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Evil Genius By Patricia Rice Evil Genius Call her a petite princess or a paranoid neurotic either way Ana Devlin has the instincts of a chameleon She can disappear into the woodwork share tea with a queen or flatten a thug with one swift

  • Title: Evil Genius
  • Author: Patricia Rice
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Evil Genius By Patricia Rice Call her a petite princess or a paranoid neurotic, either way, Ana Devlin has the instincts of a chameleon She can disappear into the woodwork, share tea with a queen, or flatten a thug with one swift kick, but what she really wants is to provide her dysfunctional younger siblings with the security of the home she s been denied When her sister s VIP father is accused ofCall her a petite princess or a paranoid neurotic, either way, Ana Devlin has the instincts of a chameleon She can disappear into the woodwork, share tea with a queen, or flatten a thug with one swift kick, but what she really wants is to provide her dysfunctional younger siblings with the security of the home she s been denied When her sister s VIP father is accused of murdering his aide, she decides it s time to go home Instead of finding security, she discovers her grandfather has died without the family being notified, his mansion has been usurped by a stranger who never leaves the third floor, and her grandfather s executor has absconded to the Caribbean with the proceeds of their inheritance If murder hasn t already been committed, she might perpetrate one herself starting with the annoying spider in the attic To avoid murder, she makes a pact with the devil who apparently now owns the home she is determined to win back While she searches for the absconding lawyer and the real murderer of the senator s aide, she will help their landlord locate a mysterious Cambodian until oddly, the threads of all three mysteries begin to twine together, and someone is intent on cutting the cord before Ana comes too close to finding the answers.
    Evil Genius By Patricia Rice

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      292 Patricia Rice
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    One thought on “Evil Genius

    1. LitAddictedBrit on said:

      As usual with Early Reviewer books, I didn t know what to expect from Evil Genius and, as usual, I found myself reading something that I probably wouldn t have picked out for myself but that I m mostly glad I have tried.The narrative from the start is smart and witty and the characters largely likeable Searching for relief from her hectic family life, she is working in the virtual world as a virtual assistant and hiding out in a basement apartment Right from the moment her solitude is interrupte [...]

    2. Birgit on said:

      Already the first few lines of Patricia Rice s murder mystery promised a fun and quirky read Narrated mostly by the main character Ana, sometimes interwoven with the POV of title lending protagonist EG, who is Ana s little sister, the book mostly lives of the great, unique cast, and much less of the plot itself.Admittedly the storyline felt rather meh to me It all starts with Ana trying to get the mysterious new owner out of her deceased grandfather s mansion while at the same time trying to sol [...]

    3. Katharine Kimbriel on said:

      Anastasia Devlin is a virtual assistant, an invisible researcher and finder of all things known to her clients as a handle and a PO Box She s also the daughter of a gorgeous, dysfunctional woman of many marriages and affairs Her mother provided her with numerous half siblings all the children of powerful and or wealthy men and a checkered past of living in palaces and mud huts around the world.At twenty six Ana bolted, and has been hidden from her family for four years She s not a hermit, but sh [...]

    4. Tammy on said:

      I love Patricia Rice s books and had read every book of hers I could get my hands on Then along comes this new series from her 5 years ago that I completely fell in love with The style was new and fun, with hints of old TV shows Scarecrow and Mrs King, Remington Steele, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and so many possibilities for the series to go in.I had to wait over 4 years for books 2 and 3 to come out, but they were well worth the wait After reading book 3 I decided I wanted to revisit the fir [...]

    5. Sandra Berryman on said:

      The synopsis of this book was intriguing and having read historical books by Ms Rice I thought I would try this series By the second chapter I was totally engrossed with a main character who was interesting and completely different from any other I have read For romantic suspense fans who like a novel that is unique with an anticipation of to come please try this book.

    6. Darla Stokes on said:

      I deliberately read this book slowly because I didn t want it to end I absolutely love Patricia Rice s voice, particularly in her books about magical families, and this series about a genius family is very similar I thought the plot was smart and the characters were engaging and entertaining, but above all, it s the voice that draws me in and made me buy the next book in this series.

    7. Melissa on said:

      I am going to start by saying that the front cover of the book says it all Millions, Mayhem, and Murder these three M s unfold throughout the book This fast paced mystery that will keep you intrigued by the twists and turns, wondering who did it, what was going to happen next totally encasing the genre of a mystery, as I truly could not tell what was going to happen The Evil Genius wrote in Ana s perspective, Ana a virtual assistant who is able to work out any cyber problem possible However when [...]

    8. Karen on said:

      I received this book in return for an honest review.I loved the main characters in this book Ana, who believes she is a doormat but is anything but EG, who is a genius but just wants her daddy Nick, who can win any game of odds and pick couture evening wear like a stylist Graham, the spider in the attic Sean, the oh so hot Irish rogue.There is lots of intrigue and danger in DC when Ana and her half siblings show up EG wants Ana to help her father, but they arrive to find their grandfather dead, [...]

    9. Rjlouise on said:

      I love political intrigue sort of House of Cards style political intrigue leaves me cold and disgusted I m much the conspiracy type lover So, when I read Evil Genius, I was cautious.As it turns out, I very much so enjoyed myself The intrigue is real, but it isn t rife with the really disgusting elements I was delighted to know I had a second novel in the series to read I enjoyed how, though Ana was the narrator, this story belonged to EG the Evil Genius of the title The story was about HER fat [...]

