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Anthony Paull

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Outtakes of A Walking Mistake

Outtakes of A Walking Mistake By Anthony Paull Outtakes of A Walking Mistake Outtakes of A Walking Mistake chronicles the romantic entanglements of an out gay yr old boy named Tyler Morris who auditions for a student film to win the heart of Billy Greske the school s cele

  • Title: Outtakes of A Walking Mistake
  • Author: Anthony Paull
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Outtakes of A Walking Mistake By Anthony Paull Outtakes of A Walking Mistake chronicles the romantic entanglements of an out gay 16 yr old boy named Tyler Morris, who auditions for a student film to win the heart of Billy Greske, the school s celebrity thespian The plan seems promising until Tyler s bipolar best friend Jenny offers love advice and a local skater takes interest in Tyler as well Furthering complicatOuttakes of A Walking Mistake chronicles the romantic entanglements of an out gay 16 yr old boy named Tyler Morris, who auditions for a student film to win the heart of Billy Greske, the school s celebrity thespian The plan seems promising until Tyler s bipolar best friend Jenny offers love advice and a local skater takes interest in Tyler as well Furthering complications, Tyler s estranged mother, a clairvoyant circus clown, returns home to win back the love of her family.
    Outtakes of A Walking Mistake By Anthony Paull

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    One thought on “Outtakes of A Walking Mistake

    1. Kaje Harper on said:

      4.5 stars This is a unique book At times I felt like I needed a seatbelt to read it It opens as a somewhat wacky almost screw ball comedy account of the life and times of the young gay narrator, Tyler, as he tries to navigate high school with the less than adequate support of his father who refuses to believe he is gay, Denial is just the bottom rung on the ladder of acceptance, Too bad dad s afraid of heights , his melodramatic and emotional best friend Jenny, Statements like this have lessened [...]

    2. Lauraadriana on said:

      Meet Tyler Morris, 16 Mr Morris is braving the halls of Rivershore High School, with determination, a wicked sense of humor, and hope in his heart His hope is that an adorable and now 24 pounds lighter , witty gay boy like himself can find true love, even if it means that he has to take matters into his own hands And he s got his eye on Billy Greske, star of the High School Drama club and walking teenage wet dream.The problem is Billy doesn t see Tyler Tyler the school gay is invisible His claim [...]

    3. Fangtasia on said:

      High school hell is the main setting for this very funny, sometimes sweet, many times heart wrenching story by Anthony Paull The main character, Tyler, is the unknown LGBTQ kid I pray for every single day My Mom switch was in the on position during the whole book.The characters in this story are all incredibly real and believable Yes, Tyler s mother ran away with the circus but you know what they say, life is stranger than fiction The author did an exceptional job of creating a 16 year old young [...]

    4. Janette on said:

      Most of the time on I rate books but don t write reviews When I finished this one, I triumphantly marked it four stars in my stamp of approval before moving on to my next read Then I kept thinking about it And thinking I recommended it to Kristy Z and sung its praises, but still I couldn t stop thinking about it I read it on the recommendation of a new GR friend thanks, Ashley , and thought the synopsis sounded interesting I was expecting an interesting story of a teen struggling to accept his h [...]

    5. Lenore Kosinski on said:

      2.5 stars and I think that has to do with my inability to relate to the story Not the gay bitjust the characters personalities were so far removed from what I experienced in childhood that it didn t jibe for me Half the time I was left waiting for the real Tyler to emergebut that s who Tyler was I m just an anti attention seeker that I couldn t understand his thoughts and motivations half the time I wondered if he was delusional, and then that made me wonder if I was missing something I kept wa [...]

    6. MsMiz (Tina) on said:

      3.75 I love teen finding themselves stories Tyler is irreverent and lovable and you just will want to whisk him away to some big gay island for lost boys There is a lot of really funny moments in this book and those are countered with some really dark moments as well We forget while teens are trying to be so independent and adult, that they are really vulnerable as well The only reason why this did not get 4 stars is due to the editing It took some of the enjoyment away I will be waiting for fr [...]

    7. R.B. on said:

      Tyler is amazing young man With great sense of humor and sharp tongue His witty comments made me laugh and his hard earned experience made me teary eyed I d like to hope that his story will continue in another book

    8. John Ames on said:

      networkedblogs zUwt7Outstanding, amazing and seriously funny Outtakes of a Walking Mistake by Anthony Paull is fresh, new and exciting The story revolves around Tyler Morris an out , gay, 16 year old who is in love with Billy Greske, the heart throb of his high school In order for him to win Billy s love even though Tyler is not sure if Billy is gay, but does he cares No , he auditions for a student film And so begins the story of Tyler and Billy as they begin to accept who they are.I absolutely [...]

