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Gabriela Popa

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Kafka's House

Kafka's House By Gabriela Popa Kafka s House Ten year old Silvia Marcu lives in the magical world of fairy tales sheltered from the traumatic events Romania goes through during the sixties As the events of unfold she is assailed by questi

  • Title: Kafka's House
  • Author: Gabriela Popa
  • ISBN: 9780983864103
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kafka's House By Gabriela Popa Ten year old Silvia Marcu lives in the magical world of fairy tales, sheltered from the traumatic events Romania goes through during the sixties As the events of 1968 unfold, she is assailed by questions no one, not even her parents, can answer With imagination and candor, Silvia embarks on a miraculous journey that reveals that the ordinary people around us hold the keyTen year old Silvia Marcu lives in the magical world of fairy tales, sheltered from the traumatic events Romania goes through during the sixties As the events of 1968 unfold, she is assailed by questions no one, not even her parents, can answer With imagination and candor, Silvia embarks on a miraculous journey that reveals that the ordinary people around us hold the key to our most puzzling questions
    Kafka's House By Gabriela Popa

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      336 Gabriela Popa
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    One thought on “Kafka's House

    1. Grady on said:

      Through a Child s EyesGabriela Popa has discovered a transporting method of writing about the magic of being a child and seeing the world through the eyes of a child In her words, A few years after I came to US, after a long discussion with my American friends about life in Eastern Europe, I started writing a novel about what meant to be a child in communist Romania I wanted to understand the child I once was, because I felt that that child held the key to my future I wanted to understand what i [...]

    2. Elizabeth Cartwright on said:

      Though generally outside the genres that I tend to gravitate towards, Gabriela Popa has found a great way of writing a fantastic way of writing from the point of view of a child, while avoiding the annoyance of dealing with such an immature voice, but maintaining the innocence and simple naivety that you d expect While I fully expected to grow tired of a ten year old s point of view, I found myself surprisingly satisfied and endeared.Through Popa s writing, she depicts for us life in the late 60 [...]

    3. Al on said:

      Near the beginning, when eight year old Silvia Marcu, the protagonist and narrator of Kafka s House, is introducing herself to the reader she mentions that people who live in small houses make her uneasy She then relates this to how she felt years later when she visited the house in Prague where Franz Kafka once lived This house, while extremely small, is also where Kafka wrote much of his work Silvia says, I was stunned to see how someone with such vast inner spaces can live in such a ridiculou [...]

    4. Jade Onyx on said:

      Gabriela Popa s writing is refreshingly beautiful, achingly universal, and somewhat spiritual Popa writes this story from 10 year old Sylvia Marcu s perspective about childhood in communist Romania in the 60s on the eve of change Popa s personal experience informs this fictionalized historical novel Through the eyes of a child, we see what the child deems as important what the freedoms and limitations of daily life are In no way does the author draw sympathy from the reader, forcing us to see ho [...]

    5. Rick Skwiot on said:

      An intimate and affecting view of 1968 Romania, at the time of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, through the eyes of Silvia Marcu, a dreamy and imaginative 10 year old learning about death, disappointment and informants in a totalitarian society.Yet for all that and despite Silvia s frugal, circumscribed life the book has a warmth, humor and wisdom that elevate it above mere politics Of particular appeal, too, is the look inside Romanian homes, families and lives as people were forced to ad [...]

    6. Emma Jaye on said:

      This book reads like an autobiography, in the same vein as Cider With Rosie, buy from the perspective of a 10 year old Romanian child It was quaint and interesting rather than the most gripping read I ve ever had, but sometimes its the little things that matter.Life is hard by modern standards but Silvia and her friends make the best of it, because that it all they know Even having grown up in a modern western country, the things Silvia is concerned about, school work, family, friends and childh [...]

    7. Jackie on said:

      It is true that our childhood everyday exeriences make us what we are how we look at those experiences as we grow older gives us wisdom and knowledge a great book to hel us remember and look back as to how we thought at a young age smile

    8. Jennie Goutet on said:

      This book was enchanting to read The narrative is from the point of view of a child growing up in communist Romania, and her joys and concerns are as unique to the time and place as they are universal to all children everywhere It s a stunning read I highly recommend this book.

    9. Sandy on said:

      very easy read, good for all ages Gabriela writes in such a way that the reader can see what the characters are seeing You almost feel as if you are there walking with 10 year old Sylvia and experiencing her life as she does So glad to have the opportunity to read this book.

    10. Carla on said:

      Thankfully, Gabriela gifted me a copy of this wonderful story It was a good story that kept you reading I enjoyed every minute of the telling of Silvia s childhood I always love to learn about different cultures Thank you, Gabriela I would like to read from you.

