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Seymour Chwast Homer

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The Odyssey

The Odyssey By Seymour Chwast Homer The Odyssey Seymour Chwast an icon of the graphic design world has delighted audiences with his adaptations of The Divine Comedy and The Canterbury Tales Now he turns to Homer s Odyssey one of the best known s

  • Title: The Odyssey
  • Author: Seymour Chwast Homer
  • ISBN: 9781608194865
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Odyssey By Seymour Chwast Homer Seymour Chwast, an icon of the graphic design world, has delighted audiences with his adaptations of The Divine Comedy and The Canterbury Tales Now he turns to Homer s Odyssey, one of the best known stories in history The tale is one that begs for visual interpretation, filled with mythic characters we all know well the Cyclops, the Lotus Eaters, the cannibal LaestrygonSeymour Chwast, an icon of the graphic design world, has delighted audiences with his adaptations of The Divine Comedy and The Canterbury Tales Now he turns to Homer s Odyssey, one of the best known stories in history The tale is one that begs for visual interpretation, filled with mythic characters we all know well the Cyclops, the Lotus Eaters, the cannibal Laestrygonians, the Sirens, the monster Scylla beside the whirlpool Charybdis , Poseidon, Athena, and Zeus Featuring a bold black, white, and blue interior design throughout, imbued with his own sly humor, The Odyssey brings us a dazzling new vision of one of the epic journeys.
    The Odyssey By Seymour Chwast Homer

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      154 Seymour Chwast Homer
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    One thought on “The Odyssey

    1. Abby Brithinee on said:

      Seymour Chwast s graphic adaptation of Homer s The Odyssey is, of course, about Odysseus and his journey home after the Trojan War Chwast makes the story into a space opera, but it retains most of the key elements.I have never read Homer s The Odyssey, and I found Chwast s version to be pretty confusing It felt like he left a lot out for the graphic novel, and several times, I think he left out so much that only someone who already knew the story would be able to follow this version I did enjoy [...]

    2. David on said:

      An interesting, anachronistic graphic novel about The Odyssey I m planning on using this text to help front load the Odyssey to my students, so hopefully this helps Although the original text is written in medias res, I don t think this graphic novel follows that completely.

    3. Heather Culley on said:

      I read it in school, and I have no memory of the last two chapters AS HOMER INTENDED.

    4. Melissa Mcavoy on said:

      This is Homer, played for laughs, but not in any obnoxious way Chwast s interpretation uses many of the comic book tropes to good effect thought bubbles, side bars, explanatory arrows and thunderbolts The story chugs along enlivened by the conceit that Odysseus has a space ship and he and Telemachus battle the suitors with Ray guns There is some contextual female nudity, but it s hard to imagine anyone in a swivet over Chwast s simplistic rendering of a half circle with a dot What I can t forgiv [...]

    5. JoLene on said:

      I wanted to read Margaret Atwood s The Penelopiad and when I was picking up the book at the library, I saw this graphic novel The Penelopiad is Penolope s side of the story, based on The Odyssey Since it had been a long time since I read The Odyssey, I thought a graphic novel would be a fun way to refresh my memory Unfortunately, I can t say that I really enjoyed this version of the story It did provide a bit of refresher with some of the key players, but I really didn t understand why they upda [...]

    6. Kerfe on said:

      The graphic novel is the perfect format for escapades involving the whims of the Greek Gods and Goddesses Chwast makes Odysseus a space superhero complete with cape and airships Penelope s suitors are depicted as an array of wonderfully sleazy salesmen in the middle of the flow chart of Odysseus journey from Troy to The End Along the way, I enjoyed Chwast s interpretations of everything from the Trojan Horse to King Alcinous and Queen Arete s palace, the Cyclops, Circe, the ghosts of Hades, the [...]

    7. Emily on said:

      This sis a great little summary of the Odyssey It s strangely pretty darn precise It is kind of a graphic novel retro futuristic spark notes version of the Oddessy It s got s few clever dry humor moments and would be a great addition to any high school or college class that uses The Odyssey as a text.I found that the simplistic drawing style was a nice art form Some pages worked better than others but it definitely is an impressive simplification of the imagery as well as plot and virtue.Worth a [...]

