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Yashodhara Lal

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Just Married, Please Excuse

Just Married, Please Excuse By Yashodhara Lal Just Married Please Excuse Caution Marriage Ahead Yashodhara a quick tempered gal from the big city is hitched to Vijay a laidback desi boy from a small town in one word Trouble The young couple must learn to adjust to marrie

  • Title: Just Married, Please Excuse
  • Author: Yashodhara Lal
  • ISBN: 9789350292273
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just Married, Please Excuse By Yashodhara Lal Caution Marriage Ahead Yashodhara, a quick tempered gal from the big city is hitched to Vijay, a laidback desi boy from a small town in one word Trouble The young couple must learn to adjust to married life and to each other whether it is Yashodhara s temper tantrums or Vijay s foot in mouth syndrome with a little help from their idiosyncratic staff, Zarreena anCaution Marriage Ahead Yashodhara, a quick tempered gal from the big city is hitched to Vijay, a laidback desi boy from a small town in one word Trouble The young couple must learn to adjust to married life and to each other whether it is Yashodhara s temper tantrums or Vijay s foot in mouth syndrome with a little help from their idiosyncratic staff, Zarreena and Vinod, their nutty friend Vivi and, of course, their respective families.With the unexpected arrival of baby Anoushka a.k.a Peanut, the battles escalate, fuelled by their vastly divergent views on raising a child Will their many differences so endearing at the start of their romance actually turn out to mean that they are just incompatible Will they ever manage to agree on anything Or have they just bitten off than they can chew A fresh and honest take on marriage and parenthood, and all the chaos that comes with it This is a story of self discovery that will have you laughing out loud and sympathizing wholeheartedly with its quirky and likeable cast of characters.
    Just Married, Please Excuse By Yashodhara Lal

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      268 Yashodhara Lal
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    One thought on “Just Married, Please Excuse

    1. Swapan Seth on said:

      I have known Yashodhra Lal as a client of mine A serious, strategist with little sense of humour Or so I thought Having said that, I did know that if she had written a book, it would certainly be above average Such is her nature She wouldn t put her name to anything that wasn t above par.I finished JUST MARRIED PLEASE EXCUSE in one go Which is a feat by itself since I usually stay away from fiction I make an annual exception Tony Parsons And recently I also read Kiran Manral s lovely little book [...]

    2. Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws on said:

      Yashodhara is a modern Delhi girl and Vijay is somewhat modern guy from Jaipur The corporate world plays a cupid bringing them together While Yashodhara is fun loving, easy going sorts with a big temper, Vijay is serious, steady and man of few words While one is strictly non vegetarian the other is strictly vegetarian They couldn t be different But since when did love ever have a checklist of likes, dislikes and temperament In a split moment decision made by Yashodhara not so sudden for Vijay, [...]

    3. Akanksha on said:

      Everyone seems to find the book funny, awesome, hilarious But for me the book is REAL.I have to thank the writer for this book Having been married for over a year now and checking random relationship websites ,as to how to tackle married life, Yash s book answers all of that in a uncomplicated manner and the book also re assures that its ok to do the wrong things in a marriage, since everything will be fine with a lot of communication What s right with the book EVERYTHING Seriously it was like M [...]

    4. Rohan on said:

      Though the book is being launched on July 19th, I was fortunate enough to read it as my boss, who received an early copy was nice enough to lend it to me once she was done When I think of Yashodhara Lal, I always remember her as a client who would occasionally gave me stares that stung like daggers when my team and I would put up a presentation that she thought was not quite up to the mark I was always quite wary of her However I would get a taste of her occasional good sense of humour every tim [...]

    5. Divya on said:

      If there s one book you must read on a trip this summer, this has to be it It s light, unpretentious and will keep you entertained through the course of the journey While there have been many books on marriage between mismatched individuals, this one stands out for being refreshingly honest The characters are real, and the goof ups make you sympathize with them especially if you are also one of those women with foot in mouth syndrome The down to earth humor, and unabashed autobiographical storie [...]

