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R.A. MacAvoy

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Death and Resurrection

Death and Resurrection By R.A. MacAvoy Death and Resurrection The award winning writer of Tea With the Black Dragon and other acclaimed novels returns to fantasy with the intriguing story of Chinese American artist Ewen Young who gains the ability to travel betw

  • Title: Death and Resurrection
  • Author: R.A. MacAvoy
  • ISBN: 9781607012863
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • Death and Resurrection By R.A. MacAvoy The award winning writer of Tea With the Black Dragon and other acclaimed novels returns to fantasy with the intriguing story of Chinese American artist Ewen Young who gains the ability to travel between the worlds of life and death This unasked for skill irrevocably changes his life as does meeting Nez Perce veterinarian Dr Susan Sundown and her remarkable dog, ResurThe award winning writer of Tea With the Black Dragon and other acclaimed novels returns to fantasy with the intriguing story of Chinese American artist Ewen Young who gains the ability to travel between the worlds of life and death This unasked for skill irrevocably changes his life as does meeting Nez Perce veterinarian Dr Susan Sundown and her remarkable dog, Resurrection After defeating a threat to his own family, Ewen and Susan confront great evils both supernatural and human as life and death begin to flow dangerously close together.
    Death and Resurrection By R.A. MacAvoy

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    One thought on “Death and Resurrection

    1. Andrew on said:

      It has been a really, really long time since I read any R.A MacAvoy It s been so long that I barely remember what she s like as a writer Answer, as of the present not exactly like other fantasy writers.Ewan Young lives in Washington State He s Chinese American Yuan , in earlier generations he paints for a living he part time runs a martial arts school he has a twin sister and a terrible ex girlfriend and a cute nephew and this is the sort of novel where those people will orbit through his life, [...]

    2. MaurynneMaxwell on said:

      It was great The only reason I marked it 4 instead of 5 stars is because it seemed like linked short stories than a novel I enjoyed the writing, the spirit world, the martial arts, the characters and the humor I hope it becomes a series There s sure a lot to explore, and there is room for another shaman like character in the urban fantasy genre In fact it s refreshing than vampires and zombies and shape changers And I like characters who are earnest and don t have to rely on put downs and cyn [...]

    3. Anne on said:

      so far a lightly humorous paranormal about an artist turned out to be four gentle mystery paranormal stories, with a dog I want .

    4. Rachel Neumeier on said:

      Just read RA MacAvoy s new book, DEATH AND RESURRECTION I really enjoyed it Really MacAvoy hasn t forgotten how to write I really liked Ewen the main character and the secondary characters were well drawn I enjoyed how MacAvoy made one police character a poet and the other a Mormon I enjoyed the way Susan dyed her hair blond she is Indian or part Indian and fiercely defends her right to dye her hair any color she chooses I admit, not too crazy about the wolf dog hybrid Not usually crazy about su [...]

    5. Anna on said:

      You won t be disappointed with this book There s nothing intriguing than a outwardly simple book that has many layers subtly crafted inside or does it It s very Zen, and maybe that s the point Or is it grins sheepishly To me, the magic of Ms MacAvoy s books is that those are genuine questions, asked with a non cynical purity and crafted with a spare, evocative plot that reminds you why you love to read To be challenged and rewarded at the same time, but not satisfied, which is a good thing in t [...]

    6. Laura Gilfillan on said:

      I m a long time fan of R.A MacAvoy, and I was very happy to read a new book by her I was first struck by the fact that it didn t seem as well edited as her other stuff, repeated words and metaphors, some awkward sentences, but I loved the story, the characters, and her handling of their personalities and relationships A lot for me to think about after this one, and to stimulate my imagination A good read May all be happy.May all be peaceful and at ease.May all be safe.May all be free from fear.M [...]

