One Dark Night

Lisa Wheeler Ivan Bates

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One Dark Night

One Dark Night By Lisa Wheeler Ivan Bates One Dark Night Evenings at home with Mouse and Mole are always safe and cozy until one dark night they venture outside for a moonlit walk and find something waiting for them With its satisfying ending this adventu

  • Title: One Dark Night
  • Author: Lisa Wheeler Ivan Bates
  • ISBN: 9780152058883
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • One Dark Night By Lisa Wheeler Ivan Bates Evenings at home with Mouse and Mole are always safe and cozy, until one dark night they venture outside for a moonlit walk and find something waiting for them With its satisfying ending, this adventure is a perfect read aloud for every night.
    One Dark Night By Lisa Wheeler Ivan Bates

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      384 Lisa Wheeler Ivan Bates
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    One thought on “One Dark Night

    1. Pam on said:

      Two friends mole and mouse set out in the dark heading for an adventure Meanwhile, the large bear is big and growling and hungry He sets out in the dark also Love the surprise ending that the three are friends who get together for a feast.

    2. Merri Platt on said:

      This story is about a little mole and a little mouse who live in a little, warm and safe house in the middle of the forest Most nights they stay inside their nice and safe house but one night they decide to venture out of their house They leave their house and realize that the forest is very dark and the moon isn t very bright As they are wandering around the forest, we see a big bear in his big cave in the same big woods He lives in his cave and like most bears, he is very hungry so it looks li [...]

    3. Andrea on said:

      This was an adorable book that tells the little adventure a mouse and a mole had one dark night As they describe what seems to be a scary and fearful night for these two little friends, turns out to be something the reader does not expect The bear who also plays a role in this dark night seems to be what is causing the mouse and the mole their fear The bear is very upset because he hungry and has not found anything to eat As they approach a place where a light is coming from, we find out that th [...]

    4. Eva Leger on said:

      I can t quite figure out how Julia picks her books Sometimes she picks them from the library store, sometimes I do, and sometimes we do it together But she s in charge, for the most part, once we go to read them at home I thought this would be one of the first she went for and it ended up being one of the last Maybe it ll teach her not to judge a book by it s cover though since she did end up liking this than she thought she would.Mouse and Mole are just too cute in this story and I m finding m [...]

    5. Autumn on said:

      One Dark Night is a cute book that has a mouse and mole who take on an adventure at night The embark on a journey to meet a friend for dinner.We also have bear who is very hungry and we get the impression that he is looking for food as he stomps and growls in his den.We both liked how the animals are friends even though at first we are not told that.The pictures are very colorful the text is nice and big It is easy to read and know what is going on I think this would be a good book for those lea [...]

    6. Dolly on said:

      Reminiscent of Karma Wilson s classic story Bear Snores On, this rhyming tale about a big, growly bear and a couple of smaller critters is sure to entertain younger children The wax pencil crayon and watercolor illustrations are adorable and the characters are very expressive This would be fun to read aloud with a group or for a one on one bedtime snuggle.

    7. Josie B. on said:

      I am always on the look out for new titles for my not so scary storytime for preschoolers in October This rhyming tale of a wee mouse and a wee mole in a wee little hole and the big giant bear growling beasty growls as he stuffs his beasty jowls will be added to my list Nice big pictures, some good vocabulary, a plot full of preschool level suspense,the rhyming, and the evocative use of onomatopoeia make this a great choice Will let you know how it goes.

    8. Romelle on said:

      Fun repetitive word play in introduction, nice rhyme, and lyrical language that moves the story along Its s a simple story of Mole and Mouse venturing out onto the evening, scared and lost Meanwhile, Bear is grumpy and hungry and their encounter is inevitable Despite its simple plot, young readers will enjoy the mystery and suspense that ends with surprise It s a great read aloud book for story time

    9. Scott C. Johnson on said:

      Great book for children Colorful lively illustrations with great expression Nice characters and a surprise twist for the ending that leaves kids happy and wanting to read it again We thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I recommend it for others as well.

    10. Janet on said:

      Mouse and mole being friends live together and on a dark night must venture forth to their friend s house Love the blue color used for the night time as well as the full page illustrations of mouse and mole being frightened with their hair standing on end.

    11. Kristi on said:

      I like this book way than my kids My son liked it, but I was really wondering about the story How would it end I was practically biting my nails Oh, and it s so fun to read aloud if you do silly voices for the characters Good rhyming and great story

    12. Stephanie on said:

      The first time you read this book to your kids make sure to watch their reaction when they think the bear is going to eat the sweet little mouse and mole Priceless They have wanted multiple reads ever since.

    13. Marisa on said:

      Wow, Julez, you re on fire with the good book recs right now This book is awesome, great vocabulary, great rhyming text, suspense and a perfect ending Love it

    14. Patricia on said:

      We really enjoyed its poetry Also, the illustrations are super cute

    15. Sandi Roe on said:

      Mouse and Mole are a little frightened to venture out in the dark woods But they are on a mission to have dinner with their friend This book is a nice story of friendship between unlikely animals.

    16. Rebecca on said:

      Lisa Wheeler can t miss Fun rhyming text, suspenseful story, surprise ending.

    17. Becky on said:

      A wonderfully written book that allows interaction and voice inflection variety It s a wonderful book for working on the concept of predicting This is one of our favorites for sure.

    18. Tricia on said:

      two stories in onewith a surprise ending bear is not as ferocious as it might seem.

    19. Penny on said:

      I really enjoyed not knowing where this plot was going A really enjoyable children s book with beautiful illustrations by Ivan Bates A wonderful read for all Great story Lisa

    20. Juliana Lee on said:

      What starts as a parallel story about a mouse and mole going for a walk and a bear who is ferociously hungry, ends up being a friendship story

    21. Greta on said:

      I re read this picture book and found that I really enjoyed it It has an interesting meter pattern and builds suspense throughout the story then has a fun surprise ending.

    22. EclStorytellers on said:

      I love this one Allison Rhyming text from two perspectives the nervous little mouse and mole, and the big hungry bear.

    23. kristina on said:

      Picture Book, Mice, Moles, Fear, Bears, Friendship, Night, Stories in Rhyme, StorytimeMouse and Mole feel afraid one dark night crossing a mush mucky swamp and a marsh misty wood.

    24. Danielle on said:

      Nice big book with cute illustrations and a rhyming text Good use of onomatopoeia.

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