    6. Neena on said:

      Foremost Most of the reviews here are FAKERead them carefully and you will come to know that reviewers are somehow related to the authorDo a ctrl f on client neighbourI got trapped in these fake reviews posted here and on FLIPKARTOn flipkart you will also notice that the bad reviews do not move up in the review section no matter how many people find them helpful Book is about the author bragging may be her lifeJust another imitation of Three mistakesPut some fancy names such as IIT IIM and the c [...]

    7. ʎzzıɯ Mekana on said:

      I got this book as a First Reads Squeeee my first ever It amazes me Seriously free books Being a minor in high school, you can imagine my embarrassment when telling my mom that I had just won a book entitled Just Married, Please Excuse This book is not what I expected at all I HATE Chetan Bagat novels with fiery passion and I expected something similar What I got, however, was a cynically funny, interesting, and honest novel about marriage and life in general This book is highly entertaining and [...]

    8. Manika on said:

      I have been reading Yashodhara s blog for a couple of years now and always look forward to her updates The way she writes is very fresh, casual, conversational, and just funny You can t read what she writes and not come away smiling I know, I know unless of course she s writing something sad Because of the blog, I was really looking forward to getting my hands on the book It was a really good read what I like most is how honest the book is It s her life as it really is no pretense at all The peo [...]

    9. Prerna on said:

      I have been one of the few lucky ones who got the pleasure to read the book before everyone actually gets their own copy Having finished the book in almost one go, I wanted the book to go and on I have never been a very speedy reader but in this case I just did not want the book to end and every page I read wanted me to continue further Just Married Please Excuse, is a beautifully written book which left me awe struck The characters so real that they almost talk to you and someone you can totall [...]

    10. Zarreen on said:

      Humourous, fun, interesting, light and totally relatable Not an otherwise fast reader, this one I finished in just a couple of days laughing out loud in parts and feeling the unsaid warmth of the relationships in the book Loved some of the characters especially the description of the household help and the quirky marriage counsellor The characters are brought to life simply by their dialogues rather than describing them physicallyat s the type of writing I like Fast paced and fun, pick it up if [...]

    11. Book'd on said:

      This would be the last review of 2015 from my side There s Something About You was my first book by this author and it was so entertaining that I couldn t wait to start another one by her Just Married, Please Excuse is a different book for different sort of readers.It is a hilarious and entertaining book for an unmarried reader and it is a true to life, real story for a married reader.Yashodhara Lal has a unique ability to write light hearted romance with a dose of humour, this is what I like ab [...]

    12. Arti on said:

      Fact or Fiction Imagination or Memoirs These thoughts went through my head as I started reading Just Married, Please Excuse by Yashodhara Lal As the story unfolded and the characters started to be introduced, I felt that the author was talking about her reminiscences.The book is about Yashodhara, a 23 year old girl from Delhi, who has passed out from IIM, Bangalore and is working in a company, where she meets Vijay, 30, from Jaipur They fall in love and get married She has very humourously prese [...]

    13. Nishal Joseph on said:

      absolutely loved the book had been following Y on her blog and was really impressed by her writing style and brilliant choice of words to describe otherwise simple n common things the hallmark of her writing style is clearly evident in her book as well.didn t feel as if i was reading a book, could visualize the things so vividly as if i was a witness to all the events some of them nearly earth shattering bhookamp for me the one take away from the book was the quote by mummyji ladne ki kya baat h [...]

    14. Swati on said:

      I won this book in one of the Giveaway For me it was a simple, funny and light read The whole concept of Yashodhara putting her own life on paper and sharing the good and bad moments of it, was new and entertaining In very simple terms, it shows what most of the couples go through in early phases of their marriage and parenting Having said that, it may be simple looking but it still manages to show the various shades of V and Y s relationship At times things may not be as complicated as we often [...]

    15. Zainab Aafia on said:

      If you are one of those readers who checks out ratings and reviews before getting yourself any book, then please do not go by these ratings on good reads or flipkart It is over rated period I found it really boring There is nothing interesting about it The humour and writing is similar to that of Chetan Bhagat s books and is mostly a compiled version of the author bragging about her achievements It looks like the author is honest, not trying to please anybody but the you read, you find that eac [...]

