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Airport By Arthur Hailey Airport As a raging blizzard wreaks havoc at Lincoln International Airport outside Chicago airport and airline personnel try to cope with this unstoppable force of nature that is endangering thousands of liv

  • Title: Airport
  • Author: Arthur Hailey
  • ISBN: 9780425176085
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Airport By Arthur Hailey As a raging blizzard wreaks havoc at Lincoln International Airport outside Chicago, airport and airline personnel try to cope with this unstoppable force of nature that is endangering thousands of lives And in the air, a lone plane struggles to reach its destination Over the course of seven pulse pounding hours, a tense human drama plays out as a brilliant airport manageAs a raging blizzard wreaks havoc at Lincoln International Airport outside Chicago, airport and airline personnel try to cope with this unstoppable force of nature that is endangering thousands of lives And in the air, a lone plane struggles to reach its destination Over the course of seven pulse pounding hours, a tense human drama plays out as a brilliant airport manager, an arrogant pilot, a tough maintenance man, and a beautiful stewardess strive to avert disaster.Featuring a diverse cast of vibrant characters, Airport is both a realistic depiction of the airline industry and a novel of nail biting suspense.
    Airport By Arthur Hailey

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      335 Arthur Hailey
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    One thought on “Airport

    1. Arah-Lynda on said:

      No man is an island, entire of itself every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main John DonneNo airport was an island either.This book was first published in 1968 Clearly much has changed in aviation management in the last 49 years and readers must take this into account For me, knowing as little as I do about airport management or piloting a commercial aircraft, what stood out the most was the changes in security protocol It is no longer possible for people who are not ticketed pas [...]

    2. Tea Jovanović on said:

      Sjajan komercijalni autor ranga eldona i sli nih, a sada potpuno zaboravljen Samo ga se jo bibliotekari se aju i poneki italac koji nabasa negde na neku njegovu knjigu A nekada se ekali u redu po bibliotekama da se do e do njegovih knjiga teta

    3. Marc Leroux on said:

      Sometimes it s good to come back to old friends.It s been several decades since I read this last So much has changed in the aviation business that I m not sure younger readers would be able to relate to a lot of the details in the story I m old enough that I remember being able to go to the gate to see off a family member, or meet someone as they come off of a flight And when there were empty seats on flights This is a great book Once I started, it was hard to put down Particularly towards the e [...]

    4. Checkman on said:

      A thick novel at 500 pages The entire novel covers approximately five hours that s it A large international airport outside of Chicago modeled after Chicago O Hare is in it s third day of operating during a massive winter storm There are numerous crisis to deal with as we follow multiple characters through the novel Released on 1968 I know that some of Hailey s predictions about commercial aviation have not come true, others have and then there are events that were probably outside of Mr Hailey [...]

    5. Hajar on said:

      one of the most wonderful books I ve ever read you can t put it down when you start reading

    6. Joaquin Garza on said:

      Aeropuerto es una novela de aeropuerto duh Pero a veces olvidamos que uno de los principales impulsores de este tipo de literatura fue Arthur Hailey El libro m s vendido de 1968 es un thriller de altos vuelos que describe el drama de la operaci n de un aeropuerto y de las amenazas ahora francamente risibles de la industria aeroportuaria en medio de la guerra fr a Un divertido ejercicio retrospectivo y un drama de periodo sobre muchas cosas que ya no lo son.Los personajes son los mismos de siempr [...]

    7. Stacy on said:

      Day to day routine got me and let the precise impression to fade Still some moments, maybe only general, are going to appear here.Almost 500 pages there could be a different use for them Some author would describe than one generation, some would use it to live a life of a specific character, some would show a reader different worlds or different times a lot of possibilities Arthur Hailey decided to use them just for one evening, not even a day Just a little bit than ordinary evening, still not [...]

    8. Wsm on said:

      Air travel was so different when this book was written.There was none of the suffocating security encountered these days but terrorism was still a concern.Hailey deftly weaves together several sub plots about people working in aviation,airline captains and air hostesses,air traffic controllers,a stowaway and a terrorist.There is also an airport manager who is in the thick of all the action.It all comes together in a compelling climax.The movie adaptation,starring Burt Lancaster is also very good [...]

    9. Mark W. Cole on said:

      This book was so silly The Genral Manager of the airport has a brother in law who is a seniorpilot and a brother who is an Air Traffic Controller there I m surprised that his 14 year olddaughter isn t a stewardess Of course he s going through a divorce because he s having anaffair The only redeeming value about this book was it s descriptions of the inner workingson a large airport ca 1968.

    10. Michelle on said:

      AirportArthur HaileyFiction498 pagesThis was a long book to get through I did not think I would ever finish this book I almost gave up on this one.

