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Cara Lockwood

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Moby Clique

Moby Clique By Cara Lockwood Moby Clique Some literary classics have been around for centuries Miranda Tate s just hoping to survive junior year Her summer reading assignment is Moby Dick but Miranda s vacation hasn t exactly been smooth sa

  • Title: Moby Clique
  • Author: Cara Lockwood
  • ISBN: 9781416550501
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • Moby Clique By Cara Lockwood Some literary classics have been around for centuries Miranda Tate s just hoping to survive junior year Her summer reading assignment is Moby Dick, but Miranda s vacation hasn t exactly been smooth sailing Between working at her stepmother s hideous all pink boutique, and having broken up with her basketball champ boyfriend Ryan, not to mention snoozing her way th Some literary classics have been around for centuries Miranda Tate s just hoping to survive junior year Her summer reading assignment is Moby Dick, but Miranda s vacation hasn t exactly been smooth sailing Between working at her stepmother s hideous all pink boutique, and having broken up with her basketball champ boyfriend Ryan, not to mention snoozing her way through one of literature s heaviest tomes, she s almost looking forward to returning to Bard Academy That was before her kid sister Lindsay smashed up their dad s Land Rover and got shipped off to Bard herself Is the punishment Lindsay s or Miranda s A private school staffed by the ghosts of famous dead writers is hard enough to navigate without a freshman kid sister in tow, but now Miranda s trying to sort out her feelings for her brooding friend Heathcliff, who happens to be a fictional character, while keeping Bard s secrets from her nosy sister And when her nemesis Parker handpicks gullible Lindsay to be a Parker clone, Miranda knows a storm is brewing Then, Lindsay disappears in the woodsd a frantic search sends Ryan, Miranda, and Heathcliff to Whale Cove, a spot rud to hide a sunken pirate s ship But something or someone even ominous and terrifying lurks there Can Miranda stay the course and save her sister
    Moby Clique By Cara Lockwood

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    One thought on “Moby Clique

    1. Veronica Morfi on said:

      Rating 3.5 5Junior year at Bard Academy is not going to be everything Miranda hoped for This time around her little sister Lindsay is coming to Bard too And Miranda is not so happy about that Lindsay always tries to follow the in crowd which leads her to befriend Miranda s nemesis Parker Also, Heathcliff is back but she is forbidden from being involved with him which seems almost impossible Moreover, Ryan, her ex, seems to be taking an interest in her little sister which brings confusing feeling [...]

    2. PaulaPhillips on said:

      It s Another Year and Miranda can t wait to head back to Bard Academy and get back to her life there, something that she can t ever imagine she would have said in the past After spending a couple years at Bard Academy, being in the real world is boring as in Book 1 Wuthering High, readers discovered that Bard Academy hosts a giant secret that the teachers are all in fact ghosts of famous novels such as Mrs P being Sylvia Plath , Coach H being Ernest Hemingway and their Principal being Mrs W Virg [...]

    3. Akilah on said:

      While the lit geek in me still enjoys this series for the references and the way they re worked into the story, the reader in me is really annoyed by Miranda s damsel in distress act, and the fact that all the boys are so heroic minus Samir I d like to see a girl kick butt here, for once.

    4. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooIn WUTHERING HIGH, Miranda Tate gets sent to the remote boarding school, Bard Academy, on Shipwreck Island off the coast of Maine, because she smashed her dad s Beemer Throughout WUTHERING HIGH and its sequel, THE SCARLET LETTERMAN, Miranda discovers that Bard has interesting secrets, and slowly adapts to the strange ways of the school Now, after a summer at home, she s actually looking forward to returning to school Things have changed this time, though Now, h [...]

    5. Alex on said:

      At First Sight It s time for Miranda to return to Bard Academy and, after a summer working at her Stepmother s all pink boutique in the midst of pink stationary and pink edible underwear she s actually looking forward to going back to Bard.Until her little sister Lindsay crashes their Dad s new car into the store and gets send to Bard alongside Miranda.From the start, Lindsay is determined to get Miranda in trouble, mostly because that s Lindsay s favorite past time Soon Miranda is in trouble wi [...]

