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Smashed By Lisa Luedeke Smashed Stay out of trouble for one year and Katie Martin can leave her small town loneliness behind forever She is a field hockey star on the fast track to a college scholarship but her relationship with a

  • Title: Smashed
  • Author: Lisa Luedeke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Smashed By Lisa Luedeke Stay out of trouble for one year, and Katie Martin can leave her small town loneliness behind forever She is a field hockey star on the fast track to a college scholarship, but her relationship with alcohol has always been a little questionable Then trouble finds her Alec is the most popular guy in school, and also the biggest bully with his sights set firmly on KaStay out of trouble for one year, and Katie Martin can leave her small town loneliness behind forever She is a field hockey star on the fast track to a college scholarship, but her relationship with alcohol has always been a little questionable Then trouble finds her Alec is the most popular guy in school, and also the biggest bully with his sights set firmly on Katie When Alec turns on the charm, Katie thinks she must have been wrong about him.Except that she wasn t On a rain soaked, alcohol drenched night, one impulsive decision leaves Katie indebted to Alec in the worst possible way This debut novel is a fast paced and compelling story of addiction, heartbreak, and redemption.
    Smashed By Lisa Luedeke

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      Lisa Luedeke

    One thought on “Smashed

    1. I used to read but now I don"t It"s bad I know on said:

      Oh, the drivel that gets published these days on with the review Good Stuff The writing quality is honest and simple to follow It has a good flow The characters are distinguishable.Bad Stuff 1 Language and Content This should be in the adults section if it escapes being officially burned in the centre of the earth Jesus , damn , b , and f and f occur very frequently Everyone swears There is explicit sexual description of boys reaching up girls bras and tearing off their underwear There is plenty [...]

    2. Tee loves Kyle Jacobson on said:

      Smashed is one of those books that stays with you long after you have finished reading it I have to say that I was shocked by this book By shocked I mean in a good way because it dealt with issues that every teen faces Drinking and bullying and depression are so high up on teens lists of pain that I feel for the teens growing up today Smashed is a great book for teens to read to see that even though you may be spiraling out of control you have to learn to trust someone and tell them your problem [...]

    3. Sarah on said:

      Source I own a copy of this book This was an okay story, but I felt like the addiction part of the storyline didn t really kick in until near the end.Katie was an okay character, but why she continued to hang out with Alec, when she didn t want to fool around with him, and he kept encouraging her to drink herself into a coma I don t know Maybe she just wasn t smart enough to realise that he was a bad apple, and that hanging with him was only encouraging him, something she made clear she didn t w [...]

    4. MeMe Belikova First lady Ivashkov on said:

      This is the second below four star review I have written and I really thought this one was going to be good I will admit that I didn t really read the synopsis because I was so in LOVE with the cover, I don t know why I love it so much but it s so different so I thought it was going to be a a good read Unfortunately this book fell flat for me in so many ways The characters were so weird, Katie s moods were unstable unpredictable and the story was just SO DEPRESSING I couldn t really get through [...]

    5. Jaiden on said:

      Originally posted at Girls on YA Books Warningew is rather long butI had a strong opinion about itad on at your own discretion Review I ve read my fair share of contemporary books with the theme being a broken girl thrown into a mix of lies, broken family, etc It s easy for these kind of books to merge together, each one becoming a replica and nothing outstanding I have to say that Lisa did a great job at creating Smashed so that it does not blend in with the background but instead, stands out U [...]

    6. Lori on said:

      3.5 starsCross posted at I Just Finished Reading I don t often read YA, and there s a really good reason for that which I will note in a moment But this is a coworker s debut novel So I really wanted to read it.The novel takes place in small town Maine Katie s dad up and left them just went out one day and never came back Katie doesn t know if he s dead or alive, but works on the assumption that he s still alive Her mom works nonstop and when she s not at work, she is hanging out in Portland wit [...]

    7. Kathleen Duffy on said:

      This is the third time I ve read this book and I just love the pace, the plot, and the character development Lisa we want This is also the book I use to with my non readers and readers alike to hook them into my book recs Everyone should be a part of this thrilling story

    8. Isamlq on said:

      With Katie doing what she was doing the lying and the drinking and the lying, I was hard pressed to like her Truly, I was trying not to judge, but couldn t help it but this was all before what s done to her happened Prior to that, I felt sorry for the girl but nothing than that After, if I set every other thing aside, like she s too down on herself or like he is in a class of his own in being a douche almost to the point of being criminal, my main issue is that i felt it a load of crock how thi [...]

