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John Grisham

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A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill By John Grisham A Time to Kill The multi million copy bestselling thriller that introduced Jake Brigance to Clanton This is the book that launched the giant Grisham that became the film and then inspired a sequel Syca Row When C

  • Title: A Time to Kill
  • Author: John Grisham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Time to Kill By John Grisham The multi million copy bestselling thriller that introduced Jake Brigance to Clanton This is the book that launched the giant Grisham, that became the film, and then inspired a sequel, Syca Row When Carl Lee Hailey guns down the hoodlums who have raped his ten year old daughter, the people of Clanton see it as a crime of blood and call for his acquittal But whThe multi million copy bestselling thriller that introduced Jake Brigance to Clanton.This is the book that launched the giant Grisham, that became the film, and then inspired a sequel, Syca Row.When Carl Lee Hailey guns down the hoodlums who have raped his ten year old daughter, the people of Clanton see it as a crime of blood and call for his acquittal.But when extremists outside Clanton hear that a black man has killed two white men, they invade the town, determined to destroy anything and anyone that opposes their sense of justice.Jake Brigance has been hired to defend Hailey It s the kind of case that can make or break a young lawyer But in the maelstrom of Clanton, it is also the kind of case that could get a young lawyer killed.
    A Time to Kill By John Grisham

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      341 John Grisham
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    One thought on “A Time to Kill

    1. Stephen on said:

      Considered Grisham s best novel by many readers far perspicacious than moi, this well written, emotionally charged thriller certainly delivers While it doesn t rank as my eye s own personal apple, I can certainly see why it is esteemed by fans of both the legal thriller and Grisham Despite being fast paced and a true page turner what I would call a popcorn read , there s a gravity and social conscience that pervades the story and adds a weight to the narrative There is depth here, than I expec [...]

    2. Councillor on said:

      A Time to Kill is a riveting story of retribution and justice so does the title imply Replace riveting by frustrating and you know what I felt while reading this doorstopper of a book.On than 500 pages, John Grisham delves deep into the schemes and entanglements of a trial in the Southern USA The premise was so interesting that it was impossible not to pick this book up A ten year old girl is raped by two drunken men, and her father takes the law into his own hands by killing the rapists of his [...]

    3. Brina on said:

      Read when it first came out I really ought to reread this prior to reading Syca Row I remember being captivated with the story of Jake Brigance but I details are sketchy at best at this time Seems like a summer reread is on the horizon.

    4. James Thane on said:

      I confess that when one of my book clubs made this our monthly selection, I approached it with than a little trepidation I knew that this was Grisham s first book and that when it was first published as a hardcover, he could hardly give it away Sales were so poor that there was initially no paperback release Only after the success of The Firm and other of Grisham s books was this one finally resurrected and released in paperback.Like most of Grisham s other readers, I jumped aboard the train wi [...]

    5. Andre Gonzalez on said:

      This book totally rocked my world I had asked for a legal thriller as a recommendation and I m glad to have this one suggested The racial tension in this story felt as real as it did in To Kill A Mockingbird I felt I was right there in Clanton, Mississippi trying to dodge the KKK and marching with everyone else This is my first Grisham novel, and I ll definitely be exploring

    6. Charlotte on said:

      Continuing with my reading of all Grisham titles This is the first I ve read of the southern trial novels Extensive use of the N word was disturbing but it s used for an accurate portrayal of the voice of white southerners of the period, not gratuitously Much disturbing was the scene of the violent attack on a little girl that s the basis of the story Again, not gratuitous This novel was based on a true story A thoughtful and thought provoking reminder of the cruelty and racial prejudice in our [...]

    7. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ on said:

      One of my least favorite Grisham s books, and that s saying something Actually I kind of liked The Pelican Brief and one or two of his others, but mostly they strike me as mediocre writing combined, often than not, with pulpit pounding and breast beating about some legal issue In this case the setting is a murder trial for a African American man who gunned down his 10 year old daughter s rapists, who are stereotypical Southern white trash racists who tried to murder this little girl and left he [...]

    8. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      Riveting, somber and powerful, A Time to Kill is a totally unforgettable legal thriller telling of secluded prejudice in a small Southern town, and one lawyer who wants to change the world.

