The Pornographer of Vienna

Lewis Crofts

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The Pornographer of Vienna

The Pornographer of Vienna By Lewis Crofts The Pornographer of Vienna Underage whores opium pipes and absinthe chasers Thoroughly researched and well described The author is bewitched by his subject s decadence and by the period s historical detail Financial Times Lew

  • Title: The Pornographer of Vienna
  • Author: Lewis Crofts
  • ISBN: 9781905847129
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Pornographer of Vienna By Lewis Crofts Underage whores, opium pipes and absinthe chasers Thoroughly researched, and well described The author is bewitched by his subject s decadence and by the period s historical detail Financial Times Lewis Crofts s debut doesn t shrink from depicting the squalor of Schiele s existence and powerfully evokes his uncompromising talent Guardian Utterly engrossing Underage whores, opium pipes and absinthe chasers Thoroughly researched, and well described The author is bewitched by his subject s decadence and by the period s historical detail Financial Times Lewis Crofts s debut doesn t shrink from depicting the squalor of Schiele s existence and powerfully evokes his uncompromising talent Guardian Utterly engrossing I was drawn into Schiele s reeling world with its reek of wet paint and sex Jon McGregor, author of If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things Lewis Crofts poignant debut captures the turbulence, the vividness and the tragedy of Egon Schiele s life with rare skill and empathy Liz Jensen, author of The Ninth Life of Louis DraxA Vogue magazine recommended summer read.A Metro newspaper fiction title of the week.The Pornographer of Vienna is an acclaimed fictionalized life of Egon Schiele, the great Austrian artist and prot g of Gustav Klimt Publicly shunned by the very same establishment figures that secretly clamor to buy his erotic, explicit work, Schiele lives a short, intense life against the richly evoked backdrop of the absinthe soaked, decaying last days of the Austro Hungarian empire.In a first novel of rare descriptive power and empathy, fuelled by a blend of research and literary imagination, Lewis Crofts succeeds in evoking the man as well as the artist The result is a masterful, at times heart breaking, portrayal of Austria s most decadent and most misunderstood painter, and of the city that both inspired and destroyed him.Thirty year old debut novelist Lewis Crofts lives in Belgium.
    The Pornographer of Vienna By Lewis Crofts

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      142 Lewis Crofts
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    One thought on “The Pornographer of Vienna

    1. Tim on said:

      Often a novel s success depends on how intimately the author knows his characters and how successful he is in conveying this intimacy Though this novel is well researched and decently written I never really felt Croft got under Schiele s skin It s dangerous though perhaps commercially not a bad idea to write a fictional account of a historical figure You either conform to all the preconceived notions and join those dots or you start from scratch with the available information and perform an imag [...]

    2. Noce on said:

      Il vademecum del turista coscienziosoIo sono esattamente la lettrice tipo nelle cui mani sarebbe dovuto entrare questo libro Il pornografo di Vienna racconta la vita di Egon Schiele Chi Egon Schiele Questo tizio qua zam 2p id_autore 12023 Carino vero A me piace, ha proprio la faccia dell artista, ma di quelli buoni Egon dipingeva E faceva quadri come questi doc.ic svb Schiele Ora, prima di iniziare il libro, a me le sue opere non piacevano, e neanche adesso a dir la verit Ma qualcosa comunque ca [...]

    3. Elizabeth on said:

      So I m reading this book, sitting outside eating at Whole Foods, minding my own business A guy sits down at the other end of the table, and I think nothing of it since I assume that he also intends to mind his own business Instead, however, he abruptly asks What are you reading about First, why, since he has obviously noticed that I m reading, hasn t he also assumed that I d like to continue reading and am not interested in talking Second, did his mother teach him to presumptuously interrogate s [...]

    4. una_sussa on said:

      In quale diabolico mondo viviamo, se l imputato pu sostenere che questa sia arte Arte sudiciume dissoluto una ferita incancrenita nell arte del ritratto Cosa successo alla bellezza Vostro Onore, io mostro l umanit per ci che corrotta, marcia Io mostro la verit Ogni epoca ha l arte che si merita.

    5. Sylvia Petter on said:

      Shortly after I finished reading Lewis Crofts novel, The Pornographer of Vienna, I saw an article in The Sydney Morning Herald reporting that the Australian photographer, Bill Henson, was to be charged for showing photographs of naked adolescent girls Shades of Schiele Not much seemed to separate reactions to Bill Henson s work in Australia in 2008 from those to Egon Schiele s work in the Vienna of the early 1900 s.When I first saw paintings by Egon Schiele at Vienna s Belvedere Palace back in 1 [...]

    6. Diandra on said:

      This book read like a screenplay to me than an actual novel At times it was difficult to distinguish who was saying what, but re reading a certain passage usually cleared that up which I hate I like things to flow This hardly flowed I did enjoy the vignettes into the life of Schiele Intriguing Successfully depicted an insightful look into an egregarious and often misunderstood artist which was rather enjoyable All in all, not bad but sadly did not leave that empty pit in my stomach I so enjoy a [...]

    7. Lysergius on said:

      Having just finished a biography of Egon Schiele, I found this remarkably close to the facts of Schiele s life Crofts manages to evoke a suitably decadent atmosphere for pre First World War Vienna and sets his character loose in it An excellent read.

    8. Melissa on said:

      This book was interesting, in that it covers a lot of egon schiele s biography, but the author s writing style was supremely annoying

    9. Nicola Pierce on said:

      I bought this a couple of years ago at the National Gallery s shop, in Dublin, but only recently discovered it and read it over the last two or three days God help me but I thought I had bought a biography and God help me further but I reached page 95 before I realised I was reading a novel not sure how I managed that but there it is admittedly, I d always avoid novels about famous figures so my mistake was a fortunate one What probably helped me enjoy it so much was the fact that I knew not one [...]

