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Candace Camp

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The Marrying Season

The Marrying Season By Candace Camp The Marrying Season The third novel in the New York Times bestselling Legend of St Dwynwen trilogy depicts the delicious romance between a haughty lady and the gentleman who coaxes her to drop her guard at last Genevieve

  • Title: The Marrying Season
  • Author: Candace Camp
  • ISBN: 9781451639520
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Marrying Season By Candace Camp The third novel in the New York Times bestselling Legend of St Dwynwen trilogy depicts the delicious romance between a haughty lady and the gentleman who coaxes her to drop her guard at last.Genevieve Stafford, the younger sister of the Earl of Rawdon A Summer Seduction , is an icy but beautiful aristocrat Determined to make the sort of marital alliance expected of a woThe third novel in the New York Times bestselling Legend of St Dwynwen trilogy depicts the delicious romance between a haughty lady and the gentleman who coaxes her to drop her guard at last.Genevieve Stafford, the younger sister of the Earl of Rawdon A Summer Seduction , is an icy but beautiful aristocrat Determined to make the sort of marital alliance expected of a woman of her station, she becomes engaged to the scion of another noble family However, when Genevieve finds herself entangled in scandal, her fianc breaks things off Shamed, she has no recourse but to retreat to the family estate until her brother s friend, Sir Myles Thorwood, offers to marry Genevieve and salvage her reputation.Genevieve expects to have a loveless marriage of convenience, but the handsome, charming Myles has other things in mind As the two of them work to discover who engineered the scandal that could have ruined Genevieve s life, Myles shows Genevieve just what it means to be man and wife Genevieve finds it difficult to resist the passion Myles evokes in her, but can she risk losing her heart to a man she thinks sees their union as only a duty
    The Marrying Season By Candace Camp

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      300 Candace Camp
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    One thought on “The Marrying Season

    1. Mary - Buried Under Romance on said:

      Posted on my blog Buried Under RomanceThe last of the Legend of St Dwynwen trilogy by Candace Camp features a few familiar tropes friends to lovers, marriage of convenience but nonetheless creates a good, though perhaps not superb, read 3.5 starsThis was a satisfying read involving a marriage of convenience turning into something While the story has a few bumps in the middle and a rather abrupt ending, the first half of the book made up for its somewhat convoluted resolution I may be of the min [...]

    2. Inshirah Kamal on said:

      Tis the appearance of propriety that is paramount, my dear

    3. kris on said:

      Genevieve Stafford is going to marry a Proper Husband, until suddenly, she isn t Myles Thorwood, childhood menace, steps in to marry her because PLOT PLOT PLOT After a week of straight up sexing in the woods, the shit hits the fan because otherwise there wouldn t be a book ANGST, DRAMA, and YELLING later, we get the rushed, still smoldering remains of a HEA 1 WOW TALK ABOUT FAST There is no chill in this book everything either is or isn t Genevieve s lust, for example, goes from 0 to 100% during [...]

    4. Caz on said:

      I gave this a C at AAR, so that s 3 stars here.Genevieve Stafford has a reputation as an ice queen Her behaviour and reputation are impeccable and she has been tutored by her formidable grandmother into being everything a proper young lady of good breeding should be She has had plenty of admirers, but none of them have incited her interest and Genevieve herself has come to believe that she is cold and not made for love.At her brother s wedding I believe his story was told in the previous book in [...]

    5. A. on said:

      I was SO JAZZED to get to this book that I blasted through the first two in the series which to be honest I think might have been a mistake, as all three books share some undeniable structural similarities, e.g the OTP is in some way forced to stay together in a small house away from society where they at last explore consummate their intense passion, only to return to society where they must separate once because of x reason specific to each couple The sex is fairly formulaic, too, with each c [...]

    6. Christopher on said:

      This review was originally posted on The Historical Romance Critic.Thoughts After Reading It seems to me that the romantic pairing of a young lady and her brother s friend has just about been done to death The heroine invariably has had a secret infatuation for at least a decade, the hero s perspective shifts completely over a small time frame, and the resulting transition to a real relationship often comes out unconvincingly Keeping those thoughts in mind, Candace Camp s upcoming novel The Marr [...]

    7. Jen on said:

      What s A Suddenly Unbetrothed Ice Princess On The Verge Of Scandal To Do The Marrying Season is a charming and sometimes humorous historical romance Even though this happens to be the third of the series and I haven t read the previous books, the character development and background information given than made up for my lack of knowledge and this book can easily work as a standalone novel.Genevieve Stafford is the sister of a recently married Earl and her brother s newfound marital status has g [...]

