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Chomp By Carl Hiaasen James Van Der Beek Chomp Wahoo Cray lives in a zoo His father is an animal wrangler so he s grown up with all manner of gators snakes parrots rats monkeys snappers and in his backyard The critters he can handle His fat

  • Title: Chomp
  • Author: Carl Hiaasen James Van Der Beek
  • ISBN: 9780307916419
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Chomp By Carl Hiaasen James Van Der Beek Wahoo Cray lives in a zoo His father is an animal wrangler, so he s grown up with all manner of gators, snakes, parrots, rats, monkeys, snappers, and in his backyard The critters he can handle His father is the unpredictable one When his dad takes a job with a reality TV show called Expedition Survival , Wahoo figures he ll have to do a bit of wrangling himselfWahoo Cray lives in a zoo His father is an animal wrangler, so he s grown up with all manner of gators, snakes, parrots, rats, monkeys, snappers, and in his backyard The critters he can handle His father is the unpredictable one When his dad takes a job with a reality TV show called Expedition Survival , Wahoo figures he ll have to do a bit of wrangling himself to keep his dad from killing Derek Badger, the show s boneheaded star, before the shoot is over But the job keeps getting complicated Derek Badger seems to actually believe his PR and insists on using wild animals for his stunts And Wahoo s acquired a shadow named Tuna a girl who s sporting a shiner courtesy of her old man and needs a place to hide out They ve only been on location in the Everglades for a day before Derek gets bitten by a bat and goes missing in a storm Search parties head out and promptly get lost themselves And then Tuna s dad shows up with a gun .It s anyone s guess who will actually survive Expedition Survival
    Chomp By Carl Hiaasen James Van Der Beek

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      418 Carl Hiaasen James Van Der Beek
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    One thought on “Chomp

    1. John on said:

      First, please understand, my rating of a book is based on how it affects me, nothing else A book does not have to be great literature to get high marks from me, it just has to catch my interest and involve me, and get me to enjoy the experience in the process This is what makes Chomp a five star read for me.Carl Hiaasen is one of my all time favorite fiction authors Unfortunately, for his loyal readers, he s been keeping a fairly low profile in recent years after a creative explosion in the 90 s [...]

    2. Jennifer on said:

      My family watches a good amount of survival skills TV, with Survivorman and Naked and Afraid being our favorites So when we realized Chomp s plot integrates a similar survival themed TV show, we were pretty excited Of course the show featured in this book is from Mr Hiaasen s imagination, but in my opinion it strongly resembles one particular survivalist s show that I shall not name It happens to be a show I won t watch because I think it s strategically and non spontaneously scripted and comple [...]

    3. Jonathan Peto on said:

      I m having trouble working myself up to review this one That may be the definition of a three star book, at least sometimes.I ve been meaning to read something by Carl Hiaasen for awhile now I read this one aloud to my son because my random picks for him lately tended to feature female leads, the ocean, and environmentalist themes to one degree or another Isabel of the Whales and Island of the Aunts I figured I owed the guy a break.Back to Chomp I liked it Much of it takes place in the Florida E [...]

    4. Ken on said:

      Fun for a bit there s a chomp joke in there somewhere Hiaasen hits the right notes humor wise in this Steve Irwinesque takeoff of a prima donna phoney Aussie hosting a reality wildlife survival show His name is Derek Badger and he isn t the best thing about this novel by any means Unfortunately, just when you think he s as bad as it gets, ANOTHER caricature um, CHARACTER, I mean I think snatches defeat from the gator jaws of infamy by taking his place.What s to like the Mickey Cray character, a [...]

    5. Viv JM on said:

      As you d expect from Hiaasen plenty of colourful characters and ridiculously funny situations set in the swamps of the Everglades And, of course, Nature always wins out over stupid people.I read this young adult title with my 11 year old son His rating was 4.5, mine 3.5 so we compromised with 4 stars

    6. Andrea Izquierdo on said:

      Me ha costado engancharme a la trama y a los personajes Tiene sus puntos divertidos y originales, pero la historia me ha parecido poco cre ble y no he conseguido conectar con ella

    7. LeonaCarstairs on said:

      This book is utterly hilarious and I love it so so so much.

    8. Ana Spoke on said:

      I had no idea this book was supposed to be YA until after I was finished reading it I m still not convinced that it is, even though Wahoo, the primary I guess character, is young He is just soring The whole book is strangely packed with action and boredom in equal measure, it s hard to explain So much happens, and yet none of it got me excited to turn the page and see what will happen It doesn t help that for the first half of the book it s all about Derek Badger, and then he literally disappear [...]

