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Xenogenesis By Octavia E. Butler Xenogenesis Dawn After nuclear war destroys the world Earth s survivors are rescued by the miraculously powerful Oankali aliens who survive by merging genetically with primitive peoples without their permission

  • Title: Xenogenesis
  • Author: Octavia E. Butler
  • ISBN: 9780575041905
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Xenogenesis By Octavia E. Butler Dawn After nuclear war destroys the world, Earth s survivors are rescued by the miraculously powerful Oankali aliens who survive by merging genetically with primitive peoples without their permission Adulthood Rites Desperate to regain their world, childless humans seek to cleanse the alien taint by kidnapping hybrid children But the raiders are blind to the truth ofDawn After nuclear war destroys the world, Earth s survivors are rescued by the miraculously powerful Oankali aliens who survive by merging genetically with primitive peoples without their permission Adulthood Rites Desperate to regain their world, childless humans seek to cleanse the alien taint by kidnapping hybrid children But the raiders are blind to the truth of Earth s new children Imago The futures of both humans and aliens rest in one young being s successful metamorphosis into adulthood.
    Xenogenesis By Octavia E. Butler

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      246 Octavia E. Butler
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    One thought on “Xenogenesis

    1. mark monday on said:

      from the Earth Journal of Scientific Analyst SLJLK92349UO, Earth Invasion Exploratory Unitone thing became clear to me as I read this trilogy Octavia Butler is not partial to the human kind oh, humanity violent, vengeful, and vicious petty, pitiful, perpetually proud avaricious and all too willing to prey on their own as a fellow visitor to this planet, I can only view Butler s perspective as one that is in line with my own and so this was quite an invigorating experience given the overabundance [...]

    2. Ben Babcock on said:

      This is one of the scariest books I have read in a long time Good science fiction, good posthuman fiction, challenges the idea of what it means to be human Octavia E Butler goes beyond that, way beyond, challenging not just what human means but how open minded I am to such challenges This book blew my mind.As a huge fan of science fiction, and as a relatively erudite person, I like to think that I have an open mind I like to think that I m receptive to the idea of drastically alternate human fut [...]

    3. Lex on said:

      Okay, so, how dare I give anything Octavia Butler wrote four stars instead of five I think that if I read some of her later stuff first, I would have understood this narrative to be part of her growing process as a theorist novelist Being that it was my first book of hers to read, after hearing so much about her gay genius and feminist protagonists, I was really disappointed with her tendency to fall back on tired notions of femininity masculinity, imperative to breed, and the alien third gender [...]

    4. Owen on said:

      this is the first science fiction book i have read since i was a teenager, and it was so good, i fell in love with octavia butler, and my interest in science fiction was rekindled when i started to develop a critical consciousness in college i found that i couldn t read my formerly favorite science fiction books, i.e stranger in a strange land by robert heinlein, because while they could imagine amazing technological and magical futures where the human mind could overcome previous boundaries, th [...]

    5. Eleven on said:

      I wouldn t normally define myself as a straight up science fiction fan in fact, I m normally put off by techno fairy tales and scary alien stories But I finally picked up Lilith s Brood after my father who is something of a purist bothered me enough I was instantly intrigued.It isn t just a post apocalyptic novel or an exploration of other worlds or other races of beings, for that matter No, Butler decided to use the aliens that have taken control of the dying human race in order to raise questi [...]

    6. Jennifer on said:

      OK here is my review for Dawn review show Read it or not I discovered as I jumped strait into Adulthood Rites and finished it a day later that I was unable to write a review I simply kept reading and into Imago I went It was seamless I am not sure why we have 3 different books For me it read as a grand story What an amazing beginning.Profound It sets the whole tone The middle I still don t know what to say I felt myself changing, becoming like the ooloi, taking everything in, letting it fill me, [...]

    7. Bree Cheese on said:

      Octavia Butler has a way of holding up a mirror to humanity and showing us everything that is ugly and perhaps shameful I have read every book Ms Butler has written and this was not my favorite of her books in my first read, but it is the one that has stuck with me the longest This is the closest to straight up sci fi that her books get, but it still remains human The Xenogenesis series is so fascinating on both a cultural and an anthropological level, in the destruction of one world and the cre [...]

    8. YupIReadIt on said:

      I Can t Even Pure brilliance Check out my fangirly review here.

