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Mia Marlowe

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Plaid Tidings

Plaid Tidings By Mia Marlowe Plaid Tidings Christmas in the Highlands Not any dashing English lord s idea of a good time But now that Lord Alexander Mallory has won a Scottish estate in a hand of cards he is the unlikely laird of the wild sn

  • Title: Plaid Tidings
  • Author: Mia Marlowe
  • ISBN: 9781420129731
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • Plaid Tidings By Mia Marlowe Christmas in the Highlands Not any dashing English lord s idea of a good time But now that Lord Alexander Mallory has won a Scottish estate in a hand of cards, he is the unlikely laird of the wild, snowy Bonniebroch Worse yet, the ancient pile of stones comes with a betrothal To a fiery red headed virgin And a curse.Alex will have his hands full honoring the first, sedChristmas in the Highlands Not any dashing English lord s idea of a good time But now that Lord Alexander Mallory has won a Scottish estate in a hand of cards, he is the unlikely laird of the wild, snowy Bonniebroch Worse yet, the ancient pile of stones comes with a betrothal To a fiery red headed virgin And a curse.Alex will have his hands full honoring the first, seducing the second and breaking the third all by Twelfth Night.
    Plaid Tidings By Mia Marlowe

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      436 Mia Marlowe
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    One thought on “Plaid Tidings

    1. SOS Aloha on said:

      Climb the mountains and get their good tidings John Muir, Scottish American founder of The Sierra ClubThis is an apt quote to kick off my review of Mia Marlowe s PLAID TIDINGS, Book 1 of Spirit of the Highlands 1 Marlowe delivers the majesty of Scotland her customs, her people, and her landscape can t help but serve up a romantic backdrop for two unexpected lovers across different borders.2 PLAID TIDINGS allowed me to cuddle up for a holiday adventure Yet PLAID TIDINGS is an endearing story that [...]

    2. Caz on said:

      I ve given this a B at AAR, so let s call it 4.5 starsI don t mind admitting that when I saw the cover of this book, my heart sank It looked just like so many of those other highlander romances out there you know the sort of thing bare chested men in kilts that made me think I was in for one of those battle filled, warring clans, boy meets girl from wrong family type stories which really aren t my cup of tea.Then I looked at the back cover and read the synopsis and read chapter one and kept read [...]

    3. SidneyKay on said:

      Selkies and Tannaisg and Ceasg, oh my Yes, it s another Scottish book, with dannae s all over the place, and I have to say in all the books with brogues in them in the last month, this one has the thickest however, it is also my favorite one Plaid Tidings fit right into cuddling up under a thick blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, while the freezing wind blew those 16 inches of snow over my car and everything in the outside world came to a halt except for this charming story.This is a truly whi [...]

    4. Holley on said:

      I read this only because it popped up as an available Christmas romance at the library It was nominally set around Christmas, but could be read at any time It has multiple ghosts, a curse and a Scottish castle in the 1800s I liked it so well, I checked out the next title in the series just after finishing this book.

    5. Sandy S on said:

      3.75 starsPLAID TIDINGS is the second instalment in Mia Marlowe s new historical paranormal romance Spirit of the Highlands series There is a prequel novella storyline Plaid to the Bone released August 2013 that introduces the premise behind the series There is a curse that has been placed on the Scottish castle of Bonniebroch and all of its inhabitants and the story continues in Plaid Tidings This is Lucinda and Alexander Mallory s the new Laird of Bonniebroch story and one that will find Alexa [...]

    6. Marsha Spohn on said:

      Not any dashing English lord s idea of a good time But now that Lord Alexander Mallory has won a Scottish estate in a hand of cards, he is the unlikely laird of the wild, snowy Bonniebroch Worse yet, the ancient pile of stones comes with a betrothal To a fiery red headed virgin And a curse Alex will have his hands full honoring the first, seducing the second and breaking the third all by Twelfth Night.What happens when you mix up aa handsome former spy for the crowna beautiful, if unknown to the [...]