    9. Wally on said:

      It s great to see new gay fiction, especially where the protagonist is not just sharing a coming out story Tyler is out and proud, self confident, with a personal moral compass he uses to navigate multiple challenges Not only does he have to face the customary high school difficulties, but overcome family issues as well as friends in crisis, all while trying to find a boyfriend worthy of his attentions The book is sweet, funny, and touching I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

    10. Snowtulip on said:

      Oh the heartaches of being a teen This story was full of truth, humor, and poignant moments I enjoyed reading about Tye s realization of who he wanted to be and how he wanted to be treated and recognized He was such an in your face character that had you shaking your head at times, but reminding you that during the teen years, everything can only be learned through trial and error Very enjoyable read

    11. Emma Sea on said:

      I gave it a good try, really I did I doggedly stuck it out to 33% even though I wanted to quit long before I didn t like the MC, I didn t like the SCs I hated the BFF I just didn t like it I will retire it for now and maybe give it another go in the future.

    12. L-D on said:

      This story is a young adult book that follows a few events in the life of an openly gay high school student, Tyler Morris Tyler has a crush on one of his classmates and unabashedly pursues him Joining the school theater group where BIlly Greske is the most popular thespian, Tyler hopes to get close to his crush to woo him At the same time, an older skater boy is pursuing Tyler and offering him the physical relationship that Tyler is dying to try Tyler has to decide if chasing a straight crush or [...]

    13. Jon O on said:

      I read a review on Outtakes of a Walking Mistake, quoting it to be engaging I agreed with that It was a book difficult to put down Now, don t get me wrong I am not entirely crazy about the main characters In fact, none of the characters were perfect They were either self centered, confused, lost or different.There was Tyler, who cared for no one else, except for his own love life, and lust life, which did not really take off He did care for one, Jenny, his girl best friend, who interestingly was [...]

    14. Sammy Goode on said:

      Anthony Paull, a newcomer to the world of m m YA fiction brings us a veritable feast in his novel, Outtakes Of A Walking Mistake The story centers around a snapshot view of Tyler, a 16 year old gay high school whose life is anything from dull We are immediately drawn to this quirky, sassy and, yes, wounded young man Paull draws us in with humor, fast paced dialogue and an emotionally gripping story that delivers one bold surprise after another To give you much of a summary of this story would be [...]

    15. Wendy F on said:

      I really wanted to love this book I feel like I should be giving it stars just for the context, for what the author was trying to do The problem was I just didn t like any of the characters I didn t want to read about them They all treated each other like crap, even the ones who were supposed to be kind And Tye was the absolute worst I don t care if a character is straight, gay, bi whatever I do care if they are a pervert And not in the cute, awe, your such a perv kind of teasing way No, this w [...]

    16. Kitty on said:

      Tyler Morris is a gay 16 year old Junior in highschool He s mostly invisible among his classmates and his only real friend, Jenny, is bipolar The story follows his thoughts as he crushes on a cute actor, Billy Greske, tries to deal with the attention of local bad boy, Eric Bryant, struggles with his mom coming back after abandoning him and his father to join the circus, and tries to find a place to fit in through all this hell.And now for the actual reviewing part I thought it was interesting an [...]

    17. Adara on said:

      I m having some difficulty describing this one It s a Young Adult slice of life It s fiction, but it could easily be a gay boy s life It takes place over the course of maybe a month at the most, and it deals with some pretty hefty issues view spoiler rape, sexual abuse by a parent, abandonment issues, and homophobia hide spoiler from a teen s perspective.I wasn t sure I liked the voice of this piece at first It s told from Tyler s point of view His thoughts are sometimes delusional, making his f [...]

    18. Benjamin on said:

      Out, just slightly girly and unashamed, sixteen year old Tyler relates events leading up to the school s Monster Mash dance, and quite a lot happens in that short time His own fag hag, the self centred neurotic Jenny has a breakdown, his long absent mother returns briefly, he almost gets raped, and he manages to attract another fag hag being just a few, but what he can t achieve is getting the delectable Billy Greske, senior school Thespian and designated future soap opera star, to acknowledge p [...]

    19. Jenn on said:

      This book started off amazing Super funny, witty, charming, and sweet, and then randomly it started to drag on in places I wish the writing had been tighter from the middle on There were a lot of tough situations thrown into this book that I frankly didn t really see coming, and some felt a bit forced However, they were real situations that happen to young adults I m just not sure all of them needed to be pushed into this book from the middle on I have major problems when a book just pushes dram [...]

