Big Girls Don't Cry

Gretchen Lane

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Big Girls Don't Cry

Big Girls Don't Cry By Gretchen Lane Big Girls Don t Cry Every woman deserves to be loved and for over weight insecure yr old virgin Gretchen Lane it s going to come Hot Heavy and in the form of the ruggedly handsome Billy Mack her new personal tr

  • Title: Big Girls Don't Cry
  • Author: Gretchen Lane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Big Girls Don't Cry By Gretchen Lane Every woman deserves to be loved, and for over weight, insecure, 24 yr old virgin, Gretchen Lane, it s going to come Hot Heavy, and in the form of the ruggedly handsome, Billy Mack her new personal trainerAt 5 8 and 248 pounds, life is anything but easy for young, insecure, Gretchen Lane Finding herself once again the victim of a cruel joke involving her weightEvery woman deserves to be loved, and for over weight, insecure, 24 yr old virgin, Gretchen Lane, it s going to come Hot Heavy, and in the form of the ruggedly handsome, Billy Mack her new personal trainerAt 5 8 and 248 pounds, life is anything but easy for young, insecure, Gretchen Lane Finding herself once again the victim of a cruel joke involving her weight Gretchen decides to join a local gym, where she has a chance encounter with personal trainer, Billy Mack.Billy, living in a world of hard bodies and big egos, finds himself strangely attracted to the young woman, and a relationship quickly develops pairing the most unlikely of couples.Excerpts from book The crowd erupted into laughter when the first fat joke was yelled from the passing car They fell silent when the 32 oz soft drink hit my face with a loud smack, before splashing to the ground I stood soaking wet, stunned, and humiliated My embarrassment quickly turned to pain, and I wept openly Not one person asked me if I was okay I ran home to my apartment, where in a moment of frustration and hurt I actually contemplated suicide And, then I felt stupid, like I always do I mean, I guess I should be used to it by now It s been happening since I was in the third grade That s when I got my nickname, The Pillsbury dough girl Oh, Billy, I moan, closing my eyes and entering into a state of extreme bliss This has got to be a dream, and I know any minute I m going to wake up.With soft tugs, he pulls the swollen nubs, and my pussy quivers, sending me into an instant orgasm Responding to my pleasure, Billy s hard dick presses against the middle of my back Your breasts are beautiful, he exclaims, squeezing and kneading the large orbs Thank you, I coo, watching his hands exploring my chest I felt like the fourteen year old girl being felt up by the older neighbor boys, while my body shuddered through its first orgasm.Without thinking, I pull away and turn around facing Billy, who sits with his towel opened His enormous cock stands throbbing in front of my face, and I watch in amazement at the thick veins surrounding the long shaft They throb and pulsate, sitting wrapped around the thumping phallus like the creeping roots of a wicked treed, I only want one thing Can I suck on it I ask in a catching breath, the sheer size and girth having my heart beating uncontrollably I feel my own wetness running from my soaked crotch as I reach out slowly with trembling handsA powerfully erotic romance featuring the metamorphosis of a shy, wounded girl, into a gorgeous woman Made possible through the love and belief of one man13,223 word countThis story contains sexually explicit material meant for a mature audience only 18w vibrator masturbation virgin sex anal fingering anal sex oral sex first time sex light domination mommy porn
    Big Girls Don't Cry By Gretchen Lane

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      Gretchen Lane

    One thought on “Big Girls Don't Cry

    1. Cat Ellington on said:

      Chubby or not, Gretchen Lane is an absolutely stunning woman She s so very beautiful, but she s twenty four and still a virgin Until she meets Billy, the man of her dreams, who unwraps her and falls in love with the precious gift that she is And boy, does Billy love her Well, speaking of falling in love, I fell head over heels for Gretchen and Billy in their newfound romance Gretchen, an inspiring model she s gorgeous enough to do modeling, yes , and Billy, a workout instructor, whom Gretch met [...]

    2. Linda on said:

      The only thing I don t like about this story is that it reads like a installment series and I m not a big fan of them This story was only 57 pages but I can t say anything since I got it FREE but the next part of the story is also only 57 pages and the cost is 2.99 so I don t see me reading it anytime soon I just can t see paying 2.99 for only 57 pages Which is very sad since the first installment was so good Oh Well, maybe I will be able to get the next story for free or they will have a sell, [...]

    3. Valerie on said:

      I was a little put off by the prologue in this story but I wanted to try it out Gretchen is very whiny and I can understand why she felt outraged by what happened to her, but if this was the worse thing that s ever happened to her, then she had a lot of growing up to do The writing seemed elementary and the dialogue stunted and other than the sex scenes, it was a really bad story I would not recommend this to anyone and I have no desire to read the second book.

    4. Amanda Sheila on said:

      I ve read this book a couple of times before and I think I forgot to rated it One of my favorite BBW story, mostly because the way its author described the heroine s insecurities are very close to my own I m a big girl myself and I really appreciate the author that captured my thoughts This one is Thank you so much, I enjoyed it well Anyway, this book is a freebie on Kobo.

    5. Desiree on said:

      It was OKA bit too short definitely a quick read It s part of a series and although, I was disappointed that there wasn t to the book, it has a pretty dramatic end that leaves wanting to continue the story with book 2.

    6. Lori Hammons on said:

      I love Gretchen and Billy s story It resonates with true to life situations and, like in real life, there are people out there who love people for themselves, not their body image This is a must read for anyone who ever has low self esteem for any reason.

    7. Christine on said:

      This is one of those piecemeal stories It was all right but, of course, you re left hanging in the end with basically a to be continued.Definitely some editing issues And so short, you really don t connect with the characters.

    8. L.J (Lisa Jane) on said:

      This was um it could have been so much This was a very very short read but it had the potential to be a great story.

    9. constance on said:

      I really just didn t like this one A lot of things just really didn t add up And I really hated the ending, like really really really hated it Not going to be reading part two.

    10. Melanieā™„ on said:

      Despite quite a few editing errors tense change mid paragraph, etc it was an enjoyable short read.

    11. Armanus_Gal on said:

      Very short I felt kind of rushed through the book I m sure that wasn t on purpose by the author, but it is how I felt I won t be getting part 2.

    12. Cassie Hess-dean on said:

      This was a quick read Story about a big girl who falls for this hot guy Turns out he actually ends up liking herThe end leaves you waiting for another book

    13. Holly Marshall on said:

      a little short book but i enjoyed it This was my first Gretchen Lane Book I will be looking for others by her as well

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