Murder in a Mill Town

P.B. Ryan

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Murder in a Mill Town

Murder in a Mill Town By P.B. Ryan Murder in a Mill Town For Nell tracing the path of a missing woman through the seedy parts of Boston just may be the death of her

  • Title: Murder in a Mill Town
  • Author: P.B. Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780425197158
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Murder in a Mill Town By P.B. Ryan For Nell, tracing the path of a missing woman through the seedy parts of 1868 Boston just may be the death of her.
    Murder in a Mill Town By P.B. Ryan

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      458 P.B. Ryan
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    One thought on “Murder in a Mill Town

    1. Ingela on said:

      Review written June 12, 20164.4 Stars Another terrific installment I m a sincere Ms Sweeney Mysteries fan by now.Book 2Eight audiobook hours in a historical mystery series narrated by Leigh Ryan I very much liked, both this narrator, the characters and the story itself, in first part Still Life With Murder 4.5 stars rounded to 5 from me Glad to say this sequel was as good.Boston 1868Cornelia Nell Sweeney is a Irish immigrant and governess for the 4 years old adopted daughter of the wealthy Bosto [...]

    2. Ceki on said:

      I loved the investigation in this one, the big revelation at the end got me all spooked I also loved how the relationship between Nell and Will got deeper but they re still just friends.However, I do see some upcoming issues regarding their relationship and view spoiler they probably won t get together until the 6th book, unfortunately hide spoiler I don t like when an author prolongs romance on purpose to create conflict.

    3. Cheryn on said:

      It only gets better and better I have been looking forward to read every single line of every book of the entire series The Nell Sweeney mysteries introduced me to a completely new world of mystery novels I have now finished the series, but I chose to write a review for this particular one because it is where I fully recognized the true potential of this saga Nell Sweeney is a strong willed, brave and wicked awesome female lead I despise reading books which give me the urge to say grow a backbon [...]

    4. Lauren on said:

      Murder in a Mill Town4 StarsWhen a young woman working at the Hewitt family mill disappears, her parents approach the Hewitt matriarch for help locating her and Viola, in turn, enlists the aid of her inquisitive governess, Nell Sweeney As Nell begins to investigate, she finds herself confronting shadows from her past that not only put her position at risk, but endanger her life as well.The mystery is well paced with Nell following clues and questioning witnesses The identity of the villain is un [...]

    5. Marla on said:

      I bought this as soon as I had finished the first one and tore through it like I did the first one I haven t bought the next one yet, I don t want to go through them too fast so I m going to re read the first two before moving on to the third one Plus now that we ve gotten of Nell s past, some surprising to me and some not, that had been hinted at in the first book, I want to re read with that knowledge in mind.I had two characters I was suspicious of this time and one of them turned out to be [...]

    6. Rachel on said:

      I never do this any There are too many things to do in the day not the least of which are looming academic deadlines to even contemplate this But yesterday I finished Still Life With Murder and immediately bought this book, the sequel, and proceeded to read it in a day Granted, it was not exactly a long book, but in order to complete this feat of a book and a half in one day I had to forgo my daily research writing goal, lunch, email, and laundry I refuse to name which of those was the hardest t [...]

    7. Tina on said:

      Although GR calls this the 3rd book in the series, it isn t it is really the 2nd.When Bridget Bridie Sullivan goes missing, no one believes that anything untoward has happened to her She is a bit of a good time girl and everyone thinks she just ran off with her ex con boyfriend Everyone, that is, except her mother Mrs Fallon knows that Bridie wouldn t just run off, but no one will believe her Desperate she turns to Mrs Hewitt who is known to have a compassionate heart And Bridie worked as a mill [...]

    8. Cheryl on said:

      In some ways I actually liked this mystery than the first and I like how the relationships between the characters are developing I didn t guess whodunit until the end but I should have because it was the same guy that did it in the first book The writing is so good though and both Nell and William Hewitt and other characters are so likable that it makes up for a lot of things It was a fun read and very entertaining in spite of itself SPOILER ALERT NOW There were two things that I dind t like on [...]

    9. Chris on said:

      I really enjoyed the first book in this series Still Life With Murder , and I m really glad to find out the second book continues all the things that I liked in the first By a series of luck and coincidence Nell Sweeney has managed to rise from the Irish ghettoes of Boston to become the governess for one of Boston s Brahmin families and a bit of a private investigator for her boss In this book we find out about Nell s background which I won t go into here as it would involve spoilers and her gr [...]

