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Eona By Alison Goodman Eona Eon has been revealed as Eona the first female Dragoneye in hundreds of years Along with fellow rebels Ryko and Lady Dela she is on the run from High Lord Sethon s army The renegades are on a quest

  • Title: Eona
  • Author: Alison Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780732284947
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eona By Alison Goodman Eon has been revealed as Eona, the first female Dragoneye in hundreds of years Along with fellow rebels Ryko and Lady Dela, she is on the run from High Lord Sethon s army The renegades are on a quest for the black folio, stolen by the drug riddled Dillon they must also find Kygo, the young Pearl Emperor, who needs Eona s power and the black folio if he is to wrest backEon has been revealed as Eona, the first female Dragoneye in hundreds of years Along with fellow rebels Ryko and Lady Dela, she is on the run from High Lord Sethon s army The renegades are on a quest for the black folio, stolen by the drug riddled Dillon they must also find Kygo, the young Pearl Emperor, who needs Eona s power and the black folio if he is to wrest back his throne from the selfstyled Emperor Sethon Through it all, Eona must come to terms with her new Dragoneye identity and power and learn to bear the anguish of the ten dragons whose Dragoneyes were murdered As they focus their power through her, she becomes a dangerous conduit for their plans Eona, with its pulse pounding drama and romance, its unforgettable fight scenes, and its surprises, is the conclusion to an epic story only Alison Goodman can create
    Eona By Alison Goodman

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    One thought on “Eona

    1. Emily May on said:

      Before you can decide whether this book is your cup of tea, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what you look for in a book, what makes something a good read for you For me, Eona ticked every single box It was complex, well written and than just your typical fantasy it was about power, being a woman in a man s world, and what lengths it is right to go to in order to defend an empire, your loved ones, and yourself.So, do you like books with Fantastic worldbuildingSick of books that plonk [...]

    2. Tatiana on said:

      As seen on The ReadventurerIf you liked Eon Dragoneye Reborn and your eyes didn t glaze over every time you read about Eona uniting with her dragon, easing into her mind sight, channeling her Hua and so forth, I don t see any reason for you to dislike this novel I really don t.I feel like every issue I had with the 1st book of this duology was successfully fixed or improved upon in this sequel.Eona, unlike its predecessor, has no info dumping Instead, it is a quest type adventure in which Eona a [...]

    3. Khanh (the meanie) on said:

      You have seen Lady Eona s power and resolve, he said harshly Be thankful that you have also witnessed her compassion and restraint I m sure I m not the only one who cheered after reading that.I gave up on Eon Dragoneye Reborn when I first attempted to read it because the beginning moved like molasses I just wanted some action already, geez Well, I got what I wanted in this book, a bit too much of it at times Eona was nonstop action from the first page This is not one of those series where you ca [...]

    4. Janina on said:

      Three stars, but barely.It is hard for me to hide my disappointment after reading this second installment of the Eon Duology After so many reviews signing its praise, my expectations had soared high and I feel let down now I do love Alison Goodman s writing, her skill in creating atmosphere, making Eona a lush and sensual reading experience Nevertheless, especially the second half of the book was a let down character wise I am sad to say that I lost my respect and admiration for Eona Full of str [...]

    5. Lara on said:

      I m not even done reading, and I already love this book Update How do I even begin with this review sigh I guess it s time to bring my feelings out and spill the beans but I warn you, it will be a huge, jumbled up mess of emotion Okay, here we go I loved this book But I hated it at the same time At some parts, I would be cheering on the characters and at others, I would be rolling all over the place, screaming at the pages because I thought what was going on was crazy.I hate that I loved this bo [...]

    6. Wendy Darling on said:

      How often does the sequel outdo its predecessor Not often at all EPICALLY good, in a way that kept me up late at night.Review to come.

    7. Maggie ☘ (Reader in Wonderland) on said:

      Men were always quick to believe in the madness of women Eona, the second and last instalment of Alison Goodman s duology very much exceeded my already high expectations The ending left me shocked and breathless, sad but with a smile on my face If you loved her first novel Eon, you must read this book as well, because it s even better You have seen Lady Eona s power and resolve, he said harshly Be thankful that you have also witnessed her compassion and restraint Alison Goodman has one of the mo [...]