    8. Betsy on said:

      Chwast gives us a marvelous retelling of the Odyssey, keeping characters and scenes intact and distilling the great work down to its essence in a fast moving graphic novel format I think college students and adults who read this in high school and want a quick recap would thoroughly enjoy this.Note to concerned parents some scenes characters look much startling in graphic novel format than when merely read about in antiquated poetic form Racy elements are racy and so forth.

    9. Marta Borowska on said:

      I enjoyed the part in the epilogue during the dialogue between the Prince and Homer Prince It s a great story but I need you to explain one thing to me why does Odysseus always do things that get him in trouble to begin with Homer Bu that s why we care about him Who would care about someone who s always right Prince Getting into trouble and out of it again is really everyone s story, isn t it

    10. Emma on said:

      I don t really know the original story of The Odyssey, although I certainly know about some of the Greek gods This book was fun and an interesting way to hear a classic tale though I suppose had I read the original I may think differently Also, I really liked the illustration style and the fact it was all printed on blue paper, rather than white that s the graphic designer in me Plus the inclusions of space ships and such was pretty neat.

    11. Kerry on said:

      I read this in about an hour I haven t read anything other than this version yet, but plan on it I got the point of it Some of the pictures were a little corny I guess Caution though, if you have kids, there is some nudity in the pictures The biggest thing I hate about books like this is I spend time looking at the pictures as opposed to reading Usually why I have to read books like this twice So I can remember what the book is about.

    12. Bill on said:

      Another great classical adaptation by Seymour Chwast Highly recommended for younger readers who want to explore the classics Chwast makes them accessible and fun to read So far I ve read his adaptations of Dante s Divine Comedy, The Canterbury Tales and The Odyssey Next up is A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur s Court.

    13. Aravis on said:

      The Odyssey is about Odysseus He has a really long story One part was where he met Calypso and he stayed there for 5 years He went through a big storm with Poseidon and saw sea monsters and Sirens Then he got to go home to his wife and son But, he had to fight the suitors At the end there was peace.

    14. David on said:

      This is a cute comic adaption of Homer s Odyssey a nice overview refresher for those whom it s been a while since reading it.However, I m not sure how well it would work as a replacement if you ve been assigned the original in school.

    15. Sanvir Manilal on said:

      My first foray into Homer and I was just too distracted by the corny anachronisms I felt the galactic art direction took away too much from the Greek lore Overall it felt like a highlight reel A Michael Bay trailer of The Odyssey.

    16. Amber on said:

      I would not say Chwast is an incredible artist, I will say though that he is able to take a complex story and write it in an approachable, just an awesome way I d completely recommend this book and any of his books for those who can t get through the originals.

    17. Hayden on said:

      If you are a person of a certain age like me who has not really expereienced The Odyssey since high school or college, a graphic novel is a nice refresher The outer space setting didn t do much for me, but it was fine.

    18. Trinity on said:

      The art was subpar The story was simplified down until it resembled nothing so much as Cliffs Notes, with the important names thrown in on a page here or there Not enjoyable, and a shame to see this story reduced to such unattractive drivel.

    19. SA on said:

      Odysseus and his dudes as space sailors And about as good an adaptation of the Odyssey as I ve ever read Most excellent.

    20. Frank on said:

      Enjoyable and faithful adaptation Though perhaps a too literal interpretation of the original text to very original about it Fun though.

    21. Andrew on said:

      Might be better than the real thing well at least the translation I read

    22. Eric on said:

      Nice graphic retelling of a familiar tale, with a Flash Gordon sort of aesthetic.

    23. Lindsay on said:

      I loved the zany artwork that looked like something any kid trying to spice up The Odyssey would draw.

    24. Michael on said:

      Reads like a middle schooler s book report project I was sick of it within the first 20 pages It was very infrequently clever and glib in an interesting way, but not often enough.

    25. P. on said:

      Chwast mixes spaceships, medieval, and classical greek imagery for this attention grabbing adaptation, printed on sea blue paper.

    26. Amanda Moore on said:

      Love all the witty adaptations and interpretations the is a space odyssey, which totally fits.

    27. Richard Willis on said:

      Never thought a retelling this short could tell the story nearly as well as it was here A brilliant merger of future and myth.

    28. Carole B on said:

      Though the re imagining of this story with a sci fi context was enjoyable and light, I did not care for the art style, but realize that this is a personal choice.

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