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The Top Gear years

The Top Gear years By Jeremy Clarkson The Top Gear years We now know all about the world according to Clarkson In a series of bestselling books including How Hard Can It Be and Round the Bend Jeremy has revealed it to be a puzzling frustrating place wher

  • Title: The Top Gear years
  • Author: Jeremy Clarkson
  • ISBN: 9780718176860
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Top Gear years By Jeremy Clarkson We now know all about the world according to Clarkson In a series of bestselling books, including How Hard Can It Be and Round the Bend, Jeremy has revealed it to be a puzzling, frustrating place where all too often the lunatics seem to be running the asylum But in The Top Gear Years, we get something rather different.Because ten years ago, at an ex RAF aerodrome in SurWe now know all about the world according to Clarkson In a series of bestselling books, including How Hard Can It Be and Round the Bend, Jeremy has revealed it to be a puzzling, frustrating place where all too often the lunatics seem to be running the asylum But in The Top Gear Years, we get something rather different.Because ten years ago, at an ex RAF aerodrome in Surrey, Jeremy and his friends built a world that was rather to his liking they called it Top Gear HQ.And Top Gear is for Jeremy what the jungle is for Tarzan the perfect place to work and play.But they didn t stop there With this corner of Surrey sorted out, Jeremy and the boys decided to have a crack at the rest of the world With Top Gear Live charging through with the subtlety of a touring heavy rock band and far flung outposts across the globe from North America to China an empire of petrol headed upon which the sun never set.And all along Jeremy was writing about it all Here, collected between hard covers for the first time, are the fruits of his labours the cars, the hijinx, the pleasure and the pain Brilliantly written and laugh out loud funny, The Top Gear Years is Clarkson at his pithy, provocative, hilarious best.Praise for Jeremy Clarkson Very funny I cracked up laughing on the tube Evening StandardJeremy Clarkson began his writing career on the Rotherham Advertiser Since then he has written for the Sun, the Sunday Times, the Rochdale Observer, the Wolverhampton Express Star, all of the Associated Kent Newspapers and Lincolnshire Life Today he is the tallest person working in British television.
    The Top Gear years By Jeremy Clarkson

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    One thought on “The Top Gear years

    1. Maria Espadinha on said:

      Curiosidades e HumorSabiam que H 22 milh es de autom veis agora at j ser o mais a circular nas estradas, matando rvores, pessoas e tudo aquilo com que possam cruzar se e atropelar E ainda que Em cem anos, os carros mataram mais pessoas que qualquer batalha alguma vez travada Etc, etc,Note se que, ao dar destaque a estas informa es, n o pretendo assumir qualquer posi o anti carros.Tenho perfeita consci ncia que os autom veis s o imprescind veis a muitos e longe de mim op r me sua exist ncia no pl [...]

    2. Jim on said:

      I found myself alternately grinding my teeth, grimacing and chuckling as I read through this collection Really, Clarkson can be such a twat and sometimes comes across like the last rugger bugger at the bar that you d want to bump into At other times though, he seems like the lone voice of sanity screaming against a media world full of Notting Hill liberal arts graduates Is he the voice of forgotten, middle class, working males I veer between hoping not and hoping so Jeremy often says what a lot [...]

    3. Rob Brown on said:

      Too long If it had stopped about a third of the way in I would have found it humorous in a guilty pleasure kind of way But having finished it I just think he is fairly obnoxious and excessively repetitive An auto biography would be much interesting.

    4. Lee Broderick on said:

      Have The Sunday Times lost the rhythm of publishing Jeremy Clarkson s columns Quite possibly I was surprised reading Is It Really Too Much To Ask that the book covered three years of his News Review columns when publication of them usually alternates annually with his In Gear columns It s probably no surprise then that Clarkson, or his agents, chose to fill the fallow year by publishing material written in other places So here we have The Top Gear Years, featuring material written for Top Gear M [...]

    5. Phil on said:

      Don t judge a book by its cover never a truer word spoken in the case of this book The back cover blurb would have you believe that this is Jeremy s behind the scenes commentary on Top Gear and the Top Gear Live show It s an utter lie What you do actual get is a collection of Jeremy s columns from Top Gear magazine, many of which are available on the website Only a small percentage of these are in any way related to the show It is, in turns, funny, interesting and as politically incorrect as you [...]

    6. Cropredy on said:

      Dreadful I ve enjoyed Clarkson on the TV show Top Gear where his puffery plays well against his co hosts, guests, and producers However, this book is merely a collection of columns from Top Gear magazine over about 20 years With no foils to play off, and no give and take with others who get in their own digs, the columns read as mere opinionated spout offs from a boorish individual So, stick to the TV show which is entertaining and give this rehash of previously written material a pass.

