The White House Cook Book 1887 Edition

Fanny Lemira Gillette Hugo Ziemann

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The White House Cook Book 1887 Edition

The White House Cook Book 1887 Edition By Fanny Lemira Gillette Hugo Ziemann The White House Cook Book Edition Cooking Toilet and Household Recipes Menus Dinner Giving and Table Etiquette Care of the Sick Health Suggestions Facts Worth Knowing etc all from

  • Title: The White House Cook Book 1887 Edition
  • Author: Fanny Lemira Gillette Hugo Ziemann
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The White House Cook Book 1887 Edition By Fanny Lemira Gillette Hugo Ziemann Cooking, Toilet and Household Recipes, Menus, Dinner Giving and Table Etiquette, Care of the Sick, Health Suggestions, Facts Worth Knowing etc all from 1887.
    The White House Cook Book 1887 Edition By Fanny Lemira Gillette Hugo Ziemann

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      Fanny Lemira Gillette Hugo Ziemann

    One thought on “The White House Cook Book 1887 Edition

    1. Willow on said:

      I thought this book was fascinating a sort of glimpse into the past I would be somewhat hesitant though to try some of recipes with it s wonky measurements For instance what s the difference between a coffee cup and a teacup The eggnog recipe was a hoot with enough booze in it to light a fire DEdit I just saw the measurement index in the back One coffee cup is 8 oz I still think the measurements and heating times are wonky lol

    2. Karen Charbonneau on said:

      This is a wonderful read, especially the recipe for squirrel soup You must strain the soup before eating in order to avoid the troublesome little bones The desserts are wonderful My husband even made a brandy soaked apple cake, attempting to follow the recipe The measurements a wine glass full can be challenging How big a wine glass Red or white The full adventure is on our blog, Letters from Shenanigan Valley You can read this cookbook free by downloading it from Googlebooks

    3. Michael on said:

      Has a little bit of everything from soap making to place the flat ware

    4. Susan Molloy on said:

      Interesting, and some useful, recipes and household hints from the late 1880s I enjoyed reading this.

    5. Jill on said:

      My copy is actually from 1903 based on the full title here, I m assuming it s the same complete household management book It includes priceless medical information including the tip that wrapping one s chest in a muskrat skin is a guaranteed cure for asthma along with a remarkable breadth of recipes, cleaning products, etiquette rules, home safety tips and historical tidbits about what life was like in and around the White House when it was first published The recipes are tough to use this is be [...]

    6. Susan Tydings on said:

      I absolutely loved this book As I pursued through the pages, familiar with the food and dishes as I am, I was amazed at the finished dishes provided with the limited ingredients available at the time I so loved reading sections on the use of offal, the odds and ends and bits and pieces, taken from tail to snout I frequently use the book for reference, and actually enjoyed this read as one of the top 10 books I read in the past year Happy, happy, happy, I was referencing the pages for creative us [...]

    7. Carrie Johnson on said:

      I love the old world look at the culinary arts A time when the kitchen was the heart of the house and the life blood of the family Beyond classic recipes of the Americana, this book also contains lost health remedies, etiquette and menus for heads of state It is a look into the past that reminds us not just of how far we have come, but of how young our nation is.

    8. Cheri on said:

      Great ReferenceI was super excited to come across this It has a wealth of information in it It covers fine dining, household recipes, cleaning recipes, carving eats, seasonal meats, and much Although it s for 1887, I feel that some of this can apply today.

    9. Laeona Frank on said:

      I love this Now you can eat like the President And it very cool

    10. Susan Molloy on said:

      Interesting, and some useful, recipes and household hints from the late 1880s I enjoyed reading this.

    11. Cyndi Beane-Henry on said:

      As most readers of my reviews know, I am an avid cookbook collector Therefore, when I received some money for a Christmas gift this past Christmas, I ordered this beautiful book.Hardback, it covers 46 different areas of cooking and etiquette for the time period Beautifully written, one must be aware before purchasing that this is written just as it was in 1887.So what does that mean for the modern cook Well, it means, no temperatures are given other than a hot oven, a medium oven, etc Measuremen [...]

    12. Beth on said:

      I used to bring hubby t shirts, but often they didn t fit right he s too msucled for a L, but an XL swims on him Then I started collecting shot glasses from my dstinations, but we are running out room He really doesn t need want chotchkies So, I ve started bringing him home cookbooks as souvenirs.I got the White House Cookbook on one of my last trips to DC, and have paged through it once or twice This weekend we moved all the cookbooks to a new bookcase that is upstairs, near the kitchen, instea [...]

    13. Laura on said:

      I m biased when it comes to this book My mother has this book that has been passed down from her mother s grandmother You can read the book on project gutenberg gutenberg ebooks 13923 It has recipes and the basics for keeping the perfect 1887 household, including how to dye silks, kill moths in armchairs, cure freckles, and host a formal dinner party for the aristocracy Here s the best ginger cake in the universe,dense and moist and wonderful If you doubt the cookbook try this and you ll be a be [...]

    14. Kris Larson on said:

      I love the chapters on manners in this And it is quite entertaining to watch the modern White House desperately attempt to distance themselves from the artery clogging tastiness of 1894 recipes by including new, low fat versions Without a heavy sauce of eggs and cream, the natural goodness of asparagus shines through Like a modern day reader will be unable to differentiate Grover Cleveland s asparagus preferences from the Clinton administration s policy on obesity But anyway, the old stuff is de [...]

    15. Patrick on said:

      Recipes from another age.Because it s fun to find recipes where the ingredients are tossing into a cauldron Also, before reading this book, it never occurred to me that people used to make homemade ketchup and mustard.

    16. Edmund Davis-Quinn on said:

      I registered a book at BookCrossing BookCrossing journal 11023360Looks like a very wacky and interesting time capsule of a book.

    17. Adrienne on said:

      What an interesting book We have lost some of our manners, like no elbows on the table Some of the recipes sound wonderful, and the old pictures are interesting as well I would not want to be sick, though, during that time Some of the cures seem worse than the illness

    18. Fredrick Danysh on said:

      A collection of recipes from the White House There are also ewcipes for non food items used at the White House as well as a section on table etiquette.

    19. Fredrick Danysh on said:

      The American presidents have had various tastes in food and there has been a succession of cooks chefs at the Whitehouse This is a collection of recipes for food that has been served there.

    20. Hadley on said:

      Fun to read old recipes for home remedys and things using old fashioned ingredients spemacetti Also great personal history of some of the Presidents and their families.

    21. Robyn on said:

      I got this back in 1998 Clinton Administration as a souvenir while visiting Washington, DC I liked reading the history in it, but I m not sure if I ve tried any recipes yet

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