    16. Sophia on said:

      While this book had its entertaining moments and I feel any married couple will be able to relate to the majority of this book, it completely lacked a story I felt like I was reading a personal diary I found myself laughing out loud a few times, so I m not saying this was not entertaining What i AM saying is that I could skip 5 pages at a time and still not be confused, because it s not possible to miss anything in a book that has no real story, other than the life and times of a married couple [...]

    17. Dipali on said:

      Just Married, Please Excuse is deceptively funny It s funny because Yashodhara Lal has an unerring eye for the quirky, and can describe events and situations with disarming candour I say deceptively funny, because it is a very honest portrait of a marriage, with all the associated joys and heartache that the early years of marriage and parenthood can bring It demanded to be read through in one sitting, as I had to know what happened next, and is now being read again, slowly, savouring each authe [...]

    18. Versha on said:

      Just married, please excuse is an honest and sincere effort from author Yashodhara I really liked the way she portrayed each character they were SO realistic that we could relate to all of them easily and also the story was like a real time experience, I didn t find anything out of context or exaggerating Even the ending was smooth usually the books I have read tend to either elaborate the ending or finish it off soon that was not the case with this book Over all a great, humors, clean and real [...]

    19. Manu Goyal on said:

      A brilliantly hilarious book couldn t put it down till I finished the last page Yashodhara strikes a good balance between humour and emotion Had me in giggles in many parts especially the part about K and vijay The language used looked so simple at first but then I realised that the words were chosen so beautifully as if we were having a direct conversation.Great that Yashodhara could convert her life so far into a book Hope that it is just the beginning and looking forward for

    20. Indrani Sen on said:

      This is the story of Yashodhara and Vijay and their journey of life via marriage and parenthood The book is a very enjoyable, engaging and fast read It is pretty well written and the story flows smoothly At every step there are hilarious anecdotes Recommended for reading while travelling or when you need something light but still well written.

    21. Rupertt Wind on said:

      A staggeringly simple and honest account of a neo Indian metro sexual , modern Indian women as she travels through love, life and a lot .It offers and inside view of Indian life and the big and small troubles that they face as a family in an India that is both Traditional and Modern simultaneously.

    22. Mahima on said:

      A simple story with many hilarious angles to life post marriage and yet dealing with many PPDs Really liked all the details thrown on each incident covered in the book Wish i read what happens next in this Queen and King story after their princess.

    23. Vismaya on said:

      It was an ok book , I didn t like it very much I feel the author must have included some romance The book s title was catchy and so I decided to buy it After a few pages I was bored I guess its the kind of book which will be liked by married people since they can relate to it.

    24. Aneesha on said:

      A laugh riot And it s such a nice feeling that the author is my neighbour and slowly turning into a friend It is so clever n witty There is also surprising sensitivity behind the humor A must read

    25. Darshana Unnikrishnan on said:

      i totally loved this book its a sincere take on marriage unlike the usual masala novels it certainly does not contain any masala added to it to please the reader its just about real life experiences the way people react to real life situations it was a refreshing read.

    26. Umashankar on said:

      Just married, Please Excuse is an uncomplicated and rollicking account of coming together of a couple hailing from disparate segments of the society It is destined to put a stubborn smile on your face with its innate humour and disarming frankness.

    27. Chaitali on said:

      May be It is just me going by roaring reviews for this book on that I found the book pretty average and it did not as humurous as many reviews say I found it very boring even by the standards of chick lit so it was one star for me.

    28. Piyusha Vir on said:

      The author s ability to see the humour in the unlikeliest of situations, and present in through the protagonist is commendable The writing is heart felt and hilarious I was really laughing out loud while reading it Nowhere does the author lose tempo of the story, or the underlying humour.

    29. Varun on said:

      Awesome book from a debut writer A simple, elegant but flowing writing style and the little moments interwoven in bigger shifts in married life is what this book is about.One thing, this book will save many a marriages.

    30. Mayank Pandya on said:

      Very boring Somehow completed this book A story without proper plot flow Didn t liked it.

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