The Kings of Clonmel

John Flanagan

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The Kings of Clonmel

The Kings of Clonmel By John Flanagan The Kings of Clonmel THE OUTSIDERS In the neighboring kingdom of Clonmel a mysterious cult The Outsiders has sprung up promising defense against lawless marauders in exchange for people s riches Their sermons attract

  • Title: The Kings of Clonmel
  • Author: John Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9780142418574
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Kings of Clonmel By John Flanagan THE OUTSIDERS In the neighboring kingdom of Clonmel, a mysterious cult, The Outsiders, has sprung up, promising defense against lawless marauders in exchange for people s riches Their sermons attract audiences from miles arounf, but there s a dark side to this seemingly charitable group, prompting Halt, Will, and Horace to investigate But what the trio uncovers could thrTHE OUTSIDERS In the neighboring kingdom of Clonmel, a mysterious cult, The Outsiders, has sprung up, promising defense against lawless marauders in exchange for people s riches Their sermons attract audiences from miles arounf, but there s a dark side to this seemingly charitable group, prompting Halt, Will, and Horace to investigate But what the trio uncovers could threaten the safety not only of Clonmel, but their homeland of Araluen as well.
    The Kings of Clonmel By John Flanagan

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      John Flanagan

    One thought on “The Kings of Clonmel

    1. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      The Kings of Clonmel Ranger s Apprentice, 8 , John Flanagan 1394 416 9786003531437 21 46 .

    2. Jason Koivu on said:

      Not really sure what s going on here I feel like I walked in on a business meeting halfway through I ve missed some important info and the CEO isn t about to stop his speech to fill me in That s okay Quite understandable But there s no sense in me wasting my time finishing this thing out if I m going to remain at sea the rest of the time I m out The Kings of Clonmel seems to be about rangers and bandits and religion and storming castlesI think I don t know.Not realizing it was the eighth book in [...]

    3. Allison on said:

      Somehow I d lost momentum on this series once Will became a full Ranger, and had pretty much decided not to continue Then on a whim after taking a break for a few years, I decided to give it one chance, and was rewarded with an adventurous tale full of quiet humor and deeds of both intelligence and valor I don t know if it was me or the last couple of books before this one, but I now remember what I found endearing about this series in the first place Will and Halt are back as a team, and Horac [...]

    4. Chichipio on said:

      Actually, it s of a 2.5 rating.For the longest time, it felt like nothing was happening I m tiring of the formulaic I m the best at everything except when it really matters In the first few books, the plot was fueled by external actions to which our band of merry men reacted It didn t matter how swift or appropriate their reactions were, things would still get incredibly dangerous Now, instead, the plot is often fueled by the main characters mistakes or chancy failures at the worst time possibl [...]

    5. Eric Bingham on said:

      Everytime I read books from this series I come away thinking the same 4 things 1 John Flanagan is really not that great of a writer2 The story line is very predictable with no surprises or unforseen twists3 I have a hard time believing that a character like a ranger in this book could be so smart one moment and then so dumb the next The same thing applies to their abilities Sometimes they seem like superheroes who could take on a whole army by themselves, and other times they seem like they stru [...]

    6. Connor on said:

      That was such a good start to the next arc in the overall series Definitely loved learning about Halt s background I think the ending was a bit rushed, but I m pretty pumped to continue the series again now.

    7. rachel • typed truths on said:

      The Kings of Clonmel wasn t my favourite book of the series, but I still, obviously, really enjoyed it It certainly had me engaged, but I ll admit that the second half lacked the urgency and addictive quality the first half had The first half just threw mind blowing plot twists at me again and again, and I was a little overwhelmed in a good way with all the new information, especially about Halt s history.I also really loved seeing of Halt and Horace together They have such an adorable and hila [...]

    8. colleen the convivial curmudgeon on said:

      I m generally pretty stingy with 5 stars and, if I m prefectly honest, it s probably of a 4.5 stars but, ya know what, eff it Reading this book just made me happy.It picks up after Will s been a Ranger for a few years, and he s actually helping some wide eyed apprentices at the Gathering, while Halt is off investigating rumors of a cult The first 100 pages or so sets up the general story line and brings our characters all together and I had a huge grin on my face for most of the time because of [...]

    9. Michelle on said:

      This was a better outing than the last one for this series, but still not as enjoyable as the earlier work Halt, Will and Horace are called into the neighboring kingdom of Clonmel to help discredit a cult that has been working to quietly seize power There are lots of ranger antics from Halt and Will, and feats of strength from Horace The plot was fairly generic but it showed the characters well Unfortunately it felt like a forgone conclusion that the characters would win out, by feats even fant [...]

