The Bone Thief

V.M. Whitworth

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The Bone Thief

The Bone Thief By V.M. Whitworth The Bone Thief Alfred the Great has been dead for a decade His legacy an uneasy alliance between the neighbouring kingdoms of Wessex and Mercia Wulfgar a young priest in training at home with his books than with a

  • Title: The Bone Thief
  • Author: V.M. Whitworth
  • ISBN: 9780091947231
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Bone Thief By V.M. Whitworth Alfred the Great has been dead for a decade His legacy an uneasy alliance between the neighbouring kingdoms of Wessex and Mercia Wulfgar, a young priest in training, at home with his books than with a sword, has been tasked with an impossible mission He must travel secretly to the badlands of the North and find the bones of a long lost saint.But the Northern terriAlfred the Great has been dead for a decade His legacy an uneasy alliance between the neighbouring kingdoms of Wessex and Mercia Wulfgar, a young priest in training, at home with his books than with a sword, has been tasked with an impossible mission He must travel secretly to the badlands of the North and find the bones of a long lost saint.But the Northern territories are under the rule of Viking invaders And if Wulfgar is discovered, they will have his head
    The Bone Thief By V.M. Whitworth

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      V.M. Whitworth

    One thought on “The Bone Thief

    1. Richard Abbott on said:

      Let me first say that I really enjoyed this book and have no hesitation in awarding five stars.The Bone Thief is set in tenth century England, at a time when there was no united kingdom but rather several different regions under separate leadership The region I know best, having lived in it for many years, is Wessex in the south whose capital at the time was Winchester The main character, Wulfgar, a junior but well trained priest, grew up there But the story really begins in Mercia, a great swat [...]

    2. Rebecca on said:

      This book is a very charming and delightful piece of historical fiction that takes a fresh new stance in the genre by having the main character not a young earl lord wronged by some ancient family feud but a humble deacon in the church of Gloucester in the old kingdom of Mercia, who loves his Lady, Athelflead and is sent on a quest which is guaranteed to take him out of his comfort zone and prove his worth to her in ways beyond his role as secretary Yet little does this quiet man or indeed the r [...]

    3. Carolinemawer on said:

      Its a page turner, with some interesting I m not a historical expert, so I dont know really how good historical detail Cleverly written too, with a weedy hero that readers may identify with from the comfort of their armchairs, plus an effective ensemble of characters muscles good riding wise man also with muscles and a musician too gorgeously sexy strong woman to appeal to all those lady readers out there.But i thought there were some distinct plot character issues 1 the weedy guy suddenly gets [...]

    4. Anna on said:

      Very enjoyable, I love the setting of the so called Dark Ages in England, although I didn t find it quite as satisfying as the Uhtred novels by Bernard Cornwell Whitworth writes a good story but she leaves out much of the brutality of the time at times I found myself thinking that this would be a suitable book for introducing younger readers to Anglo Saxon England Overall fun, but give me Bernard Cornwell s blood soaked fiction any day

    5. Theresa Tomlinson on said:

      I ve just finished reading this book and enjoyed it so much that I slowed down towards the end, as I felt that I didn t want to leave the world of Wulfgar behind It is so rare to find a novel set in 900 A.D The front cover says an unlikely hero yes , but just the sort of hero that I find I can identify with Wulfgar is a sub deacon who is sent by Athelfled Fleda the Lady of the Mercians on a quest to discover and bring back, the bones of St Oswald Wulfgar is humble, modest, frightened, nervous, b [...]

    6. Beorn on said:

      A well written, easily accessible read with a neat twist on the usual historical fiction set up The lead character, Wulfgar, is far from the brash, confident expert fighter you usually see stories centred around He s a nervous, insecure, daydreamer prone to self doubt and procrastination.The main thing that lets this book down is the abject lack of any palpable menace or sense of atmosphere The characters are particularly one dimensional utterly replaceable drones who could easily meet a sticky [...]

    7. The Idle Woman on said:

      Set in 900 AD, The Bone Thief follows Wulfgar, subdeacon at Worcester Cathedral and a devoted adherent of Athelfled, Lady of Mercia and daughter of the late Alfred of Wessex When the Lady s husband falls seriously ill, and Mercia comes under the predatory gaze of Athelfled s brother, Edward of Wessex, it s decided that the vulnerable kingdom needs some divine help Mercia has no powerful saints of its own, so the Bishop decrees that one should be imported And who better than St Oswald, whose rest [...]

    8. Iset on said:

      A studious monk is our protagonist, thoughtfully solving puzzles and problems, but a novice in the dangerous world of politics, and utterly inexperienced in physical fights, rather a handicap in the world of dark age Britain where might is often right A motley crew accompany him on his mission, a complex and difficult assignment to retrieve the bones of St Oswald, and the plot twists and turns with the impact of the actions of outside characters with their own motives as well as the main charact [...]

    9. Natalie on said:

      The Bone Thief is set in the Anglo Saxon period, just after the death of Alfred the Great, and tells the story of Wulfgar s efforts to recover the bones of St Oswald from Danish held territory It aims to be a quest adventure story, but the level of narrative tension is low every time Wulfgar gets into a spot of bother, someone rescues him within a few pages While there is some violence, this seems mild and detached, and does not really bring to life the brutal reality of the times It suffers by [...]

    10. Patricia Bracewell on said:

      3.5 Stars To begin with, I love the cover of this book If I had a print of it, I d frame it and hang it on my wall Now, about the story Although the title might lead one to think this is a mystery, it is instead a quest novel in the tradition of Tolkien s THE HOBBIT It s not fantasy, but it is set in the Anglo Saxon world that was the inspiration for Tolkien s tale The world of THE BONE THIEF is real permeated with Christian rites, laws, traditions and beliefs because that s the way it was The m [...]

