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Evan Currie

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Valkyrie Rising

Valkyrie Rising By Evan Currie Valkyrie Rising Two years after the initial invasion of Hayden s World the newly reinforced Hayden Militia is in a state of stalemate with the remaining enemy forces but neither side is content to leave things at th

  • Title: Valkyrie Rising
  • Author: Evan Currie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Valkyrie Rising By Evan Currie Two years after the initial invasion of Hayden s World, the newly reinforced Hayden Militia is in a state of stalemate with the remaining enemy forces but neither side is content to leave things at that.The alien alliance has dispatched their varsity to clean up the resistance on Hayden while the USF has officially activated Task Force V, the latest and most advanced combaTwo years after the initial invasion of Hayden s World, the newly reinforced Hayden Militia is in a state of stalemate with the remaining enemy forces but neither side is content to leave things at that.The alien alliance has dispatched their varsity to clean up the resistance on Hayden while the USF has officially activated Task Force V, the latest and most advanced combat ships built by humans.In the end there are some things you decide in the skies, but some can only be settled in the mud Valkyrie Rising is the sequel to On Silver Wings
    Valkyrie Rising By Evan Currie

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      Evan Currie

    One thought on “Valkyrie Rising

    1. Patiscynical on said:

      An Excellent AdventureA very enjoyable space epic, humans against aliens, and the further adventures of Sergeant Sorrilla Aida This is the second book of the series When an unknown alien force of immense power invades the planet Hayden, the colonists are overrun The ships sent to defend the planet are overpowered Only after Sergeant Aida obtains intel on the aliens and their technology in book one do humans have any chance of putting up any kind of resistance.It will take every bit of human inge [...]

    2. Michael Wood on said:

      Great Alien Invasion Military Space Opera This is a really good alien invasion military space opera, as unknown aliens attack an Earth colony Humanity had never before even encountered a sentient alien race, but now the Hayden colony was attacked by at least three different raceswith unknown tech and weapons.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    3. ian donner on said:

      Good readFinding this series interesting next one please if its as good as the rest then I will be reading them all ,, Wolf1949 hotmail.

    4. Ivan . on said:

      Definitely better than the first book, detailed actions and less perspective changes making it easier to follow,the ending felt unfinished but overall good enough to make me start the the book.

    5. Amber on said:

      A great sequel the first book It s not a long read so most people will be able to finish it pretty quickly.Now that we know of what s going on and what the aliens are capable of a lot of the mystery and tension that was in the first book is missing Still the author keeps the action going strong by featuring what is going on back on Earth, close to another colony, in space naturally and we even get to see things from the alien s point of view The latter portion offers insight into what they are [...]

    6. Mike J on said:

      This is the sequel to On Silver Wings, and from the author of Into the Black Odyssey One If you ve read my reviews of those, you ll know that I m already a big fan.With Valkyrie Rising we get the return of our protagonist Sergeant Aida is back But, this time she s in her element as part of a larger force And as readers, we re no longer just focused on the conflict evolving on a lone world, but we re also exposed to a much larger epic So while keeping tabs on Aida, we re also able to see the grea [...]

    7. Per Gunnar on said:

      This book is as good as the first one in the series which means it s really good It continues the story of the war initiated by the alien invasion of the Hayden colony and the story of our favourite kick ass female marine soldier.As with the previous book there s a fair amount of action in space as well which is one reason I like the series so much Also, as with the previous book, the science, how the ships move in space, the military strategy etc is also done with a fair amount of realism which [...]

    8. Kathy on said:

      Impatiently Waiting for Book 3 I strongly recommend you read the previous book in the series On Silver Wings prior to reading this installment.If you are looking for a book with a high adventure value, then this book is for you.As with the first installment, I loved everything about this book Master Sargent Sorilla delivered a perfect symmetry between being both wise and fierce in battle as she was intense and clever for strategy and logistics.The plot was remarkably solid, interesting and fun, [...]

    9. David Beck on said:

      I really like military sci fi and this is a good example of the genre The main protagonist Sorilla Aida is back on earth for a large part of this story being upgraded with all new implants and technology Back on Hayden s station other special forces troops are struggling with attacks from elite units of the alien forces The bulk of this story is about the space warfare and the technology and training that let the earth forces start to make headway against the aliens Sorilla is eventually returne [...]

    10. Gina Basham on said:

      I read the Odyssey series and like them so much I moved on to the Warrior s Wings I was not disappointed These novels have great characters and warning they are not all miraculously saved This is not a feel good, everyone makes it out alive through team work And they are all the better for it Very technical but not absolutely necessary to understand to get the story I will admit to fogging over a few paragraphs which were heavy on physics and science without any detriment to the plot, I enjoyed [...]

    11. Lisa on said:

      I think I was two thirds done with this book before I had to stop myself and say I didn t really care what happened next I got my answer as to why the aliens invaded in the weird way they did and that was all I wanted I felt like Currie was all over the place One minute we re playing around with a new gun in some obstacle course and the next we re mooning over the Sarge while fighting the aliens badly The aliens didn t feel like aliens either I m not sure where Currie is going Soah I was going t [...]

    12. Steven Bragg on said:

      This is at least four stars, possibly somewhat higher The author is very good at keeping the action moving along at a brisk pace In addition, it is quite nifty to see each side react thoughtfully to what the other side has just done, which introduces a great deal of realism to the storyline The sergeant is well portrayed, and will hopefully be used in a long series of books, as she is quite engaging The main flaws are the usual ones in an action oriented book a reduced amount of dialog and chara [...]