    10. Kathleen on said:

      I always enjoy the exploits of Will and Horace, and it was good to learn about Halt s mysterious background However, the plot was very predictable Alternate history adventure Discredit a vicious religious cult before they take control of Hibernia Watch out for those nasty foreign assassins, Genovesans from Toscana.

    11. Jay on said:

      The Kings of Clonmel, the book in which Will expresses his love for Halt s hair.

    12. Rebecca (whenallotherlightsgoout) on said:

      I think this is one of my favorite Ranger s books I ve read so far

    13. abby on said:

      Oh, dear The Kings of Clonmel has presented me with a dilemma do I like this book better, or my old favorite, The Siege of Macindaw This book was so exciting and well written, I literally could not put it down and I ended up finishing it in less than a day The plot is a little complicated than the earlier books, which for me made it only enjoyable Halt, Will and Horace work to discredit a cult that is stealing valuables from small villages in neighboring Hibernia under the pretense of protecti [...]

    14. Greyson Harness on said:

      Note This review does contain some small spoilers, nothing you won t learn within 200 pages.So far, this is a great book It explores a little bit of Halt s past, something that I have always wanted to know, and revisits some old places and people you haven t seen the first two books It also tells you for the first time about the Ranger Gathering, a quite humorous event, and about the Ranger initiation ceremony So far, there is no book better in the series.

    15. Lexie on said:

      6 10 This book was probably my least favourite out of the series It was still written well and the characters were still good but it was a little slow paced and the plot just wasn t engaging enough Not as good as a lot of the others in the series, but still good.

    16. Cordelianne on said:

      This book was a bit boring and slow I enjoy the books , when the books is about characters than just the three old friends Furhter I missed a strong female character in this one like Evanlyn or Alyss

    17. Mary on said:

      I liked this book, but not quite as much as some others in the series.

    18. Luann on said:

      At one point in this book, Will thinks to himself It was good to be back on the road, heading for another adventure It was even better to be doing so in the company of his two closest friends I wholeheartedly agree It was great to be back in this world with these characters going on another adventure This has been one of my favorite series in the past couple of years, and this book is right up there with my favorites in the series I love Halt, so I m on board with any story that features him in [...]

    19. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      I have over an extended period of time read several of these books and I find them on the whole anyway excellent I think that older readers read adult may well enjoy these as well as YA readers I know I have.I gifted the first 3 of these to my pastor s family as I know his daughter loves to read, he loves to read, his wife loves to read and I assume that their young son will be infected with this wonderful and enjoyable trait Some will say these are a boy s read or a male read but I think you f [...]

    20. Tricia Mingerink on said:

      This one and book 9 are two of my favorites of the series The cult aspect of the book might make some people uncomfortable because it plays with truth, but it doesn t bother me because it clearly shows it is a cult and that s how cults work Distorting truth for their own ends Things I love about this book Halt, Horace, and Will all traveling and working together These books are best when that happens The major plot twists Like Horace, everyone assumes Halt s claim in the Icebound Land not going [...]

    21. Sylvia McIvers on said:

      I picked this up because my nephew left it on table I had started to read one Ranger s Apprentice before, and couldn t finish it I read about 1 4, and the adventure was pretty boring, the characters were flat, and the love interest was cardboard Best scene when young Will s adventure in previous books had been turned into a training exercise for his own apprentices, and he had to explain to them that they couldn t use his solution because they didn t have those resources available LOL the proble [...]

    22. DemetraP on said:

      Another great book in this series I loved finding out about Halt s background.

    23. Johanna on said:

      I m realizing, I ve grown increasingly disappointed with this series Granted, this book was a lot better in terms of being problematic in its depiction of really existing people but still I feel like the author is by now milking a dead cow Nothing really changes I basically skim read through the fight scenes because there is no tension left Nobody really thinks Halt, Will, or Wallace will get seriously hurt let alone killed Nothing really bad or permanent ever happens to any of the main characte [...]

    24. Lucas N on said:

      Ranger s Apprentice The Kings of Clonmel Review This book review is written for Mrs Orona 2b English IV class The book s title is Ranger s Apprentice book 8 The Kings of Clonmel, Written by John Flanagan The book is 355 pages long and is published by Puffin Books I read this book because I have read all of the books before this one in the series and I very much enjoy the author John Flanagan is one of my favorite authors because of how well he is at describing a person or a location, He really p [...]

    25. Rael on said:

      The theme of this book is never give up The characters never gave up while chasing the enemy The enemy outsmarted them so many times but they kept going That is why i say this books theme is never give up.

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