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Shaken By Eric Walters Shaken A novel from one of the country s most prolific and popular YA authors this book set in Port au Prince Haiti during the January earthquake follows the struggle of Joshua a Canadian boy at th

  • Title: Shaken
  • Author: Eric Walters
  • ISBN: 9780385670814
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shaken By Eric Walters A novel from one of the country s most prolific and popular YA authors, this book, set in Port au Prince, Haiti during the January 2009 earthquake, follows the struggle of Joshua, a Canadian boy at the centre of the tragedy.Fifteen year old Joshua has travelled from Toronto to Port au Prince, Haiti in order to help with a charity mission In confronting the poverty and andA novel from one of the country s most prolific and popular YA authors, this book, set in Port au Prince, Haiti during the January 2009 earthquake, follows the struggle of Joshua, a Canadian boy at the centre of the tragedy.Fifteen year old Joshua has travelled from Toronto to Port au Prince, Haiti in order to help with a charity mission In confronting the poverty and and injustice that surrounds him, Joshua struggles to find meaning in the cruelty of the world And then devastation hits and Joshua finds himself at the very centre of a catastrophic earthquake Will he be able to save himself And, if he does, how will he find the faith and hope he needs to go on
    Shaken By Eric Walters

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      319 Eric Walters
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    One thought on “Shaken

    1. Creaturecare8 on said:

      This story was very realistic I actually felt like I was there when the earthquake happened, then again, I m extremely grateful that I wasn t Eric Walters is naturally an AMAZING driver and this isn t any different than his other stories He is an amazing writer and this story truly brings out his talent of writing a fabulous story in a completely different perspective I would recommend this to anyone MUST READ What is written above is what I thought of the book when I first read it a couple of y [...]

    2. Shruthi on said:

      I ve never read an Eric Walters book and actually enjoyed it and unfortunately this book wasn t much better than any of his previous books I enjoyed the very beginning of the book, and maybe I would have enjoyed this if it was either personal and followed Joshua s life as he dealt with the grief of his mother s death or if it was factual and had to do with the actual earthquake and the citizens of Haiti.Everything I didn t like about this It had an incredibly slow beginning It was repetitive [...]

    3. Helen on said:

      This was the first book I ve read by Eric Walter, and after hearing such great things about this Canadian author, I decided to give one of his newer books a try I guess my expectations for this book was a little too high as I was a little disappointed with the book It got boring at times, and only near the end did it get really good It wasn t a bad book though What I really like is Walter s writing style it s very believable The book s plot was done well, though slow at times, and not really foc [...]

    4. Nicholas Dunn on said:

      This book is realistic fiction and it takes place a few years back when the earthquake devastated Haiti A young teen, Josh, goes to Haiti for helping the poor with his father before the earth quake hit But, things take a turn for the worst The earthquake strikes while the church group is there and kills over a hundred thousand people Now Josh must find his father and start helping clean up the devastated country Will Josh make it out alive Find out by reading Shaken Personally, I didn t like thi [...]

    5. Emily Eskowich on said:

      This was, for me, a good way to learn about the disaster that took place in Haiti, while seeing past the facts regurgitated through countless newscasts and cutting straight down to the very real feelings and emotions that conceivably took place The unique thing about this novel is that Walters chose to write it not from the viewpoint of a Haitian, but rather from the perspective of a young man visiting with his Church group, Native to north america This gives readers a good dose of relatability [...]

    6. Darlene on said:

      This was a great book I could hardly put it down and read it in 2 days.

    7. Alexander Hobbs on said:

      Cool story about the horrifying aftershock of an earthquake

    8. Malcolm Sader on said:

      Shaken by Eric Walters is a book about Josh a fifteen year old boy whose mother died recently so his dad who is a pastor moves to Toronto and joins a new parish Just a couple months after his father takes Josh, his sister Sarah, and a few people from the church on a mission trip to Haiti to help build an orphanage In this review I will talk about the three fiction elements exposition, climax, and resolution Then I ll compare this book to a monomyth Lastly I ll talk about the importance of God in [...]

    9. Thomas Norstein on said:

      I haven t read an Eric Walters story before, though I have heard some good things about his stories and decided to try out a book by this Canadian author Personally, I m not a huge fan of realistic fiction I find it doesn t have the same amount of action adventure that say, fantasy or mystery has This book was alright for it s genre though.We follow Josh Joshua, same thing along with his sister, his father a pastor and their church group They are all traveling to Haiti to help out a local orphan [...]

    10. Sathursan.K on said:

      The book, Shaken by Eric Walter talks about a boy named Joshua who life changed after the death of his mother Then he goes on a trip to Haiti as a mission lead by his father and along his sister,Sarah.He meets with one of his dad s friend, Pastor Dave He leads them to an orphanage where they would be staying for the week First Joshua thinks it would be a waste of time but grows a friendship with a boy named Philippe , a orphan boy same aged as him But then an earthquake happens at Haiti and Josh [...]

    11. Alexandre Blackburn on said:

      Shaken, newest young adult novel from Canadian author Eric Walters An exceptional inspiring story about courage and hope while faced through horrible circumstances This book, offers insight in the catastrophic Haitian earthquake, and Joshua, the main character Fifteen year old Josh s life has been turned completely upside down his mother died recently and moved away from his life His father, a minister and several other kids, including his sister travel on a missionary trip to Haiti to help buil [...]

    12. Kaithlyn on said:

      The book was okay, i did like it I felt the tension that I was looking for on the rising action and on the climax In the last part though, i thought it was a cliff hanger The events that was happening in the book made me predict a lot of things that would happen at the end, but i just became disappointed at the last part cause I didn t see what i expected But overall, the book was good It s a good book cause you would know what it feels like being stuck on an Earthquake I also used this book for [...]

