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Teresa Bateman Kelly Murphy

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Fiona's Luck

Fiona's Luck By Teresa Bateman Kelly Murphy Fiona s Luck All the luck in Ireland is locked away sealed with a spell by the greedy leprechaun king Fiona a woman of middling importance but uncommon wit sets out to bring luck back to Ireland by besting the

  • Title: Fiona's Luck
  • Author: Teresa Bateman Kelly Murphy
  • ISBN: 9781607340362
  • Page: 362
  • Format: ebook
  • Fiona's Luck By Teresa Bateman Kelly Murphy All the luck in Ireland is locked away, sealed with a spell by the greedy leprechaun king Fiona, a woman of middling importance but uncommon wit, sets out to bring luck back to Ireland by besting the Leprechaun King in a test of cleverness.
    Fiona's Luck By Teresa Bateman Kelly Murphy

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      362 Teresa Bateman Kelly Murphy
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    One thought on “Fiona's Luck

    1. Jessica on said:

      Charming story about how Ireland s luck is stolen by the leprechauns, and how an enterprising young girl named Fiona tricks their king into giving it back All the tropes of a classic fairy tale, done very well, and combined with wonderful art

    2. Kathryn on said:

      I thought this was a cute story, all the way around an adorable, endearing beginning luck hangs in the air and sticks to the wee folk of Ireland until the big folk come and so much clings to them the leprechaun king gets jealous and decides to hoard the luck in his box to the witty heroine trying to get luck back to her people gotta love a smart heroine and fun, spunky cute pictures throughout Nothing amazing here by any means, but it s a fun and engaging tale Thanks, Abigail, for bringing this [...]

    3. Cheryl on said:

      4.5 stars I really love how Fiona is even clever than I could have been, and how she, as the saying goes, makes her own luck by being so clever Gracefully written, long enough to feel substantial enough for older readers but not too long for pre K, charmingly and appropriately illustrated I will look for by both author and illustrator.

    4. Dolly on said:

      Our oldest watched this book on Tumblebooks at her school and she insisted that we watch it, too It s a fascinating story about a clever young woman who helps to bring back the luck to Ireland Her cunning way of defeating the leprechaun king at his own devious game is quite entertaining and the illustrations are wonderful We liked listening to the Irish brogue on the narrator much, much better than I could ve done and watching the pseudo animation of the illustrated pages on Tumblebooks.

    5. Sherry on said:

      Lovely book, this one Bateman s prose and Kelly Murphy s gorgeous paintings captured not only my my 6 year old s imagination, but my own Little details make this book stand out, like the illuminating glow of stars and the essence of luck, or the textured wall in the leprechaun king s throne room, where the Irish luck he d stolen was hidden in a chest The Irish love a battle of wits This enchanting tale revolves around the premise that no matter the verbal trickery of the leprechaun, he can t out [...]

    6. Lisa Vegan on said:

      I have way too many picture books at home to read, in addition to a few novels, so if I get to them at all I won t be writing reviews for all of them, or much of a review So, there will be quite a few star ratings only from me in the near future However, I liked this book a lot so I want to write a wee bit about it I loved the story of Fiona, a clever girl, who outsmarts a leprechaun king It s an engaging original folk fairy tale I enjoyed the illustrations too, especially those of Fiona s dog T [...]

    7. Jennifer on said:

      Categories Genres for this class fulfilled by this book TumbleBooks, Picture Book, Modern Fantasy Extraordinary Worlds Copyright Date 2007Estimate of age level of interest PreK 3rd GradeEstimate of reading level 3rd Grade Brief description The leprechauns have scooped up all the luck in Ireland, including luck that isn t theirs Can Fiona bring the luck back Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book This TumbleBook is an enhanced ebook [...]

    8. Baby Bookworm on said:

      This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews daily Hello friends, and Happy St Patrick s Day To celebrate, we picked a special book for today Fiona s Luck, written by Teresa Bateman and illustrated by Kelly Murphy, the tale of a brave and clever woman using her wits to restore the luck of the Irish.In the beginning, when only leprechauns and fair folk roamed Ireland, there was luck in the air, and it would settle upon the magical creatures like [...]

    9. Jackie on said:

      Fiona is one clever little lass Knowing that the king of the leprechauns stole all the luck and kept it under lock and key in a chest, she used her wits to trick him into opening it Thus, the luck would return to Ireland and the land would be full of potatoes, the cows would flow with milk, and the hens produced eggs aplenty Fiona s Luck is a simple, clever story of Leprechaun Luck filled with gorgeous illustrations to enhance the magical tale.

    10. Meg McGregor on said:

      I love a strong heroine and Fiona certainly is one She is courageous, witty, charming, and determined After all, she brings luck back to Ireland My only problem was with the illustrations I cannot draw a stick figure however, being Irish myself, I wanted the pictures to be higher quality Fiona can you send some of that luck my way

    11. Kary on said:

      I am definitely going to have to read this one aloud for St Patrick s Day.

    12. Lisa on said:

      Beautiful illustrations drew me in to this magical story of Fiona and finding luck Clever writing.

    13. Gail on said:

      A fun read for Shamrock day Fiona tricks the wee folk into thinking she has some luck when they collected all the luck around and wouldn t share causing the big folk to suffer When she is summoned to go before the leprechaun king, she makes a bargain and ends up winning in the end

    14. Beckyt on said:

      This was a fun read The illustrations are gorgeous, the story is interesting and fun and I did not guess the delicious ending This was a lucky find at the library.

    15. Cassidy Wells on said:

      I thought this was a cute book, especially to use around St.Patrick s Day because it tells a myth about Ireland I also liked the message of the importance of wits over luck Picture Book.

