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Edward Lee

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Going Monstering

Going Monstering By Edward Lee Going Monstering GOING MONSTERING is Brand new full length novel by the master of twisted dark fiction Edward Lee WHERE ARE WE GOING TONIGHT Behind the facade of the sedate sorority house unutterable horrors seethe w

  • Title: Going Monstering
  • Author: Edward Lee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Going Monstering By Edward Lee GOING MONSTERING is Brand new full length novel by the master of twisted dark fiction Edward Lee WHERE ARE WE GOING TONIGHT Behind the facade of the sedate sorority house, unutterable horrors seethe while tumid desires rise All the while, Ann White must become pervert fodder if she hopes to pass Pledge Week All too soon, she finds that no act of lewdness is deemed too deGOING MONSTERING is Brand new full length novel by the master of twisted dark fiction Edward Lee WHERE ARE WE GOING TONIGHT Behind the facade of the sedate sorority house, unutterable horrors seethe while tumid desires rise All the while, Ann White must become pervert fodder if she hopes to pass Pledge Week All too soon, she finds that no act of lewdness is deemed too demeaning, no manner of sexual degradation too foul For there is a secret festering in the bowels of Alpha House, an ancient carnal evil whose stygian lust is too hideous to imagine and still stay sane As Ann literally dips herself into a cesspool of soul soiling immorality, the black revelation throbs closer and closerWHERE ARE WE GOING TONIGHT Poor Ann will be slopped on, spewed in, spat upon, penetrated, humped, poked, humiliated, bitch slapped, gang sodomized, plungered like a toilet, filled like a decanter, and debased en masse indeed, she will willingly go through a wringer of sexual depravity to prove her resolve, but along the way, as she converts herself into this veritable receptacle of sullied lust, will she live long enough to unveil the true secret of Alpha House TONIGHT, WE RE GOING MONSTERING.An unrelenting and irredeemable novel of gore house porn and unmitigated black comedic horror.
    Going Monstering By Edward Lee

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      252 Edward Lee
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    One thought on “Going Monstering

    1. Sabine on said:

      No long diddle daddle in the beginning it starts right awayd it is gross But then it happens over and over again Pretty much just of the same grossness just different settings So it gets kinda old even though it is disgusting Then close to the end it finally kinda comes together even though I think the big why isn t solved.

    2. Ms. Nikki on said:

      Wow Let s just say that this read was unbelievably boring This book did not freak me out, nor were there any stomach clenching gag moments even with all the licking of unwashed ass cracks and dirty dicks This read was like a teen who gets to cuss for the first time and puts a whole bunch of cuss words together in a string of unintelligible syllables Edward thought of dirty stuff you wish you could make your worst enemy boss do to debase themselves and threw it all together for our supposed enter [...]

    3. Charlene Nelson on said:

      Sorority and pledge weekAll I can say is wow this book was very graphic and explicit This books follows Ann a misfit to society that enters this sorority This is where the story begins she is tested and have to do the most disturbing acts for pledge week Very graphic if you have a weak stomach this is not the book for you Many scenes I literally said this is sick Great read though and enjoy

    4. Gor93ous on said:

      Gore Not really, IMO I ve seen far worse And by worse , I actually meant better I love gore, if it s executed brilliantly.Disgusting Duh Course, yes Tongue bathing Old manning Kenneling Bumming Chimping Like, seriously, why do you even have to ask The least disgusting of all was perhaps Going Monstering But, you need to close your eyes for sure if you ever decide to go monstering with Shoggoth, cause he definitely ain t pretty Twisted Uh huh.Scary Not at all Seriously This story is like comical [...]

    5. Teresa B. on said:

      sick and weird but loved it Sorority pledges so lazy and selfish doing anything to make this special sorority There is nothing off limits and I laughed a lotEspecially at the redneck test pledge Easily offended don t read itIf your slightly twisted this book is for you.

    6. DJMikeG on said:

      I m a big fan of Edward Lee s writing, but this book just had far too little redeeming value for me to enjoy it Its extremely disgusting from beginning to end, and I get that he is pushing the envelope to create an over the top gross out effect, but it just felt kind of stupid in this case I raced through the book in one day, but that was because I was just trying to finish the damn thing as quickly as possible and get it over with I know that Lee s small press hardcore stuff is an acquired tast [...]

