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James Swallow

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Hammer and Anvil

Hammer and Anvil By James Swallow Hammer and Anvil Hammer and Anvil On a distant world the Ecclesiarchy outpost of Sanctuary was wiped out by an implacable foe the fearless soulless necrons Now a mission of the Sisterhood has returned to recons

  • Title: Hammer and Anvil
  • Author: James Swallow
  • ISBN: 9781849700658
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hammer and Anvil By James Swallow Hammer and Anvil On a distant world, the Ecclesiarchy outpost of Sanctuary 101 was wiped out by an implacable foe the fearless, soulless necrons Now, a mission of the Sisterhood has returned to reconsecrate the site but the metallic nightmares still lurk in the darkness, guarding a secret that has lain dormant for millennia Full description
    Hammer and Anvil By James Swallow

    • UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ Hammer and Anvil - by James Swallow
      362 James Swallow
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    One thought on “Hammer and Anvil

    1. Ahzek on said:

      As a long time player of the table top games necron army 2K PTS and as a reader of the Black Library this book cuts me a bit deep Let me explain.This book, while great in its affects of the Sisters of Battle and the Order of Our Martyred Lady, the pieces about the Necrons themselves and their points of view are nearly unreadable and in my opinion completely and utterly unacceptable I ve seen the Necrons transform from a feared robotic species to a touchy feely xenos species The entire premise of [...]

    2. Frank on said:

      Though it s light and straight forward in its broader concepts and plot, it deals with them very well and tells a remarkably riveting story with a truly delightful enthusiasm for technobabble and invoking fairly outlandish concepts By the nature of everything involved, it s very far from hard sci fi , but it makes for a very solid and almost deadpan take on the universe Swallow s skill and experience in shared universes really shines through in the depiction of the the Necrons Easily the best ta [...]

    3. David Mandeville on said:

      In the Grim Darkness of the Distant future you sometimes find decent brain candy fiction.

    4. Ted Henkle on said:

      Sometimes all it takes is a few scenes to turn a good book into a great book.That s the case with Hammer Anvil, the sequel to Faith Fire and the subject of my previous book review.In this story, Miriya and Verity are looking for peace and closure after the events of their initial adventure Instead, they find anything but Both wind up on the barren rock known as Sanctuary_101, ten years after the massacre at an Adepta Sororitas fortress convent, in effort to reconsecrate the site.Or so they re to [...]

    5. Adam on said:

      It wasn t as good as Mr Swallow s first Sisters of Battle book, but a solid read nonetheless.

    6. Derek Weese on said:

      For some reason, and I honestly don t know why, some fans don t like James Swallow I remember my friend who got me into BL, only about three years ago now so I m still playing catchup with the HUUUUGE back catalog, was not a fan and warned me away I kind of wanted to check him out just because of the warning Turns out I liked Mr Swallow, and this book here Hammer and Anvil , is, in my humble opinion, the best book he s written The story follows a group of Adepta Sororitas Sisters of Battle as th [...]

    7. Ross Hamilton on said:

      James Swallow is one of the accomplished Black Library authors with eight novels, four audio dramas and various short fiction pieces in various Warhammer Warhmmer 40,000 anthologies I thought his Flight of the Eisenstein in the Horus Heresy series was quite striking I was therefore quite interested to see what he was going to do with the Sisters of the Battle, the Order of Our Martyred Lady in conflict with the necron.It has taken ten years for the Sisterhood to be able to return to Sanctuary 1 [...]

    8. Jen on said:

      If you re not at all into SciFi Fantasy, this one s not for you.If you are a SciFi fan, but you ve never given Warhammer 40,000 a second glance because you re just not into RPG s, I urge you to think again Especially as bad as this may sound if you re a chick We re talking about serious women with strong convictions, who happen to be in a futuristic setting I have to say, even if I d never played the game, this series would have turned me onto it.I cannot give this author enough credit It s one [...]

    9. Filipa on said:

      Hammer and Anvil keeps track of what happened to sister Miriya and I will not tell what, because it is a spoil for the ones that want to read Faith and Fire and sister Verity Loosing their purpose, specially sister Miriya, they go into a journey to the far away world of Sanctuary 101 and discover it wiped out by Necrons The mission of the sisterhood lays, at the beginning, to reconsecrate the site But in the end, their mission lays on wiping out the necrons.And Miriya and Verity get new friends [...]

    10. Jerry on said:

      I enjoyed this book, though not as much as the first one in the series We get to see characters from the first book appear again in this one While that s nice, they remained the same characters they were in the first book You would think their experiences would have changed them The plot was much like the first book, also None of that was really a deal breaker for me My largest complaint is that subplot threads were introduced and never tied off or even developed I don t want to reveal the story [...]

    11. Anthony Giordano on said:

      But what truly astounded me in Hammer Anvil was the intricate, excellent detail of the Necron Tomb World I mean, the attention to detail made this representation vivid and authentic to the source material Enough credit cannot be given.The other aspect of world building which Swallow did well as in Faith Fire is in presenting canon technologies the weaponry, tactics of each faction, etc These are all done exceedingly well throughout You can read the rest of my review here hachisnaxreads 20

    12. Hakan on said:

      Quite interesting book that gives additional insights into the culture of the necron While the book suffers from its share of cardboard characters, the silver and emerald green robots of the necrons were especially bad in that regard For me, it s my first book where some characterization of the necrons was visible.

    13. Daniel on said:

      Very good book about a little touched area of the 40k universe, the Sisters of Battle Swallow has a great gift for capturing a battle scene, but importantly how the combatants on both sides think and feel Great descriptions and an overall solid story round out this gem of a book I highly recommend it.

    14. Justina Šniukštaitė on said:

      Definitely 40k dark, dangerous, sometimes to an extent of gross, but I must admit I loved this book to bits Now what to pick from the vast range of 40k literature next

    15. Frank on said:

      Trashy scifi action in a trashy scifi universe It does what it says on the box No complaints.

    16. John on said:

      A great companion to the first book here we delve even deeper into the 40K world with a story of purity and power A worthy second book for this series.

    17. Alasdair on said:

      I struggled through this a bit to be honest Not a fantastic story, a few good elements but it was sluggish.

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