ألف ليلة وليلة: المجلد الأول


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ألف ليلة وليلة: المجلد الأول

ألف ليلة وليلة: المجلد الأول By Anonymous

  • Title: ألف ليلة وليلة: المجلد الأول
  • Author: Anonymous
  • ISBN: 9789953553382
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ألف ليلة وليلة: المجلد الأول By Anonymous .
    ألف ليلة وليلة: المجلد الأول By Anonymous

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      148 Anonymous
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    One thought on “ألف ليلة وليلة: المجلد الأول

    1. ميقات الراجحي on said:

      Persian literature 1837 12 4 1969 11 1 2002 , 21.

    2. Ian "Marvin" Graye on said:

      Shahrazad Haiku Let me detain youFor a thousand and one nightsAnd so entertain An Introduction to the Frame StoryIn the essays Muse, Spare Me and Tales within Tales within Tales from The Friday Book , John Barth expresses his admiration for the frame story of 1,001 Nights.It s clear from the structure of every story that Shahrazad is telling them to King Shahriyar, and that she stops each tale shortly before sunrise, before resuming the following night.Thus, Shahrazad extends her life one tale a [...]

    3. Ana Mardoll on said:

      The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night Vol 1 978 0415045391I m a bit of an Thousand Nights enthusiast I enjoy the stories immensely and I have four separate translations in my personal library Several friends have asked me to discuss the differences between the editions, so I thought I d present a four way comparison and then talk about which version is best for which audience For the purposes of the four way comparison, I will draw text from the opening tale of the two kingly brothers in [...]

    4. Jeremy Hurd-McKenney on said:

      I gave this a solid try, and I tried to keep in mind that it was written in a very different time in a very different culture, but it was just way too rapey I was expecting Ali Baba and open sesame and genies granting wishes, but all the genies actually did was rape women before killing them horribly in story after story I made it about 35 nights before I couldn t take any Don t rub the lamp, ladies.

    5. Clif Hostetler on said:

      If I were the publisher s editor during the Islamic Golden Age 8th to 13th centuries during the time when these stories were being compiled into a Tale of 1001 Nights, I would have strongly recommended that it be pared down to 101 Nights 1001 is too many These three volumes 2008 edition by Penguin Classics are in essence 270 short stories divided into 1001 sessions to fit the setting of the woman named Scheherazade telling a story per night with tantalizing incomplete endings in order to keep he [...]

    6. Scott on said:

      This first volume of the Arabian Nights is fun It s massive especially considering it s the first of three volumes , but the tales are easy to read and jammed with the stuff of fantasy Djinn, princesses, romances, deaths, wars, metamorphoses, and all other sorts of great fodder for ripping good yarns.The structure truly is amazing The couching story of Shahrazad telling tale after tale is fairly well known What I wasn t expecting is just how deeply complex, yet eminently readable, the multiple t [...]

    7. Andrea Blythe on said:

      When King Shahriyar discovers his wife to be unfaithful, he begins to marry young women, only to behead them in the morning In order to save the young women of the region, Shahrazad gives herself to the King Shahriyar She is not expected to survive beyond dawn, but during the night she begins to tell tales, each night ending the story in the middle, leaving the king desperate to learn the ending and allowing Shahrazad to live another day.One of my reading goals for this year is to read the compl [...]

    8. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      The Arabian Nights Tales of 1001 Nights, Volume 1, Anonymous, Malcolm Lyons Translator , Ursula Lyons Translator , Robert Irwin Introduction

    9. melis on said:

      On ya ndaki ocuklar n cinsel hayat , k lelerin tecav z merak sonu kastrasyon , krallar n tecav z merak sonu y zlerce ki ilik haremler , toplu seks partileri, dakika ba cihat ilan edip as p kesen padi ahlar, en do ru din bizimki deyip di er herkesi inan s z addedip yine as p kesen ok dindar insanlar, y re e korku salmaktan ba ka bir i i olmayan o y ce tanr , t m kad nlar n b y c a a l k i eviren olarak g sterilmesi, para h rs , toprak h rs , par alar na ayr larak ld r len kad nlar, vay din karde [...]

    10. Edlira Dibrani on said:

      An amazing collection of divine stories filled with a lot of emotions, magical creatures, great kings, beautiful ladies and marvelous treasures These stories are told by the wise and beautiful Scheherazade, a maiden who intends to change the king s life with these great stories by trying to save her life from the death that is already determined Each night she tells him stories and ends them in a cliffhanger so that he will spare her from death this is because before her, he used to kill every b [...]

    11. Kurt on said:

      I ve only read the first of the four volume set each one being in the 600 page range, they don t make for short reading Additionally, because the format is that of disconnected stories, there s absolutely no reason at all to sit down and try to plow through them all, one after the other.As a resource and a reference, to traditional narratives and motifs as well as to old Arabic traditions, I find these stories incredibly valuable Rhythms of storytelling and dialogue are completely distinct to th [...]

    12. Collin A. on said:

      I was recently introduced to the Anonymously written The Book if the Thousand and One nights during was last semester at my local university I was deeply enthralled by the first few stories of merciful punishment and the guile and wit of Shahraz d herself As you might expect, I was enthralled enough in these first few stories that I had to five into the first full length volume After traversing eight chapters filled with Jinee, treachery, greed and sorcery, I can wholeheartedly say that the firs [...]

    13. Книжни Криле on said:

      1001 03.06.1938 13.07.2016 knijnikrile.wordpress 201

    14. Wendell on said:

      I ve long wanted to read this eternally mutable human masterpiece all the way through, and have made several stabs over the years, including Richard Burton s classic though now, I understand, compromised Victorian translation A couple of years ago, I picked up Malcolm Lyons unabridged Penguin translation from the mid aughties, figuring that if I owned it already, I d feel pressure I tried a couple of times since, only to stall around Night 40 out of, many will know, 1001 Having designated the N [...]

    15. Rachel Pieters on said:

      In all fairness, I didn t finish this I thought the opening to the over arching story was good, if not extremely sexist I accept that given the time it was written , and intriguing I also read the story at the end of Ali Baba the Forty Thieves, which I quite enjoyed although the very end was quite sexist despite the wits and bravery of the slave girl But the middle Oooh The middle I made it to the end of Night 1 That s it The stories are set up to be stories within stories within stories on this [...]

    16. Emma Jonasson on said:

      Tyv rr har jag verken tid eller ork att l sa mer n ca 32 av Sjeherazade drygt 70 sagor som finns i denna samling Och tanken p att detta bara var de tre f rsta b ckerna g r mig yr.

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