    9. M K on said:

      My son came home dying to read this book after the school librarian showcased it at school We soon realized it was above his reading level, so I read the book to my 4th grade son and 2nd grade daughter In short, my son loved it and my daughter, well, not so much One of the things I love about my kids getting older is watching their personalities come into their own Unfortunatley she says with a smile , my son leans toward the silly, slapstick humor filled books And this fit the bill The characte [...]

    10. dyanne on said:

      4.8 stars Mickey Cray had been out of work ever since a dead iguana fell from a palm tree and hit him on the head That, my friends, is the best beginning of a book Ever Nothing can beat that Having read Hoot, Scat, and Flush back in grade school, I was a bit rusty on how much Carl Hiassen was capable of Needless to say, This book was thoroughly enjoyable and I loved every single crazy minute of it.I will never think of badgers the same way again.Or the name Alice.Or tuna.Or wahoo.Awesome read No [...]

    11. Laura on said:

      Chomp was a fun, wacky ride through the Florida Everglades Gators, bats, iguanas, and boys named Wahoo What s not to like Wahoo s family owns an animal wrangler business Their backyard is full of fun from turtles to snakes to alligators A way of life that amazed me Wahoo and his Dad are so used to the scratches, tangles and chomps from the animals Just ask Wahoo about his thumb Haha It was fun to hear them talk about all the animals like family A big, slithering, biting family that can take them [...]

    12. Sara on said:

      Chomp by Carl Hiaasen follows Wahoo a boy whose father is an animal wrangler When a reality show contacts Wahoo s father Micky about providing animals to set up a survivalist s show he is reluctant but agrees because he needs to pay the bills Will Wahoo and Micky be able to handle the arrogant Derek Badger I loved this book It was engaging and funny without being afraid to tackle some heavy subjects I loved the setting with all of the animals and Derek Badger the fake survivalist and his reality [...]

    13. Brenda Ayala on said:

      I was very hesitant to try this Carl Hiaasen has a large amount of his books available through the library as audiobooks and I ve been adding them all on to my wishlist each time I see them But it s been a year since I added the last one and I m only just now touching one of the books I was paranoid I would hate them.I needn t have worried Chomp was surprisingly heartfelt and funny An iguana falling on a man s head and causing a nasty concussion A stuffed alligator on a log A ridiculous reality [...]

    14. Wandering Librarians on said:

      I would first like to say that I listened to this on audiobook, and it s read by James Van Der Beek That s right Dawson was reading the book, and he did a marvelous job His portrayal of Derek Badger was fantastic, but he really made Mickey Cray become someone I wanted to get to know It was crazy good.I ll be honest and say that I haven t ever read any of Carl Hiaasen s books before this First impression He s incredibly funny, with a lovely grasp of the depth of emotions that children can latch o [...]

    15. Avery Miller on said:

      I really love Carl Hiaasen, but this book fell short compared to his others Don t get me wrong, I really enjoyed reading it In fact, it was one of my favorite books that i have read in awhile The only reason why I don t fully support it, is because of the annoying use of dialogue I am pretty sure that not everyone from Florida actually speaks in a southern tone so much as to make one sick I would recommend this book, but I also would like to warn anyone whom is planning to read this, that this b [...]

    16. Alison Smith on said:

      I always enjoy Carl Iaasen this was an easy read the usual Hiaasen criminal mayhem down in the Florida Keys highly entertaining This time round he mercilessly lampoons the fakery of soi called reality wildlife TV programmes Worth reading for this aspect alone.

    17. Zeke on said:

      I thought it a great book I like the guy named Jared Gordon You should read it.

    18. Tory S. Anderson on said:

      This is the first fluff book I ve read in over a decade By that I mean, it never made me think, nor did it evoke deep emotions But it was good, clean fun By the end I walked self consciously down a sidewalk listening to the book, wondering if passers by were wondering about the laughter I could t hold in The author has two main characters, the very nearly but not quite invulnerable Mickey, a professional animal wrangler in Florida whose stubborn grit and absolutely cool nerves are charming, admi [...]