    6. Laurel Bradshaw on said:

      This has only 4 and 5 star reviews on , but I very nearly gave this a one star DNF However, I made myself finish it, and I ll grudgingly say it did get better The idea for the series is intriguing, if a bit Harry Potterish, with teachers who are the ghosts of dead authors in a kind of purgatory and with the conjuring of fictional characters Even our heroine, Miranda, is apparently at least partially the descendant of a fictional character herself, which gives her some sort of special powers With [...]

    7. Karin on said:

      Miranda Tate is heading back to Bard Academy after at a brutal summer working for her step mother at her boutique, In The Pink, which sells everything imaginable that is pink Miranda refers to it as In The Puke and spends most of her time there sitting at the cash register completing her required summer reading of Moby Dick Miranda is excited about returning to school until she finds out that her sister, Lindsay, is going to be joining her there after running their father s new Land Rover throug [...]

    8. Sheila on said:

      This book was great At first I was thinking I shouldn t read it because I had just read Moby Dick and it took me forever to read and this book was based of the original story I decided to give it a try and well it wasn t anything like the original story It keeps the same characters as they are mentioned thru out the book and the details seem to stick to the original story as well I would say I am really glad that I decided to read this book cause you always want to know what is going to happen n [...]

    9. Leanna on said:

      Miranda Tate returns to Bard Academy a boarding school for delinquent teens in Cara Lockwood s third installment of the Bard Academy series, Moby Clique.This time, Miranda has her younger sister, Lindsay, in tow Lindsay quickly falls in love with Miranda s ex, Ryan, and aligns with Miranda s arch nemesis, Parker Throw in some pirates, and Miranda is clearly in for a difficult semester.Overall, the Bard Academy series is harmless Miranda is an appealing heroine She and her friends are likely the [...]

    10. Jenn on said:

      3rd book Moby Dick Kids are being kidnapped by pirates This book has Miranda s little sister attending the school with her Lindsey is a people pleaser except when it comes to her sister Miranda She immediately gets pulled into Parker s clique and is doing Parker s bidding including her assignments Lindsey develops a crush on Ryan and at times it seems as if Ryan is attracted to her Miranda isn t sure how she feels about that but she knows she doesn t want Lindsay involved with Parker Next Lindse [...]

    11. Sarah Crawford on said:

      This is the third book in the Bard Academy series of books about a school where ghosts from classical literature are the teachers.In this one, though, things are complicated by the fact that Lindsay, Miranda s younger sister, is sent to the school also Miranda wants to keep the secret of the school from her and help her adjust, but Lindsay, being the spoiled self centered know it all that she is, pays no attention to Miranda and gets into the wrong crowd immediately.Worse yet, she gets a bunch o [...]

    12. Connie on said:

      Bard Academy is a school located on Shipwreck Island that delinquent students are sent to Bard Academy is a purgatory for dead writers who teach the delinquent students and the students have no idea that their teachers are dead Except for Miranda Tate and her friends because apparently Miranda is a descendant of Wuthering Heights Catherine Earnshaw In this world, characters from the classics come alive and real life may parallel plot lines from classic novels Bard Academy is no ordinary school A [...]

    13. Nan on said:

      In the third and possibly last Bard Academy novel, Cara Lockwood has settled into her formula pretty comfortably Miranda is looking forward to her return to Bard Academy, with its secrets and Heathcliff, but things don t go as planned Suddenly, her sister is enrolled as a freshman, and Miranda s world is invaded.Once again, Miranda must reconcile the worlds of fiction and fact, as well as keep her teachers in line.I find these books entertaining and fun, but the first two have not quite equaled [...]

    14. Lady Entropy on said:

      2.5 starsIt s better than the previous one, but not as good as the first the culprit is a teacher once again this time Sylvia Plath, who was to see her babies who she left behind , again, Heathcliff saves the day all the fricking time at least not to the stupid levels of the first book where he takes on Dracula and survives, and, again, the author just basically writes her Wuthering Heights fanfiction as the romance portion of the book.And the thing that takes half a star away it s a subtle as a [...]

