Traversare l'orizzonte

Javier Marías Glauco Felici

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Traversare l'orizzonte

Traversare l'orizzonte By Javier Marías Glauco Felici Traversare l orizzonte Il veliero il Tallahassee che dovrebbe portare all Antartide scrittori e artisti e un anonimo gruppo di scienziati e ricercatori non arriver mai al polo Sud si attarder in una crociera preliminare

  • Title: Traversare l'orizzonte
  • Author: Javier Marías Glauco Felici
  • ISBN: 9788806168544
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • Traversare l'orizzonte By Javier Marías Glauco Felici Il veliero, il Tallahassee che dovrebbe portare all Antartide scrittori e artisti, e un anonimo gruppo di scienziati e ricercatori non arriver mai al polo Sud, si attarder in una crociera preliminare nel Mediterraneo per poi fare tappa forse definitiva a Tangeri ma questo viaggio per mare traves a, nello spagnolo d origine termine che evoca anche un vento ostiIl veliero, il Tallahassee che dovrebbe portare all Antartide scrittori e artisti, e un anonimo gruppo di scienziati e ricercatori non arriver mai al polo Sud, si attarder in una crociera preliminare nel Mediterraneo per poi fare tappa forse definitiva a Tangeri ma questo viaggio per mare traves a, nello spagnolo d origine termine che evoca anche un vento ostile alla navigazione, perpendicolare alla costa occasione o pretesto per rievocare l enigmatico rapimento di un pianista con finale erotico, isole paradisiache nel Pacifico dove costruire una citt da sogno, avventurieri pronti a uccidere e devastare, pirati senza volto, sparatorie e duelli, storie d a cupe e travolgenti E ancora, in altre latitudini e altri anni, una donna minuta e misteriosa, ricca e appassionata di letteratura, che morir portando con s i segreti che aveva promesso di svelare ma lascer tracce da interpretare con curiosit e acume da detective Un magistrale e affettuoso omaggio alla grande narrativa d avventura, un inchinarsi rispettoso ma inventivo all arte di autori come Henry James, Joseph Conrad o Conan Doyle Insomma, uno sfavillante Javier Mar as ventunenne, qui gi al secondo romanzo, che svela la passione per la scrittura e la grandezza d ispirazione che si troveranno in un crescente continuum lungo tutta la sua opera Anche se lo stesso autore con indomito sense of humour ha detto affettuosamente di questo libro A volte penso che non ho fatto altro che peggiorare, da allora.
    Traversare l'orizzonte By Javier Marías Glauco Felici

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      276 Javier Marías Glauco Felici
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    One thought on “Traversare l'orizzonte

    1. Mike Puma on said:

      4.636 Stars rounded up forget that BS debate over the worth of stars what we need are 1 10th stars or 1 100th stars, but then even with those some won t be content, and anyway my credibility, given the way I dole out 5 stars means less and less by the day So be it This is not your father s Javier Mar as At least, this is not the Javier Mar as you ve encountered if you ve read other books by him Except, that it is Sorta The humor s there the facility with language is there the twisted, convoluted [...]

    2. jeremy on said:

      begun when he was nineteen and published two years later, voyage along the horizon traves a del horizonte was the second novel from the incomparable spanish novelist javier mar as a metafictional, seafaring homage to late nineteenth century fiction, voyage, while clearly presaging themes and elements to come in his later works, is much than an early outing from an author developing his style the novel is playful, humorous, and, as we ve come to expect from mar as, a penetrating glimpse into the [...]

    3. Tyler Jones on said:

      We have become accustomed to the idea that a novel can not be both escapist entertainment and intellectually stimulating Voyage Along the Horizon belongs to that delightful class of novel that manages to be both While partly a parody of Nineteenth century sailing adventures, it is less a mockery than an experiment in grafting the popular genre of one era with the meta fictional sensibilities of another Mar as comments on the folly of the search for absolute truth, while at the same time deliveri [...]

    4. Rise on said:

      The day that witnessed the departure of the Tallahassee a sailboat with a metal hull, three masts, and a steam engine, classified by Lloyds Register of Shipping as a mixed vessel, property of the Cunard White Star, built by Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company in the United States, purchased by Great Britain where it was newly registered in 1896, though its original name, that of the city where it was baptized, remained the same , capable of reaching a velocity of 11.5 knots, with capa [...]

    5. Jon on said:

      Bouyed by my reading this week of Bernhard s worthwhile, early On the Mountain, I decided to tackle the earliest prose work available in English by another of my favorite writers Written during the span of his 19th to his 21st year, this exciting and playful novel only occasionally reveals the immaturity that I d like to imagine most people have at that tender age, but only occasionally Surprisingly, despite a plot that largely falls apart, and some clumsy paragraphs that fail at elegant explica [...]

    6. Nate D on said:

      Unfulfilled adventure novel forms, historical literary format pastiche, and rumination on the mysteries that compel us to seek the truth, or keep reading I wasn t particularly moved by it Mar as says that endpoints matter less than the voyage and atmosphere, which I would often agree with, but here the atmosphere, and particularly the characters, did not drag me along to the degree that his designs seem to require.

    7. Chris Heaney on said:

      A little Borges, a little Conrad, a little Conan Doyle swirled together to make an interesting intellectual game The Conradesque embedded story in the middle is terrific, because it s the passage in which things really happen or not , but the rest just kind of taught me a lesson never go on an expedition to the Antarctic with a boat full of foppish artists You ll be bored to tears or murdered by the trip s end.

    8. Sol Rezza on said:

      Me pasa siempre con los libros de Javier Mar as, la historia me parece buena pero los finales siempre me parecen inconclusos, muy poco cuidados para el cuidado que llevan las historias.