    19. Garrison Kelly on said:

      Mickey Cray and his son Wahoo are professional animal wranglers who need to scrape up as much money as they can to avoid foreclosure Their opportunity at financial salvation comes in the form of Derek Badger, a reality TV survivalist who wants to use the Cray family s reptiles as creative fuel for his show When the egotistical Derek wants convincing footage, he, the TV crew, and the Crays venture out into the Everglades, where the animals are wilder and likely to bite something off Tagging alo [...]

    20. Linda on said:

      A great romp in Florida with a family of animal wranglers who are forced to work with a fake survivalist on his tv show in order to pay their bills Unusual characters, as we ve come to expect from Carl Hiaasen, and some difficult family dynamics that must be overcome The young adults step up, though, and pretty much everyone gets what they deserve I read this book while on vacation in Florida the perfect place to read it

    21. Mal Warwick on said:

      Alligators, pythons, vampires, and gun wielding drunks run amok in the EvergladesThey re maybe 14 years old His name is Wahoo he was named after the wrestler, not the fish Hers is Tuna Yes, the fish So, they decide to call each other Lance and Lucille.They live in the Everglades.His father is an animal wrangler who supplies docile animals to TV survivalist shows that purport to show men wrestling with alligators or snakes Hers is a drunken bum who drove her mother away to Chicago and now beats h [...]

    22. Sandra Stiles on said:

      One of my favorite places to visit is the Florida Everglades It is only a few hours south of where I live, and a place I consider to be extremely beautiful and dangerous There is a particular tourist attraction that takes customers on an airboat ride My first trip with them was thrilling because we had someone with a Steve Irwin personality He loved describing everything birds, plants, gators, the whole eco system of the Everglades The highlight was getting to hold a live alligator When I was gi [...]

    23. Momina on said:

      Momina MustaquimCooperLanguage Arts 6th29 November 2012CHOMP by Carl HiaasenSummary Wahoo Cray is anything but normal Named after a wrestler, having an animal wrangler as a dad and a backyard filled with animals, he has a unique lifestyle Wahoo s family is struggling with money, so Wahoo s mom goes to China to teach Chinese and bring back money Mickey Cray, the father who is recovering from a concussion is having trouble with bills and can barely feed himself with the migraines causing him to h [...]

    24. Ally M on said:

      Looking for a wild book full of crazy twists and turns If you are, then you should definately read the book Chomp by Carl Hiaason The book contains many different details why one might like the book There are always unusual characters, strange things happening on every page, and there is never a dull part This book, like all of Hiaason s book, keeps you wondering, what is happening next Yes, you may be thinking, why read a long, boring book like this , but the simple answer is, it isn t boring S [...]

    25. Vlin on said:

      Literally, I cant.I CAN T, IT S TOO GOOD.What can I say people The best book ever I feel really bad of how I doubted Carl Hiaasen s style of writing Seriously, I thought this would be an ordinary and boring realistic fiction book But then I realized that I was wrong, TOTALLY wrong It involves a young boy named Wahoo, living with his crazy father, Mickey Cray, and his mom, Susan They live in a house, with a backyard full or slimy reptiles with scales and different animals Susan decides to support [...]

    26. Kitty Chatfou on said:

      Book Title Chomp Author Carl HiaasenPublished By Self PublishedAge Recommended 10 Reviewed By Kitty BullardRaven Rating 5Review I am one hundred fifty percent a Carl Hiaasen fan and will definitely be picking up the rest of his books This particular story had it all, humor, drama, excitement and adventure His writing is superb and his characters come alive, jumping right off the page to dance around in the readers head There is no doubt he is one of the greatest middle grade children s writers o [...]

    27. Gavin Dobbels on said:

      Wahoo Cray, the son of a professional animal wrangler, Mickey Cray He is just an average teen living with alligators, snakes, turtles, you name it, the Cray s probably own it Even though the Cray s have just about every animal they can dream of, they have some financial issues and could use a quick buck.They luck out when they get a job with a hit survival TV show, Expedition Survival , and they can get back on track with their money For the show, The Cray s travel to the Everglades with TV star [...]

    28. Lynn on said:

      Carl Hiaasen wrote a very over the top novel for middle school age boys I think they may enjoy it but my good will flagged as the book went on I can see a multimillion dollar movie deal in his future, this book was a scenario for a clean Will Farrow movie The idea that a poor dad would be hit over the head by a frozen dead iguanas falling out of a tree was sad and funny The idea that a man from a naturalist TV show would try to eat a bat, be injured and that he could have rabies was not The auth [...]

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