    16. Becky Savoie on said:

      Nice find at a local book sale Love the story line and the fact that Fiona uses her wits to solve her problem instead of luck like the title possibly suggests Fun story that touches on the Irish potato famine.

    17. Patricia (Patricia's Particularity) on said:

      While Fiona s Luck is reminiscent of many folktales it is overall about being clever, witty, and about using one s own brain Once upon a time, luck made by leprechauns was free for everyone in Ireland to use However, the leprechaun king ordered all the leprechauns to gather up all the luck that he felt the humans were using too much of Soon all the humans in Ireland are left without any luck potatoes no longer grow, milk is no longer produced, and everyone becomes unhappy Then a girl named Fiona [...]

    18. Kathryn Herbert on said:

      Fiona s Luck, written by Teresa Bateman, is an excellent read aloud that will be requested over and over for its luminous illustrations and added touches of magic and wonder This charming picture book lyrically tells the story of a land where luck is plentiful However, the country falls into despair when every last bit of luck is locked away with the seal of a spell by the greedy leprechaun king With the hens not laying eggs and the cows not giving milk, it is evident that something must be done [...]

    19. Hannah Fjeld on said:

      Categories Genres for this class fulfilled by this book Traditional literature, picture bookEstimate of age level of interest K 4Estimate of reading level AR 4.5, Lexile 810Brief description The leprechaun king has horded away all the luck from Ireland, but clever Fiona is going to get it back.Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book Values of a culture are often expressed in folklore Huck, p.112 In this story, Fiona s cleverness and [...]

    20. David on said:

      Fiona s Luck by Teresa Bateman, illustrated by Kelly Murphy is the tale of a clever woman who outsmarts a greedy leprechaun king to recover luck for the Irish.Murphy s illustrations are done in acrylic, watercolor and gel medium on coventry rag Gold, blue, emerald green, brown and gray predominate with light and darkness used at the approriate points in the story My favorite images include the cover, luck swept up, Fiona surrounded, Fiona in cavern, and her wish.This tale features rhythmic langu [...]

    21. Monica Jung on said:

      Bateman, Teresa Fiona s Luck Charlesbridge Massachusetts, 2007.Target Audience Grade 1 to Grade 3This is a very endearing story and a fabulous choice around St Patrick s day since real leprechauns will certainly be stirring and playing tricks on us The cover caught my eye with the main character, Fiona, standing tall with a wink in her eye I could tell she was going to be a clever girl The illustrations are fantastic There are bold colors and most pages are full of visuals I really liked how the [...]

    22. Danielle Wrasman on said:

      A fictional tale of a young Irish girl and how she logically tricks leprechauns into releasing luck back into the world, this story is one that would be accessible to younger readers about the theme of Ireland and the Irish Potato Famine In the story, the reason that the potato crops are failing is because the leprechaun king has stolen all the luck from the world In order to draw the attention of the leprechaun king, the girl, Fiona, makes it look like she is lucky when everyone else is not She [...]

    23. Karen on said:

      I remember when Fiona s Luck first came out One of my fellow librarians and I literally squealed with delight when we saw it We said, St Patrick s Day Reader s Theatre And that is exactly what we did Once a month, she and I did Reader s Theatre with library books at a local bookstore This was one of the featured books Fiona s Luck is a delightful story with a clever twist I didn t know how Fiona would resolve her problem until she actually resolved it Not many people can match wits with a Leprec [...]

    24. Pat (Get Kids to Read) Tierney on said:

      Fiona s Luck by Teresa Bateman and illustrated by Kelly Murphy is he perfect picture book telling of a folkish tale from Ireland the story capital of the world In Ireland Luck used to be everywhere until the big people arived and absorbed so much luck there wasn t enough for the leprechauns Jelous, they bottled up the luck With the luck bottled up and hidden in a chest the land fell on hard times Fiona was clever She felt she had luck by appreciating what she had Rumors that she had luck got the [...]

    25. Connie on said:

      Let me first start with the artwork in this book Chills, that s what it does Gives me a good case of the shivers, it s just that moving Gotta love the use of color, too compare brown, dark, drab luckless Ireland with green, growing, lucky Ireland The story is compelling, and has a few good vocabulary words in it, but not so much that you think the author was throwing them in for the heck of it.And the moral of the story, that we have to make our own luck, is well presented.I will note that I gna [...]

    26. Aubry on said:

      Bateman, Teresa 2007 Fiona s Luck United States Charlesbridge Publishing TumblebooksFiona lives in a land where luck is plentiful The leprechaun king decides one day that the humans are using too much of the luck He decides to gather all of the luck in the land to keep it safe so it doesn t run out This turns the land and the people desolate and desperate Fiona though, seems to still have fine luck Her cow still gives her milk, her chickens still give her eggs, and she has plenty of potatoes Or [...]

    27. Julie on said:

      I ve got to hand it to Bateman and Murphy I never thought I d come out of a book about the Irish potato famine feeling inspired But that s exactly what happened when I finished Fiona s Luck As soon as I closed the book, I flipped it over to smile at the plucky heroine on the cover Reading a bit like the Irish equivalent of Rudyard Kipling s Just So Stories, this book provides a fictional explanation for the devastating famine that gripped mid nineteenth century Ireland, while also offering a les [...]

    28. Jasmyn H on said:

      Bateman, T Murphy, K 2007 Fiona s Luck Watertown, MA Charlesbridge Library of Virginia Tumblebook When the leprechaun king gathers all the luck in Ireland, the country suffers There are no crops to harvest and the animals won t provide food either But a young girl named Fiona comes up with a witty plan to get the leprechaun king to return the luck to the people I thought the illustrations of this book were entertaining and I really enjoyed the narration on the Library of Virginia website.I reall [...]

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