The Prince's Bride

Julianne MacLean

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The Prince's Bride

The Prince's Bride By Julianne MacLean The Prince s Bride Marriage is than she ever bargained for Bestselling author Julianne MacLean s Regency era trilogy of royal romance comes to a breathless conclusion Handsome Prince Nicholas of Petersbourg is an infamo

  • Title: The Prince's Bride
  • Author: Julianne MacLean
  • ISBN: 9780312552817
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Prince's Bride By Julianne MacLean Marriage is than she ever bargained for.Bestselling author Julianne MacLean s Regency era trilogy of royal romance comes to a breathless conclusion Handsome Prince Nicholas of Petersbourg is an infamous ladies man, but even he doesn t expect a flirtation at a masquerade ball to turn into abduction Especially with a jailor as temptingly beautiful as the young woman oMarriage is than she ever bargained for.Bestselling author Julianne MacLean s Regency era trilogy of royal romance comes to a breathless conclusion Handsome Prince Nicholas of Petersbourg is an infamous ladies man, but even he doesn t expect a flirtation at a masquerade ball to turn into abduction Especially with a jailor as temptingly beautiful as the young woman on the other side of the locked door Veronique Montagne was desperate when she agreed to kidnap a prince to settle her profligate father s gambling debts, and certainly didn t imagine that her prisoner might sweet talk her into helping him escape Saving her home is now the least of her troubles, especially when the attraction simmering between her and the angry prince blazes into true passion To save them both from scandal, Nicholas proposes a convenient marriage but when a vengeful plot threatens to tear them apart, he discovers that Veronique s love is what he desires most of all
    The Prince's Bride By Julianne MacLean

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      Julianne MacLean

    One thought on “The Prince's Bride

    1. Lover of Romance on said:

      There is something else we agreed upon, he said and I believe I will claim it now In a smooth, swift wave of motion, his mouth found hers The kiss was firm and demanding, and before she could comprehend what might happen next, she wrapped her arms around his neck and began kissing him passionately in the last of the afternoon light Veronique Montagne is desperate to save her families land, even if she has no choice but to kidnap the Prince of Petersbourg to do it Veronique s father lost their la [...]

    2. Sofia Lazaridou on said:

      After the previous 2 books I expected something Something that would make my mind explode In the end the only thing that happened and usually is not made my stomach turn It s a good book like the ones you will find in Historical romance rather than anything close to the level of the other two books of the trilogy Things went too smoothly for them And the abduction isn t a good one The year the events in this book happen in 1815 which I found stupid because Rose at that time didn t have her HEA [...]

    3. ARomanceLover on said:

      To get back her family home that her father lost in a card game, Veronique agrees to kidnap a prince and bring him to the man who holds the title to her family estate She falls in love with the prince and they eventually marry and go back to his country where they weather multiple women propositioning the prince and scandal about his legitimacy but their love wins over it all I thought this was a very light and airy book and and so quite superficial It didn t seem like either character had any i [...]

    4. Siti Sarah on said:

      Like how the story grows and the adrenaline at last Chapter Overall the book missing passion love making.

    5. Mary on said:

      allaboutromance book revieThis book is the third in Julianne MacLean s Royal Trilogy series I have not read the first two books in the series, but I do not believe that it would have helped in increasing this book s appeal for me It started off with a hint of promise, but by the middle of the book my interest had waned There was both too much and too little going on Too much in terms of storyline and too little real character development The whole thing just fell flat and made this book a bit of [...]

    6. Zeee(I Heart Romance & YA) on said:

      This review first appeared on I Heart Romance YAThis is the first book of The Royal Trilogy that I have read I have Princess in Love, the second book of the series, on my TBR list but I haven t gotten around to reading it However, I may have to change that and start reading it Before anyone reads further, I d like to give you a fair warning this review contains spoilersE STORYThis story is about the rake prince, Nicholas while on a trip to Paris He is drugged and kidnapped by a lovely young woma [...]

