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Ann Edwards Cannon

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Descobri que te Amo

Descobri que te Amo By Ann Edwards Cannon Descobri que te Amo Toda a gente tem segredos Ed Sergio ou o contr rio Scout adora romances sentimentais e Ed Quark parece nunca se aperceber das pessoas sua volta at finalmente se apaixonar por Scout E o que esconde Ell

  • Title: Descobri que te Amo
  • Author: Ann Edwards Cannon
  • ISBN: 9789898470010
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Descobri que te Amo By Ann Edwards Cannon Toda a gente tem segredos Ed Sergio,ou o contr rio Scout adora romances sentimentais e Ed.Quark parece nunca se aperceber das pessoas sua volta,at finalmente se apaixonar por Scout.E o que esconde Elle,a rapariga dos sonhos de Ed Uma hist ria doce sobre a vida e o amor Quatro vidas que se cruzam,quatro hist rias de amor que nos levam a uma pergunta fundamental ser Toda a gente tem segredos Ed Sergio,ou o contr rio Scout adora romances sentimentais e Ed.Quark parece nunca se aperceber das pessoas sua volta,at finalmente se apaixonar por Scout.E o que esconde Elle,a rapariga dos sonhos de Ed Uma hist ria doce sobre a vida e o amor Quatro vidas que se cruzam,quatro hist rias de amor que nos levam a uma pergunta fundamental ser que o verdadeiro amor se esconde no seio de uma grande amizade
    Descobri que te Amo By Ann Edwards Cannon

    • [E-Book] ✓ Descobri que te Amo | BY ✓ Ann Edwards Cannon
      Ann Edwards Cannon

    One thought on “Descobri que te Amo

    1. Jessica on said:

      The story of the four lovers from A Midsummer Night s Dream is retold here in a modern setting early 21st century Utah, to be exact Ed, Quark, Scout and Ellie are friends, acquaintances and strangers brought together during a week of hot summer nights, mostly at a movie rental store where Scout and Ed work Ed, or Sergio as his nametag reads, is in love with Ellie, who thinks he s a suave Brazilian immigrant Ellie is in Salt Lake to get away from a bad situation back home, and mostly wants a fri [...]

    2. Bree on said:

      Fun story Very enjoyable It made me want to move back to down town Salt Lake City Ann is such a fun writer and a great teacher.

    3. Mariazita on said:

      Este livro despertava me a aten o, mas levei um tempo para o ler, mas quando come ei fiquei suprendida por esta singela hist ria de romance entre 4 jovens amigos.Leve, divertida a descoberta dos primeiros as da juventude.Uma leitura que nos faz sorrir, l se rapidinho e proporciona uma leitura bem agrad vel.Recomendo.

    4. Bethany on said:

      And how does Sergio react to the news that he must return to the family plantation in Brazil I ask He stays calm Sergio is always cool, even in the face of disappointment Or danger, says Scout In fact, Sergio laughs in the face of danger, I point out Ha Ha Ha He laughs, it s true But he does not sweat Sergio never sweats, she says And even if he did, it would be a completely good kind of sweat, I say A very manly sweat, says Scout.Then Scout and I look at each other and laugh, which causes T Mon [...]

    5. Sofia Teixeira on said:

      Descobri Que Te Amo foi uma surpresa deliciosa Quando peguei no livro n o sabia bem o que esperar dele, mas depressa se tornou a minha companhia preferida de viagem nos transportes p blicos.Divertid ssimo do in cio ao fim, um livro que nos apresenta quatro jovens adolescentes, bastante diferentes uns dos outros, mas que rapidamente encontramos uma coisa que todos t m em comum est o apaixonados Como personagem principal temos Ed McIff que, tal como diz na sinopse, no seu trabalho usa um crach n o [...]

    6. Lara on said:

      Here s my initial review, in haiku form You re very wholesomeAnd also Mormon I stillEnjoyed reading, though.____ One day later If you read yesterday s haiku, you probably noticed my first mention of this book mentioned it being a Mormon book What I didn t explain, though, was that it wasn t all that noticeably so it s just set in Salt Lake City, and a couple characters mention Mormon mission trips and the small world of Mormondom Otherwise, it seemed like any other light hearted teen novel If it [...]

    7. Shiralea Woodhouse on said:

      this was recommended by another Utah author Jessica Day George on her blog it is way cute A one day read if you ignore your kids a while It made me laugh out loud quite a bit and I liked the switching character points of view For my Utah friends, it is set around SLC and has some Utah culture humor mixed in.

    8. Karlan on said:

      This funny novel will delight many readers looking for a light tale of romantic confusion The teen characters are amusing and original, too.

