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Julie Garwood Cristina Genovese

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La confessione

La confessione By Julie Garwood Cristina Genovese La confessione Nella penombra del confessionale il reverendo Tom Madden accoglie il segreto di un omicida Descrive i suoi piani nei minimi dettagli fino a svelare anche il nome della prossima vittima Tom viene ris

  • Title: La confessione
  • Author: Julie Garwood Cristina Genovese
  • ISBN: 9788865081020
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • La confessione By Julie Garwood Cristina Genovese Nella penombra del confessionale, il reverendo Tom Madden accoglie il segreto di un omicida Descrive i suoi piani nei minimi dettagli, fino a svelare anche il nome della prossima vittima Tom viene risucchiato in un vortice di follia l obiettivo del serial killer infatti sua sorella Laurant L agente dell FBI Nick Buchanan sta per partire per le vacanze quando riceve lNella penombra del confessionale, il reverendo Tom Madden accoglie il segreto di un omicida Descrive i suoi piani nei minimi dettagli, fino a svelare anche il nome della prossima vittima Tom viene risucchiato in un vortice di follia l obiettivo del serial killer infatti sua sorella Laurant L agente dell FBI Nick Buchanan sta per partire per le vacanze quando riceve la chiamata dell amico Tom L uomo si precipita, senza esitare Tuttavia la ragazza non disposta a cambiare il suo stile di vita, n a cedere agli umori di uno psicopatico Ma, messa alle strette, accetta suo malgrado la protezione di Nick La vicinanza obbligata porta i due a scoprire una passione che riesce a valicare l ostacolo del terrore, mentre il pericolo si fa sempre pi tangibile e pressante Riuscir Nick a salvare il suo nuovo a e a scoprire l assassino In questo perfetto thriller psicologico Julie Garwood si inoltra negli abissi pi insondabili della mente umana, trascinandoci in una dimensione in cui l orrore e la sensualit si fondono e accelerano i battiti del cuore delle sue lettrici.
    La confessione By Julie Garwood Cristina Genovese

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      450 Julie Garwood Cristina Genovese
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    One thought on “La confessione

    1. Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession on said:

      2.5 StarsI love Julie Garwood, but I have only ever read her HR books This book just didn t do it for me It wasn t bad but it was just okay The 2 main problems I had with this book was Problem 1 There was detail overload There was just so many details about everything It really slowed the story down and made the plot drag I got bored from the start I kept asking my husband why do I need to know the color and make of a counter top Why do I need to have a whole chapter for a secondary character ta [...]

    2. Lady Vigilante (Feifei) on said:

      3.5 4 stars This poor book I actually started it a week ago and had to pause twice and temporarily ditch it to get to other books, but the funny thing about it all is that I actually enjoyed this story than the other ones I was desperate to get to Ha But that doesn t surprise me much because every book I ve read from Julie Garwood both historical and contemporary I ve either liked or loved, and this book was no exception I ve read a couple of books in this series already, and compared to them t [...]

    3. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) on said:

      I am very late to be reading one of Julie Garwood s romantic suspense, especially since I consider her one of my favorite authors, and I love her historicals Honestly, I had my pout on because she doesn t write historicals any, and I just never got around to reading the contemporaries, although I planned to do so at some juncture I am glad I finally got that nudge from the Julie Garwood group on , because what most of what I love about her historical book is here in Heartbreaker The main differe [...]

    4. Mo on said:

      Mmmm It was OK but didn t make the four or five star mark for me I was on holidays and dipping in now and again to the book Maybe if I had read it in one or two sittings it would have worked better It felt a bit dated and old fashioned at times Sometimes that works for me but not really this time.Sorry for the short review, but I finished this a while back

    5. Lisa Kay on said:

      Montgomery Clift in Alfred Hitchcock s 1953 I Confess This is a review of the audiobook I ve heard Tanya Eby read before and thought she delivered nice performances however, I wasn t thrilled over her narration in this one Especially her supposed subtle French accent for Laurant Madden, the heroine who grew up in a French convent It did NOT sound remotely French to me Ms Eby s diction is good, as is her pacing Her differentiation of characters wasn t terrible, but I ve heard her do better Nick a [...]