    7. Kathy Altman on said:

      Plaid Tidings is that a terrific title, or what is the first book in Marlowe s Spirit of the Highlands series A centuries old curse, a castle full of ghosts, an arranged marriage, a longstanding feud, royal treachery there are secrets in this story than there are fish in a loch The conflicts are seemingly insuperable and deliciously gothic, the characters full of passion and adventure The romance is well crafted and well paced, the story itself rife with poignancy, sensuality and wit.It is a sa [...]

    8. My Book Addiction and More MBA on said:

      PLAID TIDINGS by Mia Marlowe is a fantastic Scottish Historical Romance set in 1821 Scotland 1 in The Spirit of the Highlands and what a beginning I absolutely loved this story The chemistry between Lord Alexander Mallory and Lucinda MacOwen jumps off the page Lord Mallory won Lucinda s beloved Scottish estate, Bonniebroch, in a card game and of course he is the most unlikely laird The estate comes with what else a curse, a betrothal, and of course a most unlikely fiery red headed virgin Let the [...]

    9. Maria on said:

      More Plaid MagicMore Plaid MagicAlexander Mallory works undercover for the Crown He is 1 2 English and 1 2 Scottish, even though he suppresses the Scottish side because of his family s past He has now won a Scottish Keep during a gambling game on the ship he is on Little did he know all that came with that won wager.Lucinda MacOwen is waiting at the docks to meet her betrothed She has never met him before because this is an arranged marriage, a business transactions She us resigned to her lot in [...]

    10. Cindy on said:

      Alexander is an Englishman and has been a government operative for years As the second son of a marquis, his father thinks he s a wastrel and has told him his Scottish mother went mad and killed herself He wins a Scottish title and castle in a card game, but he wasn t aware that it came with a betrothal to Scottish Lucinda, whose father specified the name of a ram in the contract but only listed his daughter by relationship and the Scottish baron by title There s also a ghost that s been with Lu [...]

    11. Alice on said:

      Visiting Ghostly ScotlandHere we are with the Regency over and the now King George IV planning on going to Scotland Lord Liverpool has sent Lord Alexander Mallory ahead to investigate Scottish Radicals, and as he is half English and Scottish, to infiltrate the local community To do this he engages in a card game with a local Laird who proceeds to loose his title and estate to Lord Alexander Imagine Alex s surprise when he arrives and finds himself engaged to a lovely Scottish lass She has the le [...]

    12. Melanie on said:

      First, before you read this story, please get the novella which precedes it Plaid to the Bone which I m reviewing right after this one and the reason behind it is the main plot of the curse that was cast in the novella and is affecting our hero and his heroine.I m a huge Mia Marlowe fan, and Plaid Tidings proves once that her writing is filled with wonderful prose, but what draws me than even that is her characters They are so well rounded and well liked, even the secondary ones, like our hero [...]

    13. carrietracy on said:

      So, I am not someone who is overly picky about perfect historical detail I will not notice if you employ a barouche when it has been out of fashion for 15 years However, there were just so many things in this book that didn t work with the period I am no expert but I find it doubtful that young men and women of this time spoke of ladies getting their pantalets in a twist Nope I didn t know or expect the ghost spirit aspect of the book and didn t particularly mind it at first, but then there were [...]

    14. Maria on said:

      The first book in Mia Marlowe s Spirit of the Highlands series, after the prequel novella, Plaid to the Bone That novella was set in 1521 and set the background for the series this story was set in 1821, 300 years later at Christmastime.I really love how Marlowe writes stories that just make me jump right into the action and keeps me eagerly turning the pages until the very end And I think I m warming to Scottish historical romances if they are as good as the first two in this series Yes, there [...]