    9. Hannah Sampson on said:

      Smashed By Lisa Luedeke Teenage sport fanatic Katie Martin is looking at a full ride to the University of Maine all thanks to her extreme passion for playing field hockey Katie has one year to keep it together and she will be living her dream With a mom who works the graveyard shift and crashes at her boyfriend s house hours away, younger brother who basically lives with the neighbors, and a misfit dad that ran at the first sign of responsibilities she can t wait to leave Everyone has their own [...]

    10. Malia on said:

      I was super excited to read this one based on the early buzz and the subject matter It s just my type of book As soon as I got my hands on a copy I moved it to the top of my TBR pile and started reading I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in the beginning The writing was kind of cheesy, shallow than I was expecting There were a lot of italics which annoy me, personally I m from that school of thought where italics shouldn t be used really unless it s fanfic But about 1 3 of the way through [...]

    11. Halkovic"s-Classroom on said:

      SmashedBy Lisa LuedekeA girl, Katie, is on her way to a successful college scholarship The most popular guy in school, Alec, sets his eyes on Katie One bad night, Katie makes one bad choice that threatens her dreams This book is about a girl named Katie, she is a field hockey star on her way to a college scholarship There is one problem Katie has a strong relationship with alcohol She starts talking with this Alec kid and one bad night filled with alcohol ruins Katie s life forever and leaves Al [...]

    12. Marti on said:

      This book could have been so good The writing is simple and that makes it a fast read but the plot was all over the place There was drama about her dad abandoning her that was only significant when it needed to be There was drama with her mom being absent from home that was never really resolved I honestly don t buy into the romance either After what is said about Alex the first couple chapters I can t really imagine Katie letting things go as far as they did before she ended it There were red f [...]

    13. Marie on said:

      This book has a good concept and a good underlying moral Katie is strong and she has had a pretty rough year, and she s only 17 She has the normal 17 year old worries like getting a scholarship for college, graduating high school and boys But she also had a load of shit going on at home along with 10 million other things I loved what the book stood for, but again I wasn t wrapped up in the story kids made me feel really sad and depressed and i just wanted to finish it and forget about it There w [...]

    14. SusanDunn on said:

      Met this author at ALA in Anaheim This is her first book It ended up being one of the books I chose for my plane ride home from the conference.Katie is a field hockey star at her small Maine high school With her dad out of the picture she ll never get to college without a scholarship, so that is her sole goal during her senior year Unfortunately however, Alec is also in the picture Katie and her friends have never liked him At school he s one of the rich, popular kids, who bullies those who aren [...]

    15. Abbie on said:

      Actual rating 2.5Smashed was an okay read, but it wasn t as good as i expected it to be.I felt sorry for Katie, i really did What happened to her was awful, and i wouldn t wish it on anyone.I kept on hoping she would stay away from Alec, as you could tell from the start he was a bad apple but unfortunately, she carried on hanging out with him, until he went to far.I did get quite bored throughout the book, as it took ages for it to get to the tipping point It didn t happen until near the end, so [...]

    16. M on said:

      There are so many times in reading that you want to take a character out of their situation, hug them, and tell them it ll all be over by the end of the story Maybe some horrible things have happened, or they ve made some terrible choices, or they ve been hurt But there s some little string that connects them to you, tying their story to your heart character depth, a compelling voice Whatever it is, it convinces you that this character is someone to root for.Katie Martin is not that kind of char [...]

    17. usagi ☆ミ on said:

      3.5 5 stars While I wouldn t entirely compare this to Speak , I can see why the comparison is being made Smashed is a pretty powerful, raw debut novel that talks about one of the tough stuff areas that we don t see touched upon very often that of the active downward spiral of becoming an addict We ve seen YA contemp deal with teens whose parents that are addicts, or where teens are in rehab for addiction the latter seems to be the rarer of the two , but not the actual process of the teen falling [...]

    18. Aliyah on said:

      Smashed by Lisa Luedeke is a thrilling book Katie who lives in a small town called Westfeild is a senior on the varsity, field hockey team at her high school She is a captain on the team and is looking forward to her future with field hockey As it is scouts are already contacting her to give her a full scholarship and to tell her to choose their college Although she is on summer break, with her mother never home and her little brother always at his friends house and no father Katie begins to dri [...]

    19. Anna Maynard on said:

      I m not into books that have many sports so this book was not for me There is a great deal about her and field hockey Lisa is a great writer however, there isn t enough action in here for me.

