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Friction By Lissa Kasey Friction Seiran Rou finds school challenging than most Not because he s not intelligent or can t follow along in class but because he s different than all the other students He s a male witch in a society rul

  • Title: Friction
  • Author: Lissa Kasey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 162
  • Format: ebook
  • Friction By Lissa Kasey Seiran Rou finds school challenging than most Not because he s not intelligent or can t follow along in class, but because he s different than all the other students He s a male witch in a society ruled by females That s no minor problem since Magic Theory is his major.His visits to his sometime lover, Gabe Santini, provide him a safe and uncomplicated haven to escSeiran Rou finds school challenging than most Not because he s not intelligent or can t follow along in class, but because he s different than all the other students He s a male witch in a society ruled by females That s no minor problem since Magic Theory is his major.His visits to his sometime lover, Gabe Santini, provide him a safe and uncomplicated haven to escape to, until one night when his fear of commitment drives him away He learns that monsters aren t the only things that stalk their prey.In the end he may discover he was safer with the vampire than anything his college life has to offer Free eBook featuring characters from the upcoming Dominion series.Approx Word Count 4,348Cover Art by L.C Chase
    Friction By Lissa Kasey

    • [E-Book] ☆ Friction | BY ¹ Lissa Kasey
      162 Lissa Kasey
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    One thought on “Friction

    1. Ami on said:

      3.5 starsI decided to pick up this right after Inheritance thought I might get a little background of Seiran and Gabe Though this short story doesn t start right at the beginning I did get the story on how Sei and Gabe met in Inheritance but it does give a glimpse on how Seiran and Gabe s relationship is Seiran might be a commitment phobic and he runs fast and long every time he senses a sign of domesticity or couple s activities view spoiler in this story, Gabe is marking the day that they firs [...]

    2. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* on said:

      I read this one after I read Inheritance and Reclamation because I just couldn t get enough of Seiran and Gabe It was great reliving some of the things mentioned in both books and understanding what s caused some issues Definitely gave insight into their characters and how they ve ended up where they are now I feel closer to Seiran and Gabe as well as a bit closer to Kelly as well.

    3. Nina on said:

      You can definitely read Inheritance without reading the 3 prequel short stories first, but I wish I d read them first, especially since they re free and really short.This one does feel a little chunky and rushed, as if watching a movie in fast forward you don t get many details, but it gives a clear idea of the MCs and their life.No worries the next stories get better.A couple of things left me perplexed such as Sei running with a punctured lung The ending was adorable though, and very hopeful.G [...]

    4. Amanda on said:

      Yeah, Sei and of course Gabe I m really glad to see of their world.

    5. L-D on said:

      Actually a really good short Seiran Rou is a male witch in a matriarchal witch society He is tormented and shunned at the college he attends He has a casual relationship with Gabe, a vampire In only a very few short pages, Lissa Kasey made me want to read a lot about these characters Sei seems to have baggage than good sense, but Gabe is very patient and you can tell he loves Sei but doesn t want to scare him away I ll be reading the full length novel based on these shorts.

    6. Shelby on said:

      Love the little look in at Sei and Gabe It s interesting to see them before Sei accepted all that Gabe wanted from him Sei s head space at this time in his life is interesting to read It s not an easy time for him struggling with what he s capable of and the shunning he gets for being what he is.

    7. Rose on said:

      This was a short snippet of what s to come from this author later this year I loved it Can t wait

    8. Chris on said:

      3.5 stars Good short paranormal m m romance that introduces an unusual male witch and his sometimes vampire lover Set in the Twin Cities of Minnesota

    9. JustJen "Miss Conduct" on said:

      Very interesting beginning as we learn a little about Seiran and Gabe This one starts to set up the world of the Dominion and explains about its structure.

    10. Annie on said:

      This was one of a few short prequel s to a series I originally saw the first book on here and then found out about the prequel s and thought I should read them in order Seiran Rou is a male witch attending a female witch university because in this reality only females are supposed to be witches Because he is the only male with Seiran gets bullied a lot by his fellow classmates.When commitment phobic has an argument with his on and off again supposed to be only fuck buddy because that s what Seir [...]

