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R.J. Scott DianeAdams

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Broken Memories

Broken Memories By R.J. Scott DianeAdams Broken Memories This edition is no longer available Sam Harrison remembers nothing of his former life All he knows is that he has nightmares that won t leave him alone and an irrational fear of shifting from human to

  • Title: Broken Memories
  • Author: R.J. Scott DianeAdams
  • ISBN: 9781920502263
  • Page: 146
  • Format: ebook
  • Broken Memories By R.J. Scott DianeAdams This edition is no longer available.Sam Harrison remembers nothing of his former life All he knows is that he has nightmares that won t leave him alone and an irrational fear of shifting from human to wolf.Doug McKenna has little respect for any wolf that isn t strong That Sam was near broken is something he can t at first reconcile Still, Sam needs looking after and DoThis edition is no longer available.Sam Harrison remembers nothing of his former life All he knows is that he has nightmares that won t leave him alone and an irrational fear of shifting from human to wolf.Doug McKenna has little respect for any wolf that isn t strong That Sam was near broken is something he can t at first reconcile Still, Sam needs looking after and Doug thinks he is the one that should be doing the looking.
    Broken Memories By R.J. Scott DianeAdams

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      146 R.J. Scott DianeAdams
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    One thought on “Broken Memories

    1. Katrina Passick Lumsden on said:

      As you may or may not know, I have than a few pet peeves when it comes to writing One of the big ones is when authors don t pay the fuck attention to what they re writing Even worse is when they re not paying attention and then don t catch some glaring continuity errors in a simple read through No editors catch this shit, either, apparently Because, let me tell you, these characters I have no clue how old they are The authors tell us how old the characters are, several times, but I still have n [...]

    2. JustJen "Miss Conduct" on said:

      Really enjoying this series and the direction it took Love poor damaged Sam who not only has the physical and psychological scars from his captivity, but the drugs in his system are wreaking havoc He has difficulty shifting, both due to the drugs, as well as the psychological fear of not being able change back Big bad alpha Doug is drawn to help Sam even though he is troubled by the outward appearance of Sam s weakness at being captured, etc He struggles with this, but comes to learn differently [...]

    3. Susan on said:

      Absolute absolute absolute total and utter crap.Why on earth do the authors think it is a good idea to bully the abused victim of torture and rape into healing and having sex again Seriously, WTF Doug is angry at Sam for not healing, he is angry at him for behaving so scared He tells him it is all bullshit and then they have sex Euuh what Did I miss the part where Sam has been kidnapped, tortured and raped and has no memory of who he is Just so you guys know, Doug is an asshole A total and compl [...]

    4. Beatrice on said:

      I m not entirely sure of how to rate this book While still enjoyable in its own right, Broken Memories suffers a bit of what a lot of middle books in trilogies experience While the first book is generally written to capture the reader s attention, the second book is a bit slower because of the build up towards the final confrontation which will be happening in the third book So yes, Broken Memories was not as good as the first book, but I appreciated it because of the world building it had In my [...]

    5. Mandapanda on said:

      OK story that picks up directly after Shattered Secrets I hadn t read the first book for several months and it took me a while to get into the sequel Sam was rescued at the end of the last book and he is still suffering from amnesia, constantly afraid and reluctant to shift to a wolf to speed up his healing Alpha wolf Doug takes over his life and makes some forcible changes to help him get better and find out who kidnapped him.I wasn t sure why Doug was interested in Sam or where they had met an [...]

    6. Ami on said:

      2.5 starsTruthfully, my first reaction after I finished was WHERE IS THE LOOOOOOVE Truth be told, I don t remember anything from book 1 yes, my memory is THAT bad , so I judge this story solely as it is, an independent one I can grasp that Sam has been experienced torture that breaks his mind and Doug is he Jamie s best friend, remind me again is determined that Jamie and Rob are doing nothing helpful by cuddling Sam Sam needs to shift to heal and what has Sam done so far, is seen by Doug as wea [...]

