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The Gates - Gerbang Neraka

The Gates - Gerbang Neraka By John Connolly Barokah Ruziati The Gates Gerbang Neraka Samuel Johnson punya beberapa masalah Ayahnya lebih peduli akan mobil antiknya ketimbang keluarganya ibu Samuel kesepian dan hanya anjing Samuel Boswell yang benar benar memahami anak itu Oh dan

  • Title: The Gates - Gerbang Neraka
  • Author: John Connolly Barokah Ruziati
  • ISBN: 9789792278217
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Gates - Gerbang Neraka By John Connolly Barokah Ruziati Samuel Johnson punya beberapa masalah Ayahnya lebih peduli akan mobil antiknya ketimbang keluarganya, ibu Samuel kesepian, dan hanya anjing Samuel, Boswell, yang benar benar memahami anak itu.Oh, dan keadaan menjadi lebih buruk karena tetangga Samuel, Mrs Abernathy, mencoba membuka gerbang neraka Semua tergantung pada Samuel untuk menghentikan bencana ini, hanya saja tiSamuel Johnson punya beberapa masalah Ayahnya lebih peduli akan mobil antiknya ketimbang keluarganya, ibu Samuel kesepian, dan hanya anjing Samuel, Boswell, yang benar benar memahami anak itu.Oh, dan keadaan menjadi lebih buruk karena tetangga Samuel, Mrs Abernathy, mencoba membuka gerbang neraka Semua tergantung pada Samuel untuk menghentikan bencana ini, hanya saja tidak ada yang memercayainya, dan waktu yang tersisa tidaklah banyakSekarang nasib peradaban manusia terletak pada tangan bocah lelaki, anjing kecil, dan setan bernasib sial bernama Nurd
    The Gates - Gerbang Neraka By John Connolly Barokah Ruziati

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      190 John Connolly Barokah Ruziati
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    One thought on “The Gates - Gerbang Neraka

    1. Michelle on said:

      This book had me laughing out loud every several pages, it s a keeper I was actually expecting the tone to be quite like The Book of Lost Things , also from John Connolly, but this one actually felt like a Stroud and a bit of Pratchett I think these authors are their own genre Nevertheless, I love these authors, and Connolly just earned himself a fan.In The Gates , Samuel Johnson and his dog, Boswell, have stumbled upon a portal to hell when his neighbors unleashed demonic forces during a ritual [...]

    2. Nancy on said:

      Posted at at Shelf InflictedI read The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy nearly 30 years ago and don t remember finding it all that funny I also never cared for Monty Python Maybe it s the British humor I don t get, but Fawlty Towers cracks me up, no matter how many times I see each episode Humor is such a personal thing, and sometimes I just don t see humor in things others find funny And other times I laugh hysterically at things people don t understand So I m cautious about the humorous fictio [...]

    3. Carol. on said:

      I probably should not describe a book about the gates of Hell opening as cute, but here we are It was cute.I haven t read any Connolly before, not even the famous The Book of Lost Things, so I didn t know what to expect besides the fact that friend Mimi liked it Turns out it was a quick little read that was clever and entertaining.Samuel Johnson is avoiding Stephanie the Babysitter and her bossy tendencies when he and his faithful dog, Boswell the constant companion , witnesses the new neighbors [...]

    4. Will Byrnes on said:

      The Gates is a hell of a funny book, yes laugh out loud funny A foursome of dark dabblers attempt a summoning Somewhere near Geneva, the Large Hadron Collider is whirring about attempting to divine the god particle What could possibly go wrong Before you can say oopsy a small portal to you know where has been opened, and nasty slithery sorts begin arriving, like unwanted relations, for an extended stay Samuel Johnson, this one sans Tourette and any inclination to pen a new dictionary, is a preco [...]

    5. Amanda on said:

      Not to put too fine a point on it, but I hate my neighbors Yeah, I know I m supposed to love them, but it would be easier if they were just a little lovable and not so loathable Between the late night beerfests, the trucks without mufflers, the pit bulls tied to trees, and the Jerry Springer style public arguments not to mention just a general lack of hygiene , there s not a lot I can be thankful for Until The Gates Now I can at least say, Well, they haven t accidentally opened a gateway betwee [...]