    15. Trudy Miner on said:

      Lord Alexander Mallory was an English spy so when he won a Scottish estate at a card game, he was thrilled at the chance to be in the right place at the right time Only Bonniebroch was no ordinary estate in the Highlands no, it came with a curse and a pre arranged matrimonial bride Now Lord Alexander is stuck with a fiery, feisty bride he didn t want named Lucinda MacOwen, an estate in perpetual disrepair and under a curse unless he can set it free by Twelfth Night However, with Lucinda s help a [...]

    16. LuzAdri on said:

      This book has ghosts Nice ones though It was an interesting concept of writing about a castle with a curse I just felt there were too many things going on at the same time Lucinda s story of having to get married to the laird of the castle, curse, backstory of the ghosts and the romance, Alex s family background relationship with his father and mother A little too much sex and not enough love I felt their compatibility was physical than emotional What happened to the aunt and sisters All of the [...]

    17. Mandy Saial on said:

      Once in a while i love to read a good Scottish romance novel They are getting harder to find these days, but i came across Mia Marlowe s Plaide Tidings and snatched it up.It s really a two for one genre.It s romance and Paranormal, because we are dealing with houses filled with ghosts trying to get ride of a really old curse.It was funny how the two lead charactors Alexander Lucinda meet and her quest to make him marry her by christmas time and hold onto him, even though they both harber secrets [...]

    18. Ursula Okerlund on said:

      Enjoyed Plaid Tidings Let s just say l like this Story and I am looking forward to reading the other Books In the Series, If they are anything like this one Enjoyable, Entertaining With enough suspense, very interesting Characters A very good love story A handsome and interesting Scottish handsome Hero and a great Heroin And a curse to solve a ville Villain to get rid of And a very good ending.

    19. Kim on said:

      I really really enjoyed this book At first I was a bit confused at all the characters being thrown at me in the beginning, but quickly settled in to the pace of the story It moved at a great speed, keeping me entertained the whole time While the weeping woman story is still slightly fuzzy, the rest of the plot unraveled very interestingly In eager to read the next book in Marlowe s series.

    20. Kim on said:

      Arraigned marriage, a ghost, a curse, mysteryI absolutely adored this book with an arraigned marriage, ghosts, a curse and plenty of mystery I loved the mystical aspect of this story It kept me interested threw out the entire book Loved both H H I have only good things to say about this story and highly recommend reading it.

    21. Kathy Jund on said:

      Another 5 star release from Mia Marlowe Nothing beats passion even unexpected passion in the Highlands of Scotland Alexander Mallory had a whole other purpose to travel from England to the rugged shores but fate would have her own way, although Lucinda MacOwen held the advantage she also was unaware as to how the fates would play their hand Captivating from the first page

    22. Cherie on said:

      This was a very fun Scottish Historical even though the hero was only half Scottish on his mother s side It has a paranormal bent to it with ghosts and curses The hero and heroine learn to trust and apologize while they shag at every possible moment Lucinda is delightful and Alex is a good hero though not spectacular.

    23. Brittany on said:

      I received book two in the series from netgalley so of course I had to start with the beginning of the series Man, I was not disappointed This story just pulls you in and refuses to let you go It was fun and engaging and I loved the characters Cannot wait to start book two

    24. Lauren on said:

      If you started with the prequel and thought eh then think a freakin gain, my friend This was a fabulous story The prequel is a surface book and now I realize that was the intention This is a funny, steamy, totally romantic story You ll love it

    25. Cecily on said:

      Well, this was fun It was short, and predictable and rather funny along the way so it gets a I liked it Thanks for letting me escape in your pages for a couple of hours sort of rating Perfectly harmless.

    26. C J on said:

      A light hearted ghostly read, full of quirky characters, humorous dialogue and situations with a dash of steamy highland romance thrown in I only gave it 3 1 2 stars instead of 4 because the ending felt a little rushed 1 2 of 5

    27. Marsha Wright on said:

      Really enjoyed this story, fun, fun,fun Thank you Mia Marlowe The characters were fun, and enjoyable The story was exciting, lots of suspense, not slow or boring, fast paced, and great love story, too

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