    11. Robert Duperre on said:

      Rating 3.3 out of 5I find it wonderful to read about a slice of life that is separate from my own, a sliver of reality alien to me in setting and social construction yet human enough to allow me to feel for the characters and wonder what it would be like if I, myself, lived under these circumstances.In Kafka s House, Gabriela Popa transports the reader to Romania in the 1960 s, a land where old ways are beginning to be ushered away at the onset of communism In this tale we meet Sylvia, a precoci [...]

    12. Bonnie Ferrante on said:

      When I started this book, I wasn t sure I would like it Told from the point of view of a 10 year old Romanian girl named Silvia in 1968, the story takes a few pages to pull you in But once it has you, it doesn t let go.Silvia deals with all the normal things of childhood, school, friends, learning the times table, wanting to have things her family can t afford, and puzzlement at the behavior of adults Her family is struggling, not as poor as the relatives on the farm, but unsure whether they can [...]

    13. Melinda Brasher on said:

      I love stories that take place in Europe Having lived in Poland and the Czech Republic, both countries with communist pasts, I always find it interesting to hear different takes on the subject In Kafka s House, we see life in Romania in the 60s through the eyes of an imaginative young girl It s a charming read, but also enlightening.There are a few little errors in grammar, mostly tense problems There s also some odd word choice here and there, like colleague instead of classmate, which probably [...]

    14. Ted Farrar on said:

      THOUGHT PROVOKING AND EVOCATIVEKafka s House is a snapshot of 10 year old Silvia s life in rural Romania under the Communist regime Maybe it s partly autobiographical I don t know, but the characters are lovingly realistic and well developed I don t think I m spoiling anything by saying that nothing much happens Don t expect magical revelations, epic quests or heroic defiance What you will get is a poignant understanding of ordinary people struggling to cope under the paranoid social repression [...]

    15. Abby Vandiver on said:

      4 1 2Kafka s House tell the story of a little girl living in Romania during the 1960 The story is well written and ahs a feel to it that draws you back to when you were young Playing outside, dealing with the neighborhood residents, young, old, mean, suspicious In that, it is a very warm, and relaxing tale.i wasn t sure if this was non fiction, or fiction based on real events That tells a lot about the writing ability of the author Popa is a very good writer, and weaves a well crafted, well writ [...]

    16. Sjm on said:

      This review first appeared on See the full review and interview with the author at Cookie s Book ClubI very much enjoy Gabriela Popa s writing style, and I was immediately immersed in the story of a young girl s life in 1968 Romania I walked with Sylvia down the street, joined her in greeting and analyzing a cast of fascinating and troubled characters, and visited Ana and Crina s home to buy bors At the end of her father s work day, I sat at Sylvia s table eating the stew that her mother had sta [...]

    17. Michael on said:

      I really enjoyed reading Kafka s House and recommend this novel to everyone It is a small glimpse into the life of a 10 year old girl and her family in Romania Ms Popa, through vivid imagery and powerful emotions paints a portrait of the hardships, disappointments, and cold reality of a war torn Romania in 1968 Through it all we get a sense of hope, a sense that something better is out there waiting for us to discover One of my favorite lines from the book, She looks at them with love again then [...]

    18. Cee Marie on said:

      Overall I think this was a solid read It was neither fantastic nor bad I enjoyed reading about Silvia s daily life, and I thought that was very entertaining Though it was a fairly simple novel, there was a certain charm in it One of my favorite things about the book was the fact that Slivia was so much like me in the way where she was always looking for signs that she was one of the characters in a book she read, or that she was special in some way or another This was one of the books where you [...]

    19. Gaurav Agrawal on said:

      Good ReadRecently I got a copy for the review purpose of this sweet book This book is our chance to see the life in Romania back in 1960s This is the view of life in that era from the eyes of a sweet child Her dreams, joy fears, likes and dislikes present humor, happiness and even a new insight Popa is blessed to really create the environment in front of the reader Readers not only read the story rather really see the whole atmosphere around him On the other hand this extensive description makes [...]

    20. Erika on said:

      Kafka s House takes us back to the simpler times of childhood told through 10 year old Silvia s eyes The gifts of friendship and discovery, the urge to please those around us and enjoy new adventures This all takes place during the communist invasion back in the 60 s Silvia must deal with danger to her community and way of life.This is an easy book to read with many lessons to explore on the way, told from the innocent viewpoint of a child.

    21. Dawn on said:

      I absolutely loved this charming little novel The prose is simply elegant and I was immediately sucked into this book by the first few sentences Popa paints a picture of the life of a little girl, her world is fantastic and magical, even against the stark background of Communist Romania I hope Gabriela plans to write many, many books

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