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The Evening News By Arthur Hailey The Evening News This passionate terrifying drama takes us behind the scenes of a great television network faced with mortal dangers and moral challenges as it collides with a smaller but equally potent force the mos

  • Title: The Evening News
  • Author: Arthur Hailey
  • ISBN: 9780385504249
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Evening News By Arthur Hailey This passionate, terrifying drama takes us behind the scenes of a great television network faced with mortal dangers and moral challenges as it collides with a smaller but equally potent force the most feared terrorist group in the Americas Few writers possess Hailey s ability to combine careful, accurate research with a profound sense of human drama Doubleday
    The Evening News By Arthur Hailey

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      Arthur Hailey

    One thought on “The Evening News

    1. Aruna Kumar Gadepalli on said:

      The evening news dealing with the media, story line makes one enjoy thoroughly.

    2. Wsm on said:

      If I didn t like a Hailey book,it is this one.The creativity which made his earlier books such phenomenal bestsellers seems to be missing here.The story of a television news crew and a kidnapping never really grabbed my attention.I found myself skimming through entire paragraphs and even pages It was a relief when it finally ended.

    3. Girish on said:

      Hailey s The Evening News is cold, detailed and leaves a taste of business as usual callousness It s an achievement alright, but one that is tough to digest.Hailey covers several aspects from news gathering, news hour, corporate network ownership how relevant , psychology of terrorism, hostage rescue which leaves the readers believing they are experts in this The characters of Harry Patridge, Crawford Sloane and the rest do their respective jobs with the Newsroom portrayed as an all consuming mo [...]

    4. Ajit Sridharan on said:

      Arthur Hailey is one of my favourite authors, and what I have appreciated in all of his books is the amount of research and the insights the reader gets on that particular industry I found that bit lacking in this book This story is an abduction and rescue plot set in the backdrop of the media industry Not one of Hailey s best, but worth a read for sure Even Hailey at 50% is better than most authors going around

    5. Erik on said:

      I ve read all other Arthur Hailey Novels before this one, and this is by far the worst one The only reason I finished it was because I had read the others I did not care about any of the characters The action sequences and who solved the problems seemed ridiculous It just did not work for me on any level.

    6. Joan on said:

      A compelling, well written story with realistic and believable characters The kidnapping of Sloane s family was horrific and the eventual demands made were never likely to be met Time was the essence and Harry and his crew became single minded in finding the who, why, where and if possible rescuing Jessica, Nicky and Sloane s dad They have no faith in the FBI, police, etc and intend to work on their own to get the full story but first to help a respected workmate They discover the terrorist have [...]

    7. Saad Din on said:

      though a piece of typical pulp fiction, it carries some very interesting points regarding corporatization of media, tussle between news anchor producer and viability of democracy in third world country.

    8. Arzoo on said:

      Arthur Hailey has the power to engage his audience with his narration An amazing read.

    9. Siri on said:

      Not the type of book I would typically choose but WOW was this good Could not put it down Kept my interest the entire way.

    10. Solitarius Lupus on said:

      Highly entertaining, but not quite as good as Hailey s other novels Of course, it s hard to top AIRPORT and HOTEL.

    11. Nkwright on said:

      An old book but fun to read Many things seem to be true still today in light of the controversies about fake news Makes you think about how much the news media can color our opinions on world events I did find the ending a bit unbelievable.

    12. Max Grachev on said:

      This is the first book I ve read completely in English It was not nearly as difficult to read as, for instance, 1984, the incredible book I wish to finish soon also.My greatest intention to read the Evening News was obviously the passion about the industry, especially TV sphere, notorious for its crazy hunger for news I expected a mind blowing story As a matter of fact, I got it, though this is definitely kinda Hollywood plot with its familiar suspenseful storyline, where too many coincidences t [...]

    13. Harshita on said:

      Oh Boy That s exactly how I felt when I finished this book Arthur Hailey never fails to amaze me It almost as if he himself had worked as a reporter before writing this novel.So this book is about a television news network the good, the bad and the ugly It had been published in 1990 but I don t think much has changed till date There s still a race to be the first to report any event and a detachment while reporting any tragedy News reporters are still vying to be on camera and be the face of the [...]

    14. Scycer on said:

      Even in my previous reviews of other works by Arthur Hailey I have mentioned how beautiful his writing is But with this work I must add that depth of this story is superb Tie a national prime time news segment its host crashing of a plane brilliantly covered by another correspondent show the friction between the news host and correspondent a terrorist group corporate and media ties human lives and their loves plus international incidents and you have a complex work of art Reading this book one c [...]

