Warrior from the Shadowland

Cassandra Gannon

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Warrior from the Shadowland

Warrior from the Shadowland By Cassandra Gannon Warrior from the Shadowland Elementals Water Earth Fire and Air are only the beginning Elementals support everything from Darkness to Time secretly maintaining the processes of nature Only now the Elementals are nearly extinc

  • Title: Warrior from the Shadowland
  • Author: Cassandra Gannon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Warrior from the Shadowland By Cassandra Gannon Elementals Water, Earth, Fire and Air are only the beginning Elementals support everything from Darkness to Time, secretly maintaining the processes of nature Only now the Elementals are nearly extinct Two years ago, the Air House released a plague that killed ninety percent of them With their society in chaos and so many of their kind dead, they can t find their PhasElementals Water, Earth, Fire and Air are only the beginning Elementals support everything from Darkness to Time, secretly maintaining the processes of nature Only now the Elementals are nearly extinct Two years ago, the Air House released a plague that killed ninety percent of them With their society in chaos and so many of their kind dead, they can t find their Phase Matches the other halves of themselves Without Matches they can t have any children and without the Elementals, the world will end Again.Cross Cross, of the Shadow House nearly triggered an apocalypse once before The last of the Shadow Elementals, the weight of all the Darkness in the universe has fallen on his shoulders The crushing power of it should have killed him long ago and he would have welcomed an end to the pain Except, Cross knows his Match is out there The woman he s dreamed of forever He ll do whatever it takes to find her even go to the human realm.Nia Elemental laws forbid mixing with the humans, but Nia, of the Water House isn t a woman who gives up easily Nia and her ragtag group of rebels believe a small town in Florida holds the secrets to their survival They head there looking for answers, but everything s going wrong Other Elementals are out for their blood, human technology is sort of baffling, and now the cops are closing in When Cross arrives, Nia knows he s her Match Unfortunately, he s teetering on the edge of crazy and refusing to touch her, because he thinks his powers are dangerous It s up to Nia to convince him they re meant to be, stage a jailbreak, and evade the bad guys.Oh, and save the universe.Book One of the Elemental Phases.
    Warrior from the Shadowland By Cassandra Gannon

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      245 Cassandra Gannon
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    One thought on “Warrior from the Shadowland

    1. Mandy J on said:

      I have fallen in love with this authors books and writing style this book reminds me of the characters from some f her previous books Dont get me wrong now, they all share something in common, but are true and individual to their own books I wish this book was a little bit longer and I go to read about Cross, but it s the first book and it did not disappoint High 3 starsi ma give it 4 because I really liked this book now off to the next one in the series D

    2. Jennifer on said:

      The writing style isn t really for me and I m having a hard time connecting to the characters, the world, or the plot I might return to this later We ll see.

    3. Jai on said:

      I just discovered this series this week, and I m really enjoying it The author has a clearly original idea, and she s built a great world from it Her characters are well defined, the conflict is convoluted enough to entertain, and the romance is enjoyable While not being about vampires, this book reminded me of the Black Dagger Brotherhood It had that well defined world building, that cheeky style of writing, the manly heroes, etc I liked Gannon s heroine better, though I m looking forward to re [...]

    4. Judy on said:

      I enjoy paranormal books but this was different and I wasn t sure if I would like it based on the description alone so I downloaded the sample and i m glad I did because I absolutely loved this book The story was fabulous The characters and the world were well developed The story flowed well and I was completely drawn in The only thing that kept me from giving it the complete five stars was that there were typos, enough that if I hadn t been so totally enthralled with the story I would have stop [...]

    5. Donna on said:

      I love this series It s got an interesting premise and cool characters Basically, there are supernatural beings called elementals, who are caught up in a civil war that s nearly destroyed their world Cross is the last one of his kind He controls darkness and it s slowly killing him Nia is his mate and he s desperate to be with her, only she s causing all kinds of trouble and drags him into it Cross is a great hero He s brooding and tragic, without becoming a jackass I d recommend it for anyone w [...]

    6. Coyora Dokusho on said:

      Quite liked it Less typos than the superhero books, less humor as well, but there were still lol moments and the drama was GREAT

    7. DemetraP on said:

      I didn t feel much romance between Cross and Nia They just kinda accept that they re together Book 3 with Gion and Ty was so romantic.

