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John Grandits

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Blue Lipstick: Concrete Poems

Blue Lipstick: Concrete Poems By John Grandits Blue Lipstick Concrete Poems A year old girl named Jessie voices typical and not so typical teenage concerns in this unique hilarious collection of poems Her musings about trying out new makeup and hairstyles playing volleyb

  • Title: Blue Lipstick: Concrete Poems
  • Author: John Grandits
  • ISBN: 9780618851324
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blue Lipstick: Concrete Poems By John Grandits A 15 year old girl named Jessie voices typical and not so typical teenage concerns in this unique, hilarious collection of poems Her musings about trying out new makeup and hairstyles, playing volleyball and cello, and dealing with her annoying younger brother are never boring or predictable Who else do you know who designs her own clothes and writes poetry to her cat JA 15 year old girl named Jessie voices typical and not so typical teenage concerns in this unique, hilarious collection of poems Her musings about trying out new makeup and hairstyles, playing volleyball and cello, and dealing with her annoying younger brother are never boring or predictable Who else do you know who designs her own clothes and writes poetry to her cat Jessie s a girl with strong opinions, and she isn t shy about sharing them Her funny, sarcastic take on high school life is revealed through concrete poetry words, ideas, type, and design that combine to make pictures and patterns The poems are inventive, irreverent, irresistible, and full of surprises just like Jessie and the playful layout and ingenious graphics extend the wry humor.
    Blue Lipstick: Concrete Poems By John Grandits

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      208 John Grandits
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    One thought on “Blue Lipstick: Concrete Poems

    1. Hannah M. on said:

      This book was quite good overall I really liked the poems in it, they were pretty funny, and it was also pretty fun to read because I had to keep turning the book Overall I liked it a quite a bit.

    2. Katie Carson on said:

      I loved the creativity that comes with writing concrete poetry and Blue Lipstick is exemplary of this The story of a teenager sorting her way through high school is brilliantly told through a variety of styles, shapes and fonts As in all concrete poetry, the form of the writing tells the story along with the words themselves What I really liked about Blue Lipstick in particular is that the author never strays from the story in order to include a poem With each new narrative poem, the story of Je [...]

    3. Grace Galinski on said:

      This book wasting The poems are pretty whacky, but they were pretty funny also The layout of the book was pretty weird too I kept having to turn the book to read the actual poems But over all I d say it was worth the read.

    4. Cassie Cox on said:

      I just finished this tiny giant of a book I am a collector a collector of words of models of ideas for possibilities Each time I turned the page, I found myself reading and thinking of ways I might be able to use this in my high school Language Arts classes Seriously, this book is a quick read I am ordering extra copies right now because I know my students will want to analyze this gem over and over and over.If you don t already own it, I m sorrybut there is hope If you order it now, Blue Lipsti [...]

    5. Mary on said:

      Recommended for Ages 10 and upKirkus ReviewsAfter suffering indignities at the pen of little brother Robert Technically, It s Not My Fault, 2004 , big sister Jessie gets her chance In full adolescent voice, she talks of the disastrous day she dyed her hair blue, the misery of pep rallies, the futility of talking to grownups and the path of a secret As in the previous volume, the poems are shaped by their subjects, so in The Bowling Party, the reader gets a bird s eye view of Jessie s shots a gut [...]

    6. Catherine on said:

      The poetry book, Blue Lipstick by John Grandest is an award winning collection that should be shared with children The poems in this book are formatted in unusual ways For example, the Pocket Poem is written on a sheet of paper that is coming out of a jean pocket Before the poem begins the sheet of paper says, It s a good idea to carry a poem in your pocket in case of an emotional emergency which is an intriguing way to captivate the intended reader I would recommend this book of poems to studen [...]

    7. Abby Johnson on said:

      In a collection of concrete poems that are fun visually than intellectually, Blue Lipstick gives a snapshot of 9th grader Jessie s life Poems cover everything from an emotional graph of her day stretching from Shaving My Head and Running Away to Ridiculously Happy to Zombie Jocks my personal favorite and making a poem that a cat would appreciate cut onto strips, attached to a hanger, She loved it She batted at it for an hour Certainly fun to look at and to read Kids will eat this one up and enj [...]

