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Ruth Vander Zee Roberto Innocenti

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Erikas Geschichte

Erikas Geschichte By Ruth Vander Zee Roberto Innocenti Erikas Geschichte Ich wurde irgendwann w hrend des Jahres geboren Ich kenne mein Geburtsdatum nicht Ich kenne meinen Geburtsnamen nicht Ich wei nicht in welcher Stadt oder in welchem Land ich geboren wurde Was ic

  • Title: Erikas Geschichte
  • Author: Ruth Vander Zee Roberto Innocenti
  • ISBN: 9783426615539
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Erikas Geschichte By Ruth Vander Zee Roberto Innocenti Ich wurde irgendwann w hrend des Jahres 1944 geboren Ich kenne mein Geburtsdatum nicht Ich kenne meinen Geburtsnamen nicht Ich wei nicht, in welcher Stadt oder in welchem Land ich geboren wurde Was ich wei ist, dass ich nur einige wenige Monate alt war, als ich vor dem Holocaust gerettet wurde Erikas Familie lebte vermutlich in einem Getto Zusammen mit vielen and Ich wurde irgendwann w hrend des Jahres 1944 geboren Ich kenne mein Geburtsdatum nicht Ich kenne meinen Geburtsnamen nicht Ich wei nicht, in welcher Stadt oder in welchem Land ich geboren wurde Was ich wei ist, dass ich nur einige wenige Monate alt war, als ich vor dem Holocaust gerettet wurde Erikas Familie lebte vermutlich in einem Getto Zusammen mit vielen anderen Juden wird sie zum Bahnhof getrieben und in einen Viehwagen gepfercht Irgendwann w hrend der Fahrt begreift die Mutter, wohin die Reise geht Als der Zug in einem Dorf sein Tempo verlangsamt, wickelt die Mutter ihr Kind in ein Tuch und wirft den S ugling hinaus Eine fremde Frau nimmt das M dchen auf und gibt ihm einen Namen Erika Knappe, kraftvolle Worte und eine zur ckhaltende, intensive Bildsprache f hren die Ungeheuerlichkeit von Erikas Geschichte vor Augen.
    Erikas Geschichte By Ruth Vander Zee Roberto Innocenti

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      403 Ruth Vander Zee Roberto Innocenti
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    One thought on “Erikas Geschichte

    1. Miguel on said:

      silenciosquefalam Em nota introdut ria de A Hist ria de Erika , obra que agora editada pela segunda vez pela Kalandraka, a autora do livro esclarece aos leitores Em 1995, passados cinquenta anos do fim da Segunda Guerra Mundial, conheci a protagonista desta hist ria No seu caminho para a morte, a minha m e lan ou me para a vida.

    2. Buchdoktor on said:

      Ruth Vander Zee erz hlt die Geschichte einer Frau, die sie auf einer Europareise in Rothenburg o T getroffen hat oder getroffen haben k nnte Es ist das Schicksal eines Kindes, das als S ugling vor dem Holocaust gerettet und von Fremden aufgezogen werden konnte, weil seine Mutter das Babyb ndel aus dem fahrenden Zug warf, der sie selbst in ein Konzentrationslager brachte Das Findelkind, das seine Pflegeeltern allein durch seine Existenz in Gefahr brachte, bekam einen Vornamen, es wurde geliebt un [...]

    3. Maria Carmo on said:

      This very short book tells the story of a baby saved from the train rolling towards a concentration camp, by a desperate Mother who threw the baby out It was found and raised by a woman with a good heart The main feature of this book is the magnificent set of illustrations.Maria Carmo,Lisbon 9 June 2015.

    4. Natalie on said:

      This simple but powerful book tells the story of a Jewish woman who survived the holocaust by being thrown from a cattle car bound for a concentration camp as an infant, and was rescued and brought up by a village woman On her way to death, my mother threw me to life The illustrations are amazing too This book brought me to tears.

    5. Gina on said:

      This book caught my eye because Robert Innocenti also wrote Rose Blanche This is a very quick read, but the true story of a woman whose mother saved her life by throwing her from a train on the way to the camps.