    11. Greg on said:

      This is the first of three downloadable prequels to Lissa Kasey s Dominion series which is set in an alternative America governed by witches called the Dominion where not only witchcraft but also lycanthropy, shape shifting and vampirism are commonplace We are introduced to Seiran Rou, a 19 or 20 year old gay college student, the only male taking classes in magic, who leads a wary existence due to frequent on campus bullying and homophobia.Going out on a date with his older gay vampire friend, G [...]

    12. Ilona Haku on said:

      I liked the fact that I got to know a little bit about Gabe and Seiran, which was something that I missed in book 1 I must say that I enjoyed the beginning a lot, but then bame meeting of Gabe and SeiranI think Gabe has only good intentions, but I mind that they are not on the same page at all On one hand I understand Seiran s problems, but on the other hand I dont want to read about him over reacting almost every single time I wasnt up for interaction with Ryan, either But I enjoyed how Gabe t [...]

    13. Susana on said:

      Short and sweet, Friction introduces us to the main characters in the Dominion series, Seiran and Gabriel Gabe Seiran is a male witch in a world where witches are mainly women Gabe is a powerful vampire who has a somewhat casual relationship with Seiran, but seems interested in turning it into something profound When an informal date turns into the celebration of an anniversary, Seiran freaks out and runs from his lover s house, only to find himself attacked by a college mate When Gabe rescues [...]

    14. Julesmarie on said:

      Update June 2014Re reading these so I can continue with the series.What a fascinating concept Witches and vampires and shifters in a modern setting, where apparently you can choose witchcraft as a major at least at the university Sei attends.And I m enthralled with the relationship between Seiran and Gabe Having the two thousand year old vampire be the one pining for a commitment and marking anniversaries on the calendar is unique and so, so sweet.I maybe even love this world the 2nd time throu [...]

    15. Darcus Murray on said:

      This was another good one about Gabe and Seiran from Lissa Kasey After reading Decadence, I was really curious about the characters and wanted to learn about them.I m not positive, but I m pretty sure I read them out of order, if they re in an order Either way, I was extremely happy when I realized that Friction was about the same characters and their lives.This novella was great and I won t lie, I m a sucker for the romancin and the lovin I do, however, still wish it were a full length novel t [...]

    16. Becky Condit on said:

      3 1 2 stars I really enjoyed the three short stories that start the Dominion series Friction 0.1 , Decadence 0.2 , and Resolute 0.3 They whetted my appetite for the novellas to come in the series There were a number of typos but when it s a free story you can t be too picky Hopefully the published for pay works have been edited carefully I m eager to see how things turn out for Sei and Gabe.See my full review of all three short stories at mrsconditreadsbooks p 405

    17. DJ Holic on said:

      I absolutelly love Lissa for this story She had become my favorite writer and I want to read all her stories I couldn t believe that it is a writers who can be so amazing She sees the world in a different way, similar with mine She desirves to be named the best writer of the year , in my oppinion.

    18. Denise on said:

      A free story with witches, vampires and M M romance How could I have resisted This short story definitely got me interested in liked the characters, liked the writing and anyway I m a sucker for stories with all the ingredients mentioned above If I enjoy the other free stories as much as this one, I m fairly sure Inheritance will find its way on my shopping list

    19. Kati on said:

      Great I really do prefer stories with little to no sex And this one was really good The best I ve read from this author yet I really liked that Sei was no wilting flower here, that he knew how to pack a punch and defend himself.

    20. Matthew on said:

      Well ummm its not a horrible introduction to Gabe and Seiran.Very short Somewhat less intense than I expected Really focused on giving an introduction to the characters than anything And not much about the world.

    21. Heather C on said:

      Very interesting Looking forward to reading of Seiran and Gabe.

    22. Michelle on said:

      I may not read it again but I thoroughly enjoyed it.A side story about how Gabe and Seiran met.

    23. Meggie on said:

      I never took the time to read all free short stories in this series, now I m catching up The start into this series was well written and interesting.

    24. Kelly H. (Maybedog) on said:

      Update 7 14 reread and still loved it though still squicked by age difference

    25. Adara on said:

      Read this to see if I can figure out where I ve read the storyline for Inheritance before An okay precursor to Inheritance.

    26. Don Bradshaw on said:

      Some insight into Seiran s comittment phobia and early dorm life.

    27. Jade on said:

      I really enjoyed this, but it was way short I did however get enough of a positive impression out of this slightly abrupt intro that I will continue with this series Thanks Mandy

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