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Baby Grand

Baby Grand By Dina Santorelli Baby Grand In Albany New York the governor s infant daughter disappears without a trace from her crib at the Executive Mansion Hours later newly divorced and down and out writer Jamie Carter is abducted from

  • Title: Baby Grand
  • Author: Dina Santorelli
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Baby Grand By Dina Santorelli In Albany, New York, the governor s infant daughter disappears without a trace from her crib at the Executive Mansion Hours later, newly divorced and down and out writer Jamie Carter is abducted from the streets of Manhattan Jamie is whisked upstate, where she is forced by her captor, Don Bailino, an ex war hero successful businessman, to care for the kidnapped child inIn Albany, New York, the governor s infant daughter disappears without a trace from her crib at the Executive Mansion Hours later, newly divorced and down and out writer Jamie Carter is abducted from the streets of Manhattan Jamie is whisked upstate, where she is forced by her captor, Don Bailino, an ex war hero successful businessman, to care for the kidnapped child in a plot to delay the execution of mobster Gino Cataldi the sixth man to be put to death in six years by hardliner Governor Phillip Grand What prevails is a modern day thriller about family ties, loyalty, murder, betrayal, and love that s told in deftly interweaving narratives that follow the police investigation of the missing Baby Grand, the bad guys who took her, and the woman who found the strength to protect her.
    Baby Grand By Dina Santorelli

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      284 Dina Santorelli
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    One thought on “Baby Grand

    1. Heather on said:

      Let me count the reasons why I loved Baby Grand 1 It s a fast paced thriller you don t want to put down 2 The perpetrator was a surprise to me 3 The main character was well developed, a little flawed and someone I would definitely like to know about 4 The bad guy had a little good in him 5 The ending surprised me, but set up well for a sequel, which I can t wait to read 6 It has a plot, unlike many books out there especially those with Grey in the title.

    2. Julie on said:

      I won this book in a giveaway I was excited to get started because I hadn t read a good thriller in a long time I wasn t disappointed In the beginning there were several parallel stories that eventually merged At this point it became fast moving I liked the characters and thought they were well developed The book ended with a twist that surprised me and the very end made me think that there will be a sequel If so, I ll be reading it I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast paced [...]

    3. Keri on said:

      Really well done and I didn t see it ending like that Don is crazy as a loon and a straight up killer and I don t know how anyone could think that he is anti hero, he is a rapist and an abuser Never mind kidnapping a baby for money Yes he did protect, but he had no problem dishing out the abuse either to the people under his protection I don t care how much he prettied it up in his head with making love When a woman is crying, screaming and kicking to get away from you, it s rape Having said all [...]

    4. Tom Harris on said:

      In a dramatic opening to this suspense thriller, ten month old Baby Charlotte is snatched from her crib, leaving housekeeper Rosalia Garcia in turmoil The baby that has been taken whilst in her care is none other than the daughter of Governor Phillip Grand and his wife Katherine Detective Sergeant Mark Nurberg from Albany PD, is put on the case This is his most high profile assignment to date, but with a habit of making promises he can t keep, can Nurberg afford to break a promise to the Governo [...]

    5. Doreen McGettigan on said:

      I fell in love with the cover for Baby Grand and anxiously awaited the novels release It was well worth the wait Every guess I had as to what would happen next in this novel was wrong, shockingly wrong.The characters hooked me from the first to the last page I fell somewhere between love, hate and sorry for all of them They are still running lines in my head Dina s writing style made the reading effortless It is honestly hard to believe this is the author s debut novel I highly recommend this bo [...]

    6. Deidra Rattay on said:

      This was an sit on the edge of your chair, non put downable thriller Every fiber of me was wrapped up in this book from chapter one I didn t want to eat, sleep, or anything else because I NEEDED to see what happened next The only part of this book I did not like was the last sentence I would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that the last sentence made me feel like I had been in a speeding car that suddenly hit a brick wallybe there will be a sequel

    7. Kat on said:

      This is a really good book I could tell it was as I just kept thinking I just will read another chapter,fast paced,good plot,twists all the things that make a great read Not a difficult read and as others have said possible sequel coming up I certainly hope so as I will certainly be reading it ,4 stars and recommended

    8. Carol Pearson-oldmixon on said:

      I read this as a book club choice for this month The author Dina Santorelli is a Massapequa resident and attending our book club this month This was a great book keep me going a real page turner I cant wait for our book discussion

    9. Sonja Randall on said:

      Although a bit confusing at the beginning all came together in an excellent thriller Fast paced, with believable, strong characters The main character s survival instinct and a good heart saved the day Even showed a good side to the bad person Written with sequel in mind I can t wait.

    10. Lori ~ BF Bookies on said:

      I read this book back in October, 2013 I wrote a review on our blog page, but forgot to put it on here OOPS Sorry Dina Here is the review I wrote back in November, 2103 We are members of one of THEE coolest book clubs Ever Just thought you should know that Last month, one of our lovely bookies picked Baby Grand by Dina Santorelli I hadn t heard of this book, nor this author And all I can say is, I m SO glad it was picked I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised Ms Santorelli has [...]