    6. Phrynne on said:

      I enjoyed this very much but let me say straight away it is nothing like any of his other books Not the ones I have read anyway and that is nearly all of them This is really a series for older children and it is written in that light, entertaining way where, even when the world is filling up with beings from Hell, you just know nothing bad is really going to happen Samuel, who is about eleven years old and definitely idiosyncratic, manages to repeatedly escape death by demon by luck not judgemen [...]

    7. Mimi on said:

      Zany and hilarious and probably one of the best Halloween stories I ve read The narration and footnotes had me laughing out loud every time I picked up the book As soon as my copy arrives in the mail, I m gonna post all the quotes that cracked me up There isn t much of a plot here though amateurish Satanists accidentally open a portal to hell with unintentional help from the large collider at CERN, which was in the middle of some Higgs boson related work Then subtle chaos ensues when some of hel [...]

    8. Bill on said:

      I loved everything about this one Had a real Gaiman esque feel to it Samuel and his dog Boswell, Nurd, the Scourge of Five Dieties, Shan and Gath the warthog demons getting hammered on Spiggit s Old Peculiar beer and the very gates of hell opening in the quaint little town of Biddlecombe.5 Stars and Highly Recommended.

    9. Maryam on said:

      I m a ghost, Said the small figure, then added, a little uncertainly, Boo I laughed a lot with this book Dialog and footnotes are both so funny sometimes I ended up having tears in my eyes.Samuel Johnson lives with his dog Boswell and his mother in a village He starts Halloween earlier and when he stops at his neighbor house, the Abernathys, something terrible and horrifying happens In their basement there is an explosion and after that some strange creatures emerges from a blue fire gates to He [...]

    10. Shannon on said:

      A high three enjoyable but it didn t blow me away Definitely reminded me of Douglas Adams books and Simon Pegg movies, and if you like that type of British style humor then you ll probably find this funny and worth the read I never thought I d see the Large Hardron Collider featured in a book about demons, but it plays a very prominent role, as does quantum physics, which was totally not what I was expecting.Two things to note first, this is an adult book and not YA, and many people have it shel [...]

    11. Richard Derus on said:

      Rating 3.25 of fiveThe Book Report Samuel Johnson and his dachshund Boswell are on an early trick or treat run, demonstrating initiative by beating out the competition or so Samuel thinks Boswell sighs a lot I think he knows They go to the Abernathys house, and Mr Abernathy a miserably unhappy self help book writer, married to Satan, seriously sends them on their way before rejoining his horrifying wife and two of their revolting bores of friends.They are summoning a demon for fun and, maybe, pr [...]

    12. The Flooze on said:

      Do you like Douglas Adams Robert Rankin Do you crack up at Shaun of the Dead or Monty Python Are you drawn to droll Irish or even British humor and wonderfully inane commentary Well, here you are then The Gates is just the book for you Connolly s urban fantasy about a precocious boy, his protective dachshund, and an imminent apocalypse is delightfully amusing It s a fascinating mix of demonic entities and mishaps of physics, playing on the idea that although scientists may seek the truth of the [...]

    13. Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~ on said:

      When I first started reading this all I could think of was the Tom Hanks movie The Burbs This book was fun and I am looking forward to reading the next 2 in the trilogy Sam and his dog, Boswell were great characters that made this book Excellent story

    14. Becky on said:

      After reading The Book of Lost Things and feeling a bit let down, I wasn t really in all that much of a hurry to read The Gates, fearing to be let down again But, while I did have some issues with The Gates, overall I really enjoyed it If this book was a person, it would have been conceived and raised thus Conception biological parentage Christopher Moore JK RowlingRaised by adoptive parentage Douglas Adams s spirit Biology Christopher Moore s swimmers supplied the most dominant chromosomal info [...]

    15. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist" on said:

      ICK BAH Me no like this book Terrible What a bummer I so enjoyed The Book of Lost Things and hoped this would be another fun romp Not to be This one is just stupid Connolly tried way too hard to be clever and failed miserably I gave the book 80 pages before giving up, which is pretty generous for a book I m not liking at all So I don t think I was hasty in my judgment I really wanted to give it a chance to get better It doesn t.