    9. John on said:

      Lilith s Brood is actually three novels Dawn,Adulthood Rites, andImago, which have since been published in one volume The basic story is this humanity has virtually destroyed itself and the earth in a nuclear conflagration Just after we ve done so, a strange and powerful alien race called the Oankali arrive to save us Sort of.The Oankali are strange in a number of ways They have horrifying snake like sensory tentacles all over their bodies, they have three genders, and one of those genders has t [...]

    10. Apatt on said:

      My personal favorite sci fi trilogy I have reviewed the individual volumes separately Dawn Adulthood Rites ImagoMind blowing, thought provoking, thrilling stuff Plenty hyperbole in the above mentioned reviews One thing I particularly want to mention about the author is I love how she embraced the science fiction author label Unlike some literary talented authors who prefer to avoid the sci fi label she took pride in it Certainly I agree that it is an author s prerogative how they want their wor [...]

    11. Max on said:

      Octavia Butler is playing with fire here these books probe the deepest topics that fiction can explore, and drive straight to the heart of many of the most important issues humans deal with Fortunately, she s up to the task, and indeed the entire first third of this series is an extravagant setup while Dawn is somewhat frustrating to read, it is completely necessary Were Butler to have plunged straight into the kind of things she writes about in Imago, it would have felt cheap and crass, but bec [...]

    12. Jess on said:

      I read Dawn a few months ago, and while I liked it, I wasn t blown away After I read Fledgling and was newly impressed with Butler s creativity and way with language, I decided to finish the series It absorbed me for two days, and I ended up absolutely loving it This series reminded me of Vonnegut without the humor where he uses absurdity to make a point, Butler lets that same point seep into you a little at a time These books are about perception, violence, independence, and most of all, what i [...]

    13. Ayesha on said:

      It s been a few months since I read this, but I realized I d not reviewed it and wanted to put in a few words.I can t express to you how refreshing it was to read an African American female protagonist who didn t speak with urban slang, who wasn t worried about finding a man and, in general, didn t fit the tired stereotypes that a lot of modern authors both White and Non White tend to force Black characters into Dawn starts off in an intentionally confusing and intense way Lilith wakes up in a s [...]

    14. Elise on said:

      Octavia Butler uses this book to explore what makes us human by taking humanity completely out of its known context and giving it a whole new one with fundamental restrictions and specifically chosen opportunities This allows her to put humanity in high relief, and I have to say a lot of what she says strikes a chord her definition of the Human Contradiction, for example, is spot on I think she does get a little bit heavy handed I feel there s a little gray scale to human behavior than perhaps [...]

    15. Hazel on said:

      Sterling Butler died too soon.This is thoughtful, intelligent science fiction, with interstellar travel, but nary a blaster in sight I think I d still consider this hard sci fi Butler must have done a great deal of research into genetics, biochemistry, and neurochemistry She clearly knew a lot about human psychology too.Her writing is spare, and tight, with few extraneous words descriptions Nevertheless, the world and the experiences she describes are immediate and highly sensual On this reading [...]

    16. Susan on said:

      This series was fantastic I can t wait to read some Octavia Butler.

    17. Jennifer on said:

      3.5 Through war the people of Earth have destroyed the planet The humans who survived are rescued by an alien race with the promise they will help them one day return to Earth But at what cost Lilith s Brood is a trilogy that takes us through this journey and explores issues of gender, race, hierarchy, and xenophobia I enjoy Butler s writing style, her ability to draw the reader in, and the way she gently leads the reader through this crazy journey If I were to rate this book on the writing alon [...]

    18. Craig on said:

      You are horror and beauty in rare combination Claustrophobic and taut, Butler knows how to play out the psychological effects of the mundane as well as the fantastic And just when you start to think, gee, these reactions are pretty tame, the real horrors start to be uncovered genetic tampering, psychological edits rewrites, and slavery imprisonment, the real underpinning being Who will win this Space Race Look, Butler is not going to let the reader out of this conundrum with easy answers for exa [...]

    19. Dave on said:

      This book is mind blowing Lilith wakes up from a nuclear war to find she, and all other humans, have been scooped up from a dying earth, frozen for long enough for the Earth to recover, and are now being awakened to be mated with and returned to Earth to populate it with alien, human hybrids Classic B grade sci fi stuff right Wrong From that fodder comes a story of incredible complexity and existential horror, as the story s focus shifts through the generations of Lillith s own hybrid children a [...]

