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Home Sweet Home (Emerald Lake #1)

Home Sweet Home (Emerald Lake #1) By BellaRiley Home Sweet Home Emerald Lake What if you can go home again Ten years and two hundred miles That s what separates Andi Powell from quiet secluded Emerald Lake and that s exactly how she likes it But now her job brings her back to

  • Title: Home Sweet Home (Emerald Lake #1)
  • Author: BellaRiley
  • ISBN: 9780446584210
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Home Sweet Home (Emerald Lake #1) By BellaRiley What if you can go home again Ten years and two hundred miles That s what separates Andi Powell from quiet, secluded Emerald Lake and that s exactly how she likes it But now her job brings her back to the hometown she s tried so hard to forget and to Nate Duncan, the man she s never been able to Nate once looked at Andi with love in his eyes But that was before sWhat if you can go home again Ten years and two hundred miles That s what separates Andi Powell from quiet, secluded Emerald Lake and that s exactly how she likes it But now her job brings her back to the hometown she s tried so hard to forget and to Nate Duncan, the man she s never been able to Nate once looked at Andi with love in his eyes But that was before she left him in the dust to pursue her big city dreams Now he s the town s ruggedly handsome mayor with the power to break Andi s career like she broke his heart As the two clash over the future of Emerald Lake, the sparks that fly between them rekindle a passion neither of them can deny.Andi may have left town looking for the life she thought she wanted But could everything she needs have been in Emerald Lake all along
    Home Sweet Home (Emerald Lake #1) By BellaRiley

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    One thought on “Home Sweet Home (Emerald Lake #1)

    1. Katie(babs) on said:

      Andi Powell has returned to her small hometown of Emerald Lake to not only be there to commemorate her beloved, deceased father along with the rest of the town, but to save her job The company she works for in New York City as a management consultant, wants to build condominiums in a perfect vacation town Andi automatically thinks of Emerald Lake, although she hasn t been back since she left to go away to college, other than a holiday here and there Her mother and grandmother love the small town [...]

    2. Laura on said:

      Andi and Nate have the perfect high school romance living in their small town of Emerald Lake After finishing high school, Andi, driven by her state senator father, heads off for college in the big city Despite the distance, Nate and Andi do a great job of maintaining their relationship.When tragedy strikes Nate, Andi rushes home immediately to be by his side Before she leaves, Nate asks her to make the ultimate sacrifice to stay in Emerald Lake with him Andi s worked hard to get to the place sh [...]

    3. Josephine on said:

      The characters and plot did not engage me I skimmed ahead to see if there were any story elements that would keep me interested but there were not I love small town stories that have a very modern feel, yet this one didn t There was also a lot of knitting metaphors which I didn t really relate to though the knitting needles and wool on the cover should have given me a clue this plays a big part in the book The heroine knitting a thread of hair into the hero s sweater was also a bit strange I thi [...]

    4. Patti TheLoveJunkee on said:

      After 10 years, Andi Powell has returned to picturesque Emerald Lake Not because she s homesick, but to save her job She s got to convince the townsfolk of Emerald Lake that they d like new vacation condos on the lake for rich out of towners Nate Duncan was the love of Andi s life, until things went horribly wrong when they were teens He s never seriously dated anyone since Andi, and he can t believe she s back in town Nate is now the town mayor, and while he s having mixed feelings about seeing [...]

    5. Julie on said:

      One stars What annoyed me so much about this book was how Andi let the people bother her with the whole you don t belong here any speech Who the heck cares if Andi doesn t belong in that town any She belongs in NYC and there s not a damn problem with that I also hated how Andi didn t even put Catherine back in her place Catherine doesn t have the rights to judge Andi or tell her to move back to Emerald It s not that she s too big to stay in the town, it s that she s not happy She enjoys the exci [...]

    6. Alex on said:

      At First Sight For the last ten years, Andi has made a point of not returning to her home town of Emerald Lake She left as an eighteen year old bound for college and then decided to pursue her city dreams.Until a work project brings her back to Emerald Lake, to the yarn store her mother and grandmother run together and to the boy she left behind when he needed her the most.In the last ten years, Nathan went from being a heartbroken boy having to take care of his baby sister Madison in the afterm [...]

    7. Lisa Filipe on said:

      Review from atastyreadHome Sweet Home is a sweet, heartwarming story about lost love and coming home again Andi is returning to her hometown after ten years away to convince the town council to allow her client to build condos on a prime water front property The town will be a tough sell but it isn t the town she is worried about, it is the new Mayor, Nate Duncan Nate and Andi were high school sweethearts and while she was away at College Nate wen t thru some very tramatic events and when she de [...]

    8. CJ - It's only a Paper Moon on said:

      No Bad book Bad Author Bad bad bad editors With a sweet, if not overdone, premise I had hopes that this would quench my Autumn need for glucose sweet romance Let s just say thatno, it didn t fulfill any of my needs.I wanted to like it, I really did but with the amateur writing Seriously, was this book written for an eight year old, why aren t there pictures I demand pictures and the odd point of view switch One person at a time, one person at a time I just couldn t.Look, I can t even muster up t [...]