    10. Marguerite Kaye on said:

      My second Nell Sweeney book followed very quickly from the first, something I don t usually do, but I loved the first story so much I jumped straight in And I loved this one even Now that the scene is set, and we ve been introduced to Boston, Nell, Will and the Hewitts in the first book, there was of a murder mystery in this one, and much time to concentrate on Nell s background In fact, her past plays a major role in this story, and it s fascinating I don t want to spoil it, so I ll say no , [...]

    11. Daria Loginova-edwards on said:

      Nell what did you get your self into this time Oh she s just one hell of a character Absolutely loved it And I cannot wait for

    12. Li on said:

      The twists and turns continue in this second installment of PB Ryan s Gilded Age mystery series A good mystery the beginnings of a romance what could I ask for

    13. Edward Beavers on said:

      Mystery is a treatPB Bryan gets better as this book shows at intricately spinning a story to add surprise at the last second with an ending to please the reader.

    14. Katie Bee on said:

      I m continuing to enjoy Nell s adventures I regretted that there was less Viola in this book, since I enjoy her a lot she s really only in the very beginning to give Nell a reason to investigate But Nell and Will finally get to the point of no secrets by the end of this one, I think unless there are secrets yet to be divulged.It did feel a little short I m used to a few twists in mystery novels, and not only do they add to the heft of a story, they also give room for alternate interpretations [...]

    15. Andie on said:

      This one gets five stars from me because of the excellent use of a third person unreliable narrator It s been a long while since I ve been stunned by a character revelation in a genre novel, particularly one that seems pretty obvious in retrospect I love being surprised by genre novels.

    16. Terrie L Winkates on said:

      Another great Nell escapadeA little slow to start, Nell finds herself in an impossible situation involving her jailed husband Duncan Throw in past problems with certain members of the Hewitt family and you have an engaging mystery.

    17. Stephanie on said:

      I was a little disappointed that there were as many typos as I found since I had to pay for this book the first one was free I m purchasing the rest of the series I can t put these books down.

    18. Tara B on said:

      Nell Sweeney is a fiery Irish governess for the Hewitt family I liked the characters and it was a nice quick read.

    19. Annette on said:

      Another good book in the series It had some twists that I wasn t expecting On to the next one in the series

    20. Susan E. Elam on said:

      A little bit of historyA good mystery that is set in my favorite area It walks you through some of the tough times in the USA.

    21. Ashleah on said:

      Pretty good but not as good as the first one These aren t available at my local libraries, so I ll be buying the other books in the series about once a month until I m finished.

    22. Sue Kimmet on said:

      Nell Sweeney is an interesting character, as are those around her The author has created a glimpse of history that adds plausibility to her story.

    23. Bekke on said:

      Not quite as good as the first book in the series, but still an engrossing tale with mostly likeable characters

    24. Julia on said:

      Nell and Will get to know each other better, and their various scars make for a painful process.

    25. Michelle on said:

      I loved this book just as much as book 1 Why did I wait so long to read it No clue, because I love everything about the series First, Nell is my favorite type of heroine She is strong, yet still vulnerable She isn t perfect there is quite a past to this lady but she has come through the flames and made her life her own Will is my favorite type of man, too Strong, brave, yet very flawed, with a gooey marshmallow center Anyway, in this one Nell continues to be a kick ass governess and even better [...]

    26. Lisbeth on said:

      Being in Mallorca my reading habits is slightly different More like you take what you have I do have a small library here, but most of the books I have already read, but there are of course still some It would not be me if there wasn t a TBR shelf or two Then there is the iPad where I save books for a day when no actual paper books are appealing Being on a holiday it is nice with some easy going novels to spend the days in the sun I subscribe to some newsletters who offers free or very cheap boo [...]

    27. Canela on said:

      Almost as good as the firstAnother intriguing mystery, only now, if the backstory into the heroine is revealed Is there a romance brewing You ll never guess who dunnit

    28. Bridgett on said:

      This is the second instalment of the Nell Sweenie mystery series Yet again I have to say I UTTERLY LOVED IT I have actually shelled out the 6 for this book from the gift card I got This is a big deal, since I am on a strict budget and think about everything I buy at least three times LOLIt was so totally worth it, that I went ahead and bought the next book in the series as well and am reading it now I think you can say I am hooked I just love Nell She is trying so hard to be respectable and do t [...]

    29. Elizabeth on said:

      I enjoyed the first book in the Nell Sweeney series so much that when I finished it, I immediately downloaded this next book in the series and read it in a few short hours Big mistake I loved the first book so much that this one was a disappointment That disappointment might have been mitigated if I d not read it in such quick succession Many of the aspects of the first book that I loved were present the rich characters, particularly Nell and Will, the post civil war setting, and the spark betwe [...]

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