    20. Blaire on said:

      This book is actually a trilogy Dawn, Adulthood Rites and Imago Ordinarily, I avoid trilogies because if I don t read them all at once I lose the thread and if I do read them all at once I m bored by the end I only give 5 stars to books that I think are something really out of the ordinary, and this is not just for its genre sci fi , but for any fiction I love being able to lose myself in a richly imagined world, and this book allowed me to do that Ms Butler s vision is expansive and at the same [...]

    21. Emotonal Reads on said:

      I don t like rape or forced behavior in my books and what happened to these people is rape is drugging and sexually abusing the humans helping them it makes no sense, and it made it so that they could not stand the touch of their humans mate they were not given a choice, it s sick.Lilith forced it on her human mate, of course she was sexually active with three of the alien monsters I would of cried no tears if she died.I care not what anyone says, what happened to them was rape because they did [...]

    22. Doug Hagler on said:

      Butler does not let up She presents you with the alien, and then doesn t let you flinch or look away She is quietly relentless, and the tension in her stories builds and buildsd doesn t explode, like the cliche, but subsides Along the way, you get an excellent story presented through the kind of excellent and innovative ideas that mark superb SciFi.

    23. Cleo Wilson on said:

      I love Octavia Butler and this trilogy is the best I was totally engaged with the characters and the story line I actually feel disappointed that Imago, one of the trilogy, was her last.

    24. Melissa Espiritu on said:

      If I could give half points, I would give this a 3.5 I do like the trilogy, but I wish I would have loved it The book definitely presents mind blowing concepts And I have to hand it to her, Octavia Butler is the genius everyone says she is The concept of the Oankali is the most unique fictional alien creation I have ever seen or read.I really enjoyed much of the first book How she presents Lilith s awakening, this alien world, and the plans to reinhabit Earth is fascinating Lilith s character w [...]

    25. Arminzerella on said:

      People have been telling me to read Octavia Butler for years I m not sure why it took me this long to get around to her Possibly the only reason I did was because a friend of mine passed me this collection and said, read it He tends to make good recommendations.When we meet Lilith, she s just been awakened again She s being held in some kind of room and her inquisitors are people she s never seen before She s nearly insane with loneliness and inactivity She begins talking with her captors, and e [...]

    26. Tonstant Weader on said:

      In Dawn, the first book of Octavia E Butler s Xenogenesis Trilogy published as one book with the title, Lilith s Brood, Lilith awakes surprised to find herself alive The world was ending, dying in the aftermath of nuclear war before she fell asleep and now here she was in a blank room, a cell where she was provided food and clothing, but little else She slept and woke and slept and woke and eventually was joined by a creature so impossible that it must be alien, even though she rejects the idea [...]

    27. Samantha (AK) on said:

      The Xenogenesis trilogy is compelling, sensual, and really, truly disturbing Read in omnibus as Lilith s Brood, it is a cohesive work, troubling in both its insight and its predictions.I have so very many thoughts and feelings about this story I like a book that makes me think, and this certainly did that Butler takes a pessimistic view of human nature, lampshading what the book calls the Human Contradiction of intelligence and hierarchical behavior as a fundamental, deterministic flaw But if sh [...]

    28. Spider the Doof Warrior on said:

      So I went to Border s on Friday when I was forced against my will to go to Boston and I found this book in the ONE DOLLAR BIN It s clearly too good to be one dollar It s three great books in one So far I m on the second book For some reason it s not my favourite one.The first one is great, but it s the stupidity of the Humans that frustrate me They cling to silly prejudices, left to their own devises they do all the things that got people into trouble in the first place, creating money, creating [...]

    29. Dave Creek on said:

      It s often been said that the question much science fiction seeks to answer is, What does it mean to be human It s a question often examined through beings who are other than human, whether STAR TREK s Mr Spock or Commander Data, or R Daneel Olivaw of Isaac Asimov s Robot novelsLITH S BROOD is an omnibus edition containing Octavia E Butler s novels DAWN, ADULTHOOD RITES, and IMAGO All three books take an unflinching look at how to define humanity and the decisions that follow from a particular d [...]

    30. S.A. Parham on said:

      This series covers an Earth destroyed by mankind but salvaged by the Oankali, a space travelling species who specialize in genetic engineering Dawn features the story of Lilith, one of the few humans saved by the Oankali, and her slow and reluctant conversion to their goals Lilith s an interesting character, who never quite relinquishes her strong individuality despite her deep attachment to her Oankali mates Adulthood Rites changes POV to Lilith s son Akim, who is a cross breed of human Oankali [...]

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