    8. Cece ❀Rants, Raves &Reviews❀ on said:

      I was so hopeful and the beginning was such a tease A wise man once wrote In war, truth is the first casuality Brillant, intriguing, foreshadowing I was pumped, i was so ready for a dragon novel with wizards, war, emperors, and some kicking some sexist warlord ass Except that no one really knew what was happening at any point or time Eona wasn t included on any major decisions within the war despite being the chief adivsor So she kept finding out stuff last minute and try to take action and woul [...]

    9. Mags~CVAddikt~ on said:

      I mean, if you thought a girl with dragons was cool So now everybody knows Eon is Eona, and now she can kick ass And there is Kygo THIS IS A MUST READ NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR YOU WONT REGRET READING THIS BOOK

    10. mich on said:

      A couple of my favorite things to read about in fantasy and UF, pnr, etc is When a bad guy a legit bad guy is written in a way that makes me hate him, but yet I m also intrigued and charmed by him It s not an easy thing to doD and this is even harder to do , when he is written as a real, viable love interest And yes, I KNOW this particular guy has done some really fucked up things I mean, come on, I did say legit bad guy, didn t I but I ve come up with a rationalization for all that in my head t [...]

    11. Phrynne on said:

      Well if anything this book is even better than book one 637 pages of sitting on the edge of my seat fearing what might happen next There was even a tolerable love triangle and I had no idea which way that was going to go Full marks for the world building, the characters, the tension and the great story A gold star for the dragons, twelve beautiful, glorious dragons with amazing talents And a bonus point for the great ending which tied up all the loose ends and still managed to surprise me.Highly [...]

    12. Keertana on said:

      After trying and failing to write a review for this novel for the past two months, I think it s time for me to just step back and admit that sometimes it really isn t possible to write down my thoughts for certain novels From looking at the reviews my friends have written for this, ranging from lists to quick short sentences, it s evident that it seems to be a universal malady.Nevertheless, Eona is a novel that deserves a review As the sequel to Eon, a novel rich in its exploration of Asian cult [...]

    13. Isamlq on said:

      I apologize in advance the romantic sap in me is showing in this one or maybe it s just the sap that s showing Don t judge me after all my admissions, I do so freely but still cringe at what I have to say Yes, I was sheep like in my reading choices when I first with YA Yes, my fan girlyness was easily roused And YES, my love for YA all started with a certain sparkly vamp But I have changed, my tastes, I hope, have evolved, so my love for Eona and the triangle in it could be characterized as mere [...]

    14. cEe beE on said:

      What the hell happened I LOVED the first book and I absolutely HATE the sequel In the first installment, Eon was a crippled girl disguised as a boy struggling with identity while navigating the treacherous world of court politics As Eona, she becomes an insecure and highly distrustful young woman caught in a control power struggle masquarading as a love triangle between two powerful men, the new emperor Kygo and the manipulative Ido Meanwhile, they are being pursued by the vast army of would be [...]

    15. W on said:

      I liked the first book in this series, Eon, and the series ended okay, but MAN OH MAN did I want to throw this book across the room so many times It was SO FRUSTRATING The bad guy from the last book who mercilessly killed and tortured her friends and tried to rape her is all of a sudden a love interest All of a sudden he is just so HANDSOME that she can t resist him And even though Eona has been a capable, strong character she is ready to let herself be manipulated because he s just so good look [...]

    16. Jennie on said:

      Disappointing after the sweeping epic that was Eon Dragoneye Reborn I would have rated it lower, but I figured I wasn t being fair My expectations were high after Eon, which was an extremely unique entry into the bloated YA fantasy supernatural genre featuring dragons, Eastern influences, and subversive gender issues.Eona concludes the story started in Eon Goodman s prose and plot are rushed I felt that the events would have been better spread out over two novels to make the saga a trilogy What [...]

    17. Catie on said:

      3 1 2 starsHow do I know that I wasn t as captivated by this book as the first one Because I was listening to the audiobook while brushing my teeth thanks to adult orthodontia, it s now a 15 minute process , and when I was done, I calmly put down my mp3 player while one of the main characters was dying, and the ultimate endgame was just getting started Then I went downstairs and watched three episodes of the so far pretty mediocre last season of Ugly Betty Wilhelmina s catty antics and Grant Bow [...]