    20. Maggie Simms on said:

      Warning This is spoilerishIt was a very engaging book The connection with Tyler is amazing The first half of the book was hilarious Tyler was so likable, quirky and funny The second half was angst galore Poor Tyler kept going through an emotional roller coaster being pulled in all directions It almost felt like drama overload for a bit and I kept wondering how much Tyler could stand before snapping The true is that this would be a top five coming of age book for me if it weren t for the ending I [...]

    21. Trisha Harrington on said:

      I loved this book, it was so funny As a protagonist Tyler was good, I know some might not get his character But he shows kind of the typical teenager, with an atypical life The way this book is written suits the story I have heard about this book for a long time, and only now have I read it.The story itself is pretty basic, a teenage boy who wants to find a boyfriend But there are twists in the story I loved how the issues in the book were dealt with and how Anthony Paull made his character like [...]

    22. wesley on said:

      The book is very polarizing On one hand, I think this was way over the top I have no problem with a flamboyant narrator But god, what a drama queen To be honest, I found it annoying especially the parts when Tye tried to inject humor in his POV On the other hand, I think that if I put myself in Tye s shoes, I can understand how he feels I won t really know, but I think I can try to understand A dysfunctional family, a bipolar best friend, bad choices in boys A f cked up life is what it is What I [...]

    23. Ab2y (압랄) on said:

      WOOOOOOOW that was the first thing i thought of when i read this book.At first in the few chapters in the beginning i was thinking that kid remind me of someone i didn t know who but there was something annoying about it , i can feel it in my bones then i realized that it was me.It s the most realistic story i have ever read , Tyler is a real teen it s like i can see my self in him , but he was very strong and brave i ll be out of my mind if i was him.The story is talking about almost everybody [...]

    24. Brooke on said:

      I loved this Sharp, witty, hilarious heartbreaking all in one I cringed, laughed, cried gasped than a few times Filled with words phrases of wisdom than maybe even Perks of a Wallflower, this story of a truly original, outgoing out 16 year old boy his crazy life is realistic than it sounds Tyler s heartbroken dad refuses to believe his son is gay His mom ran off to be a circus clown His pill popping bipolar best friend Jenny loves to cause scenes His crazy old guy neighbor has a habit of inte [...]

    25. Juli on said:

      I love young adult LGBT fiction and Anthony Paull has delivered a winner An engaging main character with a distinct voice, out, proud and not ashamed to show it At the beginning of the book I found the main character s voice a but too loud but as the character matured and progressed throughout the book his voice did as well and it was nice to see the growth.Also our lead is not perfect, crushing on a straight boy while be pursued by the local bad boy and also dealing with his best friend Jenny s [...]

    26. Anthony Paull on said:

      NPR Best Teen Novel Ever Finalist Charming honest tale about creating a scene and living one s truth, even if it seems both fantastic and familiar Instinct Magazine 5 Hearts MM Good Book Reviews 5 Hearts Hearts on Fire Reviews Amusing Debut Novela high school teen as spirited and outspoken as Tye hasn t come along in awhile EDGE Media Network

    27. Amanda on said:

      After reading this novel, one of my favorite quotes by J.R Ward popped into my head Life is such a glorious trauma, is it not Poor Tye Just when he thinks he s got life even a little figured out, it kicks him in his pink gay virgin balls I found this book amusing than funny, but I still adored it It s real, if a little overtly gay , but still very much real Speaking of endingsWhat The Hell I could keep going on with the reviewblahblahblah But alas, I will end with saying it s a great book Read [...]

    28. Julesmarie on said:

      Not since Ordinary People have I read a book that speaks so well of what it feels like to be a teenager, or even just a person I love books, and authors, that aren t afraid to acknowledge that life is HARD, that people can be awful to each other, and that in spite of that there is so much good that makes it all worth it.Tye officially became one of my all time heroes at that dance at the end His reactions to everything that had happened are just so inspiring and hope giving.

    29. Pjm12 on said:

      This is powerful stuff Tye shows such resilence and his snark and eternal optimism will serve him well down the road.I figured out what was happening with Jenny and that was extremely sad Tye s mum is a flawed character, as are Eric and Billy There are tough lessons to learn, but Tye gives us faith to believe that love is possible, and that a boy should always hold out for that, and never compromise A well written, emotional and poignant read.

    30. Matthew on said:

      NEEDS a sequel immediately.This book was wonderful, a really tragic, unconventional gay love story If you know me, you know I love, love and especially young love You have Tyler the queen, Jenny the bipolar drug dealer, and a love triangle between Eric and Billy.The sidestory with Tyler s clairvoyant, clown literally mother was a nice addition.

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