    20. Kathryn Negard on said:

      Hmm should have stopped reading this one a long time ago, but I stuck it out and finished it.Why did I dislike this book so much Well there are a few reasons.First off, I honestly didn t find this story all that interesting Short summary a girl named Katie goes down the wrong path, leading to her becoming an alcoholic The story line was fairly basic, and didn t really offer anything new or fresh It was pretty predictable You can write stories that have been done before, let s be honest, most of [...]

    21. Suzanne on said:

      Told in hindsight to her college counselor is this story of Katie Her life before the summer prior to senior year of high school was defined by several elements living in small town Maine, playing field hockey well enough to contend for a scholarship, enjoying two best friends, one male and one a teammate, both of them much advantaged in terms of family and money Her dad took off several years before her mom works long hours as a nurse and prefers staying in town with boyfriends to make it home [...]

    22. Katie on said:

      Smashed is an amazing book that I was unable to put down I constantly had to know what would happen next to Katie This book is extremely emotional, and the writing makes it impossible to not feel bad for Katie I rooted for things to get better for her.POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEADKatie is a great main character She has many issues, but it is still easy for the readers to want her to get better Many of her problems stem from the fact that she drinks and parties too much Her dad left when she was eleven [...]

    23. Princess Bookie on said:

      My Thoughts For some reason, I thought this book was going to be of a lovefest than a fightfest HAHA.We are introduced to Katie who is a star hockey player She lives with her mother who is never home and her little brother Katie likes to party and drink She also has a best friend named Cassie She is also great friends with her neighbor Matt Katie starts to bond with a guy named Alec I m not sure how to really describe him I never liked him from the get go I thought when I started this novel, I [...]

    24. Barbara on said:

      Senior Katie Martin has her eyes on winning the state championship in field hockey Her coach is sure that she has enough talent to win an athletic scholarship But Katie is in trouble Her father left the family years before, and now her mother might as well have abandoned Katie and her younger brother since she spends all her time working or hanging out with her boyfriend in another town Katie is alone far too often, and while she can count on her good friends, Matt and Cassie, to be there for he [...]

    25. Ashley on said:

      0.2 starsUsually I never give up on reading books, but Smashed was an exception This may be the worst book I have ever picked up EVER The plot is terrible and boring, the characters are stupid and annoying and the writing is just pathetic.So here s the plot, girl talks with guy who s a player One night, guy tries to rape girl yet girl asks to be taken home A party comes up yet girl does not have a ride so she asks the guy who almost raped her to drive her there Both are extremely drunk when leav [...]

    26. Sandy on said:

      Katie Martin is on track to get a field hockey scholarship that will be her only chance to go to college She s hard working and has some good friends but all is not right in Katie s world Her father abandoned the family when she was young and his absence haunts her Her mother is hardly better She has a personal agenda that keeps her away from her children a substantial amount of time Alec is the big man on campus at Katie s high school the popular jock who struts around and does whatever he like [...]

    27. Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books) on said:

      Smashed is a gritty and hard hitting book I connected with Katie and it was hard to watch her spiral down and lose so much and be in so much pain I could predict what would happen, just not how she would get there, but it was still a hard and emotional journey.Smashed is for mature teens because of the drinking, drugs, and hard and dark issues While Lisa handles everything with finesse, it is still a dark book It is laced with hope and healing, but it is a long journey to get there.I was investe [...]

    28. Anthony on said:

      Smashed, written by Lisa Luedeke, is the story of Katie and her struggle with alcoholism, seemingly charming and popular Alec, and a handful of secrets on the side In this novel Lisa Luedeke does a good job of making us the readers able to relate to Katie s character, and understand some of the bad decisions she makes throughout the novel From the very beginning I thought the book had a great hook, and it only seemed to pick up from there It almost felt as if I were going through the struggles K [...]

    29. Brianna on said:

      I read the book smashed by Lisa Luedeke I found this book in the school library and the cover kind of stood out to be so I picked it up and read the first few pages It seemed like a pretty interesting book so I checked it out Smash takes place in a small boring town that Katie hopes to get out of as soon as possible with the help of possibly a hockey scholarship Katie and Alec the biggest player in school start to hangout The conflict is external because its mostly with Alec Katie s best friend [...]

    30. Harry Brake on said:

      In looking at Smashed by Lisa Luedeke, the interview we had with this author came alive Going into a Young Adult Lit novel without knowing the plot, and gathering pieces of the action, then reading the text, it is similar to anticipating a film This novel holds nothing back and rewards the reader with all the true dilemmas, maybe not all, but many of the dilemmas that face individuals in high school on a day to day basis Despite the station or position someone has in high school, thanks to the c [...]

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