    16. Bookmarks Magazine on said:

      Critics compared John Connolly to two first rate children s authors Eoin Colfer and Madeline L Engle and two great satirists Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams whom many of us started reading in middle school anyway The Gates, they said, displays the wonder and wit of the works of each of this impressive quartet while also having a personality of its own Reviewers were especially impressed with the explanations of quantum mechanics, wormholes, black holes, and the Hadron Collider which lent scie [...]

    17. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      This is a good bookof course the fact that I gave it 5 stars probably gave away my feelings on that scoreI have only read one other book by Connolly, The Book of Lost Things , which I also liked greatly, but I really think that this one could be rated, enjoyable at least in some ways It s not so deep as the aforementioned other novel but neither is it quite so down And this might be considered odd for a book about the gates of Hell opening into a small English town foreshadowing the end of the [...]

    18. Adam Light on said:

      I read this with my eleven year old daughter We both had a devilishly fun time with it, and we are looking forward to the next book in the series Connolly proves he can write for anyone with this book.

    19. Stephanie Swint on said:

      Recently, I requested of the Blogverse some recommendations of good Halloween books The Gates was recommended, and I am indebted to Ashley at readfantasybooks for doing so This is a delightful tale of a precocious eleven year old boy, Samuel Johnson, who takes initiative to start trick or treating with his dachshund Boswell on October 28 to get a head start Initiative, in this case, being something everyone says they want but don t actually like when being used Connolly is humorous He sprinkles [...]

    20. Brandon on said:

      Once again, I find myself reviewing another Connolly novel this being the 5th novel of his I ve read only 7 to go Departing from his signature character Charlie Parker for only the 4th time in his career, Connolly offers up a tale of Hell on earth The story follows that of ambitious 11 year old, Samuel Johnson of Biddlecombe, England as he attempts to beat the crowd and go trick or treating 3 days before Halloween While moving door to door, Samuel stumbles upon 666 Crowley Drive a bit cliched, [...]

    21. Kelly on said:

      Such a funny, quirky read Perfect for adults who enjoy a little whimsy and irony, especially for a lighter Halloween pick I really enjoyed this.

    22. Jason on said:

      4 StarsI really enjoyed The Gates by John Connolly This really is not a surprise for I am already a fan of the author I love anything and everything that is related to Hell or Christian horror as long as it is not cheesy romance And, finally I love dachshunds My little weiner dog is my little buddy like Boswell is to Samuel Johnson.Samuel Johnson is one amazing little boy He really carries himself as an old soul I love his fearlessness and his sense of right and wrong He is the perfect protagoni [...]

    23. Athena on said:

      This was a terrific read, a great romp of a thing written for the YA audience although it, like most excellent cartoons, crosses easily into adult territory too It has accidental hell gates, a stalwart hero and his faithful dachshund, and CERN scientists boldly going where angels fear to tread If I wasn t 3 months behind on reviews I d give this a proper write up but that will have to wait for the 2nd read of the book.Fans of Carl Hiaasen or especially Ben Aaronovitch s Peter Grant series will l [...]

    24. Alisa Kester on said:

      I hated to give John Connolly only one star Seriously, the man can write But here he s trying to write like Neil Gaiman, and Connolly is not Neil Gaiman When Gaiman writes a book like this one, it s brilliant When Connolly does, it s just too, too precious And twee And I couldn t past the second chapter I did flip through it and read a few random sections just to be sure it wasn t only a horrible beginning and it s all bad.Just forget this one and read some Neil Gaiman instead.

    25. Brooke on said:

      How DOES it work that I just recently read a book about the history of the search for the Higgs Boson, only to pick up a John Connolly novel and find out that its plot revolves around the Large Hadron Collider Having read 11 John Connolly books before this one, that s the last thing I expected from him.The Gates was a cute diversion from Connolly s darker Charlie Parker novels I saw another review compare it to Good Omens, and it did remind me a lot of Terry Pratchett in style, right down to the [...]

    26. Caro M. on said:

      I would probably enjoy this book much if I was 12 years old I would probably find it brilliant, extremely funny and inventive, and I d suggest insist to read it to all my reading friends What a pity that I m not twelve any longer Still, it was worth reading and quite fun and it s like 3.5 than just 3 stars.

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