The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice

Bernard B. Kerik

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The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice

The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice By Bernard B. Kerik The Lost Son A Life in Pursuit of Justice Hardcover Memoir New York City Police Commisioner Memoir

  • Title: The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice
  • Author: Bernard B. Kerik
  • ISBN: 9780060009014
  • Page: 142
  • Format: None
  • The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice By Bernard B. Kerik Hardcover Memoir, New York City Police Commisioner Memoir
    The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice By Bernard B. Kerik

    • [PDF] ☆ The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice | BY ã Bernard B. Kerik
      142 Bernard B. Kerik
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ☆ The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice | BY ã Bernard B. Kerik
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    One thought on “The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice

    1. Kristin on said:

      This book is definitely better read by not Googling Bernard Kerik prior to reading it, as my doing so clouded my opinion of him for the 2nd half of the book Apparently, Kerik did not remain on the proper side of the law in the years following his time as NYPD Police Commisioner, but upon finishing the book, I realized there wasn t any connection between what was discussed in the book and what he was charged with, so I don t feel that this autobiography is in any way invalidated because Kerik eve [...]

    2. Lee on said:

      Dear Bernard,To hear you tell it you were obviously a great cop I was bummed when you failed to cover all of the stuff you did that landed you in prison My friend Jess loves books so much I believe that she s probably made love to them.

    3. Will Byrnes on said:

      Kerik recalls his personal history, from his prostitute mother, awful family history, through his personal delinquency and ultimate triumph over his background, owing much to his passion for martial arts, early days in the military, as security consultant to Saudi Arabia, then as Corrections Officer and Warden in New Jersey to fulfilling his dream, to be a NYC cop Once there, he rose through aggressive work to positions of increasing authority to the point where he was named Commissioner of Corr [...]

    4. Joshua Embrey on said:

      Kerik is, was, and always will be an ego maniacal prick I hope he goes down on the Federal charges he is facing He s a hypocrite a world class bum I had no clue that humans were capable of kissing their own asses, but Kerik spends the entire book doing so.

    5. Ligita on said:

      Thought I had a man I could respect and sympathize with until he proved me wrong The book was a good read, however.

    6. Gary Power on said:

      Interesting book About a man who has led a few lives, a body guard in Saudi Arabia, prison service in New Jersey and Police in New York.

    7. Andrianto SS on said:

      Another great book.I would say this is a superhero story because it talks about the life of imperfect man with his gloomy childhood but turned to be a strong and tough personality which then required by the citizen to restore the people trust to the police institution and bring up justice amid corrupt and dirty society.Bernie and Rudi together shows their endeavor to the New Yorker Some even says NYC is the safest city on earth.Read it and you see what s on tv becoming real This is a story of a [...]

    8. Tristan Goding on said:

      The guy had one hell of a life and he makes sure that the reader knows it Prior to the decisions that have since landed him in jail, currently, Kerik s autobiography has enough meat and depth to make it worthy of one of those non fiction books that reads like fiction In the end, I ended up being really glad that I read this book because, afterward, I did feel like I d experienced things through the eyes of a man who most of us will never emulate, and perhaps we should all be thankful for that An [...]

    9. Aiko on said:

      The idea of this book intrigued me from the start, but I was disappointed to find that what should have been a powerful story of redemption and triumph was marred by the disjointed timeline of Kerik s writing Anyone interested in policework or in Bernard Kerik s story should read this book but those who don t typically enjoy autobiography or who have short attention spans should definitely avoid it.

    10. Susan Wells on said:

      Bernard Kerik tells all about his mysterious mother and his life growing up in New York City, his work as an under cover policeman, warden of one of the worse penitentiarys in the nation, his friendship with Mayor Rudy Gulianni and his appointment as commissioner of police which was consider shocking because appointments like this were only given to blue blood officers There is a lot of foul language If you can get past it, it s a great read.

    11. Kris on said:

      I like that Jess Walter The Zero ghost wrote this book it s interesting to read Kerik s description of heroic cops alongside Walter s fictional description of one cop on and after 9 11 I really liked how Kerik had finished the book on 9 10 01 and then had to add an afterword about 9 11.

    12. Dave on said:

      The author was forced to withdraw his name for the post of Homeland Security Chief for some reason or other after this book was published Or before Not to sure what to make of the book after finding that out.

    13. Deb on said:

      Interesting read, but given the fact that he is a convicted felon for lying , how much of what is written is true

    14. T.R. Wallace on said:

      Outstanding autobiography of a man who dedicated his life to law enforcement.

    15. Ashley on said:

      NCOwn in hardback.FS Light streams through the crack in the door LS His humanity, our humanity, despite the devastation, will endure.

    16. Highland Library on said:

      I enjoyed reading this book I was familiar with Bernard Kerik when he was the Police Commisioner of New York City It was interesting to learn some information about his life before NYPD.

    17. Ryan on said:

      Interesting tale from the man who was once the Police Chief in the greatest city in the world Lots of action and adventure and some behind the scenes of 9 11

    18. Cheryl Jensen on said:

      A fascinating account of an at risk youth written off by his school teacher rising to become police commissioner of New York City I didn t want to put it down.

    19. Lenny on said:

      Great autobiography about a real life person who had the tenacity to overcome great adversity and become a true hero

    20. Charlie Corum on said:

      Good book Good story about a guy who strikes me as a bit egotistical And now he s in jail for lying to the feds Kinda makes cops everywhere look like crap Way to go, dude.

    21. Ricardo on said:

      great biography it was recomended to me by my school counselor who thought i could relate to Keric s life story and she was right I loved it

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