    13. Ashley D-- on said:

      As far as books that exploit natural disasters in order to tell an implausible feel good story that will be assigned to high school students thus guaranteeing multiple sales to all Canadian public libraries go, this one is not the worst Eric Walters is an absolute vulture of an author I believe he has shells of stories based on different types of natural disasters, and then he just puts in really bland first world characters who learn Important Lessons and go home happy at the end of the day I t [...]

    14. Amanda on said:

      I ve read a lot of books by Eric Walters my favourite being Safe as Houses and although this book may not have been my favourite, I still liked it The book helped me learn a lot about Haiti I was really young when the earthquake happened in Haiti and I didn t realise the extent of the damage that the earthquake brought Another big issue this book deals with is religion I m a cradle catholic so I can identify with Joshua to some extent Sometimes when things happen in your life, you tend to wonder [...]

    15. Elaine on said:

      I was so disappointed in this Eric Walters book about the earthquake in Haiti I liked the idea of a teenage boy going to Haiti on a mission trip with his Dad, sister and a group of volunteers from their church, helping to build an orphanage However, the doubting of the Bible, the questioning if God is real, the disrespect of prayer, overshadowed the entire story The character Josh was struggling with his faith but he came across too disrespectful and blasphemous Even when he came to terms with G [...]

    16. Sydney on said:

      im only giving this book 2 stars because of nthe fact that the book wasn t all about Haiti, and the earthquale they endured, it about getting Namoi her insulin The earthquake in Haiti was one of the greatest natural disasters we ve endured, killing and injuring millions of people, and also leaving millions of people homeless I think that the author could have done a better job to emphsize how bad it really was The story was mostly all about Namoi, and not the fact that one of the worst natrual [...]

    17. Sarah on said:

      Shaken was a middle class book, at the beginning Right at the earthquake, everything changed in a good way The plot became exciting, putting you on a edge, and just breathtaking at what people would do just to get food A christen dealing with his doubts about god, his little sister s adjust to his mother s death, and moving so his dad can be a minister at some new church The beginning well tells you about the characters only by telling you what they do The author just wrote what an average teen [...]

    18. Rachel on said:

      Grabbed this book to find out what would a well known, secular, Canadian author make of a story about a pastor s kid struggling with his faith on a church mission trip to Haiti I was surprised by the generous way Walters drew the characters of faith and the hopeful tone of the ending Well done.I knocked a star off my review because of the journalistic writing style I like a little beauty in the language rather than just what happened and what was said, straight up.

    19. Terri on said:

      Shaken is a great depiction of life in Haiti following the earthquake, from the perspective of a young Canadian there doing missionary work However, I m not sure I could use it with students in a Canadian public school setting very comfortably due to the large role that religion plays in the novel Most students simply wouldn t understand the religious experiences and wrestling with questions that the main character goes through.

    20. Christina on said:

      Shaken was such an amazing book This book dived into the world of self discovery with an understanding feel of the teenagers mind It was so great I can t even stress how much I enjoyed this book I cried because this book was so touching and thought provoking, really made me grateful for living in the luxury of ignorance but am glad to be exposed because I now realize how I can help change the world HOPE THIS BOOK HELPS YOU SEE THIS TOO

    21. Jen on said:

      A moving YA novel about faith and the lack of it in the face of personal and natural disasters Josh, unwillingly, goes to Haiti on a mission trip with his sister and pastor father While there, the earthquake of 2010 hits, and Josh finds himself suddenly in charge There are disturbing passages, and the copy editing could certainly have been better, but the message and the story are relevant and thought provoking.

    22. Celena on said:

      I thought this book would be really good, but it was really kinda boring until the last 2 chapters It took me longer too read this book than all the hunger games series It just didn t capture my attention The author could have focused on the disaster rather than Naomi and her insulin But still i can t hate Eric Walters he is a good author, just not one of his best books.

    23. Kori on said:

      I read this for school I had high expectations of the subject and the Canadian author, but those expectations kind of fell short It was somewhat boring, the characters were lacking and cliched was a good way to learn about the Haiti disaster, but in the end it wasn t a very good story and it wasn t very well told.

    24. Joanne L on said:

      Rated 5 stars because i thought that only the main character was pastor s son, but he helped others in Haiti, through the rubble and mess that struck Haiti with an earthquake The earthquake that struck Haiti, but thousands of loved, devastated lives

    25. Chris on said:

      Young adult novel I liked this one very much, and found it similar to his Safe as Housesary to of think what Haiti is like now, long after the earthquake, but not after anyone has solved any of her pre existing problems Read it in a day.

    26. Harriette on said:

      A teen boy struggling with the loss of his mother is placed in the stark poverty of Haiti Add to that a devastating earthquake based on true events This book needs to be read through to the very end to hear the author s voice about faith and doubt.

    27. Laurie Hutchison on said:

      Fantastic story I truly enjoy Eric Walters writing style I did find the lead in to the climax a little long but then nice the climax hit I couldn t put it down Looking forward to the next Eric Walters book on my list.

    28. Tessa on said:

      This was an alright book, I found I got into it later on in the story once the earthquake hit I really like that the author took a true event with a fiction twist to it To be honest though I enjoyed his series based on 9 11 then this one but I m not saying I didn t like this as well.

    29. Jacquie on said:

      I am in the process of reading books from the elem school library I would recommend this one Exciting and a challenge to faith in the wake of the Haiti earthquake.

    30. Heather on said:

      This was a very good book, a different way of expressing religious views.

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