    7. Virginia on said:

      I fell upon this previously overlooked book by R.A MacAvoy as a long time fan who really, REALLY missed her I loved this book, but would have enjoyed it even if I d known from the beginning that it is like four novellas than a single novel Looking forward to re reading, with that understanding It collects the stories of Ewen Young, a Chinese American artist who practices martial arts, meditates and finds he can travel between the worlds of life and death.

    8. K. Bird Lincoln on said:

      10 years ago I read RA MacAvoy s Tea With the Black Dragon and fell in love with the intellectual bantering and sly hinting between Mayland and Martha Then I waitedd waited and was thrilled over Twisting the Rope and finally gave up hope to ever read of this quirky style of philosophical urban fantasy books that focus on relationship and what is unsaid than the next Big Bad or action sequence.So I picked up MacAvoy s recently published Death and Resurrection and felt well rewarded for the wait [...]

    9. Morgan Dhu on said:

      This is MacAvoy s return to writing after almost two decades during which she struggled with debilitating illness A contemporary fantasy with elements of a mystery thriller like her most well known work, Tea with the Black Dragon, Death and Resurrection is the story of Ewen Yuen Young, an Asian American artist and student of the martial arts who gains the ability to enter into Bardo, the realm that spirits pass through after death on their way to the next phase of their journey, after being shot [...]

    10. Estara on said:

      One of the reviewers here said somewhere that this book reminds her of a short story collection and I can sort of see what she meant there are few links in between certain scenes and none between the four chapters However, Ewen Young and his powers are always part of the story I would say the first part of the book has Ewen as the total focus, the second part has his eventual love Susan and her dog Rez as the focus and the third part switches back to Ewen and his sister s former patient Jacob a [...]

    11. Cecilia on said:

      3 1 2 stars, mostly for developing characters and the novelty of the plot a mixture of murder mystery with elements of Kung fu fighting and fantasy realm bits This is a series of interesting takes on the old theme of the martial artist who doesn t go looking for trouble but it seems to seek him Our protagonist, Chinese American Ewen Young, finds he can travel to an in between place that exists between life and death This feat is used by him to his advantage and also to his disadvantage during th [...]

    12. Lateniteknitter on said:

      I m so, so happy to see a new book by MacAvoy, after a gap of almost 20 years The first of the four parts hooked me immediately, with a fascinating and original main character artist and martial arts practitioner Ewen Young and an absorbing and sometimes eerie storyline I think it compares well with the best of MacAvoy s excellent writing back in the 1980s Beautiful stuff, very potent, very wise.The other sections felt a little weaker to me, seemingly intended mostly as introductions to other ma [...]

    13. Joshua Zucker on said:

      It s really 4 novellas wrapped together, with a bit of a unifying theme enough to call it a novel I found the first one which I had previously read a different version of as In Between when Subterranean Press published it a little while ago to be really excellent, a great meditation on family and life and death The second season was similarly great, very wintry and all about love and fear and magic The last two didn t do as much for me, and a lot of the final ending seemed a bit too much and the [...]

    14. Zvi on said:

      I love MacAvoy s work, and I was very excited to see there was a new book by her Unfortunately, I don t think it s up to the standards set by the Lens of the World trilogy, or Tea with the Black Dragon, or even lesser works like The Third Eagle It s a readable account of a young Chinese American kung fu master in our contemporary world who discovers that he has mystical powers, and gets embroiled in conflict with a few different foes, along with his gang of helpers There s not much to it other t [...]

    15. Meran on said:

      The novelette In Between , read by me earlier this week, is actually part of this novel And it makes sense in this context Btw, if you ve read In Between, the version in the novel is slightly different This novel is presented in 4 parts, and is all about the same characters as In Between, though many new ones are introduced There is a bit of magic involved, but not in the traditional sense no spells are cast, etc.A good read I m a fan of R.A MacAvoy now Will read anything she writes

    16. Ron on said:

      It s been a long time since R.A MacAvoy published a book Death and Resurrection is her new book, very different from her past work, with violence that is almost graphic This set of novellas is placed in the Pacific Northwest, mostly, and it explores the nature of reality, of consciousness as well as race I don t recall from her previous books that the dialogue was so stilted at times But that is really the only problem with this book Using martial arts, Native American lore and place well, she c [...]