    9. Nola Byrum on said:

      It was OK Not awful, but definitely nothing special There is no reason not to read it, but its far far far far away from being one of my favorite books Liked Fun story Nice take on A Midsummer Nights Dream MUCH cleaner then most teen books, but still a few mild bad words Light read for teens and adultsDisliked Justcking something Boring Not original Typical teen readOverall, good, not great Read it, don t expect magicalness Not really about Ed enough Not really a guide OK for 12 , maybe 13 if yo [...]

    10. Maris on said:

      A contemporary retelling of Shakespeare s Midsummer Night s Dream and a funny one at that A quick, funny, cute read 7 10 I would recommend reading as an eBook Keep reading for my non spoiler review This book was a really quick read it s only around 270 pages It takes off and gets started really fast It doesn t waste any time, and it s very fast paced This book s characters are the driving force of the story, and you can help but love them Especially Ed and Quark If I remember correctly, this sto [...]

    11. Katie on said:

      3.5 This was an adorable book Super sweet for younger adolescent lit Took me a second to jump into it, but then things moved along and took off nicely I liked that it was a journey for a unique male narrator Ed A high school guy with a part time summer job and girl obsessed Dealing with his own insecurities, the novel follows Ed through an experience with friends, girls, love, and self discovery This is a three part narrative.

    12. Sandy on said:

      Reader WritesTwitter RSS HomeLoser s GuidePosted by polhemu1 on October 21, 2009 Leave a Comment Edit In A E Cannon s novel, The Loser s Guide to Life and Love we are introduced to Ed It s summertime and for Ed that means working at the local movie rental store alongside his best gal pal, Scout, and hanging out with his long time buddy, Quark in his spare time.Of course, if you take these ingredients and add just a pinch of drama, in the form of a new girl who Ed describes as the closest thing I [...]

    13. Encruzilhadas LiterĂ¡rias on said:

      Escrito num estilo descontra do e rom ntico, Descobri que te amo o livro ideal para quem quer ler um romance light com alguma com dia mistura um livro que se l bem e eu dei conta da c pia que trouxe da biblioteca num nico dia.Gostaria de dizer que a hist ria leve e divertida e apesar de se basear numa pe a de Shakespeare bastante f cil de seguir O resumo que li no livro dava a entender v rias voltas e reviravoltas o que me assustou um pouco pois pensava que seria dif cil de seguir, no entanto a [...]

    14. Rachael on said:

      At Ed s summer job at a Reel Life Movies, he is required to wear a very odd looking uniform and a name tag which indicates that his name is Sergio But things aren t as bad as they could be He gets to hand out with his two best friends, Scout and Quark, and a very beautiful girl named Ellie might be interested in him The only problems are that Ellie thinks Ed is a Brazilian guy named Sergio, Scout likes Ed, and Quark likes Scout It s a complicated love tangle that will test friendships and loyalt [...]

    15. Sarah Noll on said:

      The Loser s Guide to Life and Love is a quick to read romance novel based on Shakespeare s A Midsummer Night s Dream It mainly follows the quirky and humorous journey of Ed McIff, his two best friends Scout and Quark, and a potential romantic interest, Ellie as they deal with the highs and lows of falling in love This is definitely a book I d recommend to younger i.e 14 15 year old teenagers of the LDS Mormon faith The jokes within revolve around a lot of LDS humor, but were well explained enoug [...]

    16. Kathleen on said:

      This young adult book is a a lot of fun, partly because it reminds me so much of some of the columns written for the DESERET NEWS by its author, Ann Edwards Cannon, and partly because I recognized the story as a take off on the crazy romantic quadrangle of Shakespeare s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT S DREAM The story is a lead up to a midsummer night s party being held by the owner of Reel Life video rental store and employer of two of the main characters It s told from the points of view of those two chara [...]

    17. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Steph for TeensReadTooEd McIff works at Reel Life Movies where he has to dress in frilly shirts and wear a name tag that doesn t even say his own name, but that of Sergio Often, to pass the time, Ed and his best friend, Scout, like to imagine who the mysterious Sergio really is One day, when a beautiful girl comes in named Ellie, Ed pretends to not be his loser self, but the super cool and suave Brazilian Sergio While pursuing Ellie, Ed finds that he actually has feelings for his lon [...]

    18. Christian on said:

      By and large, I was disappointed with this book I m sure that it likely failed for me because of higher than appropriate expectations The mechanics of the writing weren t bad, but I feel the novel as a whole lacked spark.For starters, this is yet another novel told in alternating character views it doesn t work here I m inclined to think it ought to have been told solely from Ed s perspective as Scout s, Ellie s, and Quark s perspectives really didn t bring much to the table I think the multiple [...]