    7. MsMiz (Tina) on said:

      3.7 How am I the first one to rate this book I liked the progression of the story in the over arching story to these particular wolves There are bad people doing bad things to wolves We get a look to the bigger picture and I look forward to seeing where Diane and RJ take this As it relates to Sam and Doug great pairing While there was inner turmoil for both of them, Sam because he felt he was broken and Doug feeling like he was an Alpha that did not need any one, the two of them came together fi [...]

    8. Jacq on said:

      Ok just danghot smexey and no chemistry Well I thought Sam and Doug were thrown together for the sake of a story Ok I m done with RJ SCOTT s wolf series Just dang I m still pissed on the money I spent

    9. Arlyna on said:

      3.5 Stars There was a few things that confused me while reading this book, and several times I had to re read parts just to make sure I wasn t missing something I really did like the idea of the story Poor Sam is a wolf shifter who has selective amnesia He doesn t remember much about his past, but does have flashbacks about the place he was just rescued from Doug is also a wolf shifter and takes it upon himself to help Sam not only remember what has happened, but heal physically Never do they fu [...]

    10. Fehu on said:

      It s been a while since I ve read the first book in this series and I m sure there was a reason why I bought this one, sadly I cannot remember it after reading this book, hopefully it was one of the discount buys at Fictionwise You can tell I was dissapointed with the book, right Sam was rescued in the last book and he would be the key for solving a crime of shifter kidnapping and selling, that the paranormal police investigates Sadly Sam seems to have lost his memories after the ordeal he has b [...]

    11. Arch Bala on said:

      Sam Harrison almost didn t make it if not for the help of Jamie from the first book and was left near broken He doesn t remember anything from his former life and only has nightmares that gave him trauma in shifting from human to wolf.This is what Doug McKenna does not understand He s always been an Alpha and has little respect for the weak ones With Sam near broken and helpless, he find himself looking out for the other guy and realized that he s exactly what the guy really needs.Okay, so I lov [...]

    12. Sadonna on said:

      Really 3.5 stars I m a science and medicine geek, so this one got me going in a different way than the first book Sam and Doug are so different and with Sam s memory loss and emotional and physical injuries, I was wondering where this story of the two of them was going Luckily Doug is a stand up guy in this one and his support of Sam is really endearing I am used to Diane giving us shorter stories and building the series, so I hope that the next one is coming soon I can t wait to see what happen [...]

    13. Chris on said:

      Good paranormal m m romance about the wolf shifter rescued at the end of the last book, who s terrified of shifting and can t remember much from before his rescue I don t think this book was long enough for the amount of story being told At times, things seemed to jump ahead inexplicably, as if parts were missing.

    14. Melanie on said:

      This was a terrific story It is the 2nd in the series and took a good story and made it great The two main characters, Sam and Doug, were secondary characters in the first book and the by end of this one they were my favorites.The mystery conspiracy we were introduced to in the first story, deepens here as Sam struggles to heal and regain his memories Doug is a strong wolf who is both initially drawn and repelled by Sam Doug does not understand why Sam s inner wolf is not stronger yet Doug feels [...]

    15. Eva on said:

      3.5 starsAn enjoyable story overall, but not as great as Shattered Memories.I found Doug s struggle in understanding what Sam was going through well placed since he was described as a strong wolf from the first book, even going through the change early Unfortunately that made him come over as a bit uncaring at first.Also, I m hoping that the whole imprinting thing will be clarified some in the following books As it is I didn t quite grasp the concept of how exactly it works It is mentioned as b [...]

    16. Don Bradshaw on said:

      I enjoyed this book much than the first one The healing process for Sam took a strong man like Doug to deal with Doug is definitely an alpha male though having a pack mellowed him I enjoyed the spin that Ms Adams and Ms Scott added to the story with the new drug for breaking the shifters It made the story seem real for me Sam and Doug moved a little to quickly from new friends to lovers but there are only so many pages I also couldn t connect with either Sam or Doug They lacked the spark that [...]

    17. Deanna Against Censorship on said:

      Seemed incomplete and spotty I liked the concept Sam tugged at my heart strings His struggle to remember and to overcome the physical and emotional aspects of his kidnapping felt very real My problem was that there were gaps in the story There was no love We know nothing of Doug We are told he is an Alpha in need of his own Pack, but why is this The reason is never revealed This needs to be rewritten and expanded This story, in fact this series, has so much promise that it is a shame not to make [...]

