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Pepper Pace

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Wheels of Steel, Book 3

Wheels of Steel, Book 3 By Pepper Pace Wheels of Steel Book Robin used to be the dependable friend and good girl until Jason and his friends abused her trust Now the once shy girl lives on the opposite end of the spectrum Sordid nights filled with drug use an

  • Title: Wheels of Steel, Book 3
  • Author: Pepper Pace
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wheels of Steel, Book 3 By Pepper Pace Robin used to be the dependable friend and good girl, until Jason and his friends abused her trust Now the once shy girl lives on the opposite end of the spectrum Sordid nights filled with drug use and alcohol finds Robin now spiraling out of control.And Jason will stop at nothing to gain her trust and love, and hopefully to save her from herself In book 3 of this awardRobin used to be the dependable friend and good girl, until Jason and his friends abused her trust Now the once shy girl lives on the opposite end of the spectrum Sordid nights filled with drug use and alcohol finds Robin now spiraling out of control.And Jason will stop at nothing to gain her trust and love, and hopefully to save her from herself In book 3 of this award nominated story, the tale of the Wheels of Steel gang continues with a new epilogue and ending never before seen in print.This three part interracial love story explores the spirit of love and acceptance between a person with an obvious disability and someone whose disabilities are not always quite so obvious This story contains graphic sex, language and drug use and is intended for mature readers only.
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      479 Pepper Pace
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    One thought on “Wheels of Steel, Book 3

    1. Nozinabook on said:

      I have given this book 3 stars as opposed the the five starts i gave book one and two This is very much a quick skip through their lives with far to much telling and not enough showing By the time you reach the end of book two it would be impossible not to imediately start book three However, I truely think that she should not have split books two and three up.We are informed at the preface that she wrote the piece as one whole but thought that it was too long to release as one book However I fi [...]

    2. Mspraise50 on said:

      I love this author, I love how she can write a love story about people with all kinds of obstacles to over come I normally love all her leading men because they are always lovable, even if they create some drama its always because they love their woman so much I did not fall in love with Jason at all I thought he was mean and childish I totally loved Robin and she demonstrated the characteristics of how someone truly in love behaves She becomes a little Ghetto and bares her teeth to Jason and sh [...]

    3. Deloris on said:

      I really enjoyed reading this story I learned to see people differently with disabilities I read a beautiful love story My complaint is this I did not like the ending I did not feel the story was complete Pepper please write one book to give this story the ending it deserves.

    4. Jiji on said:

      To be honest I can t judge the merit of the writing on this book What my rating reflects is that pointlessness of this particular book The 2nd one could have been longer and be done with instead of having a third volume.I don t like drama I don t like characters acting as it were out of character and I don t like useless anger and angst Also to be honest I just read enough of the last chapter to read the end because I couldn t subject myself to a romance novel WITHOUT the romance This really is [...]

    5. Lenlyn01 on said:

      I liked how this turned outI wish Robin and Jason got married actually but it seems like there room for another book Which I hope will happen I would like to see how they turn out More than happy she layer hands on that damn Amberly plus really I hope Y step out on her I think Jason could see Robin was much stronger person and had grew within the last 6 months they was apart Two thumbs up.

    6. Jenna on said:

      I wanted Robin to grow up not for her to act like a sleeze or doing drinks and joints Jason I know he loves her but he acted like a A hole at the ending from book 2 I thought Amberly was a calculated bitch.My biggest problem is the writing in third person and the writing style is doesn t drag me in.

    7. Aireka on said:

      Love love love the WOS series Hopefully there is another book in the making Again Ms Pace does it again Patiently waiting

    8. Sarahy on said:

      I really love pepper pace work but I think this series should have stopped at book 2 spoiler alert In book 4 she changed to much sweetheart s character 360 on a whole book from a shy girl who could not see guys in the eye to a drug user signing on a girl group and grinding on guys kinda thing not against it lol but that vulnerability was what I liked about her and missed that in the last 2 books i understand that characters have to evolve but didn t do it for me on this one.

    9. ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ on said:

      Gotta say I think this was the best one out of all the 3 books.I thought the hard choices that Robin found herself making, her experiences before coming full circle, were done quite well I felt for her I understood her But at the same time, after awhile, I felt that there came a time where she really just needed to let things go where Amberly was concerned I felt her window to do so was missed though It really didn t make sense for her to revert back to her anger after making her choice through [...]