    11. Dad on said:

      This was an excellent fast paced thriller about the baby of Governor Grand being kidnapped In addition a young woman from Long island is kidnapped to look after baby Charlotte Loved this book

    12. Alisa Bowman on said:

      Santorelli s first novel, a thriller, is gripping I read it in two days I could have read it in just one I still find myself thinking about the main complication, especially one of the characters There was something lasting about him that just stuck with me, which is not typical of a thriller Many of the characters are atypical By that I mean that they do not respond as most people would At first I found that a bit disconcerting, especially the parents of the lost child They didn t seem to worry [...]

    13. Ian on said:

      When a senior politician s baby daughter is kidnapped the result is a chain of events that takes in a mobster on death row, an innocent young woman, high powered lawyers and struggling garage mechanics There s the occasional info dump of back story that harms the pace in places and one or two passages that would have benefited from a little editorial smoothing There are also a few references that will send non Americans scuttling for Google I still have no idea what a large sectional might be.Ov [...]

    14. Stanfry on said:

      Wow This is a brilliantly well written book, gripping right from the starting blocks I was very impressed with how each character became to life and each were really believable This novel is based in New York, tells tales of kidnap,corruption and oddly a bit of a love story is thrown in there too there you go, a bit of something for everyone The book centres around the kidnapping of a local governors baby its full of drama and is really quick paced, quite difficult to put down The reason it didn [...]

    15. melinda Sprinkel on said:

      Cute baby and harrowing terror Rapid pace actionme authors have the knack to hook you with the first Words in the story Dina is pretty close to being one of those authors She took her time to develop her characters so that you could see them and care about You care about Jamie You love baby Charlotte You wish you had a brother like Edward You have mixed feelings about the antagonist monster Don.I almost want him to win Jamie s heart even though he becomes crazy with power and cruelty How does an [...]

    16. Beth Ann on said:

      I wish I could remember who told me to read this book so that I could thank them All I could think of when I saw the title was a baby grand piano and that is definitely not what this book is about The author has an engaging writing style and it was definitely a book that I wanted to finish staying up way past my bedtime a couple of nights in hopes that I would finish before I zonked out Any mystery lover will enjoy this book and the ending makes me think that perhaps there is another book coming [...]

    17. K.L. Murphy on said:

      From the moment the governor s baby disappears, I wanted to know what happened in this fast paced thriller What kept me turning the pages were the well drawn characters and the fascinating storyline In addition, the relationships between the main characters provided great subplots right up until the unexpected twists at the end This is a fun and fast read and I look forward to the author s next novel.

    18. Rina on said:

      I really enjoyed this book It starts in Manhattan, runs to upstate Albany and back down again sort of , always with Long Island in the background Maybe it s a coming of age novel as Jamie, the main chick, does a lot of growing by the end, just because of the circumstances of what happens to her Maybe it s a mystery as the title is the governor s daughter, who gets kidnapped LOL, actually the main plot But no maybes about it, it s a good and enjoyable read.

    19. Michelle on said:

      Full disclosure, I have worked with the author Saying that, I will admit that I don t read a lot of thrillers, but my mom does and she really enjoyed this book, so I borrowed it Wow It was great The plot had twists and turns, and it all came together in a wonderfully told, exciting story Well done, Dina

    20. Stephanie on said:

      This book was so good A perfect mystery that I could not put down The author even leaves the ending open for a possible sequel, but even if there isn t one the end was still great This book must be read by anyone who loves a good action packed mystery A

    21. Lori on said:

      I enjoyed the book, really good story just took a little bit to get through the character introductions There were a lot of characters but all needed and once you get going it really takes off.

    22. Julie on said:

      Wonderful, suspenseful read Very much enjoyed this Full of suspense and intrigue You weren t sure who was good and who was bad except for the main characters of course Written well, so read it quickly.

    23. Eric Davis on said:

      I wasn t than a chapter into this book before I knew that Dina could tell one hell of a story To say I was impressed is an understatement I was so impressed I asked her to write a book with me Great read and myself and my wife are both looking forward to the sequel.

    24. Liz Seegert on said:

      fast paced page turner which keeps the reader guessing, long after the final page Santorelli s debut novel is superbly written, filled with intriguing characters, and a highly plausible story line.

    25. CatherineMatsubu on said:

      A very good readThank you, MS Santorini, for an unexpectedly good story I truly enjoyed the refreshingly new genre as well as the exciting story

    26. Ann Johnson on said:

      Good storyI dislike writing book reportsThis was a very good book Drama, suspense, action, adventure What could you ask

    27. Anita on said:

      After running into Dina in a local bookstore, I purchased her book I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

    28. Sarah Cavazos on said:

      AwesomeGood book everyone should read this great book day it s like totally awesome like we all should read it also is there another book

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