    15. Piroska on said:

      I almost didn t give three stars, the level of annoyance was a bit too much for me with this one Every bad thing happens to Miranda and she can never protect herself Her parents are complete morons how did she turn out normal then , her sister is just nonsense, I really wanted to slap her and the change of heart was to be expected Parker is also unbelievable to me, mostly because Ryan seems too normal to even talk to her.That said, it was the most exciting book so far and I like Heathcliff, as I [...]

    16. Emily on said:

      I found this book for 3 at Joseph Beth Booksellers I read the back and was utterly intrigued with talks of ghosts teaching at a boarding school and fictional characters inhabiting the grounds The idea of this book was brilliant, in my opinion The execution was done fairly well, although the ending was not one I enjoyed so much All the same, the ending was what fit best.This is a fresh take on life at boarding school The school is for delinquents, and as I mentioned is taught by ghosts of dead wr [...]

    17. Cara Noyes on said:

      I love that the teachers at Bard Academy are writers in purgatory Sylvia Plath goes bonkers and tries to use Moby Dick the real whale from the fictional book to break thru the barrier and get to her children This novel shows the hidden power of literature and how it can literally come to life I enjoyed this book and will check out the others in the series.I did not like the main characters parents They are too shallowly written Heathcliff however, is very interesting brooding and the strong sile [...]

    18. Sara on said:

      This was a fun 3rd installment in the trilogy I liked that the main character was faced with hard decisions what to do about her obnoxious sister, who s now on the island with her, what to do about the two guys she s interested in, and how to save her friends, the school, and possibly the world from impending doom The characters are really strong, and I had a fun time reading this If this is the last in the series, I think it had a good ending.

    19. Jamie Brooks on said:

      This is the third book in a series of teenage novels that is actually pretty interesting I love the idea of an island with a school whos teachers are the ghosts of classical writers.I am such a book nerd so this really appeals to me.It is a really easy, but fun read It took me about a day to read it If you want something light and fluffly I reccomend it.

    20. Rubie~ on said:

      Uhm, who DOESN T love a love triangle Ryan Miranda Heathcliff drama is the best.What sucks however is the non a ending It leaves you thirsting for but unfortunately, us readers can not find out whether or not Miranda and Heathcliff would have ever gotten their happily ever after as there are no plans for a fourth book.

    21. Kayla on said:

      Moby Clique may just be the most action heavy book in the series and is a great read Bits of this book do get predictable, especially Miranda s sister becoming a Parker clone I actually was turned off by the idea of adding her sister to the mix, but can see how it works well in this novel Overall, I enjoyed Moby Clique as much as I enjoyed the other two books in the series.

    22. Natasha on said:

      I gave this a 2.5, which is really surprising because I enjoyed this series a lot when I was younger.I guess I just grew out of it The themes were so repetitive though, the writing was nothing spectacular, and Lindsey Samir were SOOOOO annoying.

    23. Justin on said:

      It was a great end to the novel but I so want books in the series if there is even any Its 1st Junior year and there could be 3 books at Bard and I want to know all the loopholes have been answered.

    24. Morgan on said:

      this book was pretty good, i liked the idea of characters from famous books coming to life and ghosts teaching the school i feel sorry for miranda cause she falls in love with a fictional charater and she knows that sometime he is going to have to go back in book but not yet so yah.

    25. Delaney on said:

      This story was contrived predictable than the previous two, simply because the author didn t change the motive of the bad gal they wanted to escape purgatory, so they hijacked a book yet again I think the fourth one needs to stray from the path a little in order to succeed as a novel.

    26. Allison on said:

      An interesting ending to a trilogy for the people that love the classic literature Didn t like Lindsey, Miranda s sister, who was a new character in this book I like Cara Lockwood as an author both for YA and adult.

    27. Kelsie on said:

      I loved this series, but for some reason, when Miranda s sister, Lindsay was sent to Bard, I just didn t like the story as much However, I liked the ending and I m glad it turned out like I wanted it too Overall I m impressed with the Bard Academy books.

    28. Erin on said:

      I think this is a cute, fun enjoyable series It has some quirky characters and witty commentary which make it fun

    29. livvy on said:

      like the first and second book in the bard academy series very different but excellent

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