    6. Mei on said:

      Well, it was interesting, but it didn t made me rave.The romantic part of the story between Nick and Laurant was lukewarm and didn t made me feel the fizz It developed toward the end with one sex scene and soon after the usual I m bad for her, so I ll leave trope I didn t feel the love sorryThe most interesting part was the suspense part And I m glad, because this is mainly a suspense crime novel.Some tedious parts that could have been avioded, but that I didn t hate.So, summing all up it s a so [...]

    7. Shannon C. on said:

      2.5 starsI had a hard time getting into this book While I usually like mystery suspense books, this one felt too formulatic and predictable girl is target of crazy killer, agent acts as bodyguard, girl and agent hook up I found Laurant, the lead gal, to be an insipid pollyanna of a character I didn t connect with her and found her annoying Nick, the agent bodyguard, was a bit believable I didn t buy into their romantic relationship It wasn t developed enough and then, boom, she supposedly love [...]

    8. Tammy on said:

      In this Julie Garwood thriller, a psychopath a k a the Heartbreaker confesses to the brutal murder of a young woman to a priest Then he makes his intentions known to kidnap, torture and murder the priest s sister, Laurent, next The priest contacts his best friend, local FBI super agent, Nick, and a full blown whodunit takes place as Nick fights to protect Laurent.It is fair to say that the first chapter of this book scared the unholy crap out of me I suspect this was because I listened to the au [...]

    9. Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥ on said:

      4.5 Stars Another series author on my must read list

    10. Pamela(AllHoney) on said:

      The first book in Julie Garwood s Buchanan series and, really, all I can say is WOW When compared to her historical romances, I would probably only give this 4 stars but compare to other romantic suspense, I think it holds up quite well Well enough to deserve 5 stars from me Father Thomas Madden waits in the confessional and a man comes in He proceeds to tell the Father some pretty disturbing stuff How he has killed and will kill again In fact he has his next victim picked out The Father s siste [...]

    11. Chitra *CJ* on said:

      Heartbreaker is the story of Laurent and Nick.When Laurent and her brother Tommy are targeted by a killer who calls himself The Heartbreaker , Tommy s best friend, the FBI agent Nick steps in to help.The book is the story of them racing against time to catch the killer, while living in Holy Oaks, the small town where everyone knows each other, discovering each other and rooting out the miscreants.Both the lead characters were average, their love story played a very minor role but their occasiona [...]

    12. Sarah on said:

      Some spoilers, but no names are revealed.I m reading this for the Romance involving Murder category of the Unapologetic Romance Readers Halloween Challenge22 10 This was such a disappointment Maybe if I hadn t loved Mercy so much this wouldn t have paled in comparison so badly, but Mercy has been one of my favourite classic romances I call it classic not because of when it was written, but because it was one of the first contemporary romances I ever read, all Mum s previous books were medieval, [...]

    13. Kirsten on said:

      Picked this up after reading Fast Track, I have to say in one sense it s not as good Nick just isn t as hot as Aiden But, in one sense, it s much better The mystery suspense element is excellent Considering this is Garwood s first foray into the contemporary romantic suspense that is excellent I was a little disappointed in myself for not picking up on some plot points, though.

    14. jenjn79 on said:

      A true blue romantic suspense Some romantic suspense books are romances with suspenseful storylines, but this is one of those books that is a pure suspense books with a solid romance behind it And overall it was a pretty good read I enjoyed it.Good plotwell planned, enough twists, plenty of suspicion cast about Good characterskeable, interesting, fairly well developed And a decent romancet great, but substantial enough.If you like solid romantic suspenses, then give this one a try.

    15. Carla Geraldes on said:

      Apesar de j conhecer esta autora e j ter lido alguns livros dela, nunca os li por ordem Agora, ao saber o inicio desta s rie ainda gostei mais do que li.Prende nos da primeira ltima p gina.Senti por vezes que j sabia ao certo quem seria ao assassino, mas acabei por chegar ao fim com uma surpresa.Se gostam de policiais e n o conhecem a autora, n o podem deixar de ler.