    6. Rebecca (whenallotherlightsgoout) on said:

      Okay for a young children s story Way over simplified.

    7. Jill on said:

      Erika s Story is about a Holocaust survivor, however she knows of very little from that time Her parents were loaded onto rail cars like cattle There was talk of death camps, but they weren t certain As they spent and time on the train, Erika says her mother and father must have been brave, because they threw their tiny baby from the train They threw her to freedom A woman scooped Erika up and raised her like her own child She gave her a birth date and a name Erika married at 21 and had a fami [...]

    8. Lauren on said:

      Powerful, moving story about surviving the Holocaust What did a mother and father think as they traveled in the cattle car What could they do to save their daughter Simple statements detail the horror and sadness of the event, and the will to survive The illustrations add to the story with the profound use of sepia tones that are transformed on the last page as the narrator realizes her family tree continues to grow, and her star still shines Highly recommend as a read aloud for any units on WWI [...]

    9. Roberto/Isairon on said:

      Era il 1995, cinquanta anni esatti dalla fine della Seconda Guerra Mondiale, quando incontrai la donna protagonista di questa storia Con queste parole l autrice Ruth Vander Zee introduce questo magnifico, lancinante racconto.

    10. Jennifer B. on said:

      Wonderful and chilling TRUE story Gorgeously illustrated, as to be expected from Roberto Innocenti I just felt it was a bit short and didn t have to be so sparse Definitely something everyone should take the time to read, though

    11. Angela Ball on said:

      Very short, but definitely to the point A powerful read Stunning illustrations.

    12. Sonya on said:

      Beautiful in it s simplicity, told in a way that will encourage younger readers to start to investigate depth behind the sparse details Fanrastic imagery.

    13. Jill Sanders on said:

      This inspiring fist person point of view story is about a woman telling the author how she was saved by her mother as an infant during World War II Her mother threw her out of the train, onto a patch of grass, as a couple was waiting for the train to pass The couple immediately took her in and nurtured the child The little girl grew up wondering what had happened to her parents and where they went She never will know her true birth date, how many family members she had, her real birth name, or w [...]

    14. Lori Nakagawa on said:

      Again, I m not altogether sure how I feel about the topic of Holocaust stories for very young children, I guess it is that I want to shelter them until they are older But I do like the idea of these books as introductions to topics for older students This is a simply told story with so many layers to it It is also beautifully illustrated by Roberto Innocenti in a photorealism style.

    15. Nadia Gonzalez on said:

      Summary Erika s Story by Ruth Vander Zee is book about a true story told to the author by Erika The author Ruth, met Erika during a trip to Germany fifty years after World War II As the two women were talking Ruth noticed that Erika was wearing the Star of David around a gold chain and began to to tell her about her stay in Israel Here Erika begins her story Erika s story is composed of a series of question because she has very little information to go on As she tells her story she speculates wh [...]

    16. Fabulantes on said:

      Rese a fabulantes 2016 01 la A trav s de estos m ltiples interrogantes, recorremos los sentimientos y los paisajes que han marcado su historia, una historia triste y desoladora que empieza con la tragedia de la muerte y el abandono y se convierte en un canto de esperanza y optimismo hacia el futuro Se trata de un libro pensado para ni os, gracias a la prosa sencilla y directa de Ruth Vander Zee, que recuerda a las narraciones orales, y a las maravillosas im genes que hablan por s solas De hecho, [...]

    17. Shelli on said:

      Erika s Story is a powerful true account of a baby girl that was saved from being sent to a concentration camp by her mother s desperate act of throwing her from a moving train Knowing that her daughter s future was a guaranteed terrible end, her mother choose to risk uncertainty and allow her daughter a chance at life Thankfully kind people found the baby and raised her as their own, named her Erika and told her the only thing they knew about her past Erika has only been able to speculate about [...]

    18. Lucy on said:

      When Erika was just a baby, her and her family were taken away to concentration camps, where they will die Erika didn t remember much but there were a few things she remembered She remembered when they were getting on the train, everyone was squished in and they locked it up And she remember the next day when her mom threw her out the window of the train so she will survive Then someone picked her up and raised her, she was named Erika, and that is her story I didn t pick this book up, Mr.Gould [...]

