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Margaret Brownley

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Waiting for Morning

Waiting for Morning By Margaret Brownley Waiting for Morning Molly Hatfield comes to Arizona Territory seeking stability and security But living in Cactus Patch provides her with than she ever dreamed of There is nothing Molly wouldn t do for her teenaged broth

  • Title: Waiting for Morning
  • Author: Margaret Brownley
  • ISBN: 9781595549709
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Waiting for Morning By Margaret Brownley Molly Hatfield comes to Arizona Territory seeking stability and security But living in Cactus Patch provides her with than she ever dreamed of.There is nothing Molly wouldn t do for her teenaged brother, Donny Blaming herself for the accident that left him wheel chair bound, Molly has dedicated her life to his care But in 1896, gainful employment for a woman is harMolly Hatfield comes to Arizona Territory seeking stability and security But living in Cactus Patch provides her with than she ever dreamed of.There is nothing Molly wouldn t do for her teenaged brother, Donny Blaming herself for the accident that left him wheel chair bound, Molly has dedicated her life to his care But in 1896, gainful employment for a woman is hard to come by So when Molly learns that an eccentric rancher in Cactus Patch, Arizona, is looking for an heiress someone to take over management of the ranch in exchange for future ownership she jumps at the chance to provide a real home for her brother.If she proves to have a knack for ranching and agrees to remain single for life, the ranch can be hers Neither stipulation worries Molly She s resourceful and hardworking And she gave up dreams of marriage long ago when she dedicated her life to her brother s well being.However, Molly didn t bank on meeting Dr Caleb Fairbanks, the town s handsome and charismatic young doctor Caleb has a way with Molly that makes her nervous But it s how he is with her brother that really alarms her Caleb sees past the wheelchair and genuinely likes Donny, but Molly fears he s putting unrealistic ideas into her brother s head Falling in love with Caleb would threaten everything she s worked for, even her brother s future happiness.But it could be the very reason God brought her to Last Chance Ranch.
    Waiting for Morning By Margaret Brownley

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      271 Margaret Brownley
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    One thought on “Waiting for Morning

    1. Shalini Ayre on said:

      April 1896, Dobson Creek, Colorado and Molly Hatfield feels something is wrong Taking the job at the local Saloon has made her the contempt of polite society If only they would believe that the only entertainment she gave to the drunk men were her singing and dancing.When the fire alarm is sounded, Molly rushes to where she left her wheelchair bound brother, Donny Her fears are confirmed when it s the hotel that is on fire Donny is in there Taking a great chance, she rescues her brother from the [...]

    2. Virginia Campbell on said:

      Author Margaret Brownley returns to The Brides of Last Chance Ranch with book two in the series, Waiting for Morning After a close call with a fire in which she rescued her wheelchair bound brother, Donny, Molly Hatfield is desperate to find a safe, secure home for the two of them An unusual newspaper ad offering a ranch inheritance to a hard working woman of good character who agrees to never marry seems like the answer to Molly s prayers, and she and Donny leave Colorado behind and head for Ca [...]

    3. June on said:

      What could be better than inheriting a ranch with a stipulation to never marry if marriage isn t an option anyway A no brainer Molly plans to never marry because her handicapped brother requires her attention and she will always put him first So she answers the ad looking for an heiress Dr Caleb Fairbanks is determined to help her brother learn to be independent which is fine with Donny until he realizes that his lack of dependence will clear the way for Molly and Caleb to be together and set h [...]

    4. Hannah on said:

      I don t have any actual complaints about this that I can put a finger on It may simply be my mood However, I found this way too easy to put down, and the characters while solid and likeable never jumped off the page and grabbed me enough to keep me going Consequently, it took me three weeks to finish it.

    5. Whitney White on said:

      I quite enjoyed this story, with its unorthodox pairing of a former dance hall girl and a doctor And, of course, Aunt Bessie s antics are always a fun sideshow.

    6. Noela on said:

      Set in 1896, in the Arizona desert, a land of contrasts and beauty, sits a large red roofed two story adobe ranch house with a wrap around verandah, outbuildings, barn, corral, and towering windmills This is the focal setting for Waiting for Morning , a beautifully captivating story about Molly Hatfield an unlikely candidate trying out for the heiress position of the eccentric Eleanor Walker and her vast cattle ranch in Cactus Patch.Pretty 21 year old Molly and her wheel chair bound brother Donn [...]

    7. Janka H. on said:

      All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost Tolkien Forgive me a little teatrality, but this is the poem what comes to mind when thinking about this novel The authoress skillfully touches some dark topics handicaps both physical and spiritual , abandonment, guilt, low self esteem , but does it with a gentle hand and a dose of healthy humour Molly Hatfield is another of the row of heiresses fo [...]