    17. Lindig on said:

      MacAvoy s Tea with the Black Dragon is one of my all time favorite fantasies, so I was glad to see something new from her However, while I read and enjoyed this book, it seemed disjointed and circular than linear And Ewen, the hero, often make me want to smack him upside the head Not exactly a novel but not exactly linked short stories either, it was also fairly flat in tone, so that reading it was like taking a road trip with many side trips and no idea whether a destination would be reached o [...]

    18. Cecile on said:

      The pacing was uneven the book is like a collection of novellas than a single narrative However, I loved the characters, and the juxtaposition of normality against supernatural happenings and violence, which MacAvoy has always handled the best of any author I ve read, was striking The supernatural police procedural is already a trope turning to cliche, but there is a degree of realism here that brings it back to earth Perhaps because one of the characters is a veterinarian

    19. Helen on said:

      The parts of this book are distinct enough to feel like a series of novellas involving the same characters and setting, much like a mystery series It s a very intriguing and appealing series with a very interesting metaphysical plot line In many ways I was sorry to see it end, though its unique twist on a happy ending made me laugh out loud I have read only a few books by this author before, and long ago I rather lucked into this one Time to seek out

    20. Jan on said:

      May all be happy.May all be peaceful,and at ease.May all be safe.May all be free from fear.May all know the truth of their own nature Metta SuttaThere s a lot to like about this book Ms.MacAvoy begins with wishing her readers well with the Metta Sutta, and that bodes well for me and my tastes, plus there s some great fight scenes, a bit of refinement, and a dog named Resurrection Give it a look see, why don t you

    21. Foxthyme on said:

      Whoa R A MacAvoy New book She s my most favourite slightly unfavourite author ever Is that a new category I feel she never caught the mainstream because she was too tightly written Most writers are always trying to clean and tighten things up MacAvoy was just too good with that So it was almost perfect then too tight Fave book, Tea With the Black Dragon Awesome I would have to say that she is one of my fave authors ever.

    22. Ben on said:

      Previously, I ve only read the author s traditional fantasies This book falls into the urban fantasy category, and I find that I enjoyed the earlier work It is well written, with interesting characters It is less of a single novel than it is four shorter stories that involve many of the same characters.

    23. Craig on said:

      More mystery than fantasy I think Afraid I m being a bit generous with 2 stars, since I only read about half the book It wasn t that it was bad really the plot moved along, some of the characters weren t that badly drawn, and the writing wasn t awful but I just couldn t stand being immersed in its silly, faux New Age trappings any longer YMMV.

    24. Pamela Gibson on said:

      Subtle, complex, reflective Internal plots have their own tension the overall conflict resolution feels less like a space opera and like MacAvoy s Tea With the Black Dragon This is a good thing Physical debility and writing are not a good combination, and I hope her health has improved it s been a long time between books.

    25. Gewbook on said:

      This book had a lot of potential, but it never seemed to realize that potential I liked the ideas and I wanted them to flourish It all seemed very abbreviated It was like four short stories than a novel and each of those stories could have been fleshed out into a novel, or at least a novella, of its own.

    26. J L's Bibliomania on said:

      I loved her earlier books and this new work by RA MacAvoy did not disappoint I m very happy that her health has improved enough for her to write again see the interview at lightspeedmagazine non I hope that she continues to stay well and am looking forward to reading her next contribution.

    27. Claudia on said:

      A martial artist falls in with a native American woman and her spirit dog and solves an unusual crime Good characters and good pace Engrossing and uplifting with enough plot twists to engage Great vacation reading

    28. Jenine on said:

      Three and a half I enjoyed reading but it s not up with my favorite books of hers Loved the wolf dog and Ewen s moving between planes.

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