    11. Nick Davies on said:

      Given to me to read by my book group, this wasn t completely awful perchance a 2.5 star, as opposed to a blunt two but basically wasn t my kind of thing Set in 10th Century England, the tale follows a young trainee priest sent from Gloucester cross country into the wild Danish controlled lands to the North East, seeking some saintly relics On the way he meets plenty of interesting people with unusual names, and has plenty of adventures appropriate to the time in which the book was set.This was b [...]

    12. Diane on said:

      The year is 900 A.D and England is ruled, in part, by the Danes and the rest of the country is divided with the Kingdoms of Wessex and Mercia with Wessex being the stronger of the two The Lord of Mercia is ill and his wife does not think she can withstand a takeover from the King of Wessex who also happens to be her brother She thinks it would be helpful to give the Mercians a rallying point and with that end in mind, priest Wulfgar who is her friend and secretary is tasked with retrieving the b [...]

    13. Ruth on said:

      C2012 I found a recommendation for this one from one of the book blogging sites that I cyber stalk from time to time It was a good read and, although it starts a little hesitantly, it developed into a really exciting ending As it says two thirds of the way through It was all supposed to have been so easy Go to Bardney Get the relics Go home I am looking forward to some of Wulfgar s adventures The characters were developed gradually and there is some very gentle humour and some toilet humour whi [...]

    14. Katharine on said:

      I really enjoyed this book Wulfgar was an engaging and endearing hero and I became completely immersed in his trials and tribulations The other characters were also fascinating particularly Father Ronan and Gunnvor Cat s Eyes and I m very glad there s another book in the series as I hope to meet them again The author drew a compelling picture of England in 900AD complete with political machinations between Wessex and Mercia and between the Viking leaders It all felt very believable, particularly [...]

    15. Jo on said:

      Wulfgar is a trainee priest in Anglo Saxon times He is given the task by the lady of the district of travelling north to retrieve the bones of St Oswald And, shenanigans ensue He has to deal with the Danes and various rogues and some interesting allies Okay, so the characters have all been done before and the storyline is like a lot of books I ve read previously yet the author seemed to make all feel shiny and new I enjoyed this than I expected and look forward to reading by this author.

    16. Sue on said:

      I would recommend this ot anyone looking for a good read I like the way the hero of the story is not some strong, perfect man who is good at everything He s a bit soft and feels guilty when he gets things wrong He s not of noble birth he s an ordinary person The world is really well drawn without the research being at all clunky Took a while to get going but it gets and gripping as it goes on.

    17. Liz Chapman on said:

      I enjoyed reading this book of historical fiction I couldn t put it down Wolfgar is an endearing character , sent on a quest to find the lost bones Of St Oswald in the Badlands of the north Between the kingdoms of Wessex and Mersia and the Northern territories ruled by the Viking invaders, Wulfgar has the adventure of a lifetime I would Definately try to find the next book The Traitors Pit so that I can find out what happens next.

    18. Edoardo Albert on said:

      An exhilirating jaunt through the badlands of early 10th century Britain ie Leicester and Lincoln at the time under Danish control The unwilling hero, a distinctly unwarlike cleric with his eye on a bishopric, is a lovely creation, and the supporting characters cut a wide swathe through contemporary society, from thralls to kings Underpinned by a great deal of unobtrusive scholarship, this makes an excellent introduction to now slightly less Dark Ages.

    19. Rachel Evers on said:

      Well written, unpretentious in tone, a little slow to get going but once it did I found myself getting through it incredibly quickly The writer introduces us to a very colourful cast of characters, some real historical figures, some imagined My favourite was no doubt the main character Wulfgar, whom I found very endearing and a welcome change from the usual hero of a historical fiction novel I m keeping my fingers crossed for Gunnvor and him Just kiss already Haha

    20. Evan May on said:

      This is not only a meticulously researched and authentic historical novel from the pen of a scholar, it also brings the world of Anglo Saxon England vibrantly to life It is also awash in deeply realized, genuine characters, and it is also an engaging, exciting, thoroughly fun story The Bone Thief is a wonderful read on many levels.

    21. Bram Cleaver on said:

      This is quite a fun read, filled with wonderful and accurate historical detail as well as some very plausible speculation.I recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical fiction, especially those with an interest in Anglo Saxon and Viking matters I can t wait to start the second book in the series.

    22. Geoff on said:

      As this series of novels two at least hope there are is set in post Alfred England it will than likely be compared to Bernard Cornwell s Saxon Series Which is unfortunate.The unworldly sub deacon Wuffa makes for a likeable if unlikely hero I liked the Mercian pov a refreshing change from the dominant West Saxon triumphalism.

    23. Robert Dunn on said:

      This book is not bad The plot is a little thin but the author provides her view of life in Saxon England Quite brutal and a very dangerous place to live Local warlords jealous of their territory and always looking for a way to subjugate his neighbour The bones are those of the local hero now a saint Everyone wants them and will do anything to get them I will read the next instalment.

    24. Jo Barton on said:

      This one started off well, but I found myself losing interest half way through The book is written well enough and the research appears to be impeccable, I just didn t warm to the characters or the story.

    25. Rachel Gallehawk on said:

      Really enjoying this historical novel Very easy to read and the main character a priest in training easily liked Fascinating to read about the clash of tribes in England and the power struggles.

    26. Pete on said:

      Uuuummmmmm, I m afraid I didn t overly enjoy this book, there seemed to be a lot of repeating the story as the book progressed and I found myself skimming through it to get to the end.All I wanted to was get it finished so going off other reviews I was quite disappointed.

    27. Chris Cook on said:

      A bit disappointing Whilst I learnt some of the historical background, which was new to me, the story itself was a bit predictable.

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