    7. Nicole Laverdure on said:

      Breathless conclusion of THE ROYAL TRILOGYI wish to say thank you to Julianne MacLean for sending me an ARC of her latest book in her Royal Trilogy THE PRINCE S BRIDE I just finished reading it and again, I was not disappointed, I found it romantic as they usually are with her writing Charming story of romance, intrigue, plot and blackmail I loved her characters Nicholas of Petersbourg and V ronique Montagne Nicholas is a ladies s man, a scoundrel, a heartbreaker and a charming Prince and V roni [...]

    8. Meg on said:

      This author does a good job of creating complex dramas for her characters This book concludes the trilogy.In reading the whole series, luckily, this book takes place separately from the other two so there is no reiteration of events that we already know how they resolve I enjoyed Nicholas character throughout the series He had many facets throughout that made it enjoyable to see how he would be taken down in the romance department Veronique s character didn t draw me in too much While she believ [...]

    9. Mary Gramlich on said:

      When a Prince is kidnapped one might think it would be by a dangerous group seeking wealth For Prince Nicholas his abductor is Veronique Montagne, a gentle and loving woman trying to save what she values most her family.Nicholas is a noted romancer and tries every trick to seduce Veronique to open the door and set him free, she however is immune to his charms Veronique is fighting for her family and the survival of their home while Nicholas is just irritated by his present situation When the tru [...]

    10. My Book Addiction and More MBA on said:

      THE PRINCE S BRIDE by Julianne MacLean is an exciting Regency Historical Romance 3 in The Royal trilogy,but can be read as a stand alone The final installment this interesting trilogy See, Be My Prince and Princess in Love Fast paced and filled with secrets,passion,danger and love Things are turned around when Veronique Montagne s kidnaps Prince Nicholas of Petersbourg to settle her father s gambling debts and save her family The Prince s Bride will have you turning pages as you read this intrig [...]

    11. Sarah Brown on said:

      I received an Advance Copy of this book from a give away This was a quick 308 page read for me A lovely story that grasp the aspects of True Love and Trust must come hand in Hand Veronique is portrayed as a Brave, Strong, and Family loving Woman but I thought throughout the book her personality wavered, Something I did not like about the book Prince Nicholas the Womanizer tantalized the senses, but seem coy then a playboy from the start Either way the story got 4.5 stars, Charterers and develop [...]

    12. C.S. on said:

      This story was okay I didn t read the first two books I thought the beginning was great, but then the story just kinda fell flat after they returned to his home His struggle with coming to terms with his parentage was pretty good, and the women hitting on him The heroine thoughe was just kinda one dimensional I suppose he needed someone that was all good, but she was just sogood The most shocking thing she did was try to offer her virginity before they got marriedwhich really isn t shocking As f [...]

    13. Anna on said:

      I would rate it 3.5 stars It doesn t compare with other books that I ve rated at 4 stars.The bones of the plot are trite, however the details are unique among the historicalromances I have read It takes place in the mythical country of Petersbourg It was an easyread and had enough interest in the plot to keep me reading to discover what wouldhappen.If you enjoy historical romances and are a patient reader you might enjoy this book.

    14. Tasha on said:

      After I read the first two books in the series I searched Everywhere for this story once I finally found it I couldn t help but instantly start reading I did not expect to finish it in the short amount of time that I did, but as I see I did This was a great ending to a wonderful series I am disappointed that I did not get to learn the sex of the baby to be born between Nicholas and his wife

    15. Jennifer on said:

      I loved the first two books in this series and was eagerly awaiting Nicholas story I was a little disappointed This was not the same man as in the first two books, not from the start It was good but I was expecting .

    16. Mskychick on said:

      DNFI got 1 3 of the way in and has too stop This book is to ridiculous for words The characters and their actions are cartoonish I was waiting for a villain to arrive and twirl his mustachios while leering Yuck.

    17. Kimia Safavi on said:

      This was the first book I read by Julianne MacLean It was not what I expected from the story , it was kind of boring.

    18. Olivia R on said:

      I wasn t into the beginning but it did steadily get better Perhaps I ll read the others in this trilogy.

    19. Mary on said:

      I thought it was a wonderful book full of unexpected romance and loved the historical time period.

    20. Blender on said:

      A fitting end to this trilogy I always liked Prince Nicolas and was so glad his lady love was such a great match She truly made him a better man.

    21. Guy B on said:

      One of my favorite book I like it because it has fencing I is know as one of the best fencing movies.

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