    7. Big Joe on said:

      This book is TABOO, CRAZY SICK Just a warning Recommended to me by a friend I had a hint this was out there but really I had no idea just how far.Ann White is a freshman at college She barely made it in, her dad is rich and also disappointed in her She is a fat, disappointment in the eyes of many But she is pledging Alpha house sorority, where if you make it you are a star Every girl has averaged a 4.0 The pledging takes hazing to a whole new level Lets just say their motto is an Alpha girl alwa [...]

    8. Ken on said:

      I would not recommend this book for anyone who doesn t already have a taste for Edward Lee Lee goes far beyond himself in this one, with chapter after chapter of seemingly pointless gore.But, there is an underlying story that drops hints here and there about where you are going Its just a long slog to get to it And, by long, I mean you are a good 75 to 80% of the way into the book before the story kicks in in earnest.On the bright side, the book is a quick read and, if you keep in mind that ther [...]

    9. Menion on said:

      Believe me, a two star rating is being generous here This book isn t quite mule puke, but it does make it to the level of horse harf Need the plot OK, this is easy Three dumb girls want to get into a sorority where all members somehow wind up with 4.0 GPAs, and all members wind up looking like hotties So, it s hazing time Here s the summation of 3 4 of the book 1 girls blow old guys2 girls blow rednecks3 girls blow apes4 girls blow relativesd so on and so forth What s next, girls blow space alie [...]

    10. John Raptor on said:

      What the fuck This book is a series of gross outs that get a bit repetitive Lots of dark humor A quick read.The finale is very H.P Lovecraft Don t know if it s a commentary on the hazing that goes on in sororities or just a gross out book Either way, couldn t put it down It was like watching a car accident You don t want to look, but you do.

    11. Adolf Hitler on said:

      Only made it halfway throughd not because I was so grossed out And not because I can t get passed all the rape sodomy This story is just boring I m sorry Edward Lee As in a review for Carnal Surgery, I said I would give you another chance This was it I enjoy stories of grandeur Stories of the worst things imaginable, such as murder, serial killers, rape, torture, you name it, I m game This just sucked I understand the point of gross out writing , I get it It s fun This was just so over the top t [...]

    12. Mehmet on said:

      Now now here we have a dilemma, here we have a conundrum I would like everyone to sit down while we have this discussion Would the people in the back please raise your hands if you can hear me Good and now we begin Going Monstering is my 5th Ed Lee book, it also is once again a story that creates something of a battle in my mind You may ask what type of battle and I will reply in due course First I must explain Ed Lee is a horror author who writes extreme splutter punk stories Maybe you could ca [...]

    13. chucklesthescot on said:

      This was the first Edward Lee book that I read and I knew in advance that his writing is regarded as sick, twisted, depraved and disgusting so I figured I knew what I was in for.I ve read a lot of gory and sexually exploitive books but I ve never had my gag reflex given such a workout Ann is obese, has failing grades and is in search of a sorority that will take her in Alpha House has a reputation for taking losers and turning them into smart and beautiful girls, and Ann needs to make it through [...]

    14. 78sunny on said:

      Ich traue es mich fast gar das hier zu posten listen, aber ich habe mich jetzt 3 Monate durch dieses gr ssliche Buch gequ lt, um eine Wettschuld einzul sen und daher werde ich das hier auch auflisten.Das Buch war grauenhaft Es war primitiv, ekelhaft, sexistisch, sehr ekelhaft, langweilig und sagte ich schon ekelhaft Ich verstehe gar nicht wie man so etwas gern lesen kann und das man daf r allen ernstes einen Verlag findet Sorry.Inhaltlich geht es um ein extrem bergewichtiges, unsympathisches M d [...]

    15. Justin on said:

      I was really disappointed in this one, when I read that it was about 3 girls going beyond the limits of sexual depravity here are a few sexually depraved edward lee moments that I was hoping it would compare to 1 a man with Elephantiasis getting his urethra fucked then raping a heroin addict and blowing both his load plus the guy that just fucked his pee holes loads into her ass 2 a body being cut in half with an axe and then fucked while the upper body tries to crawl away 3 an old lady in a whe [...]

    16. Chris Amies on said:

      Mostly gross out humour There is a purpose to all of it and the feeling of unease regarding the fate of our characters proves to be correct, but it does feel rather pointless Misfit girls join prestigious sorority and have to do weird things is also the premise of National Lampoon s Pledge This , on imDB s list of worst films ever Not that the premise is automatically a fail, and replacing the Paris Hilton vehicle from 2006 with the Edward Lee version would no doubt have improved it, but even so [...]