    8. Helen on said:

      Having really enjoyed another of this author s series, which ended with an extract from this novel that I also enjoyed, I thought I d give it a go I was not disappointed The world building takes a little to get your head around but not in a boring or challenging way, just because there s lots of information given at the start to help you figure out what s going on This series follows a race called the Elementals, who are responsible for keeping the universe in balance and ensuring each facet of [...]

    9. Cherise on said:

      I like the world building but this seems not as strong a series as her fairy tale series While the idea seems interesting, there are just too many things crowding this book, which makes it hard for us to really know the main couple well.This is of an insta story where there isn t really much push or pull between the protagonists Instead it is about their dealing with this whole dystopian world, if this can be defined as such, as the human counterworld actually is functioning normally while the [...]

    10. Elz on said:

      I m intrigued by this series so far but what bothers me is the way Cross says things like Be a good girl and open your mouth for me, there s a good girl when he is trying to kiss her Is she a child Is she a dog Why is he talking to her like that It is cringeworthy and extremely disrespectful, I can t imagine anyone thinks such language is romantic or seductive.

    11. Cactus on said:

      3.5 stars I ve recently found this author and I enjoy her writing style I found the main hero a tad bit boring compared to her other books and I really wanted to see of Ty and Gion Off to book 2 I go

    12. Maria on said:

      Huge potential for this series, tons of world building and multiple characters that we just wave at but can I say how refreshing it is to have two characters who come from a world with fated mates and when they find them are just full steam ahead

    13. Deb Zander on said:

      Good storyInteresting characters and premise Sometimes editing is a bit of a let down but self published is not always perfect Recommended.

    14. Diane on said:

      3.0 stars on 3.5 4.0 stars on Pretty good story characters bad proofreadingI liked this story, despite its reliance on the fated mates trope here called Phazing , which seems a bit silly, but whatever to speed up trust building in two unexpected relationships one secondary incl sharing formative and or life altering memories, but if I d paid than 99 , I d resent the lack of a final pass by anyone with a sound knowledge of English grammar It s a somewhat unique depiction of elemental powers, cre [...]

    15. Felita Hardigaloeh on said:

      dikisahkan selain ada manusia yg hidup di bumi, hidup juga kaum elemental ada klan air, klan api, dlldiantara sesama klan, ada namanya phase match , pasangan hidup yg ditakdirkan dewi Gaia.Cross, satu satunya klan Shadow yg hidup, saat sdg sekarat menghadapi wabah yg memberangus hampir semua klan, merasakan tarikan pasangan hidupnya di saat dirinya putus asa, ga ada klan nya yg tersisahadiran tarikan ini, mbuatnya bergairah hidup kembali, dlm hal ini pas bangetn begitu suatu Elemental tidak ada [...]

    16. JJH--Judy on said:

      This is my new go to author for when I am in the mood for something funny, witty, and I might add little campy Like the others I have read from this author, I really enjoyed this book too It was a good mixture of humor, action, and spice I thought the h was very cute The H was pretty broody , and put himself down a lot, but I liked them as a couple The only real issue I had with it was there were a few subplots, with secondary characters, that the author jumped back and forth between I found thi [...]

    17. Patti on said:

      I love this world that has been created for us all to explore The characters are so fun and fresh The story is excellent and I LOVE the humor All together a series I know I will truly enjoy Cassandra has found the perfect balance between sexy romance, interesting characters, and fascinating story lines The chapters , Cross is so unsure of his ability Ito be Good Match due to his troubled childhood, but Nia is a such a great Match for him They sooooo work together And Uriel love the name with his [...]

    18. Meghan on said:

      this book is the movie galaxy quest do I have a last name crossed with a modern urban fantasy novel so freaking hilarious the opening scene in the hospital lab, with the cops precious maybe I was sensitive to the funny cop lines cause my bro is the police and the stories he tells are just like this that scene made the book for me.

    19. Holypkerz on said:

      Good story, though one thing that kind of brought it down for me was how in the beginning Matches were rare and almost nobody had one and by the end I was imagining Oprah on stage pointing to the Elementals going You get a Match, you get a Match, everybody gets a Match and the Elementals go wild.

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