    8. Lisa Johnson on said:

      Title Waiting for MorningAuthor Margret BrownleyPages 352Year 2013Publisher Thomas Nelson What do you usually expect when reading a novel Being a fan of the western genre, when I read one, I look for action It isn t usually a romantic western that attracts my attention first, but the adventure Some write westerns with hints of mystery, revenge, love, forgiveness, and a host of other themes Others write with these themes and are able to paint a picture in the mind of the reader, so the reader can [...]

    9. Victor Gentile on said:

      Margaret Brownley, in her new book, Waiting for Morning Book Two in her The Brides Of Last Chance Ranch series published by Thomas Nelson takes us to the Arizona Territory in 1896 and into the life of Molly Hatfield.From the back cover Molly Hatfield comes to Arizona Territory seeking stability and security But living in Cactus Patch provides her with than she ever dreamed.There is nothing Molly wouldn t do for her teenaged brother, Donny Blaming herself for the accident that left him wheelchai [...]

    10. Julie Graves on said:

      Molly would do anything for her young brother Donny After all she believes that it is her fault that he is in a wheelchair Molly has been working as a dance hall girl in order to support herself and Donny since their father has died When the town they live in catches fire Molly barely escapes with Donny and a few clothes that she can save from her tent home that they share.When Molly hears of a rancher looking for an heiress to run her ranch in Arizona Molly and Donny head there The only catch t [...]

    11. Shari on said:

      In a day and time when wearing bright colours and make up will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons, Molly Hatfield does just that Although it is against her character it s what she has to do to help protect her brother.Guilt for the accident that left Donny in a wheelchair drives everything she does She must take care of him, and she is willing to sacrifice everything she has, and is, to do just that This is what drives her to take a strange offer for a job of ranch heiress Falling in love [...]

    12. Valerie (Val's Vicinity) on said:

      Margaret Brownley has done it again, masterfully crafting a story that is just downright entertaining Molly, the heroine, is easy to like, and her former occupation as a saloon girl a singer only serves as a great reminder to not judge based on perception or outward appearances I quickly found myself rooting for Molly to overcome her difficult past and to succeed in building a life for herself and her younger brother.Dr Caleb is a good guy, but it was the little details about him that really mad [...]

    13. Patricia Kemp Blackmon on said:

      Molly Hatfield no longer have parents to help with the care of her brother Donny She has it in her head that it because of her negligence that her brother is in a wheelchair unable to anything for himself She has to work as a saloon girl because for women of her status there is very little in ways of jobs Dancing and singing is as far as it goes, she is a good girl She has had several offers at marriage but as soon as the man realizes that her brother is part of the package they are never to be [...]

    14. ACS Book-finder on said:

      Review The book Waiting for Morning in The Brides of Last Chance Ranch series by Margaret Brownley will keep your interest from beginning to end This book is set in the late 1800 s out west when employment for a woman is hard to come by.The main character, Molly Hatfield, has dedicated her life to caring for her wheelchair bound teenaged brother Denny So when Molly learns that a wealthy rancher in Arizona is looking for an heiress, she put her whole heart into this opportunity This way she has t [...]

    15. Sandy Sandmeyer on said:

      Waiting for Morning is about Molly Hatfield, a young lady left alone in the late 1800 s to raise her wheelchair bound brother Donny She s living in a western community when their home and almost all of their personal belongings are destroyed by a fire She answers an ad for a heiress at Last Chance Ranch The only problem is that she knows nothing about ranching or cows.When Molly and Donny are a few miles out from the ranch with their borrowed horse and cart, they meet Caleb Fairbanks, the town d [...]

    16. Patricia on said:

      Molly Hatfield feels responsible for her brother, Donny, and has taken care of him for years Now that both their parents have passed away she is even burdened trying to keep both of them sheltered, fed, and clothed They have lived in a mining town but after a devastating fire Molly knows they must move on.In 1896 it was not easy for a woman to find work In the Arizona Territory it was almost impossible so when Molly saw an advertisement that read,Heiress Wanted,Looking for hard working, profess [...]

    17. Erin on said:

      HEIRESS WANTED Looking for hard working, professional woman of good character and pleasant disposition willing to learn the ranching business in Arizona Territory Must be single and prepared to remain so now and forever.Margaret Brownley Waiting for Morning A Brides of Last Chance Ranch Novel Kindle Locations 127 130 Thomas Nelson Waiting for Morning, is the story of a guilt ridden young woman, trying to make a way for herself and her wheel chair bound younger brother after answering an ad for a [...]

    18. Dora Hiers on said:

      Molly Hatfield is the sole caretaker for her teenage brother, Donny, who lost the use of his legs in an accident while he was an infant After rescuing her brother from a hotel fire, Molly determines to provide a stable home for him, so she answers an ad from a rancher in Arizona If she can prove her worth and learn the business, she will inherit the ranch The only stipulation is that she must sign a contract saying she will never marry That s not a problem for her because she has yet to meet a [...]