    13. Maciek on said:

      The book read even better then the first This time there were points of view from our special forces, fleet but also some insight into aliens Humanity needs to shift industry for space war with unknown, multiple alien species, which requires speeding up any designs or ideas Also new quick reaction unit is formed from members of various special forces The Hayden colony is reinforced but faces new alien threat.The story is advanced guerilla war and another look at alien invasion when they are y [...]

    14. Steven on said:

      The entire On Silver Wings series of books are well worth the read As soon as I finished one,I picked up the next Engrossing, rich with detail, and progressively thrilling, the main characterhas never been written dumb simply to progress the plot Currie maintains consistent character profiles throughout the series If you haven t read the On Silver Wings series and enjoy science fiction, I strongly recommend Evan Currie Note I just finished De Oppresso Liber, book 6, on April 3rd, 2016.

    15. Brian Turner on said:

      3.5 starsSequel to On Silver Wings, the action now spreads out to Task Force 5 unofficially known as Task Force Valkyrie due to the number of women in it , several other planets at risk from attack, and an elite spec ops team from Earth.Sorilla Aida main character from OSW is in that team, but there is less focus on her role in this story, allowing for other characters to have their moment, including the aliens trying to clear the humans from the planet.

    16. Edward Wiles Jr on said:

      Latest installment in a very enjoyable seriesI ve really come to enjoy Evan Currie s series starring Aida Sorelli, and Earth s struggles against the alien Alliance Great new concepts on weapons and ship drives as well as some interesting slants on alien psychology As always, interesting, relatable characters and lots of action both on the ground and in space Looking forward to the next book.

    17. Barry on said:

      This was a really good book Well written, good flow, and great action.I like the characters believable and well developed for an action packed book , the plot, and the tech not over the top or completely unbelievable.I am so happy that another good author is writing military sci fi It seems like now a days there is a plethora of fantasy but not much sci fi, especially military or hard sci fi.Anyway, if you like this genre you will love this book.

    18. Dietrich Liebert on said:

      Space opera at its bestNonstop action, good character development, good editing Super heros, a tough SF sergeant who defeats the enemy against all odds, and a stand alone book as well as part of an excellent series I finished this book and will purchase immediately the next one in this series Looking at the books this author has written I am afraid that I will spend a lot of money

    19. Ryan Rauber on said:

      Sequel to On Silver Wings, worthy follow up this series Hayden s planet is once again the center of the ongoing war with the aliens, both on the ground and in the air Most of the familiar cast members return, including Sorilla Aida In fact, she is the best character in the storyline I found myself wanting to get to her story when the book went elsewhere Excellent military sci fi, picked up the 3rd book already.

    20. Bill Sullivan on said:

      Valkyrie Rising is the second volume of the Warrior s Wings saga and continues the story oh human colonies being attacked by a technologically advanced unknown alien species It is a story about the people who choose to defend others even though they are the underdogs The action takes place in space and on the ground in the jungles of Hayden Special forces and space science fleet officers turned navy combat officers against gravitational weapon wielding aliens Who could ask for

    21. Xeddicus on said:

      How did they sneak up on the ships And how is Earth supposed to win against an entire empire But for now they kicked the Sentinels ass with only 1 loss They need to get some of those gravity guns and improve their own weapons so they can fire on kick ass mode always They need a lot ships to blockade Hayden and just to compete, period I d half think they d start talking, but then what would the Operator s do

    22. Andrew on said:

      Well I firmly believe that this second book of the series was better than the first one It had a different vibe from the first and i loved that we got to see the alien perspective of the battle and Aida I personally love her character and am glad you get to learn a little about her and the background that she comes from You also get to mean other elite military members that are interesting in there own right and worth getting to know.

    23. Sarah on said:

      I enjoyed this book but not quite as much as the first I was thrilled that Sorilla was back but I would have loved to have even around her character and a little less on some of the explanations revolving around the technical end of space battles However, the story was still good and I am definitely going to read the rest of the series.

    24. Cokebeetle on said:

      I really like Evan Currie s style I enjoyed this book immensely it slightly reminds me of the Old Man s War series also very good by John Scalzi Currie likes to incorporate military ways and tactics into his story lines and is very well done If you like space opera , you wont be disappointed.

    25. Ellen on said:

      Love it when book 2 in a series is better than the first one Really like this combination in Valkyrie rising , action both in space and on the ground And it seems as if Currie had someone better to proofread for him this time I appreciate it Even if my English skills are poor, my eyes stumble on obvious errors Looking forward to 3

    26. David on said:

      In this second book in the series, we spend some time preparing for the next encounter between Sergeant Sorilla and the alien alliance but it is worth the wait Good action and an expanding background I m really getting to like these books a lot Unusually, this book was better than the first.First read 11Dec2012Second read 01Apr2015

    27. Gary Johnson on said:

      Alien human combat encountersInteresting perspectives on how alien and human soldiers might be thinking in their first combat encounters Fast paced reading, moving back and forth between sides.

    28. P├ętur J. on said:

      The Valkyrie Rising series is fast paced and full of action It is no masterpiece but it will keep you entertained the whole time you are reading it, provided that you like action SciFi Fully worth buying and reading.

    29. Nick Grayson on said:

      I read all the Warriors Wings Hayden Cycle Sorilla Aida books in a row over the last couple days they we re very addicting to say the least The story arc and series was worth the read I highly recommend it.

    30. Gary Proctor on said:

      Not quite as good as the first in the series as I wanted to see of the lead character from that book, but many interesting plot lines are taken up and I look forward to the next in the series Currie is a good writer

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