    9. Shaun on said:

      A satisfying legal thriller.Grisham gives the reader much to ponder in this story of a black man who kills two men who raped and brutally beat his 10 year old daughter It s hard not to root for the father It also makes one wonder if the story would have worked as well had it been his wife or sister who had been raped instead probably not , which in and of itself is worth thinking about It certainly makes one wonder if and when murder is ever justifiable, and exactly how we draw those lines in th [...]

    10. Jenny on said:

      There are 104 pages of review on this book, and I read two pages worth and agreed with a dozen or so I always wondered why cheap thrillers like this book never get discussed in great literature classes and I think I can answer that question 1 Because there is no interpretation Books like this are no brainers Little thinking is required.That s really it Now for the book review First of all, Grisham needed like 1 or 2 pages to close out He rushed the ending Sure it was a great thriller It posed a [...]

    11. Bryce on said:

      My favorite Grisham, and I ve read almost all of them He states in his own words that sometimes he gets a bit verbose but I really liked it because of the depth that he goes into on the characters, which is mostly absent from his other stories.

    12. Paul Eckert on said:

      A young black girl is raped by two rednecks in Mississippi She survives and is able to identify the two men Before their trial begins, the girl s daddy shows up at the court and mows them down with an M16 Now the black dad is on trial for his life, and attorney Jake Brigantz the archetype of all Grisham lawyers to come in future novels young, cocky, inexperienced lawyer takes on an evil entity, in this case racism has taken on the case in order to keep the well meaning father off death row At th [...]

    13. A Girl Has No Name on said:

      4 stars Die Jury A Time To Kill in English was the first Grisham I have read I ve heard about him and his books a lot, but somehow I kept going back for other authors I already knew But I have to say that I enjoyed this one a lot I won t write anything about the plot itself most people know it anyways, either because there are tons of good summarizing reviews out there, or because they have read or seen the movie which isn t nearly as good as the book themselves So let me just say a little about [...]

    14. Cody | codysbookshelf on said:

      My first John Grisham novel was his latest release, The Whistler a capable, if not entirely thrilling, read Because I give every author two chances to wow me, I decided to take a stab at Grisham s debut, A Time to Kill Wow Wow wow wow Was I impressed Set in northeastern Mississippi an area I ve ridden through many times, and have a certain affection for , a young black girl is kidnapped and brutally raped by two white rednecks, both career criminals despite only being in their twenties The two a [...]

    15. Janie Johnson on said:

      I don t normally read books like this one, but a good friend recommended it so I decided to give it a shot Now I am glad that I did, it make me view court room dramas in a whole different light This is also a first time read for me with this author.SynopsisIn this searing courtroom drama, best selling author John Grisham probes the savage depths of racial violence he delivers a compelling tale of uncertain justice in a small southern townClanton, Mississippi The life of a ten year old girl is sh [...]

    16. Jennifer on said:

      I love this book it shows so starkly the fight against racism in the small town South You can t help but feel the justice in a man taking the law into his own hands because the law has failed him And because of that, it forces you to confront your own beliefs, your own morals you have to question the sanctity of the law and what you re willing to put your faith in It brings up the issues of right and wrong in a way that s almost horrifying in its use of grey area.And it s got one of my favorite [...]

    17. Jenny on said:

      I HATED this book why I finished all 500 pages I will never know I picked it up at the library just browsing for something light I liked Pelican Brief and thought I would read another John Grisham I think Mr Grisham is trying to protray Clanton, Mississippi as the main character and to do this employs a lot of stereotypes about the deep south, including extensive use of the n word, as well as describing others in the town as the whites the rednecks etc The main character, Jack Brigance is comple [...]

    18. Wilier on said:

      Este libro me ha mostrado una nueva forma de abordar el genero de novela negra Estaba acostumbrado a ver el t pico detective que se enfrenta a un caso imposible el cual con astucia y mucho talento lo puede resolver dej ndonos a toso asombrados al final de la historia No es este el caso En este libro John Grisham nos demuestra que no es necesario y nos muestra un thriller judicial con un caso bastante simple el cual es resuelto de forma bastante impresionante.D jenme que les hable un poco del arg [...]