    17. Dave Pope on said:

      With a lot of Edward Lee s work I find it s like reading a depraved comic book There are those novels of his that stand up to be counted but this is not one of them I enjoy horror literature that s realistic because I can put myself into the story and feel a lot of it this isn t realistic, it s almost ridiculous to the point where I m not drawn into the story at all I don t like any of the characters, I don t like the premise and I don t enjoy being smothered by hardcore porn in any media form U [...]

    18. Justin on said:

      You re seriously going to need a strong stomach for this one Gross outs galore but not in a bloody way If you ve read other hardcore Edward Lee books than you know what I m talking about This book takes it to new levels and beyond I found it nearly impossible to put this book down Underneath it all you get unique characters and a great story plot After a while I started to become desensitized and everything became extremely comical in a very dark way What the hell is Lee going to write next

    19. Daniel BlutsBücher on said:

      Das Buch ist richtig gut geschrieben Der Schreibstil von Edward Lee ist echt klasse, nur die Sprache von der Protagonisten haben mich etwas gest rt Und es hat mir an dem Buch irgendwtwas gefehlt, damit ich ihm 5 Sterne geben k nnte, was das ist wei ich nicht Ich fand es jetzt nicht wirklich so extrem Horror, eher extreme eklig, aber horror wars dann doch nicht ganz Aber trotzdem ein geniales Buch und auf jeden Fall nichts f r welche die sich sehr schnell ekeln Empfehle es auf jeden Fall allen di [...]

    20. Telaara Dunwin on said:

      Das war extrem und zwar extrem langweilig und vorhersehbar Horrorfaktor Null, Ekelfaktor zwar vorhanden, nutzt sich aber schnell ab Ich hatte ja nach den ganzen interessanten Infos, die ich ber Edward Lee und seine B cher gelesen hatte, etwas mehr erwartet Nun gut, jetzt wei ich wenigstens, dass ich nichts damit anfangen kann Das einzig Positive, was ich zu dem Buch sagen kann Ich mochte die Hauptheldin.

    21. Eric Kapitan on said:

      I am a huge fan of Edward Lee, I love Header, The Bighead, and many of his Short Stories The Man has a fun sense of humor and at the same time, his writing makes you feel like you need a shower after I knew what I was getting into when I started Going Monstering While it was well written and had some truly funny moments, I didn t enjoy it like I did Header or The Bighead If you re going to read it don t go in expecting straight horror or a gore fest.

    22. Brian Tasler on said:

      Remind me not to let Edward Lee anywhere near my family Lee has written some despicable books in the past but some of those had some real horror attached to their premise so generally you can count me as a fan of his However this is just trash with the intent of progessively upping the gross out factor throughout Nothing redeeming here at all And as I said I am generally a fan of his For extreme horror fans only.

    23. Nick Kopsian on said:

      I like Ed Lee I have enjoyed his books in the past I got this because it was cheap on and I had a gift card I guess I should have read the reviews I didn t know he was writing this kinda stuff now I have never stopped reading a book because it grossed me out before This book is just I don t really know what else to say Don t read it.

    24. Derek on said:

      From the description, the book sounded like it would be a bit graphic than it was As any fan of Lee knows being graphic is a relative term Not my favorite or least favorite Lee book A quick read but after reading it you will want to wash your brain.why do I love theses style of novel Don t know, but I do.

    25. Kevin on said:

      I have been an avid reader of Ed Lee for close to 20 years So, I am not a newbie to his style of writing or his subject matter Simply put This was garbage The story, characters, everything was not close to the quality of his earlier work Lovecraft mythos tie in could not save it for me It was really badrry Ed.

    26. Melissa on said:

      Wow It s one depraved act after another Definitely a gross page turner that keeps you going I finished less than 10 hours of on and off reading Definitely some nauseating things going on in this book.

    27. Zafir Ignatov on said:

      Yeah this was one of the better Lee novels There was not any senseless violence and gore in it , only a gross out contest Good thing is that the novel is quite funny and entertaining , the humor is spot on Overall it was a fun read.

    28. Nathan Flamank on said:

      This is horror at its very extremes not at all for the politically correct or prudish Lee writes about absolutely disgusting situations and scenarios with such poetry I find myself liking his books and even if the sane part of me knows that I shouldn t.

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