim Also, with Carrie smack in the middle of a love triangle, her feelings for both men battle for supremacy But who will she chose Nathan or Cyrus And how on earth will they stop two o [...]

    5. Stephen Downie on said:

      Okiedokie, where to begin I started out this series and enjoyed the first book Good things there included Strong female lead who didn t seem to fall into the damsel in distress category.Good Pacing Decent Plot.Decent writing.Alright I thought to myself That was a great beginning, I sure hope it continues It didn t Sadly by the third book it has devolved into a story about a girl Carrie who can t make up her mind on which one of her two vampire boyfriends to hop into the sack with in a given chap [...]

    6. Samantha on said:

      Holy crap Carrie drove me absolutely INSANE in this one All her whining about how Nathan doesn t love her and blah blah blah Then she does what she does, and can t decide between Nathan and Cyrus after Nathan told her he loved her ARE YOU KIDDING ME Make up your freaking mind you dumb broad Ugh, this had to be one of the most infuriating dreaded love triangles of death I ve ever been witness to Thank goodness the Soul Eater made her decision for her, and you know it has to be bad when I m thankf [...]

    7. Starry on said:

      Carrie and Nathan s have been far from any sort of happily ever after scenario In the short months that they ve known each other, he has re sired her as a vampire, they have been put under the scrutiny of the Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement for various crimes, people they care about have died, not all of them have stayed dead, bounty hunters have pursued them, they ve betrayed each other, and all that pales in comparison to what is on the horizon The Soul Eater is still out there forming h [...]

    8. Liz F on said:

      This is the 3rd book in the series This one was less fun Carrie seems to me to be getting weaker and weaker Not in the literal sense like her character is less She s not as string as she used to be I occasionally found her VERY whiney But I don t blame her She s been through hell and I would have been just as pissed and beat down as she feels Cyrus is still alive but something happens and you won t believe it You ll hate Carrie for it I know I did As the series continues, there is less and less [...]

    9. Camilla on said:

      Terzo capitolo della saga Blood Ties.Decisamente meglio del secondo libro, in questo ritroviamo Carrie e Nathan Abbiamo la possibilit di assaporare meglio e scoprire il personaggio di Max che personalmente adoro Ma anche il suo rapporto con Bella che passa inevitabilmente ad un livello successivo Devo ammettere che ad un certo punto avrei voluto tirare il collo a Carrie per una sua scelta E soprattutto per il suo comportamento un po banderuola Ragazza mia, deciditi Amo sempre di pi il personaggi [...]

    10. Shae on said:

      Ugh, I am so fed up with this series The plot and characters are driving me crazy It seems all they want to do is just have a giant orgy and get it over with This book was also playing the bring everyone back to life game and it is annoying I still can t see the reasoning behind bringing on of the people back, it doesn t make any sense at all I do have to say that the narrator for this version was sooo much better than the previous one I wish she had done the first two, they would have been a lo [...]

    11. Jennifer on said:

      In this portion of the series I did enjoy the character development of Max and Bella While I did enjoy the book there was just something that did not compel me to be as drawn to the title like the previous installments.I will continue finish the series just because I have a weird habit about finishing books in this case series I ve started but I must admit I m not that excited about it.One side note, it could be because I ve over indulged in fantasy horror style books as it is a new genre for me [...]

    12. Emily on said:

      Carrie is back still torn from the rejection she felt with Nathan, but now that he is her sire she has to reach out to him With the Oracle on the loose and a potential blood bath in the making, Carrie must reunite with former sire Cyrus and Nathan to defeat the Oracle.It has been a long time since I read the first two so it was a bit difficult to get attached My favorite character Cyrus was a bit muted in this one.

    13. Kristen Pfaff on said:

      If I hadn t already picked up the sequel to this, All Souls Night, I can safely say that this is where my reading of the series would end.There were so many moments where I wanted to scream at Carrie or Nathan or Cyrus even and demand to know why the hell they were making such horrible decisions The plot grows and ridiculous with each page.This is too much like a vampire soap opera for me to be able to get much enjoyment out of it.

    14. Ana Silva on said:

      N o gostei do fim tanta historia para acabar assim em 10 p ginas depois um morre, volta, morre outro, volta, morre outro gostei da liga o dos personagens mas o fim foi muito apressado

    15. Molly on said:

      Not worth reading The author is horrible The story is impossible to get into and the charater development is completely lacking.

    16. Amy on said:

      Im a spoiler and spoiler is just an understatement Beware The oracle is on the loose.The soul eater is still trying to become a god.Bella and Max must put aside their vampire werewolf prejudice to admit they love each other.Nathan and Carrie reunite only to have a wedge put between them again when Cyrus comes along.Now this is hell.Ending Cyrus dies,max and bella head to rome to meet the clan,nathan and carrie go to chicago to hide from the sou eater in max s condo PERSPECTIVE OF CARRIE MAX.Char [...]

    17. Claire on said:

      I finally reach a book in the series I haven t read And WOW There is a heck of a lot going on.I wonder if maybe too much I don t know SPOILER ALERT The whole Nathan Carrie on off again I d still going on and in this book s the first time I want to slap her for her stupid choices As we saw in the last book Cyrus is back and Carrie IS drawn to him Something happens that intensifies that 100 fold and you re just yelling at her not to be so stupid but she goes ahead and does it anywayThe Oracle is l [...]

    18. Allison Paige on said:

      Carrie s character seemed to take a couple of steps back in this book I expected her to grow stronger, maybe even cold but I found her to be whiny and weak Unfortunately,this was the book that made the series start to take a nose dive for me I really enjoyed the first two books but I found myself disappointed when I closed this.