    8. Mallory on said:

      Written from the viewpoint of a teenage girl, this collection of poems brilliantly portrays the thoughts, feelings, and issues of being an awkward high school kid Students will be able to easily relate to these poems, as the words visibly show the actions or emotions being expressed Some of the poems are about lighthearted topics, while others are serious I would recommend this books for middle schoolers However, concrete poems will appeal to students of all ages and this book is a great exampl [...]

    9. Katiekate on said:

      great book,the words are set up very creativley and everyone is waiting for me to check it back in Im not going to check it back in for a while even though i already finished it

    10. Riley on said:

      This book was a quick read, but I really liked the format and the style of the poems Each poem had a funny or relatable situation, anyone could relate to This book is a must read for poetry fans.

    11. Kristen on said:

      Blue Lipstick chronicles the high school experiences of a teenager, named Jesse, in the form of concrete poems The poems are a combination of different fonts, patterns, and pictures More than several poems require the reader to turn the book almost completely upside down in order to read some of the lines Through these poems, readers get to know the inventive and rebellious Jessie From her annoying, but sometimes sweet little brother, to her participation on the volleyball team, to an unlikely e [...]

    12. Sarah on said:

      One of the best books of poetry I ve ever read In turns hilarious, raw and insightful Captures high school middle school but is a nice read for anyone Has really helped me to have deep conversations with students.

    13. Richie Partington on said:

      19 June 2007 BLUE LIPSTICK CONCRETE POEMS by John Grandits, Clarion, May 2007, ISBN 0 618 56860 3 hardcover 0 618 85132 1 paperback.Three years after its publication, I continue to regularly turn middle school students onto John Grandits first, incredibly fun book of concrete poems That first book, TECHNICALLY, IT S NOT MY FAULT, which is made up of a series of poems that are created through an interplay of text and graphics, involves the exploits of a boy named Robert The fun begins on the fron [...]

    14. Robert Beveridge on said:

      John Grandits, Blue Lipstick Concrete Poems Clarion, 2007 I might have ended up liking this book better had I known from the outset it s the sequel to another Grandits book which I haven t read , but I don t know about that I have a tendency to be very touchy when it comes to the subject of poetry after all, I wrote the stuff for years than I care to count , and the plethora of young adult oriented verse novels in recent years has in general, when I have encountered them, made me want to boil m [...]

    15. Mrs.Charles on said:

      BIBLIOGRAPHYGrandits, John 2007 BLUE LIPSTICK CONCRETE POEMS NewYork Clarion ISBN 9780618568604PLOT SUMMARYBlue Lipstick is a collection of poems written by a 15 year old girl named Jessie The poems are written about the trials and tribulations she has of her life and the people and circumstances within it Her troubles range from an annoying little brother to the school bus driver The poems are all written in unique shapes and designs that reflect the content of the writing I loved turning and t [...]

    16. Chris on said:

      Dad said, It s not easy tobe creative And I thoughtto myself, You wouldn tbelieve how creative I haveto be just to get throughthe day He said, It s toughbeing an artist You ve gotto struggle for years Peopleoften misunderstand yourwork You ve got to be thick skinned because critics canbe cruel You don t have anymoney And in many waysyou re really alone And I said, It sounds like high school from Mondrian This is a companion book to Technically, It s Not My Fault that improves on the previous tit [...]

    17. Jason on said:

      I wanted to like this novel in verse about a high schooler, which purports to be a series of concrete poems The main character is a freshman who seems fairly normal with her occasional angst and dislike for most adults and her annoying younger brother.The cover poem starts off promising enough with its border forming a mirror frame Most of the concrete poems in this book don t actually form a shape an illustration is merely placed behind the poem This seemed like cheating to me, an easy way out [...]

    18. Chris on said:

      This is a collection of poems written by fictional 15 year old Jessie They say, write what you know, so Jessie writes about bad hair days, talking to her stupid younger brother, her emotional day, and volleyball practice, among other things This is typical teen stuff, but what is not typical is the layout and design of the poems In A Chart of My Emotional Day, the printing spikes up and down on a grid that ranges from Shaving my Head and Running Away to Ridiculously Happy In Volleyball Practice, [...]

    19. Trinity on said:

      Hey, everyone I just finished John Grandits book Blue Lipstick The book was easy to read and quick, but it was fun and made you want to continue The reason why I was attracted to this book was because of the fact it was all concrete poems There is not many books out there where the words create the pictures My favorite poem was Point A to Point B I think the most creative way Grandits formatted the words was in the poem Go Look in the Mirror The story of the book was also amusing because of the [...]