    8. Feminista on said:

      Rating 3 out of 5The Marrying Season by Candace CampIt s Genevieve s marrying season Having accepted an offer of marriage, she is looking forward to this being her last season However, circumstances arise which lead to the engagement being broken off, and in steps Myles Myles, the second most sought after bachelor the first being her previous fianc , but one whose name does not match hers Not that Genevieve is complaining about that, although she is proud of her own name, she does not think lowl [...]

    9. Julie on said:

      The Marrying Season is the third in the St Dwynwen series As always this book can be read as a stand alone This book is a pocket books publication and is scheduled for a April 2013 release.Genevieve has a reputation for being an ice princess She uses the reputation to ward off advances, but eventually she knows she must marry and finally accepts the proposal of Lord Dursbury.At a social engagement, Genny meets up with her brother Alec s best friend Myles They engage in their usual mild flirtatio [...]

    10. Farrah on said:

      This review also appears on my blog at thegoldenruleof666spoAn absolutely lovely romance I loved this book so much it was just fantastic.If you ve seen my reviews before, you know that I love the idea of childhood friends falling in love I think it s just so sweet And The Marrying Season didn t disappoint.Genevieve was likable, though a bit trying at times She was easy to relate to and a very strong heroine But, as it says in the summary, she s a bit cold It made her somewhat mean And she was de [...]

    11. The Window Seat on said:

      There are none so blind as those who will not see From the opening chapter of The Marrying Season through to the end of the book this quote kept rattling around in my head as the theme of the entire story In almost every scene that characters Genevieve Stafford and Myles Thorwood find themselves in together this quote is appropriate Having two main characters that are completely blind to all of the feelings that exist between them only to fall into one misunderstanding after another just left me [...]

    12. Beth on said:

      Someone is trying to destroy Genevieve Stafford s reputation When she is attacked by an amorous suitor in the library, Sir Myles Thorwood comes to her rescue To avoid scandal Myles offers for Genevieve s hand in marriage and she reluctantly accepts.Expecting a loveless marriage, Genevieve is slowly seduced by her brother best friend and now her husband, Myles Myles never expected the explosive passion in his new bride, but he realizes quickly what a treasure he has in Genevieve But just as the r [...]

    13. CoffeeTimeRomance andMore on said:

      Genevieve Stafford can always be counted on to do the right thing She is always calm, always in control, and always within the bounds of society Genevieve even agrees to marry the boring Lord Dursbury because he is utterly decorous Surely, a marriage built upon the solid foundations of breeding and manners will be a success.Charm and wit come quite naturally to Sir Myles Thorwood It is not his fault that women seem content to throw themselves in his path He knows he will eventually have to settl [...]

    14. Jess the Romanceaholic on said:

      ARC provided via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Review to follow closer to publication.3.5 4 5 Stars

    15. Megan on said:

      I absolutely positively LOVED this book This is definitely my favorite of the series

    16. Kristina on said:

      I liked this book and the premise of it It had passion, misunderstandings, mystery, and as ever the British rule for the Ton Genineve, is engaged to be married soon and her fianc , Earl of Dursbury, has found her in a scandal that he can t better to touch his name When love is not a factor so her friend Sir Myles Thorwood steps up in the gentleman department and offers for her to stem the gossip Myles and Genny embark on a marriage of convenience but somehow they let feelings get in the way and [...]

    17. Teril on said:

      London is agape at a scandal ripe with intrigue over the abrupt happenings at a recent wedding party Genevieve Stafford was a recently betrothed to the Lord Dursburt, but after such a scandal and the lord s lack of support her future is ruined Genevieve Stafford is at the dilemma in that she must protect her family and her name even as this paradigm shifts for her, and having the strength to overcome her upcoming obstacles and survive the attack on her character is only the beginning to this you [...]

    18. Lover of Romance on said:

      Genevieve, knows that it is time to get married So she accepts an offer, but then the worst happens During a ball, she receives a note from a friend, to meet in a private room to discuss something of great importance When she arrives however, she finds herself being attacked by a man she is acquainted with, who is drunk and as she tries to fight him off, ends up being seen by numerous members of the Ton Now she is embroiled in a scandal, and her fiancee rejects her in front of others in the most [...]

    19. Elis Madison on said:

      This is the third in the Legend of St Dwynwyn series Now that Genevieve s brother Alec Stafford A Summer Seduction is married, their starchy grandmamma sets her sights on Genny She must marry and marry well to squelch the scandals that have brewed up around Alec and his new wife, and restore honor to the Stafford name.Genny doesn t expect a love match like her brother s she s too much like her granny to concern herself with such folderol So when the excruciatingly boring proper Lord Durberry pro [...]