    9. Heather Felder on said:

      Andi s father has always told her to reach for the brass ring Be strong, be successful She takes his advice, moving away from Emerald Lake, her family, her friends, and her boyfriend Nate She works 24 7 toward her goal of being that strong, successful woman And, she succeeds Her father passes away and that throws Andi for a loop, causing her work to suffer She knows that her boss is looking for a reason to fire her, so when faced with a tough situation with her long standing client, Andi blurts [...]

    10. JenniferJ on said:

      In one word WonderfulHome Sweet Home is a story of going home only Andi Powell has ulterior motives I really have to say I didn t like Andi at all She came across as one of the coldest excuses of woman I have read Her priorities are just all wrong for me from her younger years when she turned her back on Nate when he needed her so badly up until present day when she bounces back into her hometown head strong on trying to make huge changes to a place she left ten years ago and expecting folks inc [...]

    11. Sharon Redfern on said:

      Iam new to Ms Riley and read her second book first After I was done, I knew I would have to read this one I m glad I did This is a sweet story about a girl who leaves her first love and close knit community behind to go live in the real world Andi comes back to try and salvage her career by convincing the town to allow a condo development Since her father s death a year ago, she has felt adrift and unfocused.Nate has remained in Emerald Lake and is now the mayor He has come a long way from livin [...]

    12. Jessica on said:

      Awww this book was such a sweet read I loved Andi right from the start and I couldn t help but root for her the entire book She s a strong willed woman who strives to be the best in life When she goes back home, you can really feel out cute Emerald Lake is And then, when Nate comes into the story, you really want to read this book Nate is the guy every girl dreams about sweet, caring, and really good with kids He never stopped loving Andi even though she s been gone for 10 years, which is so cut [...]

    13. ILoveBooks on said:

      livetoread krystalThis book was remarkably sweet Andi is the main character She is somewhat impulsive and prone to self fulfillment at times, but she is a likable enough character Nate is the love interest, he is also the man Andi left behind favor of her growing career The sparks do fly in this novel, particularly between Andi and Nate because they do not often get along The reader will find him herself laughing at some parts of the story The Summary sums it up quite well The ending is good, a [...]

    14. Vanessa Booke on said:

      I found this book thoughtful, engaging and a really beautiful story From the beginning I felt drawn into the story because of the wonderful characters and the beautiful descriptions of Emerald Lake You can definitely tell there are some unresolved feelings between Andi and Nate when she returns home I found the chemistry between them electric I thought it was refreshing to see such well developed characters and storyline This book wasn t your average romance Although it definitely had all of the [...]

    15. Kelly Moran on said:

      Ten years ago, Andi Powell left Emerald Lake for bigger and better things When her job forces her to return home for a project, she finds herself falling back in love with high school sweetheart, Nate Duncan There she reconnects with her past, her family, and learns what home really means.This is my first book by Riley, but it won t be my last She has a wonderful writing style, and is able to describe the setting so you feel like you ve been there Nate was relatable and I rooted for him all the [...]

    16. Ann Lorz on said:

      This is a very enjoyable book I liked the small town feel of the story, and the way everyone new each other Andi Powell comes home for mixed reasons and finds that what you think like should be isn t always what it is I have to admit at times I wanted to hit her in the back of the head for the way she acted but I understood why she was written the way she was Nate Duncan on the other hand made you fall in love with him Who wouldn t fall in love with a man that would do anything for those he love [...]

    17. Emily Steinmetz on said:

      Just finished this book, but still pondering my review Bella Riley is Bella Andre Really I had no idea This book was definitely a departure from her steamy stories, but it was a nice love story nonetheless More detailed review to come

    18. Jude Bown on said:

      This was a reunion plot that pulled me in both directions I did love the underlying issues of the past and I loved the hero s dedication to his family responsibilities Because I m a total sucker for small town stories, I m anxious to see of this series.

    19. Jo (My House of Books) on said:

      I could not connect with Andi and Nate at all, so I skipped forward until I found out what happened with Andi s grandmother s forbidden love.

    20. Aileen on said:

      First time reading Bella Riley I enjoyed the book and would read her again The book was repetitive at times with both words and sentiment But I enjoyed it overall and will pick up the next one.

    21. Marijayne Stegman on said:

      Great characters.Good story about how sometimes no matter how bad we want something we find out that it is really hard to get it Very engaging easy to read but totally consuming.

    22. Cee on said:

      Better than I expected, but I could have done without the grandmother s history.

    23. Dixie-Lee Campbell on said:

      Not going to judge by others comments Will read it myself I loved the 2nd book in this Series Have to hunt it down.

    24. Wiewi on said:

      I like this book but I don t like the knitting theme at first I m gonna give this book 3 stars.

    25. Tracy on said:

      Great read, as we spend our summer vacation in the Aidrondack s on a beautiful lake I was reading during our vacation this year and really enjoyed the story and details.

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