    19. Paula-O on said:

      series The Brides of Last Chance Ranch by Margaret Brownley this book Waiting for Morning.My first book read by this author and even though it is in a series I loved the story and it read fine alone.The character of Molly Hatfield was of a fiesty young girl who is dedicated to caring for her brother that she has a ton of guilt about, thinking she caused the accident that made him be in a wheelchair She has decided she will always care for him and when a chance comes to go to Arizona to Cactus Pa [...]

    20. Anne on said:

      Waiting for Morning has so many facets that it s hard to pinpoint which one I enjoyed the most Molly Hatfield is a lovingly fierce sister and wants to protect her wheelchair bound younger brother, Donny, from the hurt that can be caused by rude and judgmental people This part of the plot really struck a chord in me As the parent of a child who had multiple disabilities, and was in a wheelchair for many years, I can fully relate to Molly s protective nature.Dr Caleb Fairbanks comes back to the ar [...]

    21. Maria on said:

      This was a pleasant enough story, though some of the elements stretched credulity a bit The premise of the book and the larger series it belongs to is that an older, very independent woman is looking for a female heir to leave her large and prosperous ranch to on one condition That her heir, whoever she might be, will remain single for the remainder of her life While I can see such a condition being placed in a legal document, what would happen to the inheritance if the heir decided to renege af [...]

    22. E on said:

      Life in 1896 could be difficult under the best of circumstances, but for Molly Hatfield and her brother, Donny, life was especially hard Their parents were dead and Donny had lost the use of his legs many years ago which had left him confined to a wheel chair Molly worked in a saloon and devoted herself to caring for her brother A fire causes them to leave their home in Dobson Creek, Colorado Molly had learned of a rancher who was looking for an heiress Specifically, the heiress was required to [...]

    23. Hallie Szott on said:

      In the second book of the series started with Dawn Comes Early, the Arizona cattle ranch still needs an unmarried heiress Molly Hatfield, thinking only of providing the best possible future for her wheelchair bound brother, arrives at Last Chance Ranch with no qualms about forfeiting her choice to marry Dedicated to being a worthy and capable heiress, Molly begins to juggle her new ranch obligations and continual responsibilities to her brother But with divided attentions and dwindling energy, M [...]

    24. Kathy * Bookworm Nation on said:

      3.5I liked this one I was worried that maybe I would be missing something by not reading the first book, but this stood well on its own I still want to go back and read the first book though Molly was such an interesting character, I really liked her She has made taking care of her crippled brother her main priority She would literally do anything for him, including ruin her reputation by being a singer dancer in a saloon and dressing unique to draw attention away from him I loved how determined [...]

    25. Wendy on said:

      Eleanor Walker is still looking for an heiress for Last Chance Ranch, the last one, Kate Tenney, will soon be married to Luke Adams the local blacksmith When Molly Hatfield answers her newest ad, Eleanor hopes she has finally gotten her heiress but has some doubts since so many have already failed When Molly shows up in her bright dance hall dress and not alone her doubts increase significantly.When Miss Walker tells Molly to move on because she doesn t think she can dedicate her life to the ran [...]

    26. Sheila on said:

      Dance hall girl Molly is completely committed to caring for her brother Donny, risking her life to save him, and enduring the taunts of others in order to earn money to buy his food But everything s falling apart and even their tent is destroyed in a fire So Molly sets out for the wild wild west, to prove she can commit herself just as forcefully to becoming a rancher Answering a very strange advertisement, she now has to prove she can care for ranch hands, cows and horses and keep the books str [...]

    27. Carmen on said:

      I have been totally digging this western, set in the past romances.

    28. Sherri Smith on said:

      Pleasantly surprised I like period pieces, especially those that are dealing with life out west Something about cowboys, and the rough and rugged man This one, however, was atypical to my usual western Rather it was focused on a potential heiress and her care for her brother The love interest in the story, wasn t even a cowboy, rather a doctor The dog, Magic, was well used throughout and didn t leave me wondering what her purpose was in the plot Well executed.Basically, Molly has been caring for [...]

    29. Laura on said:

      I enjoy reading books about ranches and cowboys Waiting for Morning by Margaret Brownley doesnt disappoint This is book two in the Last Chance Ranch series and follows Dawn Comes Early.Welcome back to Last Chance Ranch This time meet Eleanor Walker s newest heiress, Molly Hatfield, and her wheelchair bound brother, Donny Molly feels responsible for her brother s injury because she was watching him as a baby when he was injured After losing almost all of their possessions in a fire in Dobson Cree [...]

    30. Rebecca on said:

      Molly Hatfield is desperate desperate enough to move herself and her young brother from Dobson Creek, Colorado to Cactus Patch, Arizona in answer to an advertisement seeking an heiress for a large ranching business The employment opportunity at Last Chance Ranch seems like the answer to an unspoken prayer until she arrives there The owner, Eleanor Walker, is no nonsense through and through and no one is pleased that Molly has arrived with a crippled brother who needs almost constant watch care.W [...]

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