    18. Krystle on said:

      This book Mind shot to hell and back Eona is everything I expected to be and One of the best books I ve read this year, no joke.I could not stop reading, it was a fast paced action packed blur that had twists and turns I wasn t expecting and character developments that I swallowed up The relationships in this book were fabulous, tension filled, and had unresolved sexual tension just dripping off the pages I loved all of it Instead of that slow burn the first book had that took a while to build [...]

    19. Eden on said:

      The cover Is it just me, or is that girl NOT Asian Yeah Huh Her expression also looks like one of those role playing games, like the character was made in World of Warcraft or whatever The pose is very nice the blade looks sufficiently dangerous but I can t tell at all what the background image is supposed to be.The book A disappointing follow up to Eon 2008 , the opening begins with a display of dragon power and a hint about the fate of Lord Ido in Sethon s hands After the first chapter, howeve [...]

    20. Leonie on said:

      Excuse me I did not ask to experience the ending of Ruin and Rising all over again

    21. Limonessa on said:

      If you, like me, loved Eon Dragoneye Reborn, you can t possibly miss this sequel in which the epic story of The Empire of Celestial Dragons comes to a conclusion and YES only two books, isn t it one reason to read them On the GR synopsis up there it says this is a standalone but don t believe that, you can t possibly enjoy this book without all the background information from Eon.I enjoyed this much than the first one, many of the things that stressed me out in Eon were already taken care of i [...]

    22. Ashley on said:

      Oh, man This was agony It ended really well, but the process of getting there was SO STRESSFUL Most of the way through this book, I wasn t sure where it was going, or what the point of it all was, but at the end it all came together, and the reasoning behind all the other stuff that had happened became clear I know if I went back and re read this now, I would feel much differently about it.Eon sometimes subtitled Dragoneye Reborn or Rise of the Dragoneye was all about Eona learning to accept her [...]

    23. Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥ on said:

      This review can also be found on my blog A Match Made in HeavenThis was as good as the first book and perhaps a little better It had the mythology that I loved so much about the first book, but adventure and romance, which were two things I mentioned in my review of Eon that I wished there had been of There was so much adventure, and absolutely no court intrigue in this one Almost the entire book dealt with the dragons power, Eona trying to understand it, and finding a way to use it to save th [...]

    24. Drew on said:

      In the end, power is always used to gain power That is the nature of the beast I really should have DNFed this I kept reading with the hope that it would get better but it never did and the result was me struggling through a nearly 700 page book for months.The plot dragged sooo much It literally took around 300 pages just to rescue Ido before he could start training Eona And the whole time I was thinking, Couldn t this have been shortened The last half had going on, but was still very dense an [...]

    25. Sarah on said:

      Honestly, I really didn t like this book I had been long looking forward to it, because lately I ve been in the dumps about literature, and I liked the first one a lot, but instead it left me in a state of book depression for at least a few days I couldn t think of anything or stop making refeances to the things that I didn t like I couldn t stand the characters As another reviewee put it, everyone but Eona was strong And that sucked, because the actual plot was really good But I couldn t connec [...]

    26. Eon ♒Windrunner♒ on said:

      Err As per book one in this series, I am ashamed to say I neglected writing this review for too long and am now at a loss as to the details The drop in the rating is because I did not enjoy this one as much as it s predecessor It was nice, but just never ascended from that level I cannot quite place my finger on the reason, but nevertheless it didn t work out as well Maybe because they main character s name changed Pfft Who knows.

    27. Alissa on said:

      This is not destiny, I spat This is ambition made from betrayal and murder Do not dress your atrocities in the garb of the gods.

    28. Brandi on said:

      Oh my word you guys this book was awesome I can t remember the last time I ve come across a duologya stand alone once in a while, and many a series, but almost never a duology I am not happy that I don t get anything else from this world though, so I would have welcomed a series, or in the very least a damn epilogue So what s got me so excited you ask This story is all about power getting it, using it, fighting against it, accepting it, and learning what it means to own your own inherent force C [...]

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