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Sarah Waters Helene Bützow

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Vieras kartanossa

Vieras kartanossa By Sarah Waters Helene Bützow Vieras kartanossa Vieras kartanossa kertoo p llisin puolin englantilaisen herrassuvun ja sen omistaman kartanon rappiosta silminn kij n ja kertojana entisen palvelijan poika joka on kouluttautunut l k riksi ja siten

  • Title: Vieras kartanossa
  • Author: Sarah Waters Helene Bützow
  • ISBN: 9789513153960
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vieras kartanossa By Sarah Waters Helene Bützow Vieras kartanossa kertoo p llisin puolin englantilaisen herrassuvun ja sen omistaman kartanon rappiosta, silminn kij n ja kertojana entisen palvelijan poika, joka on kouluttautunut l k riksi ja siten kohonnut sosiaalisella asteikolla Sattuman kautta tohtori Faraday ryhtyy ihailemansa kartanon omistajaperheen l k riksi ja v hitellen yst v ksi H nest tulee sodassa haaVieras kartanossa kertoo p llisin puolin englantilaisen herrassuvun ja sen omistaman kartanon rappiosta, silminn kij n ja kertojana entisen palvelijan poika, joka on kouluttautunut l k riksi ja siten kohonnut sosiaalisella asteikolla Sattuman kautta tohtori Faraday ryhtyy ihailemansa kartanon omistajaperheen l k riksi ja v hitellen yst v ksi H nest tulee sodassa haavoittuneen Rod pojan uskottu, vanhapiikatytt ren ihailija ja n iden leski idin tukija Rod kertoo Faradaylle, ett talossa on jokin joka haluaa sille ja sen asukkaille pahaa Palvelijatkin kertovat ihmeellisist puhelinsoitoista, huonekalujen siirtymisest , jopa itsest n syttyvist tulipaloista V hitellen ajaudutaan kohti tuhoa, ja romaanista kasvaa allegoria brittil isen luokkayhteiskunnan murroksesta sek mieleen hiipiv sti vaikuttava psykologinen j nnityskertomus.
    Vieras kartanossa By Sarah Waters Helene Bützow

    • [PDF] ò Vieras kartanossa | by ☆ Sarah Waters Helene Bützow
      Sarah Waters Helene Bützow

    One thought on “Vieras kartanossa

    1. Laura on said:

      If you are looking for a traditional horror novel, you won t find it in The Little Stranger This book is not a variant on The Shining that just happens to be set in post WWII Britain it is essentially historical fiction that happens to have a touch of the supernatural about it And as historical fiction it is excellent Sarah Waters evokes the atmosphere not only of another time 1947 but, for Americans at least, another place as well because in many ways The Little Stranger is a very British novel [...]

    2. karen on said:

      sigh i tried to read this slowly and still finished it in two days i suck but i can t help it she writes so well, and her stories are so damn compelling the pages virtually turn themselves but sorry, ladies, no lesbians this time i never thought i would see the day what else is sarah waters for, if not lesbian love evidently, dickensian ghost stories in postwar settings ooooorrrr iiiiisss iiiitttt

    3. Jo on said:

      This review is going to be like one of those fridge poetry thingymabobs because I m tired and coherency isn t a top priority of mine right now.Here are some words and phrases that came to my mind after finishing this book, in no particular order.Atmospheric Subtle DON T LOOK THROUGH THE KEYHOLE Observations are almost clinical at points Man, I need to read of Sarah Waters books Passionate Perfectly paced Holy twisteroo, Batman WHAT DOES THAT MEAN Don t go upstairs and investigate, you fruit loo [...]

    4. Margaret on said:

      Departing from her preferred 19th century context, as she did in her last book The Night Watch, Sarah Waters sets her latest novel in post World War II Warwickshire and tries her hand at an Old Dark House, Haunted Or Is It story in the Jamesian tradition of subtle, ambiguous psychological chillers The Turn of the Screw, The Beast In the Jungle But while James intuitively understood that the atmosphere of such tales depends on sustaining the unsettling mood, and so they re best realized and indee [...]

    5. Pouting Always on said:

      Dr Faraday is called over to Hundreds Hall on summer day when someone on the estate falls ill While there he strikes up a friendship with the family and in the coming months is pulled into their problems Hundreds Hall is said to be haunted and as the months pass by it becomes and confusing to tell whether the effect of the house on the people living in it is due to it being haunted or the steady deterioration of the estate and the status of the people who inhabit it in a world changing around [...]