    20. Cerian on said:

      I ll admit, I m a bit of a sucker for the trope of childhood friends marrying, and falling in love, and The Marrying Season nails it perfectly.This is the third book in the Legend of St Dwynwen trilogy, and it acts as a stand alone book perfectly well I ve not read the previous two, but that wasn t a problem I never felt lost in a back story I didn t understand.When Genevieve is caught in a situation that appears rather scandalous, though she is an innocent victim, her fiance callously rejects h [...]

    21. Debra Taylor on said:

      I enjoyed this charming romance It s one of those friends turned lovers stories that I enjoy so much I liked the romantic leads in this story I thought that Genevieve was misunderstood Instead of being the cold, ice queen that she appeared, in reality she was shy and awkward.She had a lot of admirable character traits, her loyalty to her brother and to her duties, being a few But being human, she also had a few flaws Her stubborn pride being a serious one At times it made her seem haughty d mean [...]

    22. Martina Nix Govoni on said:

      E un po meh anche il giudizio su questo libro Non so, con le premesse che c erano mi aspettavo qualcosa di pi vivace, soprattutto all inizio, invece la Camp mi cambia le carte in tavola con una tenera seduzione, per poi calare un misunderstandig spiazzante arrivati a quel punto Molto credibili i personaggi, quello lo devo ammettere, soprattutto Genny, alla quale stato sociale, antenati ed educazione hanno fatto davvero un cattivo servizio, convincendola di essere una persona fredda Invece solo t [...]

    23. Esther on said:

      I am a big romance reader, especially the old historical romance novels I love reading the about lords and ladies, dukes and duchesses, and all those old titles It is a my guilty pleasure This particular book, The Marrying Season, is book three in a three part series This one is about a cold woman named Genevieve Stafford who is seen as an ice princess She sees her brother married happily, but she hold no dreams of having the same for herself She is arranged to be married to a well off young man [...]

    24. Barb Klein on said:

      I have read many books by Candace Camp over the years The latest is The Marrying Season This novel takes you back to England when the ton ruled the social life of the elite There were many rules of etiquette, things that were looked upon with favor and actions that could cause you to be shunned for life by the other members of the ton This is the story of one such event Genevieve Stafford was a member of one of the most prestigious families in London She is considered cold and icy by most of the [...]

    25. Pamela on said:

      Rated 4.5 Review courtesy of Romance Junkies When Genevieve receives a note asking her to meet her brother s friend, Sir Myles Thorwood, in the library, she does not question it She arrives at her destination only to discover that Myles is not yet there Instead, Genevieve runs into a drunken fool who tries to take advantage of her She is in the midst of dealing with his unwanted advances when her betrothed, Lord Dursbury, along with several other people, enter the library Before Genevieve has a [...]

    26. Sabrina (Soter) Sally on said:

      Meglio stare attenti l ammon lui, sorridendo Ci stannoguardando tutti Allora diamo loro qualcosa da vedere Genevieve si alz in punta di piedi e lo baci Devo ammettere che avevo apprezzato di pi la storia di Alec, ma anche questo terzo capitolo della serie Le leggende di St Dwynwen stato scorrevole e coinvolgente Myles mi piaciuto subito fin dalla sua prima apparizione, ben lungi dall essere il classico eroe tormentato e tenebroso, sembra sprizzare gioia di vivere da tutti i pori e con la sue esu [...]

    27. Trina on said:

      To be honest, I had picked up this book a long time ago and it sat on my bookshelf, one of many that I just hadn t gotten around to reading I can t believe I actually let this book sit on my shelf unread for so long what a complete waste I literally picked the book up and couldn t put it down until I finished it The story of Genevieve Stafford as she weaves her way through the many pitfalls of the ton and tries to learn how to be the a proper wife is engaging and a non stop roller coaster of act [...]

    28. Pam on said:

      Genevieve Stafford is considered the ice princess she is a very reserved and quiet woman Her brother is getting married and now her grandmother is ready for her to make a perfect marriage match without any scandals So seven months later she does just that, she is engaged to the perfect and boring Lord Dursbury However the scandal sheets seem to have her in their sites, saying that it is just a matter of time before he calls the wedding off.Sir Myles Thorwood is a friend of Genevieve s brother, A [...]

    29. Linda on said:

      This is the best of the bunch in this trilogy More fleshed out characters, a little bit of a mystery that needs solving before the happy ever after and a very appealing hero We met Myles in the first book and he is also in the second book as a school friend of earlier heroes Gabriel and Alec This time around he s on center stage.We start with a wedding that continues the story from the second book The groom s sister, Genevieve is there and wishes for her own happy ending A handsome lord enters a [...]

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