    19. Mimi on said:

      I think that s it with this series for me.This plot line was all overOverall it was just okay but it definitely missed the mark from the first book in the series.

    20. Christiana on said:

      Opini o aqui diariodachris 2015 01 Quem me acompanha aqui mais atentamente ou no meu canal sabe que uma das s ries que mais me surpreendeu nos ltimos tempos foi a s rie La os de Sangue da autora Jenifer Armintrout uma s rie de vampiros e, eu de vampiros apenas tinha lido a s rie Crep sculo Na altura tinha gostado mas, desde essa a nunca mais tinha pegado numa hist ria de vampiros Quando peguei no primeiro livro da s rie A Inicia o , fiquei viciada e percebi que esta ficaria uma das minhas s ries [...]

    21. Mira Sun on said:

      Zum Buch Asche zu Asche Jennifer ArmintroutISBN 978 3 89941 666 4Verlag Mira Taschenb cherSeiten 416Ver ffentlicht November 2009Zum Inhalt Die Vampire sind alarmiert Das Orakel hat sich befreit und will gemeinsam mit dem Souleater die Welt ins Chaos st rzen K nnen Carrie und Nathan den wahnsinnigen Plan stoppen und so den Untergang der Menschheit verhindern Ein dramatischer Kampf gegen das B se beginnt, bei dem Carrie auch ihrem ehemaligen Sch pfer Cyrus wiederbegegnet Erneut ger t ihr Herz in s [...]

    22. Sabine on said:

      Wieder sind einige Wochen vergangen und Carrie lebt nun in Chicago bei Max um Abstand zwischen sich und Nathan zu bringen Abstand, den sie beide nach den Ereignissen in Michigan und dem Fluch von Nathans Sch pfer, dem Soul Eaters, ben tigen Da erreicht die beiden ein Anruf von Nathan mit der Nachricht, dass er und Bella auf dem Weg nach Chicago zu ihnen mit wichtigen Neuigkeiten sind.Durch ein Missverst ndnis denkt Carrie, dass zwischen Nathan und Bella was l uft, was sie auch Max anvertraut So [...]

    23. Stacey on said:

      After not caring much for The Turning , I thought Possession was incredibly good Imagine then my regret to find that Ashes to Ashes wasn t anywhere near as good, in fact it actually dimenished some of the great character building Armintrout created with Possession Bella, the tough werewolf assassin becomes whiny and clingy Max my fave character keeps most of his charm, but still falters when it comes to his relationship with Bella Speaking of which, this relationship went from high attraction an [...]

    24. Melindeeloo on said:

      Love, Loss Second chances and common groundQuite a bit of Ashes to Ashes is about second chances The characters from the previous books return here and if you are new to the series you will really want to start at the beginning with The Turning Blood Ties, Book 1 and Possession Blood Ties, Book 2 because a lot of time was spent in those books developing the characters and their convoluted relationships If you start here you will get that fact that Carrie, Nathan, Cyrus, Max and Bella are all dam [...]

    25. Catarina on said:

      Este 3 livro da S rie La os de Sangue, foi na minha opini o, o mais fraco Como j li em muitos coment rios, h uma visivel falta de ac o em rela o aos anteriores.Ainda assim adorei todos os acontecimentos que se deram Sei que muitos se irritaram com a atitude de Carrie em rela o a Cyrus, e com todas as suas d vidas e inseguran as, o que acabou por quase sempre magora Nathan Pois bem eu acho que compreendo, mesmo depois de todo o mal feito por Cyrus, a verdade que Carrie sempre teve sentimentos por [...]

    26. Sofia Teixeira on said:

      La os de Sangue uma s rie de vampiros, da escritora Jennifer Armintrout, que muito me tem vindo a surpreender positivamente Cinzas, terceiro livro da s rie, s fez com que a minha considera o por esta subisse mais.O mundo de Carrie, a nossa protagonista, est um caos O Movimento foi destru do, o Devorador de Almas anda por a e o Or culo fugiu Para al m de todos estes pren ncios de destrui o, a sua rela o com o seu progenitor, Nathan, n o poderia estar mais baralhada E era bom que ficasse por a , m [...]

    27. Gina on said:

      This third book in the Blood Ties series begins about a month after book 2 about 4 months after the beginning of book 1 The first book takes us through the first few confusing months of Carrie s life after she is turned The second book continues the story with emphasis on Cyrus, Max, and Carrie Book 3 brings Carrie, Nathan, Cyrus, Max, and Bella together to try and figure out the next move of the Soul Eater, who is still trying to become a god, and the Oracle, who has destroyed the Movement and [...]

    28. April on said:

      To be perfectly honest with everyone I m not completely sure why I keep reading this series The first book The Turning was explosive The characters are fantastic some are disturbed, some are heroic, but all are interesting and maybe that is what hooked me.However, since that first novel, all after have fallen short and this one is no different The story line is slow The characters that I loved previously now feel overdeveloped Armintrout basically changed everything I love about both men Nathan [...]

    29. Alyssa on said:

      I wanted to claw my own eyes out I can t believe I even made it halfway through this book Seriously, what a horrible horrible abomination CARRIE YOU ARE THE WORST.You spent the whole book RUINING ANY SEMBLANCE OF A PLOT THERE WAS WITH YOUR CHILDISH, RIDICULOUS WHINING Oooh, I don t know if I love him, but I m going to sleep with him and then get mad at you when you get mad at me for sleeping with him I didn t get all the way through it It was awful, just awful, and I read the reviews for the nex [...]

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