    10. Cerisaye on said:

      I discovered the work of Egon Schiele at the Belvedere on a visit to Vienna several years ago I went for Klimt and emerged fascinated by this artist I had never heard of before Fictionalised historical biography can be wonderful, insightful, informative, capturing the subject in a way that makes you feel as though you can see through window into the past Equally, if not well done these books can taint whatever interest drew you to them in the first place Well, I am pleased to say Lewis Croft s b [...]

    11. Silvia Bertolin on said:

      A nice romanced biography of this underrated painter.I love the way the author explored the subconscious of Schiele in his own way.I read the book after studying and seeing the paintings in Wien, and it brings me back there.

    12. Paul on said:

      My thoughts waver on this book On one hand I m happy to have any material on Egon Schiele, an artist whose work I adore, and of which there s not nearly as much material as there could should be On the other hand, this is a fictionalized biography, and that is something I normally would dive in a razor filled ditch to avoid This time I didn t avoid it, and so I course could not avoid the reasons I normally avoid these things in the first place, and that s that they either have too little charact [...]

    13. Anne on said:

      I seem to be having bad luck since I started on , reading books that I like less and less each time This one just seems to have no point to it Art historical fictionalized biography is a really difficult genre, and despite my perseverance in it, I can t say I ve ever read one that is successful as either a novel or a biography The Pornographer of Vienna is a particularly hard slog the main character has no redeeming or interesting qualities not even artistic ones in the book , and the plot is on [...]

    14. Laura Lam on said:

      This was an enjoyable portrait of the Jugendstil Secessionist painter, Egon Shiele Before reading this, I knew next to nothing about him, but through well written account of his life, liberally flavoured with Croft s imagination I learned of his life and the time period he was in The pace of the book was rather quick, barely skimming over many aspects of his life, delving briefly into his humble beginnings as the son of a railway operator, glossing over his training and rise to fame and notoriet [...]

    15. Shane Lusher on said:

      A book filled with good, solid writing and good, solid Fin de si cle Vienna, that just didn t get there It could have been so much , and there is a lot of beauty in the prose, but it felt like I was reading through smoked glass, which might very well have been the intent, which, if it was, didn t work The middle of the book seemed held up by the beginning and the end, like a sagging power line We needed insight into Schiele s character of his inner life and we needed a bit description on the [...]

    16. John Cadaver on said:

      As she shifted across the sheets, his eyes continually sought out the point at which her thighs touched somewhere between a wound and a jewel, the point at which every picture would begin and end for Egon I could not have asked for a better introduction to an artist of whom I was previously unaware When I think of Egon Schiele, he is somewhat of a fantasy thanks to the personable and immersive power of Croft s style of writing which has produced this erotically charged biography that reads nothi [...]

    17. Mallory on said:

      The Pornographer of Vienna by Lewis Crofts A story of the life of Egon Shiele Paddling in the water of Lethe those that drank from the river of lethe experienced forgetfulness pg 270 He lit the charred spoon and watched the molten drops splashing into the bottom of the glass severing the anchor of consciousness Retrousse turned up at the end as in one s nose capricious erratic

    18. Audrey on said:

      I found this book at a museum shop in either Florence or Pisa, I don t remember Egon Schiele is my favorite artist like, EVER, and the book opens with Egon s dad infecting Egon s mom with syphilis on their wedding night So how could I not buy it The book itself is alright the biographical details seemed pretty accurate, even though this is a work of fiction.

    19. Su Dryden on said:

      Interesting somewhere between a biography and a novel, so slightly disappointing as either A biography would have had a good chunk of illustrations and photographs which I wanted , and a fictionalised account would have flowed better For example, his relationship with Edith was relatively unexplored Still, it was an intriguing book, and a great insight on many levels.

    20. Georgia on said:

      The language in this book was gorgeous, and now I imagine not the pituresque cities mentioned in the book, but the way that Egon saw them Then the ending of course, was beautiful I was told it was a biography so I m going to look up his paintings now which I loved, it s very unlike any other biography I ve ever seen or read.

    21. Lianne Ramsden on said:

      Worth a read but found the book a bit stop start each chapter was divided up into very small segments making it difficult to really become engrossed in the book for any length of time An interesting story tho.

    22. Hels on said:

      Vivid, moving and unsettling a disturbing account of a painter whom we admire and support and then who betrays his roots It challenges the idea of sycophantic biopics and does so in rousing prose.

    23. Jane on said:

      I had to read this since it s about one of my favourite artists I assume this is pretty close to the real story, even though it s categorized as fiction I would love one day to go to Vienna and see of his art work I will forever be fascinated by Schiele.

    24. Giuliana on said:

      Enjoyed learning about Gustav Klimt and the art world in early 1900s Vienna, but Egon Schiele s character in this book is completely unlikable Really disliked him intensely, and hated the way he treated Valerie Wally.

    25. James on said:

      Rather worn down by the repetitive sleaze and unsympathetic character for a good deal of the book, I m pleased I persevered to the end.

    26. Edward A. McCabe on said:

      Beautifully rendered.As Schiele might have painted it Raw yet artfully and subtly moving.A fine verbal portrait of a great figurative artist.

    27. David on said:

      Poor writing I could not finish this Written in a storybook style and doing an injustice to this amazing artist.

    28. Kevin Jepson on said:

      what a life this guy had, even from the beginning i like the way Crofts is telling his story.

    29. Suzanne on said:

      It s the biography of the painter Egon Schiele, in case anybody s wondering Doh.

    30. Bill on said:

      Well written historical novel about the real life Austrian painter Egon Schiele.

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