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Jill Winters

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Blushing Pink

Blushing Pink By Jill Winters Blushing Pink Reese Brock is sleep deprived sex deprived and fun deprived But all that is about to change

  • Title: Blushing Pink
  • Author: Jill Winters
  • ISBN: 9780451410900
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blushing Pink By Jill Winters Reese Brock is sleep deprived, sex deprived, and fun deprived But all that is about to change
    Blushing Pink By Jill Winters

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      267 Jill Winters
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    One thought on “Blushing Pink

    1. LaFleurBleue on said:

      Was the author previously writing Young Adult s fiction I kept wondering that while reading, as the main characters s 27 and 30 years old behavior is without any doubts immature and juvenile yes it s redondant but their behaviors throughout the story deserve that The writing itself is ok but not great the language is a bit too familiar for my liking, there are lots of repetitions, as if the reader was too stupid to remember Last detail, all but one of the French recipe names included grammar mis [...]

    2. Paige on said:

      This is the second book that I have read by Jill Winters, the first being Raspberry Crush, but I loved this one just as much One of the things that I love about both books is how Jill has made the two female protagonists real women What I mean is they aren t the tall, super model thin types that society has come to associate with beauty but instead these slightly below average height with curves that a woman should be proud of I could really relate to a character like Reese because I share her b [...]

    3. Adriana on said:

      Blushing Pink by Jill WintersThis was a good story.The description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book I m adding it because I believe the one on the page does not depict this story Reese Brock is sleep deprived, sex deprived, and fun deprived But all that is about to change.With one sister already maritally enhanced and another halfway down the aisle, twenty seven year old Reese Brock fears her own life has taken a turn for the absurd She s trapped in a Ph.D progr [...]

    4. Shana on said:

      You know that friend who spends a lot of time complaining about how fat and disgusting she is because she s a size 8 Now, imagine another friend who has no backbone and lets everyone in her life walk all over herd then complains about it constantly to you Combine those two obnoxious people and you have the heroine of this book I found her incredibly frustrating and only finished the book b c I was on a plane with nothing else to read On a positive note, the author does a good job creating hilar [...]

    5. Pamela on said:

      More of a 2 1 2 stars than a full 3 Jill Winters s comic romance about a graduate student facing an existential and romantic crisis in the face of her younger sister s upcoming wedding ok maybe that s a bit extreme is engaging but not all that believable I could have done without the fairly graphic sex scenes, which seemed really out of place.

    6. Jennifer on said:

      The fear of every girl never finding THE GUY Reese Brock show you her life as a single girl and all sister are practically married she is the only one left and pressure coming from her mother she soon reunites with Brian the kisser of new years eves A hilarious hot book

    7. Georgia on said:

      There was literally NOTHING else to read And yet a reader will read whatever is there, doggedly continuing even when it is clear that the book is Not Worth It tm

    8. Janet on said:

      Started off really well light and full of fun but towards the end the book was padded out with numerous sexual encounters which lost the fun aspect

    9. Amanda on said:

      This isn t exactly erotica But damn, there some hot hot scenes in there Yum Thats why I gave it four stars For the sex.

    10. Marilyn on said:

      Goodthe sisters who were close and there mother who was a person who continued to have periods of obseing about evevents in there lives.

    11. Alissa on said:

      All Jill Winters books are very similar but are great for a fast and fun read The typical love, thriller, and mystery type of book After you read one you will want to read them all.

    12. Katina on said:

      Really enjoyed this one It was very refreshing to read a romance with normal everyday characters Will definitely be reading others by the same author Nice easy read.

    13. Rachel on said:

      This is pornography in book form I m not much of a connoisseur of chick lit, but this is what I imagine bored, lonely housewives buying in grocery stores and reading alone in the dark Yikes.

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