    6. Candi on said:

      I first saw Hundreds Hall when I was ten years old It was the summer after the war, and the Ayreses still had most of their money then, were still big people in the district I recall most vividly the house itself, which struck me as an absolute mansion I remember its lovely ageing details the worn red brick, the cockled window glass, the weathered sandstone edgings They made it look blurred and slightly uncertain like an ice, I thought, just beginning to melt in the sun What I liked most about t [...]

    7. Paul Bryant on said:

      Any reader of Fingersmith will know how Sarah Waters drags the old tricks of ancient fiction out of retirement and makes them dance for us again There it was Dickens and Wilkie Collins here its Henry James and his Turn of the Screw, The Fall of the House of Usher, and any number of novels and movies with huge crumbling stately homes at their centre Operating where the psychological and the supernatural ooze along together, The Little Stranger unhurriedly creeps the reader into its Gothic murdero [...]

    8. Diana on said:

      I was quite torn about how to rate this book and went between 2 and 3 stars I love most of Waters books I loved Tipping the Velvet and Affinity was a great ghost story, but this book was like her other book Night Watch long, drawn out and left me wondering what the point was Faraday, the main character is not really likeable but that being said, neither are any of the other characters The book ends with no real wrapping up of any details though you are left with this feeling that the author is t [...]

    9. Matt on said:

      The one thing I ve learned from reading my first two Sarah Waters novels Tipping the Velvet and The Paying Guests is the value of patience She starts things slowly, building character and the environment with deliberate care and copious detail Plot is secondary, and it can take awhile for the endgame to come into focus With The Little Stranger, however, my patience nearly ran out The Little Stranger is a bit of a departure for Waters in that she plays things straight Sexually, I mean Her histori [...]

    10. Arah-Lynda on said:

      An eerie,engrossing haunted house tale The plot pulls you in and holds you firmly in it s grip A deep,disturbing, gothic ghost story of the highest order Subtle and poignant I could not put it down

    11. Shovelmonkey1 on said:

      Unlike other goodreaders I seem to have come to this book with no great expectations Sarah Waters is a writer whose books I have acquired in the past purely on the grounds that there are huge herds of them roaming charity shops and second hand book stores a joy and peril of being a best seller I guess , and therefore they are easy to get hold of for next to no money Sorry Sarah, I got all your books CHEAP This one was 1 I think, which is good value when you think that equates to 0.001p per page [...]

    12. Char on said:

      3.5 stars I have to admit it, I was disappointed in this book Yes, I gave it 3.5 stars, but I was expecting to give it 5 I know some of you out there know what I m feeling.I m not going to get into the plot too muchere s a huge old estate falling into disrepair in post war England The estate is as much a character as the people, and I liked it than some of them There is the matter of the family that owns the house and the reduction of their status in society There is the matter of the family do [...]

    13. William on said:

      One of the enjoyable aspects of Sarah Waters slow paced occasionally excruciatingly so ghost novel, The Little Stranger, is how subtle and contemplative its frights are, rather than being necessarily immediate or shocking The ending is cleverly done and softly done so much so that to hint at it might ruin the question Waters finally poses a frustrating notion since the slower tone and pace of the novel, combined with readers preexisting expectations for what makes a good ghost story, may be off [...]

    14. Amanda on said:

      I was too busy wanting this book to be something that it wasn t, that when I realized my frustration at the narrator was Water s intent and plot strategy, I couldn t get passed my disappointment to fully enjoy what she created I have read similar books, which I won t mention here for fear of ruining them with the comparison, but this too may have played into my reading opinion frustration at The Little Stranger I wouldn t go out of my way to recommend this book, but if you want to read a slightl [...]

    15. MishaMathew on said:

      I don t have to enunciate the sheer brilliance that is Sarah Waters Those who have read her already know it Those who haven t need to get acquainted with her books which, I believe, are among the greatest literary works The Little Stranger is my second favourite Sarah Waters novel after Fingersmith In this book, the author deviates a lot from her previous works Yet, her ability to awe remains the same Now imagine a huge gothic mansion, a possibly haunted mansion.Then imagine something walking up [...]

    16. ☙ percy ❧ on said:

      between this and The Upstairs Room i think i ve discovered that the very specific genre of gothic horror mystery in which this house may or may not be haunted because there s some strange psychological miasma hovering around isn t precisely my thing

    17. Tatiana on said:

      As seen on The ReadventurerLooking back at The Little Stranger, I think I quite liked the novel as a whole, especially the ending that wrapped up the tale in a curious and deliciously ambiguous and enigmatic way This sort of ghost story is an interesting portrayal of the downfall of an aristocratic family in post war Britain and a deep exploration of what it means psychologically for such a family to witness a slow dilapidation of its once grand estate Sarah Waters s writing is elegant and her d [...]