    9. Jim Leckband on said:

      This is about the best book by a 21 year old that I have ever read However it is a book by a 21 year old Novelists are not know for being prodigies too much life has been unlived to be great out of the gate Voyage Along the Horizon is a pastiche of Henry James and Joseph Conrad with a dash of the English serialists such as Wilkie Collins What is amazing is that Mar as and the translator caught the prose patterns of James while writing in Spanish and then translated back into English That being s [...]

    10. MJ on said:

      I first discovered Javier Mar as by pure accident, while I was wandering around my library in Brooklyn The book was A Heart So White, and I absolutely fell in love with it I ve been meaning to read from him, but didn t get a chance to until I finally picked up Voyage Along the Horizon just recently.Voyage was Mar as s second novel, written when he was only twenty two years old As such, it does read as less polished than A Heart So White, but I still really enjoyed it It s playful, a book about [...]

    11. Sylvia on said:

      Siempre he pensado que no hay nada mejor que hacer dos cosas a la vez Ver la tele y tejer Comer o beber y leer algo encantador Pero odio no poder leer y manejar Lo odio especialmente ahora con esta aventurosa novela de Javier Mar as que se aposenta en el asiento del copiloto esperando que yo est en un alto o en el tr fico para abrir sus p ginas y leer uno a uno los libros que forman la incre ble traves a por la Ant rtida a la que un tal John Kerrigan arrastr a un grupo de escritores.El humor, el [...]

    12. Nate on said:

      A nice charming slim novel The best parts of it deal with mystery and the book does a fun job of setting up events only to never resolve them It might be frustrating to some readers, but I found that technique really engaging This is the first book I ve read by Marias, and I have a feeling his other books are better so I m excited to explore Voyage might not be incredible, but you you can feel the joy of a young novelists inspiration in it it was his second book, written at the age of 21 and fo [...]

    13. Matt on said:

      Engaging and strange nested stories in this book ultimately about an ill fated voyage of writers and scientists to Antarctica, but it s also not really about that at all and not just because they never get beyond the Mediterranean It s about inexplicable obsessions, and criminal histories, and a lot .Ultimately it s also just really strange but I liked the echoes of Conrad and Borges and others.Also, exactly the kind of book I wanted to read now so that counts for something.

    14. annakatrina on said:

      normally i would have thought this book consciously conjuring joseph conrad and henry james was, as i d like to say, for boys but if you know me, you know how much i indefatigably heart EMEFFING HEART javier marias this was his second novel, written when he was 21 years old, so i will forgive him for toying with the reader so but all in all, a wonderful read with really charming characters i only wish i could have spent time with them.

    15. Keliani on said:

      Es el tipo de novela que empiezas a leer y no sabes qu esperar, pero mientras m s lees, m s te va interesando Am la efusividad de Victor Arledge, su relativa consistencia, y claro, todos los detalles de los compromisos sociales de la poca son muy divertidos Me hubiera gustado que se hablara m s sobre el capit n Kerrigan, de s lo imagin rmelo har a toda una novela con su vida.

    16. César González Gama on said:

      Me pareci un libro bastante soso Siento que dilapid mi tiempo ley ndolo, prefiero leer un cuento de Julio Verne Es el primer libro de Javier Mar as que leo, y por comentarios de terceros en torno a su obra, me imagino que hay otros trabajos m s rescatables ste libro lo escribi muy joven, as que le doy el beneficio de la duda.

    17. Ginny Pennekamp on said:

      There s not much to say about this book than it lulls you into awesometown At first you re like, What and then you re like, WHAT And it s just dense and rich and escapist and incredible all in the best ways One of the best presents my hubby ever got me And himself, because he LOVES this book.

    18. Jonfaith on said:

      A slim exercise book on emulating Calvino without needing to be brazen or effective I read this four years ago, I recall it being a gift from The Believer I wasn t that impressed, think Cortazar s The Winners sans any charatcers or action that experience has made me cautious about marias to this day.

    19. Trin on said:

      One of Mar as earlier, and from the examples of his work I ve read so far, disjointed novels And yet still this is sort of irrepressibly charming I think, like the voyage of the title, Mar as work tends to be about the journey and less about the destination.

    20. Kim on said:

      A book called Voyage Along the Horizon about a book called Voyage Along the Horizon Perhaps not Marias most sophisticated or rigorously intellectual books, but great, great fun and extremely readable Did I mention he finished writing it when he was 21 years old

    21. Sebastián on said:

      Poco qu decir, es un gran homenaje a las novelas de follet n y de aventuras decimon nicas, me parece que para ser la segunda novela de Mar as es un buen pie para la afici n a los misterios sin resolver de sus novelas posteriores.Ahora seguir con El hombre Sentimental.

    22. Susan Josephs on said:

      Another magical realist Fun to read this book within a book I was awaiting his new novel, The Infatuations, that received amazing reviews in the New York Times book review and took this from the library in the meantime I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    23. Fernando on said:

      Una narraci n vaga, un enigma que no es tal, sugerencias, sombras de trama, siluetas de personajes y a pesar de la vaguedad de todo, atrapante, emocionante y con un par de escenas de gran poder Una peque a aventura de las mentiras donde la duda se divierte.

    24. Rayroy on said:

      You ever find yourself not being able to get into a book even if it s written well, The cover is way dope though, cuz But I just wasn t like totally enaged among it s pages.Yawn

    25. Tiagonocera on said:

      O jovem Javier Mar as publica seu segundo livro, ainda tratando e desenvolvendo seus temas, id ias e estilo nicos, faz aqui uma s tira carinhosa a Conrad e CIA.

    26. Jason on said:

      This was the start of my renewed readings I wanted to read a book by Marias, but I m not sure why I picked this one it s short This was the first book I finished in a long time.

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