    10. Elle1986 on said:

      I am not sure what happened here, I loved book 1 and 2 and this one I am scratching my head wondering what the hell happened I thought Robin was perfect, yes she had issues but that is what made me grow to like her timidness and though meek she seemed like a very grounded person, and then it flipped and she turned into so hot mess who is not even a character I recognize even after reading book 1 2 and my goodness did I really just say what the hell at during the epilogue, she was insane and so f [...]

    11. Patti on said:

      WOW I passed this series by so many times When I read that there was going to be a book 4, I decided to read the series before book 4 is released I am so glad that I did finish reading all 3 books just in time for book 4 I was not disappointed, so far this has been a very good series I encourage everyone to take a chance and read this series, but start with book 1 Jason seemed older than his age I loved the chemistry between Jason Robin was awesome I could really feel the love these two had for [...]

    12. Erica on said:

      Robin went a little too extreme in this installment Yes I understand break ups are hard and what Jason did was really stupid But turning her intospoiler an weed smoking, sex crazed and cold hearted unfeeling person was way to much It really ruined how loveable she was in the first two installments Once Jason and his crew found her the story speeds up extremely fast and became unrealistic Hopefully Ms Pace could add a fourth one to flush out this story better.

    13. Nile Princess on said:

      Hate is a strong word, so let s just say I disliked this book because I disliked Robin INTENSELY for about 95% of the book Talk about character assassination By the time she got around to apologies, I was skimming Amberly needs a divorce post haste I wish my husband would shake hands with some chick that just slapped me in the face Pfft I understood Robin s anger but it went too far Hated her.

    14. Robyn on said:

      Hell yeaI loved the way robin transformed and became to love her self .mist the weed smoking and random men I see a woman that found love in herself and confidence Sometimes it takes a tragedy or hurt to bring it out of you I love Robin s character we have so much in common besides the fact we share the same nameI can t wait to read the last installment of this saga SN I LOVE THE WAY SHE HANDLED AMBERLY

    15. Genney Blass on said:

      Only 3 stars I truly tried to enjoy the last book of the love story, but Robin was no longer the loving Robin, I didn t like her character is this book, smoking weed, drinking, because a break up Hey, I understand what we go through as Woman when you get your heart break But what she did was deteriorating herself again I understand that he was her first I just was not feeling the final book of this series Still a Fan of the author.

    16. Vanae on said:

      Great ending, just wish it was longer This series is my first read about a physically disabled man, but I have to say the author did a great job making him likeable and at times sexy IMO I found this couples relationship to be believable, courageous, exciting, emotional, dramatic, and just downright cute I would definitely classify this book series as a great break from the norm , and a great mind trip for the cerebral cortex.

    17. Tracey on said:

      OMG The Wheels of Steel books are AWESOME I read the first book which was pretty good, but the 2nd and 3rd book put the icing on the cake This was an emotional ride for me, there were times I was angry, smiling, laughing, and crying It is a well written, well developed story All I can say is awesome.e.e

    18. Kimchi on said:

      First I have to tell you I didn t read the first two books , I should have this was not a book for me It wasn t that he was in a wheel chair , or that he had c p it was his choice in women She was whinny and was upset over a drunken kiss to the point where she was mean I didn t like her attitude or the fact that she used a breakup to bring out the worst in herself Trifling

    19. Luv_a_good_story on said:

      This book seemed short, but maybe because I wanted I have seen lots of complaints about the turn this book takes, however I found it to be a very interesting development I again got angry at the characters which is a good thing, I guess I feel strongly about them.

    20. Mary on said:

      I really enjoyed reading all 3 books Pepper did a wnderful job These books make you look at people with CP and IBS differently A very good love story and the trials and tribulations that they had to overcome Looking forward to Book 4.

    21. Marcella James on said:

      InterestingGlad Robin and Jason are finally growing up I am looking forward to WOS 4.

    22. Esther Tambe on said:

      Loved the books but which she didn t have to make them into 3 parts Pepper Pace is great in dealing with almost taboo issues No one is undateable.

    23. Flip on said:

      Not as good as the first two books but I still enjoyed reading it.

    24. Anya Alsobrook on said:

      What a GREAT set of books A good love story I can not wait for book 4 There are a few things that I hope will happen in this one.

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