Powerborn (Zarryiostrom, #1)

Nene Thomas Steven Plagman

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Powerborn (Zarryiostrom, #1)

Powerborn (Zarryiostrom, #1) By Nene Thomas Steven Plagman Powerborn Zarryiostrom Years ago a race of immortal Powerborn known as the Lyx dominated the world enslaving all of the lesser races and pushing the world itself to the breaking point At the height of the Lyx s power

  • Title: Powerborn (Zarryiostrom, #1)
  • Author: Nene Thomas Steven Plagman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Powerborn (Zarryiostrom, #1) By Nene Thomas Steven Plagman 2500 Years ago, a race of immortal Powerborn known as the Lyx dominated the world, enslaving all of the lesser races and pushing the world itself to the breaking point At the height of the Lyx s power, Fate intervened and unleashed the most dangerous weapon in its arsenal the force of nature known as the Harbinger.Though its power is nearly limitless, the Harbinger is pu2500 Years ago, a race of immortal Powerborn known as the Lyx dominated the world, enslaving all of the lesser races and pushing the world itself to the breaking point At the height of the Lyx s power, Fate intervened and unleashed the most dangerous weapon in its arsenal the force of nature known as the Harbinger.Though its power is nearly limitless, the Harbinger is purely a weapon of last resort, and once it has been released it cannot be controlled it can only be destroyed Further, there is only a single opportunity to stop it before it completes its destiny and destroys the world, and that opportunity is granted to only one being the Champion.In the Valley of Fire, the legendary battle in which the Lyx were consumed in the fires of the Harbinger, the Champion struck down his foe and saved the world from destruction, but not before it could set into motion a new cycle of destruction which will lead to the rise of the next Harbinger.In the years since the fall of the Lyx, an empire built by Zarryiosiad, the Powerborn who successfully led humanity in a 400 year long war against the Lyx, has splintered into warring countries The island nation of Illymar, wealthiest of the countries and the one time home of Zarryiosiad herself, has seen its fortunes decline and its position weaken to complacency and corruption within.Ambitious and warlike Dakkadia wants to capitalize upon Illymar s weakness to expand its territory and influence using their new weapons of war, but standing in their way are the Ferralin Empire, and the Mage Guard of Ithram, an army of Powerborn sworn to uphold peace on behalf of the Zarryiostrom, the church formed in the name of humanity s greatest heroine.And watching from the shadows is an ancient race of immortals who quietly shape events, working toward a purpose all their own as a threat terrifying than the Lyx lies in wait.POWERBORN is the first book of The Zarryiostrom an ambitious new series written and illustrated by fantasy artist Nene Tina Thomas, and her husband Steven C Plagman.
    Powerborn (Zarryiostrom, #1) By Nene Thomas Steven Plagman

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      440 Nene Thomas Steven Plagman
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    One thought on “Powerborn (Zarryiostrom, #1)

    1. Cassandre on said:

      I absolutely LOVE this book Ok I have to admit something, I have been following the development of this book very closely Nene Thomas is one of my all time favorite artists and thanks to my slightly stalker like behaviors I have the honor of counting Nene and Steven as friends That being said I still frackin love this book.I really am impressed with the quality and beauty of this first book from Nene and Steven When I got it in the mail I spent days sticking it under the nose of every person tha [...]

    2. Melissa E. on said:

      This book starts out incredibly slowly It took me weeks just to get through the first fifty pages But once it got going, which for me was about the time Lady Prudence Daemira an absolute badass lady pirate privateer was introduced, I really enjoyed it Pretty much all of my high fantasy catnip is here dragons, magic, different humanoid races, dramatic historical battles, and boatloads of political intrigue There s mystery, humor, and a bit of romance to even out the drama This is the first in a s [...]

    3. Jennifer Hampton on said:

      Wow What a fantastic beginning to a great new series Powerborn is the first book in the Zarryiostrom series by Nene Thomas and Steven Plagman.I absolutely loved this book The characters are endearing and well developed, and the scenes are vividly described and seem to leap off the page The story flows well and keeps the readers attention throughout.Warning Powerborn is such a good read that you may find yourself looking at the clock at 3 am and having to make yourself go to bed.My favorite chara [...]