    19. Samantha on said:

      PB 14 I thought this was an extremely powerful and well written children s book It was written simple enough for a child to understand, but for adults, it is probably much clear what exactly is going on in reference to the Holocaust I think the author did a wonderful job relating her true story back to history and at the same time enlightening younger kids on the Holocaust that s the beauty of historical fiction ish genres The illustrations go perfectly with the story and really evoke emotion [...]

    20. Rachel on said:

      This book is about the Erika s life and how she imagined her parents were like Erika is jewish but she was brought up not like a jewish person because when she was small her parents were sent to a concentration camp and on the train her parents threw her out of the window of the train and she was saved by a woman And this book is a ahort summary of Erika s life.I read this book because it was an assignement for school.I finished this book because I had to in order to find out what was the theme [...]

    21. John Stanton on said:

      I really, really liked this story However, the edition I have has a much powerful cover Instead of the 5 pointed star cut out, it has the much deeply symbolic six pointed Star of David cut out of it I think that the alternative 5 pointed star edition takes away some of the power of the cover After all, what does a 5 pointed star have to do with anything The symbolism is completely meaningless I had to search high and low to get the 6 pointed one, which is far meaningful to the story within.

    22. Debbie on said:

      I picked this book up on a whim while looking for pictures books I could use in my classroom to introduce tough issues related to the Holocaust Although short, with only about 10 pages of straight forward typed narration, the questions it raises are the same questions we might ask about anyone transported to the work death camps Erika s heartbreaking story of how her life was saved brought tears to my eyes instantly There s no gore, no terror, nothing too terrible for school aged students, altho [...]

    23. RLL520_ColeenDuPuy Dupuy on said:

      Erika s Story is a beautiful piece of historical fiction told through text and detailed pictures about a little girl saved during the Holocaust While on a train, Erika as a baby, was thrown from a train by her mother in attempt to save her from her fate in a concentration camp Erika grows up wondering about her story, who her parents were, did she have siblings, etc This is a great book for both young and older readers who are studying the Holocaust It s a great book for stimulating discussion f [...]

    24. Travis on said:

      It haunts me to think of Erika s questions regarding her blood family I can t imagine the heart wrenching pain the decision was met with to throw a baby from a cattle car to hopefully be saved, to have a life knowing your end would be brutally met at the train s final stop, to realize that you would never know or share your beloved child s future, and to surrender all control of that baby with the knowledge of no guarantee for her future To only hold an inkling of hope that she would survive, wh [...]

    25. Mia Balsamo on said:

      PB46 My teacher cried while she read this picturebook to our class It such an incredible story that I think would touch the heart of anyone who reads it This story is about the ultimate sacrifice, and it gives a very powerful perspective on how difficult the Holocaust was for everyone, and how everyone was forced to make decisions and sacrifices that they did not necessarily wish to make I think this would be a great introduction, or conclusion story for a teacher discussing the Holocaust I d re [...]

    26. Whitney on said:

      Although this beautiful picture book only took me five minutes to read, I was touched by the story of this baby s survival A mother knowing she was coming to her death, threw her baby from the cattle car with hope that her baby would be taken in and saved The little girl grows up but never finds out who her parents are She still wears the Star of David around her neck as a reminder of her parents sacrifice and love.

    27. Jamil on said:

      Often, you might think that certain human tragedies the holocaust, slavery, 9 11 have been mined for all their narrative worth by now, that the story s has already been told, ad nauseum I was so seduced by the starkness and clarity of the images, that I was completely taken by surprise by that moment, when Erika s Story took flight from my expectations Nicely designed, well told a surprisingly good picture book.

    28. Sara on said:

      An interesting story about what it would of and could of happened to many Erika a Jew who escapes the Holocaust when her mother throws her out of the train window on the way to a concentration camp in the hope her daughter will live and find a family to escape the fate of a Jew Another book about the horrors of war but instead told by a Jewish woman My English teacher read this too the class since we re learning about the Holocaust before we started Hana s Suitcase.

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