    11. Hitessh Panchal on said:

      My Second Book By Arthur Hailey after The Money Changers and I am not Disappointed at all The book that starts with operations at an Airport during storm and suddenly there is a mishap A flight gets stuck blocking the Landing Strip, which adds trouble to the functioning of the Airport On the top of it , an information about an individual carrying a bomb to blast a plane takes away the ground of the feet of all those involved There are stories within stories of individuals How individuals like Ai [...]

    12. Vikram M N on said:

      The reason I took this book is to explore different writer s perspective From what I came to know about the writer Arthur Hailey is that he takes one situation, one place and at a time and digs deep into it, puts every little detail accounted for and gives a vast book His books are handsomely titled as Airport, Hotel etc each exploring the respective places Like the title the book is precise in revolving around everything that happens in that particular place Great detailing I must say.Generally [...]

    13. Shabba on said:

      This book takes its own sweet time setting the stage If you pick this, be warned the first half is only background and buildup The real action takes place in the last 30% or so of the book But my mom, who recommended this to me, had told me as much Arthur Hailey s specialty is that he takes you through the daily goings on in an establishment such as an airport or a hotel before some crisis occurs So if you really want to know the ins and outs of the American aviation industry in the 70s, pay att [...]

    14. Ed on said:

      A stressful period during a snowstorm at a Chicago airport This 1968 best seller spawned a 1970 blockbuster movie and 3 sequels The only character to appear in all of the movies was Joe Patroni, head of Maintenance Operations played by George Kennedy In addition to the snow caused problems, there is an airborne bomb and several side plots of romance and domestic relations.Novel The story takes place at Lincoln International, a fictional Chicago airport, mainly over the course of one evening and [...]

    15. Betsy on said:

      I have no idea what it was about this book that appealed to me, but I find all the minutiae about running a big city airport utterly fascinating, and I ve read it countless times since.

    16. Marian on said:

      Seriously, Arthur Hailey was an amazing writer Not to mention a meticulous researcher His characters were beautifully drawn and his plotting was astounding.

    17. VijayaRaghavan S N on said:

      It is unbelievable how Arthur Hailey could fill in 520 pages with the happenings of few hours in an airport except for, give or take, a couple of flashbacks And that too, not even one page felt unnecessary The author takes the reader to 1970s when the aviation industry was still expanding Me being an air transport freak, I have always loved anything and everything associated with air freight And that is why I loved every bit of the book for the description of airport and how an airport was run b [...]

    18. CL on said:

      For those of you as interested in airports and air travel as I am, you will love this book purely for the detailed look inside the workings of an American airport in the 1960s The security procedures are non existent and the definition of a stowaway is a little old lady who manages to get on board planes without buying a ticket, not an illegal immigrant taking his chances in the freezing cold hold of the plane I would love someone to rewrite this book in the post 9 11 world Despite those differe [...]

    19. Nehal Gupta on said:

      Airport by Arthur Hailey is the kind of book which can be enjoyed by patient readers who can survive the first 150 pages of the book In this book, the first hundred and twenty five pages are a tad bit boring with the author first introducing characters then straying of to the progress in aviation technology The novel gathers up some pace after the 125 odd pages and then continues faster still This was welcomed pleasantly by me, who was contemplating leaving the book and the rest of the book work [...]

    20. Anna Semenova on said:

      I decided to read this book because it s been quite popular among russian students these days So usually when I do such things I do not enjoy the popular books as it was the case with To kill a mockingbird , for example But this one is a treasure I can say that probably it s one of the best I ve read in Engish so far Surprisingly, not being a bit fan of adventure stories, still I was glued to the book even on escalators in the tube The plot is simple but I was so worried for the passangers of th [...]

    21. Gerard on said:

      Great story, spun brilliantly, and precisely Sad that we ran out of Arthur Hailey s novels as he has only eleven to his credit

    22. Susan Liston on said:

      Very strange As the movie and it s parodies can have escaped few, it s not a spoiler to say this is a thriller about a damaged aircraft attempting to land safely This happens in the last 100 pages or so The other 300 are an odd assortment Clearly Mr Hailey did a TON of research on the running of a large international airport, based, I assume on O Hare This for the most part was, to me, very interesting As it was written in the late 60s, some of it is wildly of of date, of course, but that had hi [...]

    23. Anirudh Topiwala on said:

      The tempo is very mellow If not a persistent reader will easily lose interest The biggest flaw is that too much detailing is given for the support characters than the main story.

    24. Kat on said:

      jak jeden z odcink w Katastrof w przestworzach , tylko o niebo sic lepsza

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