    7. Michaela on said:

      Disappointed, but merely because the description of the book given by the publisher made it sound like it was a collection of writings done by Jeremy during the different Top Gear events over the years sort of like Hammond s books but as it is just a random collection of his columns from the TG magazine over the years I was disappointed That said, I do enjoy having another collection of Jeremy s writing on my shelf I was just expecting something else.

    8. Thomas on said:

      This is not a book about Jeremy Clarkson s years making Top Gear as the title and the blurb suggests No, this is yet another collection of magazine column articles Which is fine, these are usually released in book form every year But this is a re hashed book of the best of columns from previous books, which were originally magazine columns Right It s great, but a complete cash in.

    9. Gordon Ralph on said:

      I am a big Top Gear now Grand Tour fan and a fan of Clarksons i had high hopes for this book.but once again its just a load of clarksons now outdated colums from his newspaper magazine.ough this dissapointed me initially,i still read it and found myself laughing or saying oh Jezza ally a lot i dont always agree with his views I just wish that he would sit down and write his own story about all his adventures i am sure it would make a bloody brilliant read.till then we have to put up with collect [...]

    10. Cinematic Frankenstein on said:

      I suppose that this book will be the most favourite book in English It s marvelous

    11. João Duarte on said:

      Para os mais distra dos, ou que simplesmente n o se interessam por autom veis, Top Gear um programa emitido pela BBC dedicado a este tema e que, ao longo dos anos, granjeou uma boa popularidade a n vel internacional, pelo trio de apresentadores Clarkson, May e Hammond e pelos carros ex ticos que pontuavam a maior parte dos epis dios.Por outro lado, a edi o em livro de cr nicas da imprensa , quase sempre, uma receita de sucesso financeiro vejamos, em Portugal, os casos de Ricardo Ara jo Pereira, [...]

    12. Jim on said:

      Clarkson has got better and funnier as he has got older This is a collection of his columns from Top Gear Magazine , spanning the years 1993 2011 He clearly loves writing and his observations can be very pithy and funny He observes for example Yes, the Fiat Strada Abarth was a sensational road rocket but was it beautiful Even if it were the last girl in the nightclub and you d washed down a handful of Viagra with sixty four vodka Red Bulls, you d still want to go home on your own He is provocati [...]

    13. Alec on said:

      The Top Gear Years written by Jeremy Clarkson is a great example of comedy and story telling The way the writer tells his stories and experiences, makes a funny and interesting read You like Top Gear, Cars, and Clarkson s sense of humor, then this is a book for you A nonfiction, absurd and funny book, you will be looking at how the author explains his experiences with Top Gear By looking at the book at first, you would assume its just Top Gear behind the scenes, but its really of the Top Gear L [...]

    14. Andrew Bryden on said:

      The Top Gear years entail the adventures of everybody s favorite Englishman throughout the years Although the book is actually just a compilation of stories Jeremy has published over the course of time, it s fantastic entertainment none the less All of the things Jeremy writes about were published in the Sun, the Sunday Times, the Rochdale Observer, the Wolverhampton Express Star, all of the Associated Kent Newspapers and Lincolnshire Life He also has a show where he co hosts with Richard Hammon [...]

    15. Jill on said:

      Despite not knowing anything about cars, I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of Clarkson s Top Gear magazine columns Written between 1993 and 2011, the articles describe not just an amazing array of vehicles but also some of the shenanigans that Clarkson and the Top Gear Team have gotten up to over the years I would have thought that there were only so many ways to describe a car s features, but Clarkson has it down to a fine art, he s a champion manufacturer of the simile as well as being a go [...]

    16. Mark Farley on said:

      On paper, the views and opinions and even subject matter of Clarkson, his TV show and outlook on the world are totally against mine, but for some reason I find his writing both entertaining and often, hilarious I hate bigotry, sexism, homophobia and lets face it, cars I don t drive, don t even want to Yet, I think Top Gear is brilliant Why is that Why are his borderline offensive writings as readable as Top Gear is watchable Anyway, this like his World According to books is a selection of his co [...]

    17. Tracy on said:

      I have no interest in cars, therefore this book shouldn t interest me, but is does, and it is funny Taken from Mr Clarkson s column in Top Gear magazine, from 1993 to 2011 He writes about everything from his wife s pregnancy, his youth, the British government, environmental issues, ageing and, er, cars Yes, everything has a car tie in somewhere along the line, but the pieces are easy to read, being no longer than two or three pages, though they do get longer towards the end, so you find yourself [...]