    19. Julia on said:

      This book was just a random pick from my local library, something to keep me occupied while staying at my Nonna s house you can only lounge in the sun for so long without looking for something to do it surprised me In the space of two sun lounging days I finished it, due to one man Ed I loved him Who wouldn t While I did get a bit frustrated at his stupidity and blindness to Scout, he was adorable Sometimes when an author writes about geeky guys they come off as cheesy and naive I congratulate A [...]

    20. Aurora Lector (reading in twilight) on said:

      When I first started reading this book, I ll admit I wasn t enad by it Over zealous pop culture references which were surprisingly not lost to me, weighed me down at first, but once I got through of this story that changed It was only one character whose story was riddled with these, and even if he was the main character, it was well done I feel the story should have gone on for much longer once it started rolling I read the most of this book in a period of 24 hours and I found that I liked the [...]

    21. Dlora on said:

      A cute teen romance with all the angst of teens self image and insecurity issues Told from everyones viewpoints, the story trips quickly along and makes you giggle Ed, a budding movie director, works at a video rental store and has to wear the name tag Sergio while he waits for his boss to get his tag made However, that works to his advantage when a dreamboat girl comes into the store and thinks it is so cool that he is from Brazil Pretending to be Sergio, Ed feels less gawky and inadequate and [...]

    22. Miriam on said:

      This book is cute Made me laugh and for anyone looking is a great quick read Not something that I would say you HAVE to read because there isn t much intellectual meaning to it in my opinion I am sure that will change when I read Midsummer s Night Dream or something like that, I am sorry Shakespeare fans, I don t know the exact title Anyway this was based on it other than the twist with teenage life and after I read that I think that the details in the book that once struck me as crude or cheesy [...]

    23. Dianna on said:

      ohmygosh this book was amazing, in the fact that i related so well to it scout by far was easiest to relate to, and Ed totally reminded me of a guy i know in osme ways the cahracters were so fun and they all really came alive to me, which is something that doesn t usually happen i also loved reading about the SLC setting, especially Squirrel Brothersso, it was hilarous i loved cannon s wording on several things and laughed out loud at a lot of stuff like queens waving as they run over peasants a [...]

    24. Kathy * Bookworm Nation on said:

      What a fun, original story This is a re imagining of Shakespeare s Midsummer s Nights Dream It follows the story of our four main characters Ed Sergio , Scout, Quark and Ellie as they fall in and out of love and test their friendships along the way It was enjoyable reading from each perspective and just how they actually view on another It moves along at an entertaining pace and keeps you wanting I was entertaining seeing the different relationships evolve and I was wondering and hoping certain [...]

    25. Michelle on said:

      I am a sucker for a contemporary remake of Shakespeare and this one didn t disappoint The characters ring true, especially Ed and the way he thinks admittedly in cliches I love the way Cannon portrayed Salt Lake City and anyone who has been to Liberty Park on a summer evening knows it s potential for magic Some people have classified this as a Mormon book, but I didn t feel that way Some of the characters are Mormon and there are LDS references, but there is nothing religious about it It s refre [...]

    26. Erin Webb on said:

      Call me crazy but I thought this book was pretty fun I know it was silly of me to read it in the first place but I saw it on the Teen Romance Recommended reading shelf and the title just caught my eye So I picked it up on a whim and I m glad I did it was really cute and fun It s written by a woman who lives in SLC, UT, so it was fun to hear her talk about Salt Lake streets, mormon missionaries, and life in Utah in general It s about four teenagers, two boys, two girls and how they discover each [...]

    27. Stacey on said:

      I was lucky enough to win this book at a Barnes and Noble author event that I recently went to, where I met AE Cannon and had the book signed I didn t realize until I got home and read up on her a little bit online that I OWN one of her other books, Charlotte s Rose And really enjoyed that, so it made me even excited to read this one This was borderline 3 or 4, so I went with 4.It is a really cute book and a really quick read It is told from 4 perspectives each voice being wholly unique and fu [...]

    28. Alicia on said:

      This delightful little book, written by a woman I know and admire, Ann Cannon, was probably the biggest surprise I ve had this year I didn t know what to expect from the cover, but I didn t expect a laugh out loud story of new love and strange coincidences.The summer Ed works a boring job at Reel Life Movies, he meets a mysterious and beautiful girl visiting from out of town and decides to adopt the name on his hand me down name tag Sergio Romantic hijinks ensue, with wonderful changes in the PO [...]

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