    4. Captain I on said:

      I had a proper love hate relationship with this book I ve followed Nene Thomas visual work for a long time and absolutely love being able to connect characters in her paintings with talking people on the page the sheer variety of characters is impressive, and it s very hard to pick who is a villain and who a hero because everyone has their good moments and bad moments to my own surprise, I found myself loving Morvandis and Enaria very much.On the other hand, the writing style is quite cliched an [...]

    5. Ptiah on said:

      This book was AMAZING I couldn t put it down at all Took me a month to read it, but the story is great, full of adventure, passion, love, action, and drama The illustrations are breathtaking and to die for The beauty of the characters are certainly captured in the illustrations It is very easy to imagine each scene you read throughout the book I cannot wait to read Usuper and see what happens next I have read Powerborn twice so I could keep my mind fresh lol.Awesome job by Steve and Nene

    6. Rhi on said:

      I ll give it a 2.5 The story is complex and provides a delicious new world The characters are well thought out and the magic is the standard element based system and works well within the world, though it is not featured in a prominent way Many of the scenes are either gut gripping or intellectually emotionally fascinating, allowing the story to progress while still allowing characters to introduce themselves and develop This story has a truly excellent foundation and could easily have been the [...]

    7. William Cooper on said:

      Disclaimer At Gen Con this past year, I got to meet Nene Thomas and Steven Plagman and bought a signed copy of this book I ve been a fan of Nene Thomas for a while now So, my judgement may be a touch clouded because of this.This is a political intrigue romantic ish novel wrapped in a fantasy setting It works The book starts off very slow while introducing a plethora of characters and relationships both between characters and kingdoms The early chapters were hard to get through due to the overbea [...]

    8. Jenny on said:

      Once I got past the first thirty pages which took me months to wade through , I read the other 510 pages in a day The illustrations within the book added a bit of flare to it It s neat to learn the history of some of my favorite characters I m ready to read the next book Once I was introduced to the main characters and their political intrigue and mastery of their elemental powers I was drawn in Though I don t care for the second daughter of the island nation she s pretty, but empty headed and s [...]

    9. Amber on said:

      Really fantastic book, I found it original and extroadinary in it s genre Really loved it and loved how it got better the I read of it So many stories all spiralling into a naughty and classic masterpiece P, if I may say so P There is the preliminary history about the book in the first few chapters, which is absolutely necessary to the whole of the book and makes everything fit tight to the story Then the book gets even better in the coming chapters to a very exciting end and makes me want the [...]

    10. Celia Adams on said:

      Fans of Game of Thrones will love this exciting and fantastical series by Nene Thomas While I admit I was a little skeptical at how the quality would be, after all how can one be both and artist and an author, I quickly found this was one of the most intriguing and well done books I ve ever read The characters are complex, perfectly set for development, and the plot is well woven creation of conflict, hope, angst, and political intrigue There is a lot of romance without focusing to heavily on it [...]

    11. Melanie Rodriguez on said:

      Absolutely loved this book Powerborn is the first installment of the Zarryiostrom novels, introducing readers to the world of dragon witches, powerborns, the fae, and the realms of three different yet intriguing kingdoms All the while between the bickering and plots to conquer one another s territories, an old yet historic event is doomed to repeat again Cannot wait to read the next one as well as to continue seeing the beautiful artwork

    12. Christine on said:

      ReadHarder 2017 Challenge 12 Read a fantasy novel, and January 2017 Literati Book Club Choice Slow start, but I did really start to enjoy the book, and get invested with the characters after the first fourth of the novel One thing though, did every character have to be beautiful and have long hair Will probably check out the next in the series.

    13. Bianca on said:

      A very interesting read, it seem a little short but maybe that was because I was reading it on my nook and I don t have pages But I can t wait for book two.

    14. Meg V on said:

      Nicely complex world, great to put names and personalities with all the lovely paintings Even if they are ridiculously complicated names They grow on you though

    15. Liz on said:

      I LOVED it Yes it had a few first novel problemsbut it was compelling and captivating and I read book 2 3 right after.Anticipating the next installment in the series.

    16. Maddelyn on said:

      An interesting classic fantasy story Love Thomas illustrations.

    17. Claire Baughman on said:

      Game of thrones with Elves and than one type of mage, it was fantastic.

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