    18. Jaime on said:

      In Progress RC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club

    19. Joanne on said:

      Another fantastic book in this series by RJ Scott and Diane Adams, I can t wait for book 3.

    20. Donna on said:

      Ummm just a quick thought WTH happened I am referring to the first sex scene I thought Doug had decided to imprint on Sam like Nick had on Mark, to help him heal, and the next thing I know they are going at it like bunnies or maybe horny hounds, wolves, whatever headdesk I will admit that this issue is still bothering me, and of course, there is the whole how old is everyone issue Which surprisingly isn t that bothersome for me just a tad bit annoying pBut, other than these two issues, I really [...]

    21. Serena Yates on said:

      This sequel to Shattered Secrets is as breathtaking as the first volume, maybe even because we are given details about the huge conspiracy against wolves that began with a mystery in book one The second story focuses on one of the rescued victims, almost broken wolf Sam, and the super alpha wolf, Doug A romance strewn with some real obstacles, the two characters took a while to figure out what was clear to me form the beginning they are uniquely suited for each other both in and out of the bed [...]

    22. Candice on said:

      3.5 Stars EEK So I was excited about starting this, since we got introduced to Sam in the first book Poor Sam I could not imagine Then to not remember anything Jamie and Rob coddled him, well Jamie did I actually liked Doug s approach to Sam He was not the kind of guy wolf who took any shit It was nice I also really liked how they didn t hide things from the police, they were smart view spoiler Ummmwas Sam raped If so, how was he okay with having sex so soon after hide spoiler I wish we got of [...]

    23. Ayanna on said:

      OMFG ABSOLUTELY CHILLING The concept behind this book, that is Okay, I kind of disliked the occasional idiocy of the characters, but the idea of the view spoiler breaking thing hide spoiler takes on full flesh in this book view spoiler And Corbin Poor Corbin sobs And those other wolves in the cages hide spoiler I didn t like the ending The non ending Okay, it was an ending, but the closet romantic in me is rebelling at the thought of the indefinite hfn with no real sure prospects for the future [...]

    24. blub on said:

      At the beginning I was completely fixated on why and how Joe s wife died I was quite glad to see that an explanation was given readers weren t left in the lurch about it I was actually looking forward to reading a story focused on Doug and was hoping Sam would turn out to be his mate I was a bit disappointed though that it was stated by both, Doug and Sam, that they felt no love for each other at all even when Doug imprinted Sam Then the authors try to rectify it by hinting that Sam and Doug do [...]

    25. Sarabeth on said:

      Not bad The plot development is a little murky My biggest problem that continues to happen through all the books is the authors tendency to tell, not show The characters tend to go from hating each other, or not trusting each other, and not liking each other, to instantly falling in love Why What happened to change it Still, that aside, I find the criminal and plot development interesting, and I like the stories enough to keep reading everything I bump into by the author that must mean something [...]

    26. Cee Brown on said:

      Ok, I AM on vacation and I really needed to get my read on, forgive me LOL I loved the concept of book one, and was so looking forward to this book Disappointed much I don t do 2 stars, and it hurt me to the core to rate this potentially good book so low, but I mean, come on Too much was going on at once and then at times I got so confused I had to re read paragraphs to get the hang of it Usually it takes me 5 to 7 hours to read a full length novel it took me close to 15 cus I kept putting it do [...]

    27. Lizzie on said:

      Second in the series and another that bucks the trend of even numbered sequels suck Loved the way secondary characters from the 1st book got to tell their part of the story and make us love them, as well as the guys we originally loved popping up so we know they are getting on OK Nice gritty story line with sizzling moments thrown in for light relief And THAT S all your getting, or it ll be a spoiler but if you like shifter books, go buy.

    28. Susan65 on said:

      What a great shifter story, not all lovey dovey at allwhich I liked a lot The idea of wolves being broken and turned into commom household pets is cruel and heartless But seriously, humans always try to eliminate what they fear.Doug is a hard assed, alpha who struggled with what he considered to be weakness from SamUNTIL he realized what he endured By the end, Sam was then he appeared and Doug was an easier manwolf to love.

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