Spacecraft: 2000-2100 AD

Stewart Cowley

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Spacecraft: 2000-2100 AD

Spacecraft: 2000-2100 AD By Stewart Cowley Spacecraft AD One of a series of Terran Trade Authority Handbooks Using illustrations from a wide range of artists of the time

  • Title: Spacecraft: 2000-2100 AD
  • Author: Stewart Cowley
  • ISBN: 9780890092118
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Spacecraft: 2000-2100 AD By Stewart Cowley One of a series of Terran Trade Authority Handbooks Using illustrations from a wide range of artists of the time
    Spacecraft: 2000-2100 AD By Stewart Cowley

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      168 Stewart Cowley
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    One thought on “Spacecraft: 2000-2100 AD

    1. Terry on said:

      In middle school, I used to stare at this book for hours on end, imagining that distant future Let s put this in context Star Wars was one movie, Cylons were chrome plated clods, and Space Invaders vied with Astroids for the title of Best Video Game Can t remember a thing about the text, but the pictures were captivating About the same time, I stumbled upon Robert Heinlein and applied his stories to the images Cowley assembled Now I ll have to go seek out a very expensive used copy just to reliv [...]

    2. Damon on said:

      I used to spend hours at the Camas library pouring over every inch of every page of this book, immersed in fearsome and fantastical day dreams I didn t have to try very hard, such is the talent on display in this fun exposition of alien art Even when my family accompanied me or when I was distracted by some other piece of literature from what my mom called the weird section it would glisten out of the corner of my eye, off across the room in the lonely corner of K through 12 Open me up, Damon Re [...]

    3. Mouldy Squid on said:

      Ah, nostalgia I remember these books from when I was a kid, spending my time in grade school library I ran across the set at a flea market and added them to the collection They aren t quite as amazing as I remember, but they get full marks for the cool concept and the remembered joy of my younger self.

    4. Richard on said:

      As a kid, this book confused the hell out of me I knew it couldn t be real but the historical schematic format akin to reading promotional literature for electronics device sure made it seem real I cracked it open recently and was immediately struck by how strongly the book had imprinted on my memories.

    5. Curtiss on said:

      A clever incorporation of various science fiction artwork into a storyline.

    6. Joe Labriola on said:

      Featuring stunningly imaginative retro artwork as well as engaging technical descriptions, Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 is as much a speculative narrative of humanity s exploration of the cosmos as it is a fun spaceship guidebook, illuminating mankind s age old drive for innovation and adventure through both times of future peace and war.

    7. Julian Meynell on said:

      I had this book as a child The magic of this book is that while the background is pure Space Opera the book is concerned about telling you about design flaws in the engines or where the best museum examples of the spaceships are, than with telling a poor space opera and that makes the whole thing come beautifully alive.It is my favorite work of mock nonfiction, although it is probably not the best It might be because the art is evocative and the text brings this out without degenerating in poin [...]

    8. Antonio Ippolito on said:

      Wonderful this shaped my imagination when I was 11 it s finally back, and I m proud to have created its Italian card in incredibly, it was missing

    9. Andrew on said:

      I first got this book around 1979, and it tapped into the explosion of popular sci fi around that time, including Star Wars , Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers Relying on artwork from numerous sci fi illustrators, Cowley produced some thing along the line of a fictional Observers book of future space craft, combined with a narrative focused on an interstellar war.This is hardly a significant entry in sci fi fiction, and the prose is almost totally colourless Yet I and perhaps others found the [...]

    10. Michael on said:

      Why didn t I keep this book It has some brilliant illustrations in it, which I used to love leafing through The text, if I remember correctly, is inspired by the images and isn t related the the books which used the art for their covers.Well, I guess you can t keep all the books that pass into your life, but I wish I d kept this one

    11. Michele Torbidoni on said:

      This book is really full of that kind of future we imagined in late 70 s Something that eventually found its popularity in things like Star Wars , Close Encounters but also Hyams Outland and in the works of late Chris Foss If you re an avid Hard Sci Fi lover, find a copy on eBay and you ll enjoy it

    12. Brent on said:

      One of the cool science fiction illustration books I would check out of the library over and over, Some of the narratives were cheesy even as a kid, but with that great art you could easily imagine your own stories.

    13. Eric Johnson on said:

      I can t remember the exact time I read this book been a long time that s for sure but otherwise a great collection of SF fictional spacecraft It was also illustrated and again, well done and a good read for SF buffs.

    14. Rob on said:

      I loved this book One painting, maybe a schematic or two, and Cowley had a story about the ship pictured in the painting Never mind how weird or unlikely the painting was he had the odd parts covered, too.

    15. Melissa Cuevas on said:

      Originally owned the paperback copy, purchased back when I still lived in the UK That copy eventually fell apart, but then the book faeries smiled on me by placing a hardcover copy of this in a thrift store Of course I snatched it up, it s a wonderful, amazing book for any sci fi lover.

    16. Alec on said:

      I must have spent 200 hours reading and re reading this book as a kid with an electric imagination Something about it really struck a chord for me at that time.

    17. Eric Bangle on said:

      Awesome primer for those wishing to prepare for their future life as a intergalactic space traveler or rogue.

    18. James Rosh on said:

      One of my all time fave books as a kid This book was amazing I really dug trying to draw the ships.

    19. Dave/Maggie Bean on said:

      More hokum not to mention wishful thinking , but beautifully illustrated.

    20. Mike on said:

      I loved these books as a youngster, I remember checking these out from the library over and over again.

    21. Jonathanstray Stray on said:

      Mmm classic fictional geeky future history With great paintings Again, childhood memories So much fun

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