    15. Paula Dembeck on said:

      This books links the Medelin drug cartel with the violent mercenaries of the shining path , a Maoist terrorist group that kidnaps the family of a TV anchorman The TV anchor s wife Jessica, son Nicky and father in law Angus are smuggled in coffins to Peru, then marched to a steaming remote jungle village Back in the US, Harry Partridge Jessica s former lover, spearheads an investigation that the network s parent company Globanic Industries tries to hamper.I agree the plot was very predictable, bu [...]

    16. Irene on said:

      This one I really liked And that s what I like about AH The detail,the depth he puts into the stories It feels like he did actually work in the news business The story line is well thought out and the characters divers and some likable, some not but all have depth.That the investigative journalists are better and faster than the FBI in working out leads and solving the kidnapping of Sloane s family members is plausible and with the money involved even possible A good read to the very end.

    17. Maynard on said:

      Arthur Hailey could not have known when he authored The Evening News first published in 1990, how prescient his words would become The Evening News focuses on a terrorist attack in the form of a kidnapping that begins in Larchmont, NY, moves to Hackensack NJ, and ends up with a mother, son and father in law imprisoned in the jungles of Peru, being held for ransom Hailey s work is not only a masterpiece of fine writing, but a detailed insight into the workings of a large new conglomerate owned by [...]

    18. Sorcha on said:

      This is one of the better ones from Hailey, with plenty of background story, lots of threads being pulled together and a believable level of big corporation workings return return Set around the workings of a TV newsroom, this has the workings from the top to the bottom of how to get an evening News programme to air long before 24 hour TV was invented , and what people would do to get or be the story

    19. Kanika on said:

      I liked this book though it got a wee bit gruesome in the end The story is fantastic but there is a part in the book where they cut off 2 fingers of a boy and then send it to his father that was sort of sick and i didn t sleep for 2 days because of that I was a bit younger then and now i can read anything however gruesome it is also i didn t like one part when they kill the protagonist of the book even when there was no need

    20. J. Ewbank on said:

      Anything Arthur Hailey has written I have enjoyed He takes the time to make sure of the topic he is presenting and he presents information as well as an outstanding novel This type of work is almost unique in my experience and I am grateful to him for writing in this manner The research is superb and he weaves it into the plot so well you are unaware of the the effort which lies behind it.A good read.J Robert Ewbank author John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms

    21. Abhilash Nair on said:

      The pace and the intensity of this novel is breath taking arthur hailey s attention to detail is really astonishing A type thriller book which gives you several thrills and shrills I am not really a fan of the ending, but that doesn t make me any less a fan of the late great arthur hailey His concept of using one placeor workplace as the baseline upon which his books are fragmented, is ingenius And his genius is really coming to the fore with this book.

    22. Dan Leiske on said:

      This book ebbed and flowed for me Some parts you couldn t put it down and in others it was tough to stay awake All in all it was a decent read I believe that I learned a little about the News Business I think Hailey does that with a lot of subjects He gives you some insight into the business itself I personally like that.

    23. Nancy on said:

      Standard espionage adventure book, with an added twist of corporate owned network news Behind the scenes intrigue of network news, including principal journalists, producers, and sources of information were interesting.

    24. Iva Endrychová on said:

      P ni, tohle st pot , co si lov k pro el redakc jedn nejmenovan soukrom televize, byla s la Kdy si lov k uv dom , kdy to bylo psan , tak mnoho v c u bohu el neplat Ale ten souboj ekonomick z jmy investora vs objektivn a kvalitn zpravodajstv Dost dobr.

    25. Maria Hench on said:

      Most of this is fast paced, just like old school newsrooms I couldn t put this book down, even though the outcome was predictable and the motive for the kidnappings seemed weak Interesting to look back at journalism and terrorism in the late 80s.

    26. Hobby on said:

      I read the translation edition by Binarupa Aksara 4 books cannot find the ISBN or detail from the publisher about this book, just check my complete review at here my mystery readings.c

    27. Dianne Estes on said:

      Really enjoyed it An older book but a good read Enjoyed the suspense and the development of the relationships without any overt sex or foul language To bad so many authors today are not good enough writers to tell a good story without sex and bad language.

    28. Marlene on said:

      A newscaster s family is kidnapped by terrorists The story follows the news crew doing their own investigation, their interaction or lack thereof with the FBI, and the wheels that turn within a news organization Very intriguing and suspenseful.

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