    16. Janja on said:

      This book is something quite different from previous history romances and i loved it Something fresh with captivating story and characters you must love.

    17. Gina on said:

      Heart Pounding beginning and great ending, but drags in the middle.In the sweltering heat, Father Tom is in the confessional, doing his duty But today will be a different sort of day, for a murderer will enter the confessional and ask for absolution for a sin he is going to commit But what scares him the most this murderer plans on killing his sister, Laurant.When Laurant doesn t hear from her brother, she becomes concerned, scared even, and heads to Kansas to see him, fearing that his latest te [...]

    18. Chumchum_88 on said:

      Oh boy sigh Julie Garwood is the first writer that introduced me to romance books through The Bride and since then she was my top favorite author EVER, not one of the favorites but THE favorite I ve been biased to her Historical novels and refused to read her contemporary work since it was thriller like, but oh boy what have I been missing BTW this is going to be my first review to one of her books, even though I read all her historical works and some even have memorized by heart, but I have rea [...]

    19. Jewel on said:

      My first Contemporary Romantic Thriller from JG, I enjoyed it, but because I really LOVE her historicals I think that affected my experience and my rating.The thriller part was very interesting and smartly written, the pieces of the puzzle all fit in the end, I had my suspicion from the beginning, but I was never sure until the end.The romance fell short, it wasn t the kind that you feel and cheer up for them, not like her other books, but again I think that comparing the two genres has affected [...]

    20. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* on said:

      I really enjoyed this book I will definately give Julie Garwood another try.

    21. Aly is so frigging bored on said:

      Very disappointed in this I was expecting so much from ms Garwood.

    22. Lindsay on said:

      This was not my favorite book of the series It was still good but I liked some of the other books better.

    23. Amanda on said:

      I have never really been a big fan of Suspense, then I found Romantic Suspense, and then I found Julie Garwood I first found her when I read Sizzle I know out of order, and it killed me when I found out because I hate reading out of order I fell in love with her style almost instantly, so I knew I was going to love this book Nick Buchanan is the best of the best, but even the best of best needs a mental break from a job like his He felt like there was no place in his life for love or a family an [...]

    24. Jasmine on said:

      Wow This novel is really something I was actually planning to read this for a little while, instead I got so hooked up in the story that I ve forgotten all those important things that I should have been prioritizing For I ve spent most of my time reading this novel and finishing it to the very end earlier than I thought Yes, that s how truly addictive this novel really is I don t know why but romantic suspense novel truly intrigues me The main characters the beautiful Laurant and the handsome FB [...]

    25. Rebecca Minto on said:

      I know a number of traditional Garwood fans objected once she started on her contemporary series, but I loved this book Let me correct that I LOVED this story The the humor was a bit subtle than with her historicals, but the characters were well developed and there were moments of humor, if not outright hilarity I could see personality traits in some of the characters we were led to believe that were descendants from well loved historical characters I loved Laurent and Nick from the first time [...]

    26. Laura V. on said:

      Se lee bastante bien La autora no tiene reparos en prestar atenci n al m s m nimo detalle de la trama, por lo que a veces los POV de otras personas pueden resultar densos.Noah es adorable, 3 Ya quiero leerlo.La historia est bien, hace m s hincapi a la trama principal que al romance, pero los personajes son bastantes simp ticos y te hacen la historia llevadera El romance a m me pareci bastante apresurado a pesar de la cantidad de p ginas que tiene y un poco incre ble Pero el final fue muy lindo, [...]

    27. Lisarenee on said:

      Different from the other books by Garwood I have read I m thinking something must have happened in the book world to cause so many author s of romance novels to go dramatic McNaught, Iris Johansen, and now Garwood The only thing I wish had not been in the book was the killer s point of view A little too sinister for what I was hoping to read Good book, however Will probably read from this series.

    28. Carol on said:

      A real page turner Well developed characters, good plot, some romance and humor, and I didn t know who the read bad guy was until the end What else can you ask from a romantic mystery thriller I ve read some of the author s romance novels and enjoyed them, and she handled this genre just as well I will look for other thrillers by Garwood.

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