    20. Demi Burns on said:

      Blue Lipstick Concrete Poems is a poetry book is strictly on concrete poetry However, it is from the point of view from a fifteen year old girl named Jessie who is in high school She expresses and shares her strong opinions on experiences she entails throughout high school Not only do the poems explain her problems or experiences them selves, the poems are in the shape or idea of what the poem is about One poem made out of cheerleaders, another out of perfume, and my favorite, a shower head I re [...]

    21. Brandy Shark on said:

      At random, I pulled this book off the shelf because it looked very interesting I think that it s a good concept, and I loved the typography of the poems, but I think the book fell a little short Blue Lipstick is a book of poetry from the point of view of a teenage girl A simple look at her daily life, but what I found the book lacking, oddly enough, was creativity The typography aside, there wasn t anything really special about the poems They were the media, stereotype thoughts of a teenage girl [...]

    22. Kristen on said:

      Blue Lipstick is a really cute book that is all concrete poems Every poem tells about a girl named Jessie s life It describes school, looks, sports, music, and other issues in young girls lives All the poems are in the shape of the topic that the poem is describing There are different ads and activities that go along with the poems I loved this book The poems were all really clever Students could really relate to what Jessie is going through at her school My favorite poem was All my important th [...]

    23. Jen on said:

      Genre PoetryCopyright 2007I ve always loved concrete poems When I taught back East, I worked in a private school I was in charge of the yearbook which was anything but traditional We had each of our seventh graders write a concrete poem to an eighth grader who would be graduating from our school Many of our students had attended our school since preschool.One of the poems that I really enjoyed in Blue Lipstick is called The Wall It is written from the perspective of a young girl who after dealin [...]

    24. Ashley on said:

      This book explores what it s like to be an awkward high school girl through the uniqueness of concrete poetry This book is very believable and basically puts you in this girls shoes and the conflict of being a teenager in this book is very obvious I thought the protagonist was very well developed and realistic I think the character would connect with a lot of high school or middle school because a lot of the topics brought up in the book pertain to girls of this age The theme of the book was exp [...]

    25. Lindsey on said:

      Grandits uses concrete poetry to tell the tale of a high school girl called Jesse She s a vegetarian, has issues with jocks, cheerleaders, and riding the bus, but broadens her perspective on a lot through her first year in high school A lot of the poems are really funny Like Grandits first book from Robert s point of view, Jesse s little brother, the poems tell a story, but some of them could work alone if you don t like the entire collection I think this collection is wordy and difficult than [...]

    26. Arminzerella on said:

      Concrete poems are poems that embody the shape of what they describe The words are arranged or drawn or somehow visually as well as textually represent what they re about Grandits writes from the point of view of Jessie, a high school teenager, and each of these poems describes in some way what her life is like There s a poem called Bad Hair Day, and another that charts her Emotional Day and another about a pep rally where the cheerleaders are drawn in words stupid little skirt, pom pom, air, im [...]

    27. Caylee on said:

      The book, Blue Lipstick by John Grandits was unlike any books I ve read before With it s unusual combination of poetry and art this book amazed me Concrete poetry is truly showed at it s best in this book It had me turning the book upside down and around and around Holding poems up to mirrors because of the wonderful wacky layout There were so many great poems, I don t think there was a single one I didn t enjoy Out of all of the poems I d have to say my favorite one was called Grownups Talking [...]

    28. Michele Velthuizen on said:

      Interest level 7th Reading level easyGenre poetry, concrete poems, shape poems, humorRead alikes Even those of you who don t care too much about poetry will enjoy this short and hilarious book of concrete poems by George Grandits he also wrote Technically, It s Not My Fault , another book of poetry.Concrete poems take the shape of the subject they describe so they re a lot of fun For example, in the poem called Allergic to Time , the author wrote the poem in the shape of an hour glass Sometimes [...]

    29. Brian on said:

      Junior high girls will love this book I think they ll find the voice of Jessie very convincing Her insights, gripes, and sarcastic humor are so genuine They ll want to be friends with this girl Or better yet, they ll want to write their own concrete poems However, part of the appeal is that the book can be risque Jessie talks about how she doesn t like smokers of anything , uses the word boobs, wears a wide neck t shirt that reveals one black bra strap, yells at her younger brother for stuffing [...]

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