    19. Corey on said:

      Wow What a powerful book, I can t believe I hadn t read it sooner I ve seen the movie a numerous amount of times because I m a big fan of both Matthew McConaughey and Samuel L Jackson My eyes were glued right to the pages from beginning to end, I just couldn t put it down I remember watching the movie for the first time when I was in my mid teens and I remember not liking it at that time because it was hard for me to understand the court and legal system, but as I got older I watched it again an [...]

    20. Matt on said:

      Before returning to Clanton Mississippi and Ford County, I took some time to refresh myself of my first journey here, to see where the Grisham journey had its humble roots While it is likely this novel is not the traditional must read before diving into SYCAMORE ROW, I chose to remember the powerful novel that Grisham admits barely made a blip on the radar until after THE FIRM pushed him to the top of all the reading lists This is a wonderful book that introduces readers to a Mississippi where d [...]

    21. Melanie on said:

      I ve actually never read a Grisham book before Don t everyone throw tomatoes at me at one Maybe the reason I haven t read one before was cause I was afraid I would be compelled to buy the rest of his books and I d rather save the money for purchasing my very own movie studio.

    22. Dennis on said:

      John Grisham is always a favorite go to for fast paced, engaging storytelling that pulls you through, chapter by chapter, page by page, clear up until you reach the end This was a great depiction of race tensions, and the good, bad and ugly of 1980s Southern life The author is well suited to portray the South both sympathetically while at the same time never shying away from its shameful aspects.Carl Lee Hailey s young daughter, who happens to be black, is brutally raped and left for dead by tw [...]

    23. Chris on said:

      A Time To Kill by John Grisham was an enthralling tale, it appealed to me because although the book as a whole, was written to sound very serious the way the humour was mixed into the story was perfect The triumphs and defeats all the way through Jakes court case were explained very clearly, so much so that I felt as though I was Jake, sitting stiff in front of the judge testing my witnesses and building my case The way the drama is presented is thrilling and at many points throughout my experie [...]

    24. David on said:

      I have always had mixed feelings about Grisham, but this is one of his best The inherent drama of a death penalty story, with a background in the crime of rape, makes this a natural for an audiobook, where the high drama can really be brought out.

    25. Kevin Walther on said:

      A Time to Kill By John GrishamReview by Kevin WaltherA Time to Kill is written by John Grisham It takes place in Clanton, Alabama in the spring and summer of one year in the 1970 s This is a time where racism is still very evident in southern states, and is a major issue in the book The story revolves around a trial in which a black man has killed the two white men who brutally raped his eleven year old daughter The man who kills the two men who rapped his daughter is Carl Lee Hailey he is a mar [...]

    26. Katherine 黄爱芬 on said:

      Bagaimana perasaan seorang ayah ketika putri kecilnya yg baru berusia 8 thn diculik, digantung, diperkosa bergantian, bahkan dicekik nyaris terbunuh, dan dibuang begitu saja Jelas kalau saya sbg Carl Lee Hailey, ayah gadis itu, saya juga akan menembak mati 2 terdakwa kriminal pemabuk, pecandu narkoba itu, memastikan bhw sampah tsb tdk akan meneror putrinya lagi.Nah, ini menjadi tugas Jake Brigance, pengacara di Ford County, utk membela Hailey, yg tidak punya uang dan membayar Jake dgn tarif supe [...]

    27. Jason P on said:

      Two nights ago I finished listening to this great piece of art The last Grisham novel I read listened to, The Innocent Man Murder and Injustice in a Small town was fantastic in ways that can only be described as an excellent documentary that was thought provoking and influential That book was one of Grisham s non fictions that he tackled later on in his career, where he tracked down a fantastic story of a man who was tried and convicted of a murder he did not do By the time I was done with it I [...]

    28. Salymar on said:

      With murder, the victim is gone, and not forced to deal with what happened to her The family must deal with it, but not the victim But rape is much worse The victim has a lifetime of coping, trying to understand, of asking questions, and the worst part, of knowing the rapist is still alive and may someday escape or be released Every hour of every day, the victim thinks of the rape and asks herself a thousand questions She relives it, step by step, minute by minute, and it hurts just as bad.Perha [...]

    29. Maya B on said:

      after watching the movie like a thousand times, I finally got around to reading this one very fast paced and one of my favorite books this year

    30. Debra on said:

      For my written review, please check out the link below Debra s Book CafeDebs

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