    18. Sarah (Presto agitato) on said:

      Downton Abbey meets The Shining in a house worthy of Daphne du Maurier A creepy, atmospheric, and puzzling ghost story Or is it

    19. Mariel on said:

      Sarah Waters The Little Stranger was an uncomfortable book to read I really, really disliked the narrator, Faraday I didn t want to be in his headspace at all The kind of guy that would think a woman should be grateful he looked at her because her ankles were supposedly fat It s dickiness like that, relentlessly That was the whole point of this book, his views of what he s owed and placements in life, and taking everything he said at face value would rob the story of its true creepiness It s not [...]

    20. Nicola Mcfall on said:

      This book was really great I chose to read it after seeing it on the TV book club and I am really glad I did It is one of the best written books I have read in a while and the story is clever and compelling The characters are well developed and I can see why the TV book club chose this book because it opens up theories and themes that would be great to discuss The story is essentially a ghost story set at Hundreds hall following the story of the Ayres family as their home and society crumble aro [...]

    21. Megan Baxter on said:

      A story of ghosts or madness If ghosts, ghost or poltergeist If the latter, caused by whom If madness, whose Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

    22. Paul on said:

      This is classified as a ghost story, but as a ghost story it is very unconvincing and not really very chilling no Whistle and I ll Come To You menace here However this is actually a really good novel which captures the zeitgeist of post war Britain in the 1940s and Waters has done her research well The real themes are class and the decline of the landed gentry, the rise of the welfare state and the NHS It is less Edgar Allan Poe Josephine Tey it reminded me of The Franchise Affair The themes ar [...]

    23. Jen Knox on said:

      I read other reviews that praised the depth of the characters, but I never felt engaged enough to agree The premise was good, the details were lovely, but the story itself didn t seem fully realized and I didn t miss the characters when I closed the book A decent read.

    24. Pang on said:

      I was really hoping to like this book , but I was left a little unsatisfied and disappointed.The book told a story of a country doctor, Dr Faraday, who became involved in affairs of an old English family, the Ayres Faraday had known the family since he was a boy through his mother who used to work for the family The house, Hundreds Hall, had made a strong impression with Faraday even as a young boy His feelings were rekindled when he was given the opportunity to visit the Hall as a doctor answer [...]

    25. Mark on said:

      All I can say is I think Erica Wagner must be a real wuss On the jacket of this book she is quoted from her review in The Times as saying Waters is determined to scare the pants off her ll want to sleep with the lights on.I so didn t As a ghost story it ranks middling and apart from one or two moments it was fairly anodyne but as a story of loneliness and neediness and the disection of an unfulfilled and disappointed life it was excellent The two main characters of Dr Faraday, a man [...]

    26. Pallavi Sharma on said:

      4.0 Story is set in an old mansion called The Hundreds Hall in Warwickshire, England in the 1940s Dr.Faraday is asked to come to the Hundreds to see the maid Betty who is ill from two days Soon the Doctor finds himself drawn to the family, Mrs.Ayres now widowed, her son Rodrick Ayres who himself is suffering from a smashed leg and partly disfigured face during his time in RAAF and Rodrick s sister Caroline Ayres, slightly eccentric and social He recalls his previous visit to Hundreds which was n [...]

    27. Sarah on said:

      I don t really know how I feel about this book What struck me was how much detail Waters put in to her descriptions of the house At moments it almost felt like I was walking through the halls of the house, hearing the creaks and smelling the mustiness that had become of such a grand house Judging the book by its cover and short description I expected a traditional ghost story, but it was far from that It pinpoints the changes that occurred in English society following WWII Truth be told the loss [...]

    28. Blair on said:

      I don t know why I didn t write a review of this when I read it, presumably because I didn t have time I ll have to rectify this at some point, but would have to read the book in full again in order to do it justice I can say that I thought it was absolutely wonderful an automatic addition to my all time favourites list I d give it six stars if I could It seems to have divided opinion amongst other readers, and I d love to say I understand why, but actually I don t In my eyes The Little Stranger [...]

    29. Obsidian on said:

      I try not to do half stars since I post on Booklikes and and still doesn t have half stars for rating purposes This was a strong 3.5 star read I don t see me rereading this in the future and I had some problems with the book as a whole However, I like this book has tired back to other horror works like The Yellow Wallpaper and Burnt Offerings I think if Waters had shortened this book and had the narrator be someone in the Ayres family it would have been stronger If that had happened, this for me [...]

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