    10. Amy Siggelow on said:

      I won this book from Library Thing s Early Reviewers giveaway.I am in love with this book This is one of those books that you don t want to put down and you don t want it to end The ending of this book was perfect just enough closure to wrap up the mystery but still leaving enough unexplained or unevolved to hope for a sequel or .This is the story of a woman, Anastasia, in her late 20 s who comes from a very large family of siblings, most with different fathers She has been estranged from their [...]

    11. Stacey Donaldson on said:

      Ana Devlin grew up in the fast paced world of her mother s design She was responsible for the care of her younger siblings, but it depleted her making her feel like a constant doormat In her self imposed exile she was able to gain a sense of normalcy at least normal for her working as a virtual assistant gave her a means to take care of herself, while staying off the grid from her family All good things must come to an endher 9 year old little sister EG shows up, only to be followed shortly afte [...]

    12. Mikaela on said:

      The Particulars Evil Genius by Patricia Rice, e book, mystery.The Review The Blurb Anastasia Devlin has the instincts of a chameleon, but what she really wants is to provide her siblings with the security of the home she s been denied Her grandfather dies and his mansion is usurped by a stranger If murder hasn t already been committed, she might perpetrate one herself starting with the annoying spy in the attic The threads of three mysteries twine together, and someone wants to cut the cord befo [...]

    13. Andrea on said:

      I have to admit that I was a little hesitant about this book based on the cover art, but as they say, you can t judge a book by its cover Once I started this book I couldn t put it down It has everything that I like in a good escapism story mystery, light humor, sharp wits, plot twists, and strong characters The story opens with Anastasia Devlin living alone and working as a Virtual Assistant in a seedy part of Atlanta She thinks she has escaped the craziness of her dysfunctional family her moth [...]

    14. M— on said:

      Oh, this was loads and loads of fun Many of the ER books I ve won lately have been real chores to read, suffering a lot from blurb mis marketing and new author itis, but I started Evil Genius with the reaction of a gleeful Hee and the feeling carried the whole way through the end I thought the pacing stellar, the characters fascinating, and the mystery drama focus rather than romance spot on Highly recommended, particularly for fans of Jennifer Crusie or Rosamund Pilcher.If I could have changed [...]

    15. Jane on said:

      This is my very first e book review I was fortunate to win an e copy as an early reviewer for LibraryThing librarything I really enjoyed this book and found that I just had to continue onto the next chapter to find out I could not put the iPad my reader down The actual writing is average along the lines of many authors I suppose I have been spoilt reading Kingsolver and Shriver to name a couple of top writers However the pace was right, enough interest to keep you going right through to the end [...]

    16. karen otto on said:

      Such fun Patricia Rice does a wacky shift into mystery with this one Made me think just a little of the Spellman Files Ana is the oldest of a group of unique sibs When they simultaneously learn they have inherited a home from their grandfather and that it has been sold out from under them, Ana, Nick and EG get started Patricia Rice is such fun Sometimes contemporary, sometimes historical, and always enjoyable Evil Genius is a great, light suspense read, filled with memorable characters and fun m [...]

    17. Heidi on said:

      I received this title free for signing up to an authors email list, and oh, boy FANTASTIC DEAL I enjoy all of the books I have read by Patricia Rice, and she has vastly different series This is the first in a series about a very eccentric family tied to some questionable activity in the government There is a lot of series set up and character development that might not appeal to all readers, but I LOVE well developed series I will definitely look for the next book Thank you for a great read

    18. Bianca on said:

      This was a good read with a very twisted and elaborate plot, at least for me Still can t believe in 200 and something pages I m no closer to knowing who the love interest is, and is the mystery guy and Graham the same person I was kind of thrown off by ana s description of herself because from her point of view she comes off as much of nothing, but when viewed from other points of view it would seem she s a looker even with the denim jumpers and Princess Leia braids she likes wearing.

    19. Leslie on said:

      This is a strange book and I generally like strange books Our protagonist is a Virtual Assistant, daughter of self described princess and half sibling to a collection of eccentric siblings The arrival of a 9 year old sister and a much older brother sends them off to DC to locate their grandfather Who, it seems is deceased My problem with the book was it didn t really fit any genre and was just bizarre Didn t hold my interest.

    20. Wendy-Lynn on said:

      Evil Genius by Patricia Rice was difficult to finish Wasn t too impressed with the premise of the story and the ending was left open for a sequel The main character Ana is trying to solve the mystery of her grandfather s death while looking after all of her siblings I felt both the mystery and romantic subplots were lacking Will pass on the sequel.

    21. Abbie on said:

      Great mystery No fluff, no swearing and no steamy, smutty romance True mystery from first page to last in impeccable prose Great drama and intrigue without any superfluous crap Patricia Rice has a writing style that makes the most of each word without being overblown I felt as if I was part of it all instead of just reading a book.

    22. Stephanie Lindsay Hagen on said:

      Patricia Rice s Evil Genius , is one of those novels you don t want to end Her writing is smart and funny and well crafted Her characters are sassy and captivating The fast paced, mind boggling intrigue is perfectly balanced with tantalizing sexual tension What could you want More, please Much, much

    23. Deb Diem on said:

      Evil Genius by Patricia Rice is a fantastic read The humor in this book is outstanding I loved the characters too Patricia Rice has a new fan after reading just two of her books Evil Genius is a suspenseful, well written story complete with action and a mystery man I look forward to reading from Patricia Rice in the future Evil Genius is a complete book, not a cliff hanger.

    24. Susannah Carleton on said:

      3 1 2 stars An entertaining and enjoyable tale about three members of a rather dysfunctional family and their attempt to regain their inheritance from their grandfather The characters are intriguing and well drawn, and the story has a plethora of plot twists A very enjoyable read.

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