    18. Mandi on said:

      Extremely misleading advertising almost everyone I know in the Top Gear UK fandom thought this would be new information and behind the scenes of our favorite episodes It wasn t It is just a collection of previously published articles, as are all the rest of this books That said, it is still typical Clarkson, and worth the read He is, after all, enjoyably offensive, somehow I give the book 5 stars for being the usual Clarkson, but I want to give it negative stars for the misleading advertising an [...]

    19. Quanti on said:

      J m m pro Jeremyho slabost, ale jeho knihy nikdy nejsou tak pln ono v angli tin si je neu iju kv li jeho obskurn slovn z sob , co m nut hledat ve slovn ku prakticky po ka d v t , a p eklady zas nikdy nejsou ono Ka dop dn u TG Years m nadchlo p ipomenut ka d ho roku co bylo auto roku, jak p sni ky vedly hitpar du a nej sp n j filmy A p la jsem si, aby je t nebyl konec Tak e i kdy se Jezza asto opakuje, za m slu n ch 3.5 hv zdi ky kv li p ekladu to bohu el na 4 nem P ekladatele nechci nijak cupova [...]

    20. Matt on said:

      Giving it 2.5 don t get me wrong it s an enjoyable book and a good read in parts and I like the format and layout but I did find myself skipping a few pages here and there I must admit though the better parts of the books where Clarksons usual dry put downs etc and it was they re serious car stuff I skipped if it had of his opinions about people countries politics etc and less to do with cars it would be much much better A long book that could be shorter but easy to read so do t be put off by t [...]

    21. Josh McAllister on said:

      this book is a compliation on the man called Jeremy Clarkson It talks about him on his cars and his love to them My rating for this book was 5 stars because it has a lot of information about cars and how he drives them and what has happened in the years of top gear and how it has changed this book was made by Jermeny Clarkson himself and brings with him a lot of laughter and coolness But sometimes can be a little bit ignorant and cheeky to his fellow friends, Richard Hammond and James May this b [...]

    22. Donna on said:

      3.5 really, and I most liked the articles from 2004 onwards It s a bit sad to be finishing this one right after hearing the news about Top Gear s cancelation I m kind of tired about talking about Clarkson, to be honest, so just let me say that a lot of this book is a good laugh, and if you watch TG, you ll know what to expect Also, I don t know where the 100 extra pages thinks this edition should have went.

    23. Kristina on said:

      Spanning the years from 1993, through Clarkson s first break with Top Gear, up to 2011, this covers a lot of different opinions As he himself says in the introduction, its highly likely he s changed his mind about some of them by now Possibly back again too.Some of this remains fascinating the Honda Clarity, Thatcher s early recognition of the damage of CO2 and some of it is just as funny now as when I first read it Hammond in the Pluriel.

    24. Darren Chin on said:

      It s a compilation of Jeremy s selected best articles of each year that he has so far written for the TG magazine Even so, I found it hilarious at certain stories and even agreeing with him as he makes his case on some mundane subject that he has chosen to pick a bone with in a way that only Jeremy can He makes you empathise with his point of view Classic Jezza.

    25. Gareth Jones on said:

      The book is a collection of Jeremy Clarkson s columns from TG magazine over the last 20 years It s quite simple really if you don t like Jeremy Clarkson you will not like his book Personally I dont always agree with him but he does make me smile I enjoy reading his columns in TG so I enjoyed the book I even found that we should have listened to Maggie Thacher didn t see that coming

    26. Daniel on said:

      Very witty, politically incorrect humor, that will have you in fits if you know and like Jeremy Clarkson s style You must have at least a mild love for cars though, as this is of course the main topic Generally a good read, specially for sporadic reading as every article is only a couple of pages long Recommended.

    27. Youssef on said:

      I loved every bit of it His opinions are insightful, yet funny His ideas are bizarre like mine, and that is what draws me to his persona In one page he is talking about the Porsche 911, in the next page he is talking about clothes, and in the other page he talks about his kids Overall I enjoyed the book, it is very readable and really wonderful.

    28. Abbie Ennis on said:

      When you read books by Mr Clarkson you can hear his voice in your head and the annoyance.In this book the reader is presented with articles from the the Top Gear magazine through the decades and how life annoys Mr Clarkson.Like all his previous books the articles are indivdual chapters, so if you have a spare five minutes you can read one or two chapters An Abbie recommendation

    29. laskavka on said:

      N kter l nky byly super, v t ina v ak byla pln n zv aut a j se v nich bez obr zku v n nevyzn m a vyhled vat na internetu by mi p i lo dost zdlouhav Sem tam se vyskytne n jak dobr n pad nebo vtipn historka, najdou se na druhou stranu ale i n zory s kter mi moc nesouhlas m.Celkem to ale ujde Ale asi lep pro lidi, co se v t ch modelech aut vyznaj v c

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